Kelli Ryman's twelve years of yoga and gymnastics training had given her an unusual degree of suppleness and flexibility and when her husband of two years, Dan, introduced her to bondage, she had little difficulty coping with his desire to tie her in ever more restrictive positions before making love to her. She enjoyed all of it and positively relished the challenge of pitting her slender body against his inventive brain as he came up with new ideas to test her.

He began with scarves and ties, then quickly moved on to rope and when that proved unsatisfactory, leaving unsightly marks on her skin, tried buckled leather straps purchased from an on-line bondage equipment supplier. They were much better and she grew accustomed to spending extended periods in their tight and inescapable embrace, both she and Dan thoroughly enjoying her helplessness and the intensified responses of her body as he toyed with her and made her climax whether she wanted to or not.

Dan needed plenty of peace and quiet to concentrate on his work as a software trouble-shooter for a multi-national computer giant, so they lived in a rambling old farmhouse in a remote part of the country. It was a location that allowed them to play their bondage games with no fear of discovery or interruption and it was this solitude that gave Kelli an idea while she lay hogtied and gagged on their huge bed, her body squirming and wriggling towards a climax induced by the vibrator buzzing in her sex while Dan was downstairs puzzling over a glitch in one of his clients’ programs. Some hours later, when he had finally released her bonds after taking her twice, she discussed her thoughts with him over a bottle of wine.

“... so you could keep me tied up for as long as you wanted, darling. I’d be your prisoner and I couldn’t possibly escape. I’d be completely at your mercy and you could do anything to me, whenever you wanted. I’d have to be your slave and obey you perfectly, wouldn’t I? Otherwise, you might punish me ...”

Dan looked at her flushed face and sparkling eyes and saw that she was totally serious, “Let me get this straight, Kelli.” he said firmly, “You’re suggesting that I have you fitted with chains? Steel chains? Ones you won’t be able to get out of?”

She nodded briskly.

“That’s right, darling. You love tying me up and I love being tied up. So why not make me a real prisoner? As long as they’re fitted properly, I don’t see why I couldn’t wear them for as long as you felt like keeping me helpless. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to object, is it?

"I love being in your bondage and the fact that I won’t be able to get free no matter how I try, would just make it even better for both of us. I’d be your sex-slave and you would be my ruthless Master, in total control of everything I do.”

“But what if I decided to keep you chained up for days on end?”

Kelli gazed at him coolly.

“That would be for my Master to decide. I would be his slave and required to accept his will.”

“And if your Master was cruel?”

“Th-Then I would have to ... to accept that, too.” She gulped.

“A slave might be punished, even whipped, if she was less than perfect, you know?”

“If I was n-not perfect,” Kelli gave a shiver, then whispered softly, “Then ... Then I would d-deserve to be punished by my M-Master.”

“And you really want all that, Kelli?” Dan shook his head in seeming confusion when he asked, “You really want to be my slave?”

“I’ve thought about it a lot, darling.” she confirmed. “I’m already yours in every way and you know I’ll do anything to please you ...” She broke off as he interrupted.

“Whoa! Hold on. This isn’t about you doing something to please me, honey. I’d be lying if I said the idea doesn’t please me immensely, but this is your idea, not mine. If this really is what you want, then fine, but if it’s just you wanting to make me happy, you don’t need to. I’m already the happiest man in the world and it’s all thanks to you.”

“Oh, darling," Kelli felt her eyes prickle with tears of love for him, "I do love you so! I will be your slave, you know, if you ask me.”

“I believe you would, my love,” he replied gently, smiling, “But I’m not asking and I want you to tell me exactly what you want and why.”

“All right, Dan, I will." She took a deep breath. "Each time you tie me up, I love it more and more. It just excites me so much that I don’t ever want to be freed. I feel so helpless, so wonderfully submissive and so aroused, that it almost frightens me. I want to be yours totally and forever; to spend my whole life serving and pleasing you. I want to be made to obey you and be totally controlled by you so that I have no choice and no will.

"Really I want to have no say in what you do to me and make me do. I want you to be my Master and make me your slave. To force me to be your slave in every possible way so that even if I scream or beg for mercy and try to fight you, I’ll know it’s hopeless because I’ll be a slave and have to obey and submit to you.”

