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- 20th December, 2008 -

The Bumper Christmas Issue :-).

First on the agenda is Part 2 of “One Pound Ponygirl”, in which Gabrielle begins to find out just how ruthless and determined her Master can be; learns that he is a very accomplished liar, and discovers that for a city girl, the country can be an even more frightening place than kneeling tethered at his feet.

Then, not one, not two, but three short stories with accompanying art – “Barn Conversion” with a fantastic, typically detailed black and white drawing by Bishop; “Bound for Boule” including a full colour illustration by Kovacqs, and “Patty’s Pedestal, again in colour by Alazar. I just love these talented artists and can’t help putting my words to their work.

Finally, I’ve included a few “taster” pix of what maxi and I got up to during our recent holiday. We had a wonderful time and hope you’ll find something that appeals. If so, feel free to drop us an e-mail to let us know what you think and we’ll be delighted to reply with fuller details of what went on.

Have a great Christmas and we wish you all the best for 2009.

Warmest regards from Geetwo and maxi.

- 19th November, 2008 -

Thank you for your patience while maxi and I were away on holiday. I hope you’ll think the wait was worth it when I finally get organised and put up some of the pictures of the bondage adventures we got up to.

In the meantime, here is the first part of “One Pound Ponygirl” a story I wrote for Sir Jeff’s site some time ago. Along with it are three more short vignettes inspired by the drawing skills of artists I greatly admire and envy “Not Quite A Superheroine” by Alazar, “The Concubine” by Turk and “Just Walkin’ The Dog” by Robert Bishop. To those of you who have bought one or both of my (written as Charles Graham) full-length novels from Pink Flamingo Books I really appreciate the contribution to my site running costs. It really helps and encourages me to keep plugging away at the keyboard. Thank you.

- 31st August, 2008 -

Here's a quick News Flash while I'm travelling (even though I said I'd not do an update until I returned to the UK in October), but this just had to be done :-)!

Pink Flamingo Publications has just released my second novel, CAPTIVES OF THE COLONEL, both in hard copy and e-book! Here's an image of the cover art of both books.

- 20th August, 2008 -

Two longer short stories this month. The first, “Test Pilot” involves a not-so-mad-scientist and an invention that I suspect quite a lot of us wish was real, but then, I’m male and women might well have a different viewpoint. I’d be happy to hear their thoughts on the matter. The second is “Sport of Kinks”, this being a look at the pitfalls of betting on slow horses and the debt-collection methods of one particular bookmaker. Alazar is the artist for the second story, but I don’t know who drew the rather androgynous figure illustrating the first (nice image and a good inspiration, though).

I’m afraid there won’t be a September update folks. I’m going off on holiday and won’t be back for over a month. The upside though, is that I’m taking my adored wife/slave/pony girl, maxi, with me to see friends who are into the BDSM scene. We'll be taking part in many adventures involving some of what I write about in my stories and the trip will culminate in a visit to the famous Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, where maxi will be strutting her stuff along with thousands of other fans of just about every fetish you can think of.

I intend to return with many photos and perhaps videos of the events and these will appear in the GeeTwo Image Gallery Section of my site during the coming months, along with the usual story updates. As a little taste of things to come, I’ve put some older pix of “Playtime with maxi” in this Section and hope you’ll enjoy them.

- 22nd July, 2008 -

With my apologies for being so late, here is the June (and July) addition.

We reach the final two episodes in the trials and training of Gemma, in which she is forcefully and thoroughly reminded of the absolute submission and perfect obedience she is required to give without exception, as a full slave to any and all Masters and Mistresses.  With her own passions giving no choice but to embrace and accept the fate she is no longer capable, or even wishes, to resist, Gemma is returned to the wealthy Master who instigated her servitude. Once back in his possession, she must demonstrate her whole-hearted and willing commitment to his dominance and her own continued erotic subjugation. Informed that her one-year contract of slavery is almost at its end, she has mixed reactions of elation and alarm at the thought of being free again, but the year is not yet quite over and there is one final surprise in store for her.

Also included this month are two short picture stories; the first “Scoop” was inspired by the art of Alazar and is dedicated to a special lady. The second, “Captive Cargo”, was inspired by the artistic talent of Hans Kovacqs.

- 22nd May, 2008 -

This update includes Parts 5 and 6 of Gemma, in which she joins the crew of a luxury yacht and learns that she will have to work her passage, then becomes the target of a cruel variation of Hide and Seek. She must play, but cannot possibly win and her unwise attempt to escape the consequences of her failure earn her the displeasure and summary discipline of her Masters. Also included are vignettes inspired by the artwork of Alazar and Turk.

- 20th April, 2008 -

I’m happy to inform everyone that Parts 3 and 4 of the “Gemma” story have been loaded into the site, wherein she is reunited with one of her Masters and goes for a long and demanding ride. In Part 4, she finds herself in the unusual position of being required to give advice that she would rather not provide, to someone who does not fully understand the situation.

In addition, the first part of a two-part story entitled, “Three Steps for Tamsin” suggests what might happen when a benefactor’s generosity and kindness is not appreciated by the recipient.

To complete the update, two more vignettes, with accompanying art by Alazar and Tealdo have also been loaded. Enjoy!

- 26th March, 2008 -

Included in this update is the second part of “Gemma”, in which she receives some unwanted adornments and discovers that it is not only men who can be strict and demanding. Also included is a complete short story, “And The Winner Is…….” telling the tale of what happens when two feuding sister witches have their powers taken away. And for those like me who enjoy bondage drawings together with a story, two vignettes inspired by the artistic talents of Alazar and Turk have been added.

Things progress well on other fronts as well and if anyone is interested in purchasing a new, full-length novel by me, please go to where “Bondage Hotel”, appearing under my pen-name, Charles Graham, will be soon be available for purchase as either paperback or e-book.

- 5th March, 2008 -

Good News! Sterling work by my friends have resurrected the site in this new format and appearance.

I hope you'll find it both pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.

Any and all feedback is certainly appreciated.

- 4th March, 2008 -

I'm afraid I've, inadvertently, blotted my copy book rather badly. :-(

The original designers of my web site are considerably incensed with me for using their excellent original design and have demanded that the entire site be re-vamped and all references to them be removed.

I have attempted numerous times to apologize for my error, but they are having none of it I'm afraid and so the site, other than this page, has been taken off-line.

As a consequence, this will be the only page available for a few a days until the remainder of the site can be changed over. As you've seen, the appearance has changed dramatically. I hope to have things back on-line very soon, so please bear with me.

- 26th February, 2008 -

You'll note that there have been changes to the appearance of the site and it's access controls, as well as an additional button to take you to the IMAGES Section. This area of the site will become active in the near future, so keep checking in, please.

A new story has been loaded, GEMMA- Part 1, (Page-17) and I hope you'll all enjoy the offering. As well, I've added two short vignettes inspired by the artwork of The Bishop and Power PC. The first is, entitled ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ASK (Page - 20), and the second is: ALTER EGO (Page - 21). More stories will follow as I get things sorted; generally on a monthly basis.

- 20th February, 2008 -

I'd like to most sincerely thank my previous hosting company for all of the assistance and hard work they did on my behalf to both design and set up my original web presence. They did an outstanding job of work for me and I am deeply appreciative.

- 14th February, 2008 -

First of all, thank you, everyone, for coming to visit my little slice of the web. It's been a busy year in many areas, but the best news for you all, is that this site is now hosted on a friend's server - one with far bigger bandwidth availability than was the case previously.

As a consequence, the stories that were previously removed and the image files will soon be restored to the site and the news of their being placed will appear in this Section, so please check this area frequently.

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