Neither a glimmer of light nor the faintest sound could penetrate through the thick layer of rubber that encased Penny's head and as she waited for whatever was to come, she could only pray that Adam was managing to stay a lot calmer and more level-headed than she was.

He had to be and he would be, she told herself firmly, struggling to suppress a persistent fear that he might have allowed himself to be seduced by the reality of his absolute power over her.

If he had, she knew she would be in deep, deep trouble because her position was far more extreme than she had ever envisaged and although she had always loved to be bound into helplessness, she had never experienced anything quite like her present situation and was acutely aware that there was no possibility of freeing herself. She wasn't going anywhere until Adam chose to release her and she knew he wasn't going to be in any hurry to relinquish his ability to control her and extract any response he wished from her hopelessly-vulnerable body. Forcing herself to breathe evenly through the nostril tubes that were her only link to the outside world, she resigned herself to a long session, knowing that she had no other option.


It was a really boring party and Penny was almost on the point of leaving to go home and spend yet another evening in front of her computer, trawling the web for stories and sites relating to her secret passion for bondage and slavery. A passion that she had never quite had the courage to bring out into the open with any of her boyfriends. Veiled hints that she wouldn't object to being tied-up were as far as her nerve had ever let her go with her lovers, but to that point, none had picked-up on her real wishes until a casual female acquaintance introduced her to Adam. Within seconds of their eyes meeting, they both recognised that there was a very special chemistry between them.

From that very first moment, she somehow knew that he was the man who was going to be her Master and he was equally certain that she would become his permanent slave.

Oblivious to the surprised look on the face of the woman who had introduced her to him, she didn't even hesitate when he told her firmly that it was time to leave. Outside in his car, he produced a coil of thin, white rope from the glove-box and without a word, she immediately bent forward and crossed her wrists at the small of her back to permit him to bind her.

In the following six months, she moved out of her flat into his large house where her bondage progressed from rope, to buckled leather straps, to handcuffs and finally to the nine wide, flat stainless steel bands that still graced her limbs and throat with their polished security. They were her idea and he hadn't even flinched at the high cost, appreciating her desire to be displayed for his eyes as a full slave. She tried to protest when he refused to unlock and remove the bands, but he was adamant, reminding her that she was the one who had asked to have them made for her and locked onto her body and pointing out that she hadn't said anything about having them removed.

Unable to find a way to persuade him to change his mind, Penny had no choice but to give in and accept her new and permanent bonds with as much grace as she could. Which meant that she needed to shop for new clothes, a boring task she normally hated, but then found to be a profoundly erotic experience because every time she wanted to try on something new, she was forced to undress in one of the tiny cubicles, risking the ever-present danger of an overly-helpful assistant pulling back the thin curtain that was all that hid her from other customers and exposing her in her steel bondage.

Going to work with the gleaming symbols of her slavery barely concealed under the long sleeves and high necks of the new wardrobe she'd had had to buy was an even more thrilling challenge for her and as she attended the many meetings, conferences and face-to-face interviews which formed the greater part of her days, she had to fight a continuous battle not to give in to the simmering arousal that burned constantly in her belly.

That dangerous and intensely pleasurable excitement increased a hundred-fold when she agreed to Adam's suggestion that he arrange to have her pierced.

At her first visit, she was so nervous and embarrassed at being totally naked in front of a stranger that she barely felt the brief stabs of pain as her temporarily-anaesthetised nipples and clitoris were pierced and thick, pale blue titanium rings; to match her eyes, were inserted through her living flesh and clicked shut. It was only afterwards that she realised quite how large and prominent the rings were, even under her bra and top, and how effective they were at maintaining her nipples and clitoris in a state of permanent erection and greatly increased sensitivity.

She complained to Adam that she couldn't possibly go to work with her nipples and their rings clearly visible under her clothes and to her surprise and relief, he agreed without arguing that she was right and should take them out., which she tried to do, only to discover that the rings formed a seamless band and there appeared to be no way she could remove them! Adam tried as well, but wasn't any more successful and suggested phoning the piercer for advice. The idea was good, but the news wasn't.

Each ring had internal catches and once closed, could only be removed by cutting or burning, neither of which was a very practical proposition, given where they were. Adam was very sympathetic, but Penny was almost sure that she caught a glint of amusement in his eyes that made her suspect that he had known all along that the rings were permanent and had never intended her to be able to remove them. Deliberate or not, Penny was stuck with them and had to learn to ignore the startled glances that came her way as her colleagues, clients and members of the public noticed the shameful bulges and circles under her clothing that betrayed the latest additions to her slave-wardrobe.

It took a little while, but eventually she became accustomed to her adornments and actually, rather proud of them, enjoying the attention and the furtive, guilty peeks that came from both men and women when they thought she wasn't watching.

And sex with Adam became even better, as he experimented with the rings, tweaking and biting them to send massive arousal and little twinges of delicious pain through her breasts and belly as he tugged gently. He even found ways to use them for bondage and that, for Penny, had been the ultimate turn-on.