There was a long silence.

“Wow!” Dan breathed, “You really do want it, don’t you?”

“Oh yes!” Kelli flushed and nodded, then said simply, “I want it more than anything.”

Dan smiled almost sadly.

“Very well, darling. Then have it you shall.” he held up a hand as Kelli opened her mouth to speak, “Just one moment, my love. You shall have what you want, but I have one condition that you must agree to first.

"It’s quite simple, but think very carefully before you say yes. The Condition is this: you accept here and now, willingly and with no going back at a later stage, that I have your absolute authority to do anything ... quite literally, anything ... I choose to do or have done to you ... no matter how embarrassing, uncomfortable or even painful the actions may be.”

“Wh-What sort of th-thing?" Kelli’s eyes grew round. "What do you m-mean by p-painful?”

He gazed into her eyes and let his voice harden.

“That will be up to me. If you accept my terms then you will be only a slave and I shall be your Master. A Master does not need to explain his actions and so I shall do exactly as I wish and you will accept it, no matter what.”

A shiver of fear and excitement rippled up Kelli's spine when she heard the words and saw the steely determination in his eyes. She knew then, if she agreed to his ultimatum, there would be no escape and no possible way to change her mind. If she dared to say 'Yes' she would have committed herself to the unknown. It might be far harder to be a real slave than she had imagined ...

She would be utterly in his power, helpless to control or influence what happened, what he might do. It might be anything! And if he wished it ... for a day ... a week ... a month…a year ... or forever! All it would take was for her to utter just one small word … or perhaps, two ... Kelli met the eyes of her husband and smiled.

“Yes ... Master.”


It took Dan several months to find a supplier capable of producing the bondage devices he wanted for Kelli, then several more for her to become accustomed to the extreme restraint they constantly enforced. He had to learn to harden his heart against her heartfelt begging while the restraints were fitted and permanently locked onto her body and limbs and then her tearful complaints and howls of pleading to be released when she began to realize how awful they were. Nevertheless, he continued to transform Kelli into the slave she had asked him to make her, but as he gazed at her and felt his erect shaft bulge, he knew that he had made her dream an awesome reality.

Kelli now wore nothing but gleaming, hard, unbreakable steel on her slim, taut body and limbs. As flexible as she was, they both knew that she could never be flexible enough or strong enough to escape the implacable grip of her bonds.

A tight, six-inch wide posture collar was fastened around her neck and had a shaped cutout that cradled her chin so that she was compelled to hold her neck rigidly erect, staring straight ahead, unable to look down and it also prevented Kelli from turning her head. Narrow steel bands cinched the bases of her bounteous breasts to less than half their normal size, these joined across her sternum by a single link. Thanks to the awful constriction these badges of her femininity had been turned into twin globes into of swollen and extremely sensitive flesh. The wide chest band of a steel harness supported and offered her breasts in blatant vulnerability, but covered nothing.

Just below it, a wide steel corset compressed her waist to an incredible 18", restricting both her breathing and her movement and around it's waist, eight, equally spaced rings were mounted.

Tightly clamped bands above her knees and others around ankles were linked with short, heavy chains, hobbling her to nine-inch paces that made walking a succession of tiny, mincing steps, but they were not the only things that limited her ability to walk. Dan soon had her fitted with stainless steel, eight-inch high, stiletto heels. These had and ankle strap and a steel harness attached to a narrow curved plate under the arch of each foot and so forced her to be always on her toes. To ensure that she could not remove them, each shoe was held in place by a steel bar locked into the sole, over her toes.

The wide steel cuffs clasped forever around her delicate wrists were now locked to waist-level rings on each side of her corset. In combination with her above-the-elbow cuffs, these joined behind the small of her back with an extremely short chain, Kelli could only flutter her fingers. Her shoulders were thus drawn back harshly and this resulted in Kelli being forced to project her bobbling breasts lewdly forward as a constant temptation.

If she tried really hard, she just about able to pick up a small object, but only if it was no higher than her waist. Her bondage was absolute and inescapable, no matter how piteously she begged to have it eased.

