15th August, 2010

Our Play Room is coming along nicely and I wanted to show you a little of what we've done so far.  There's lots more to come!

Above Left: The modified dentist's chair in our new Play Room -  a generous and much appreciated gift from good friends in the far north.  Above Right: Head harness, chest and biceps straps.   The backrest is adjustable to whatever angle may be required.

Above Left: Hip/thigh strap, height adjustable stirrups and ankle restraints allow for interesting variations.  Above Right: Stirrups in  use.

Above Left: Head harness over maxi's favourite semi-isolation helmet.  Above Right: Rear view of the head harness - note the chair's built-in electrical connectors.

Above Left: Fully secured with additional temporary strap at the knees.  Above Right: All wired up and ready to go in ... 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...........

Above Left: The combination of e-stim and vibration demands the security of heavy duty restraints!  Above Right: The leather straps cope easily with maxi's reactions to the electrical play she must endure.

Above Left: A general view of the play room with the white box on the right being a soon to be modified massage table.  Above Right: A mini hoist, thoroughly tested by me and capable of safely holding several times maxi's weight.

Above Left: Gear One.  Above Right: Gear Two.

Above Left: Gear Three.  Above Right: Coming attraction ...........


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