22nd July, 2011

Here's a selection of pictures this month showing new restraint gear we've recently acquired and has not been
previously seen on the site.

Bolero-style single-glove. It fits over the shoulders and buckles across the upper chest, which makes it far more
comfortable and less physically stressful to wear.

Front view, with isolation hood added.

Accessorised with E-Stim and remote vibe.

Riding the electric pony.

With a little “help” from a friend ....

Full-coverage sleepsack with internal sleeves. Side buckles and all-round strap not tightened.

A three-way zip and Velcro’d flaps give access to maxi when required.

Attached hood with poppers and Velcro’d mouth cover.

Enough room underneath for a gag or one of these.

Hogtie showing rear access zip.

There’s no such thing as too many straps.

See! I told you.

And I don’t want any arguments!!



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