Dan had not simply contented himself with ensuring Kelli's captivity. She had requested to be a slave in every possible way and he had taken her at her word. It was not enough for Kelli to merely wear the symbols of his Mastery on her limbs body ... she would also bear them in it ...

Despite her frantic pleas and pitiful sobbing to prevent it from happening, Dan arranged to have Kelli pierced and fitted with thick steel rings. She screamed and begged in horror and pain while the piercings were done, but was was immediately fitted with one in each ear, one through the septum of her nose, one through each of her turgid nipples, one through her clitoris and three through each of her outer labia.

Kelli was been appalled ... and yet incredibly aroused ... by the barbaric cruelty of her piercings, but even then, had not been prepared for what followed, for each of the rings were welded closed once they'd been mounted in her flesh. The specially hardened steel could not be cut.

Once all had been made permanent, Kelli had been taken to a high, backless stool then strapped to a thick post rising from its back. Her eyes widened in terror when the piercer placed an anaesthesia mask over her face, but when she inhaled to scream, she fell immediately unconscious. Under a strong but only local anaesthetic, her tongue was pierced by a thick rod and a wide flanged steel grommet was clamped into place through it. Next, the floor of her mouth was pierced and this permitted the fitting of a short, dome-headed rod. This fearsome addition was passed through her grommet ted tongue then through the piercing in the floor of her mouth, pinning her tongue flat. Under her chin, the bolt was kept tight by a wide washer and thin lock nut, then it was passed through the waiting hole in the chin support of her collar. Another domed lock nut was cranked down on the merging shaft so that now her ability to speak had been completely removed and the bolt acted in addition to further immobilize her heads movements! With it trapped and useless, Kelli could now only grunt like an animal, if she wasn't gagged, and if she was, then could only make small whining pleas through her nose.

Nearly an hour later, Kelli returned to awareness to discover that her new restrictions were completely locked into place and immediately discovered that she was no longer able to complain, protest, or even to beg! Her terror and horror at what had been done to her was overwhelming! She tried to articulate it and when she failed began to scream shrilly, attempting anything she could to rid her of the horrid restriction.

After ten minutes, Dan was unable to listen to her wailing and sobbing anymore and fitted her with a handy gag that integrated to her collar. She stared frantically at him, knowing that her desire for helplessness and submission was going to be tested to the full.

Several weeks later, her piercings fully healed Dan added yet another part to her ensemble: this being a curved and shaped steel plate fitted with attached twin dildos. Kelli climaxed instantly and helplessly when the plate was locked to the six rings piercing her labia, then firmly pressed upwards, forcing them deeply into her sex and anus. A second later Dan connected the short fittings at the front and back to the waiting rings at the bottom edge of her corset then locked them closed.

Mercilessly penetrated at front and rear, Kelli was powerless to eject the devices from her body and while she shuddered with another uncontrollable orgasm, Dan grinned down at his writhing slave then explained why the device had been applied to her.

"Slave girl, listen closely to me!" he grinned evilly into her staring eyes. "Each of the dildos you now wear contain quite sophisticated electronic circuitry that is capable of administering either intense stimulation or painful, disciplinary electric shocks. i'm sure that with the dildos in those most intimate and sensitive areas of you body, you can easily envision the possibilities. I assure you slave girl they will be used!"

Wide-eyed with fearful realization that her husband and Master intended to take her submission to a level that was far beyond anything she had ever imagined, Kelli whimpered in horror when he showed her a small remote-control, then to her consuming despair, began to demonstrated its capabilities.

When his fingers began an evil dance on the key pad, Kelli fell to her belly at his feet, frantically fighting her restraints while her her body was shot through with unavoidable and unstoppable jolts of unbearable sexual arousal. Mixed in with them were cruelly-painful shocks to her most tender flesh and Kelli writhed and jerked more and more frantically in her bonds. Her wordless, incoherent screams and pleading eyes brought only a merciless chuckle from her Master while he experimented with the innumerable combinations of pain and pleasure that he could inflict upon her with a simple movement of his finger. Relishing his absolute power, Dan tormented her again and again, building her arousal to heights she had never dreamed possible, then deprived her of the release she so desperately craved, by applying ruthlessly-timed electric shocks to drag her back from the very brink of climax.

