2008 - 20th August


These photos of my adored wife and occasional willing slave, maxi, were taken with an inexpensive digital camera and although their quality is not great, they're certainly good enough to show that we are not glamour models, or even in the first flush of youth, but simply ordinary people who like to play bondage games as a small part of our lives and as an exciting prelude to making love.

We are not and do not wish to be part of the BDSM “scene” and keep our games to ourselves, involving no-one else and harming nobody, simply enjoying our consensual roles of Master and slave and the pleasure we both receive as a result

With her wrist-cuffs clipped to a ring in the beam, collared, wearing a simple Spandex hood that matches her Lycra bodysuit and with a small remote-control vibe entertaining her, maxi waits patiently (well, fairly patiently) for my next move ...

Maxi’s matching cuffs and collar from Top to Bottom Leathers are comfortable, attractive, well-made and very secure. With her hands in this position, she is unable to prevent me from toying with her body (even if she wanted to).

Ankle and wrist cuffs joined by crossed chains make sure that maxi stays on her knees with her delectable bottom in the perfect position for a good spanking that she enjoys at least as much as I always do.

Our set of six leather straps are extremely strong, quick to apply, do not mark maxi's skin and can be worn for quite a long time - thus they get a lot of use. The cable tie around her big toes is hardly necessary…but fun…and the tape is “Bondage tape” that sticks only to itself and not skin or hair.

In our games, maxi undertakes to submit to my will and obey as a slave, knowing and accepting that if she is found wanting, disciplinary action will be taken. We are not into real pain and find it a turnoff, but an element of relatively mild discomfort (a pink and tingling bottom) serves to emphasise our respective positions and remind her of what is required of her for the duration of our play.

Rear view. The wrist restraint is by Top to Bottom and although highly effective can become uncomfortable quite quickly, especially if maxi lies on her back. View of the simple tie above with each crossed chain led to the opposite ring on her collar – maxi’s corset is pulled in as she gets used to the compression, the screw-clips are too tight for her to undo with her fingers and the crupper chain is adjustable to add “interesting” sensations as she moves around.

A leash easily doubles as a tether, ensuring that maxi doesn’t go wandering off and getting herself into trouble – although she sometimes tells me that she reckons she’s in more than enough trouble the moment she lets me padlock her collar around her throat.

A step-exerciser helps to keep maxi in shape – 1000 steps at normal speed a couple of times a day does the trick, with the occasional “sprint” in response to my application of the crop to her bottom. With her wrists attached to her belly-chain and a vibe in the appropriate place, she gets both exercise and a certain amount of enjoyable stimulation, but needs to concentrate on maintaining her balance and whatever pace I require of her.

A soft, semi-isolation hood from Top to Bottom deprives maxi of sight, limits her hearing and speech and slightly restricts her breathing (but not enough to cause problems as we check and confirm each time it is used).  It makes for a very exotic and erotic image, adding to maxi’s sense of being controlled, my own feelings of dominant power over her and intensifying love-making for us both.

Sometimes, I get carried away and go "over the top" with the bondage, but a little overkill never harms …

Blindfolded as she loves to be, bound a little more uncomfortably than she might wish and massively aroused by a strategically placed vibe, maxi is all set to serve her Master fully and submit to the overwhelming pleasure and ecstasy of a slave’s orgasm …


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