To be bound by her own flesh and unable to move without torturing herself, quickly became her all-time favourite and when, some months later, Adam suggested adding more piercings at her labia, she was enthusiastically in favour, and only a little bit worried about just what else she was letting herself in for.

At the end of the second session, she was host to a total of ten new piercings, five in each of her outer labia, equally spaced from top to bottom of her pink sex-cleft, every one with a small stainless steel grommet clamped carefully through its hole. Shocked by the sight of so much metal, she was dumbstruck when Adam laced a thin stainless wire through the grommets and gently pulled her labia together, then clamped the ends of the wire together with a special lock.

Her sex had been removed from her control and as she understood that she would only be permitted to make love when he chose! She could no longer even finger herself to a climax for her own private pleasure, and she decided that there was nothing … absolutely nothing she would not do for this wonderful, devious, thoughtful and generous man who was her Master and put so much effort into turning her wildest dreams and fantasies into stunning reality.

She wanted him to take her the instant they returned to his house, but to her total disbelief and despair, he refused and no matter how hard she pleaded and begged, she was unable to change his mind. Desperate for the release of the orgasm that seethed and bubbled in her belly, she attempted to perform oral sex on him, knowing that he couldn't resist her when her lips were fastened around his maleness, but to her horror, he forced her arms together behind her back and locked her wrist and elbow cuffs, then wedged a large rubber ball-gag between her jaws!

And that was how she remained for a whole two weeks while her piercings healed, with only short periods of freedom for meals and hygiene requirements. At first, she was furious, then miserable, then resigned and finally, wildly excited and aroused as he exerted his total Mastery over her and when he finally relented and removed the wire to take her, she was so keyed-up that she exploded like a bomb, climax after climax rippling through her belly until both he and she were utterly spent and drained.

For the next several weeks, Penny spent her days with her sex wired shut, getting used to the restricted movement imposed on her, discovering in the process that any lack of caution on her part resulted in decidedly uncomfortable tugging at her pierced labia. Knowing Adam as she did, it was only a very little surprise to her when his proposed "solution" to her difficulty turned out to be the purchase of a pair of elegantly pointed, knee-length leather boots with pencil-thin six inch high heels.

Amazingly, they actually helped, their unaccustomed height making Penny conscious of every step she took and ensuring she made no sudden or extravagant movements that might pull at her piercings. There was a catch, of course and she realised what it was when he removed her ankle- and knee-bands to fit the shoes, only to replace them over the boots and re-lock them, giving her no choice but to stay perched on the tips of her toes for as long as he wanted.

Penny had no illusions about what Adam was doing to her. He was turning her into a fetish-object. A pierced, collared, steel-bound bondage- and sex-slave.

All of it with her own willing and eager co-operation, because that was exactly what she had envisaged and wanted from the very first moment she had set eyes on him. And after almost a full year, she had quite a number of ideas of her own.


Laying in the huge bed with her naked body cradled in Adam's strong arms, she began what turned out to be a night-long discussion on the subject of her own thoughts as to her future and his views on the continuation and extension of her submission to his Mastery. From that talk came visions of full-body enclosure, long-term bondage, sensory deprivation, strict and unrelenting discipline, remotely-controlled pleasure and punishment, absolute immobility, breathing control and total mental, physical and sexual subjugation with no time limit or safe-word to permit an early end to whatever torment might be inflicted.

Finally, Adam turned her over to face him and gazed for a long, silent time into her eyes, searching for any sign of doubt or alarm, then, finding none, smiled and simply asked her if it was really what she wanted. Taking a deep breath, Penny lifted her lips to his, kissed him tenderly and whispered her answer that she was his; body mind and soul, his slave ... forever.

Her desire for any or all of those things was her gift to him, to be acted upon, or not, as he wished. She would willingly and joyfully endure whatever he desired, for his desires, no matter how extreme, were hers and nothing could ever break the bond between her and her adored Master.

He looked into her eyes a second time and as he gave a slow nod, Penny knew that the seeds of her deepest, darkest fantasies had been planted in the fertile ground of his inventive mind and would soon blossom. What the fruit of that blossoming might be, she had no way of knowing, but whatever it might prove to be, she could not and would not betray herself or her Master by breaking her commitment. She would go through with it, no matter what.

For nearly two months, nothing more was said about the matter and Penny began to think that her Master had decided not to take up her offer, and then the packages began to arrive ...

At the rear of the house and below ground level was a large, unused workshop and it was to this room that he took all the boxes and crates. Although Penny tried her best to find out what was going on he refused to answer her questions and was careful to keep the room securely locked so that she wasn't able to sneak a quick look at what lay in store for her.

About a fortnight after the packages' arrival, when Penny's curiosity had almost driven her crazy with frustration at the sounds of hammering and drilling coming from the locked room, he emerged to inform her that he was finished and asked her if she was ready to begin

She hadn't needed to ask what she was supposed to be ready for, but when she confirmed that she was, he confused her completely by telling her that she had a third appointment with the piercer. In thirty minutes.