Weeping, sobbing, trembling wildly with unsatisfied lust, Kelli could do nothing to alleviate, she was quickly taught what true slavery to her husband, now Master, really meant and she began to learn just how deeply a collared slave could be subjugated to the implacable will of a genuinely-dominant Master.

Too late, she realized that Dan's insistence on her acceptance of his one condition before he would agree to her request to be enslaved by him, had been a warning. By saying, 'Yes', she had given him a free hand to do as he wished ... anything he wished with no limit ... and only now she began to understand that he could and would enforce his absolute power over her. Kelli shuddered to the churning maelstrom that raged in her belly and set her rigid, ringed nipples throbbing with aching need when she faced ... and now was forced to accept the awesome reality of endless subjugation and sexual servitude.

It was as a full slave that Kelli endured the agony and ecstasy imposed by her Master when he enforced his will with absolute disregard for her desires and needs. At last, he chose to grant her release and with casual stabs of his finger, he switched off the punishing electric shocks and increased the twin dildos to maximum vibration.

Kelli's eyes bulged in fear and disbelief when devastating arousal blasted through her belly and anus and beyond the strict, limiting steel of her wide and permanent wrist cuffs, her fingers curled into helpless, useless claws. She lay helplessly bound on the floor on her side before him, her collar leash trailing to the wall ring, and a shrill wail of despairing ecstasy burst from her nose when a stupendous orgasm convulsed her belly with spasms of enormous power! Her cinched and vulnerable breasts jiggled and her now chain joined nipple rings danced to the frenzied pulsing in her belly. her body automatically spewed huge gluts of scalding love juices into the boiling cauldron when her long-delayed climax finally began to arrive, but he has one final addition to make. His foot descended onto the light chain between her nipple rings and pressed it to the floor, anchoring it firmly! Kelli convulsed with the painful tension, howling mindlessly then the first orgasm exploded through her writhing body and then another and another while she demonically fought all of her bonds.

Still stunned by the sexual fury storming through her belly and mind while she surrendered to her enforced ecstasy, Kelli failed to obey instantly when he turned the vibrators off and snapped an order for her to kneel with her head down and buttocks raised. It was a position that she would soon know by instinct, but her mind was a morass of surging sensation, unable to absorb the simple words he uttered. Even though Dan knew she was almost senseless, her failure was quickly punished. For the very first time in her life Kelli felt the stinging bite of leather across her soft flesh.

At the first cruel stripe burned across her thighs, she froze in disbelieving shock, her mind unable to accept the reality of the painful red heat that radiated through her skin. She twisted onto her side and stared up at Dan's hand in shock, mesmerized by the sight of the black, many-tailed flogger gripped in it, then numbly watched it rise and come whistling down! Its thongs landed with a sharp "crack" against her rounded bottom cheeks and she experienced the instantaneous, searing pain. With her tongue made useless, Kelli could only squeal in mindless terror and anguish and her brain reeled to the sheerly unthinkable ... impossible ... inconceivable ... fact that she was being whipped!

"I warned you, slave!" her Master's stern voice broke through her gasping squeals. "My slave will be punished if she is less than perfectly obedient. I gave you an order and I do not intend to repeat it!"

The flogger rose and fell a third time, branding another patch of vivid red heat on her jiggling buttocks and Kelli howled wordlessly again, her eyes wide with horror while she tried desperately to remember the order he'd given, and avoid still more of the cruel punishment she had already received. It took her several seconds to work out what the order had been, then several more to wriggle and twist her body into position ... and that was much too slow.

The leather cracked down on her thighs and bottom twice more while she struggled to obey and her eyes were filled with tears of pain and humiliation by the time she thrust her forehead down to the carpeted floor and pushed her reddened and smarting buttocks high into the air behind her. With her wrists clamped to the waist of her corset and elbows locked behind, only her forehead prevented her cinched breasts from pressing painfully into the carpet.

