- 25th January, 2009 -

More Canadian Holiday Happy Snaps ...

The first half of maxi's Plank Bed Experience in JG-Leathers Whine Cellar

The Plank Bed is quite narrow, so maxi has to be strapped down securely to make sure she doesn't roll off.

A close-up of the foot bondage - note that maxi's ankles are tied down and also pulled towards the end of the bed to reduce her movement to a minimum.

General view - maxi is in no danger of falling off, but now has other 'dangers' to thin k about.

The ankle chains could be tighter, but she's certainly not going anywhere.

Setting up the bubbler-bottle breathing control system - not yet connected.

Getting air through the gas mask and bubbler-bottle system is hard work - note the heavy breathing condensation inside the mask.

The bubbler-bottle in action. All of maxi's air is filtered through the liquid.

No way out, or of avoiding the many 'entertainment' possibilities of the equipment shown in the background. At this point, the blue ventilator machine is controlling maxi's breathing.

With her head held firmly in place, she has to breathe at the speed and depth set on the ventilator.

Waiting for the next stage to begin - she had to ... and so will you until the next update :-)!



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