23rd SEPTEMBER, 2009

Fun In The Sun With maxi

maxi guards the gate - the public road to the neighbouring properties and village runs behind the green fence

Not the best way to get a sun tan, perhaps .....

A moment of quiet reflection.


Checking out the garden - or maybe the solidity of that post!

Sturdy rail, right height, nice view - perfect for a spot of open air spanking. No restraints required when it's what a sub enjoys and wants.

... but THIS is what I want and enjoy, so it's back to bondage for maxi,

Can you guess that I really like leashes?

... a lot?

The view from the garden ... and from the houses on the hill opposite ...

She's not fooling anyone - that's the Sports Pages.

So ... what will you offer me NOT to turn the shower on ... ?

Steel post set in concrete - don't think so, maxi.

Where did that mermaid come from??

I know, I know, but I couldn't resist it!



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