10th April, 2011

The pics for this month show two of the many possibilities for fun and games that our playroom and its furniture provide. I’m learning to do some of my own basic leatherwork at the moment – mainly simple straps and cuffs, and although my workmanship may not be up to professional standards, it’s very satisfying and saves me a lot of cash to spend on things that I can’t make myself.


The sit-sling suspension harness, made by me under supervision from my good friend Grimly Feendish.

Haltrac rope hoist bought on E-Bay. Light, silent and doesn’t rust like chain hoists. No longer made, sadly.

Maxi installed and suspended. Note the shoulder-clips to prevent her falling backwards and the foam pads under her thighs.

She really does love her straitjacket and will happily hang around for extended periods – of course a vibrator
helps the time to pass ...

Zipped Spandex hood with leather blindfold and soft rubber ball-gag under.

Rear view. The clips keep maxi’s legs doubled and spread open.

More fun using the massage table.

There was no way maxi’s fingers could have reached the clips of her restraints even before these rubber
ball-mittens were added.

Not much danger of falling off the table ...

Next time, I’ll add straps to immobilise her head, too.

Shall I switch it on, or leave her to stew for a while ??



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