1st March, 2011

The evolution our new play space is proceeding well and here below are some images that illustrate how maxi and I are exploring its potential, now that we have the massage table we purchased on E-Bay.

Above Left - The table and restraint straps. The ones with slots are older-style leather versions by Humane Restraints, which I prefer to the new polyurethane/polypropylene type.

Above Right - View of bottom end. Ankle straps not attached, but can be clipped to bottom end or sides depending on whether a leg-spread is required.

Above Left - Top end. The long straps are for restraining the elbows.

Above Right -Ready for use, with back rest partly raised.

Above Left - Maxi tries out the latest addition and finds out just how secure and restrictive the straps are.

Above Right -This shot speaks for itself – even if maxi can’t ....

Above Left - The full restraint set-up at the moment, but it’s easy to add more straps ... and I will ...

Above Right -Tight bondage and electrical stimulation are a powerful combination.

Above Left - A little stinging and smarting adds to the pleasurable mix, too.

Above Right -Shiny, sleek and sexy.

The worm’s-eye view.



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