10th JULY, 2009

Indoor playtime in Portugal

A heavy table, a set of cuffs and an isolation helmet allow for relatively comfortable restraint, complete security and the opportunity for extended torment and pleasure.

PVC-coated Spandex both stretches and breathes, so avoids the heat build-up and sweat problems of rubber. It is also inexpensive and easily-worked, making it simple to add zips wherever required.

With limited or no movement, the effects of a powerful, strategically-placed vibrator are intensified, ensuring that maxi receives the appropriate reward for her willing submission.

A few minutes of relaxation after her first surrender to the vibrator.

Although we are not into pain, the light flogger and “slapstick” shown here are perfect for adding different sensations to the mix – one to give mild stinging and the other for broad-area impact.

With a little practise, the leather thongs can be made to spread out over the selected area, or placed with considerable accuracy exactly where they will do the most good.

maxi has always loved blindfolds and hoods and goes off into her own “headspace” very quickly when deprived of her sight and hearing inside this semi-isolation helmet.

This heavy butcher’s block was just the right height to act as an improvised spanking-bench.

A few leather straps and chains kept maxi in position.

Close-up of head and wrist restraints.

Just begging for a spanking, don’t you think?

And if the hand gets sore, there are always alternatives………



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