"Thighs spread as wide as possible, big toes together!" Dan snapped, accompanying the order with a sixth lash, "That's better. Now, keep absolutely still and don't make a sound until I give you permission."

Clamping her lips together, Kelli fought to suppress the violent trembling of her belly and limbs while she displayed her body as he'd ordered, her fears almost overwhelming her at the thought of how vulnerable she was. With her bottom raised and unable to see or anticipate what he might do, she knew she was perfectly presented to his whip and her belly quivered with a potent combination of fear, uncertainty and humiliation while she was forced to wait for his next move.

"This is your Discipline Position, slave." he said coldly. "Remember it, because I have no doubt you are going to need frequent disciplining while your training progresses."

Disconnecting the link at the rear of her corset, then the six rings to the crotch plate, he withdrew the two glistening dildos from her body and left the evil and disciplining assembly to dangle beneath her gaping thighs until such time as he chose to replace and use them again. Kelli’s eyes widened in alarm when the leather strands of the flogger trailed slowly across her inflamed bottom and when several of them slipped into the cleft between her spread cheeks, she reacted instinctively with clenching buttocks. Her Master sighed heavily.

"If you really want to be whipped again, slave," he told her, "I shall be more than happy to oblige. If not, then I strongly suggest you do not annoy me by trying to hide your body."

The implied threat was crystal clear and Kelli gulped, understanding that she had only one chance to save herself further pain. With a huge effort of will, she forced her buttocks to relax, exposing the puckered ring of her anus and the shadowed valley of her sex to her Master's eyes and whip.

"Very good, slave!" He chuckled cruelly. "Now let's see how well you've learned to obey."

With a casual jerk of his wrist, he sent the flogger slapping across each of her buttocks in turn, not hard enough to sting, but just hard enough to send an unmistakable warning that it easily could if she gave him any cause for complaint.

When the leather caressed her reddened flesh, Kelli felt herself blush with an unexpectedly pleasurable and distinctly sexual warmth spread across her buttocks and into her belly ... for, despite her fear of the flogger, the eroticism of her situation and the knowledge that only her absolute obedience and submission could save her from a second merciless whipping, was intensely arousing.

Her tongue strained vainly at the rod which held it pinned against the floor of her mouth, hoping that some miracle would give her back the power of speech. If she could but just talk to Dan and explain that she hadn't meant to disobey, to persuade him that she wouldn't ever do it again and to convince him that there was no need for him to enforce his orders with the whip, she was sure he would understand and not be so hard on her.

But Kelli's opportunity to explain anything had long since passed, taken from her at the moment her tongue had been pierced and immobilized and when the flogger's slender thongs snapped upwards between her spread thighs to send electrifying bolts of overwhelming arousal through her belly as the leather flicked over her exposed, steel-ringed clitoris, she realized with a thrill of horror that it was far too late for explanations.

The only way to persuade and convince her Master that she was a totally obedient and utterly submissive slave ... was to be totally obedient and utterly submissive. It was simple. Simple, yet still terribly hard for her to accept, because although it was the fantasy she had dreamed of, the fantasy she had shared with Dan and then asked him to bring to life ... Kelli knew that acceptance of her fate would mean the end of any possibility of freedom.

Her former life would be over and the luxuries of choice and equality that she had once enjoyed as Dan's lover and wife would be just cherished memories, no longer relevant to their new relationship as Master and slave.

Aided by the slick coating of juices of her previous orgasm, Dan’s fully-erect and straining shaft plunged deep into Kelly’s sex, impaling her with one almost-brutal thrust, his hands snaking around her torso to clamp on her swollen breasts and his fingers and thumbs rolling and pinching her ringed nipples.

A shrill, wordless squeal burst from Kelli’s nose as the devastating combination of pain and pleasure blended inextricably in her brain and as she climaxed instantly to the ruthless masculine power and strength of the man she loved, she was sent spiraling down into a bottomless void of absolute, permanent and limitless slavery, her belly convulsing unstoppably as she surrendered herself utterly and forever to the soaring joy and ecstasy of a true slave’s willing and helpless submission to her one true Master.

Kelli’s request had been granted ... in full ...

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