True to his words, thirty minutes later and none the wiser about what was going on, Penny was again sitting in the chair at the parlour with her brain racing in a curious mixture of apprehension, embarrassment and excitement as Adam calmly secured her arms and legs to the frame of the chair with leather straps he had brought from the house, then tightened a final one above her breasts and under her armpits to pin her in place.

She was humiliated to be bound in front of the grinning piercer, but that paled into insignificance as he approached her and brought his piercing-gun up to her nose. Appalled by what he was going to do to her, she attempted to twist away, but Adam's hands clamped on the sides of her head and forced her back into position, facing straight ahead. She gave a shriek of horror and jerked vainly at her bonds as the device was inserted into her nose, but despite her frantic protest, the gun fired and punched a hole straight through the tender septum between her nostrils.

Instantly, the painful stinging caused her eyes to flood with tears, blurring her vision as two halves of a much heavier grommet were positioned and clicked together through her newest piercing to form a massively strong anchorage inside her nose and when she managed to blink her eyes clear, it was to see Adam holding a large, thick, pale blue titanium ring in front of her. A ring twice the size of the ones transfixing her nipples!

Shaking her head from side-to-side in frantic denial, Penny whimpered in despair and begged her Master for mercy, promising to submit and serve him as his sex-slave if only he would take the ring away. But Adam simply smiled and ordered her to keep still while he ringed her. Penny wanted to argue and resist, but the look in his eyes told her that it would be both futile and unwise to try to defy him and as she obeyed and felt the awful ring slipped through the grommet and clicked closed, she feared that like the other rings he had had placed in her flesh, it could not be removed. At least, not by her.

It was a subdued and rather thoughtful Penny who was finally untied and taken back home to recover, for she was beginning to realise that her desire to submit to him was no stronger than his desire to dominate her. He had clearly decided to take her at her word and although she was absolutely certain that he would do nothing to cause her to come to any real harm, or force her to endure more than she could safely handle, he had proven himself to be extremely determined and even quite ruthless in getting what he wanted.

But, as the days sped by and her newest piercing healed, he showed her nothing but kindness and consideration, arranging an open-ended absence from her job, cuddling her and calming her fears, helping her to come to terms with the humiliating nose-ring, telling her of his desire for her and his pride in her obedience and submission, caressing and arousing her at every opportunity until her body leapt and trembled under his touch and she surrendered again and again as he entered her to extinguish both of their needs in the climaxes he shared with her. He didn't pressurise her in any way and Penny loved him all the more for his patience.

And after several weeks, she woke early one morning and knew that she was ready. No doubts, no questions, no if's or but's. She was as prepared as she would ever be, and intensely curious as to what awaited her in the underground workroom.

Sneaking quietly out of bed, she bathed and brushed her hair, then took up her position.

When his eyes opened and he saw her kneeling at the bedside, her naked body beautifully displayed and her arms behind her back, he smiled with deep pleasure, put one finger to his lips in a gesture that she understood meant that she was to remain silent, then dressed quickly and motioned for her to follow. In total silence, he escorted her through the house to the workroom and ushered her inside, locking the door behind.

In the centre of the floor, a large wooden table stood beneath a long, heavy chain dangling from a pulley set high in the roof, while to its right, a second table held several lengths of glittering chain with clips at each end and a large number of curved and shaped metal straps whose purpose was not, at first, clear.

But it was to Penny's left that her Master pointed and her eyes widened as she saw an all-over body suit hanging from a rail, its polished, black, rubber surface gleaming in the lights. The suit had been made-to-measure he chuckled, and was manufactured of a special, plasticised rubber that didn't require her to powder her body before fitting. It was also air-permeable and so could be worn for extended periods with no ill-effects to the occupant.

Penny's belly began to burn with a fierce heat as he repeated that the suit could be worn for long periods and when he then asked her if she was still willing to go ahead, she was hard-pressed not to lose her cool and tell him to just get on with it and stop wasting time with stupid questions.

Fortunately, she just nodded instead, keeping her thoughts to herself but in the hour that followed, she broke her silence only twice.

Once in anguish when a catheter was worked into her body to allow for waste evacuation and the second time in a gasp of pleasurable alarm when two, long, thick steel vibrators, each with an electrical connector dangling from its base, were carefully and slowly inserted into her sex and anus, stretching and filling her body with their menacing presence.

Each time, her Master held her close, whispering soft words of encouragement and praise into her ears until she was able to calm down and accept the discomfort, before he completed the task, by wiring her sex closed. Then, he brought the suit to her and helped her slide her legs into the tight and surprisingly heavy rubber.

Penny's first surprise was to find that the suit had built-in shoes with heels that were even higher than her own, forcing her to keep her legs straight and her back hollowed to maintain a precarious balance that caused an immediate ache to begin in her calves and thighs. She could only hope that he didn't intend to make her stand for very long.

Her second surprise was the heavily boned corset incorporated into the suit and she panted as he tightened the lacing until her waist was remorselessly crushed down to a size she had never dreamt possible. In the mirror to her left, she gazed numbly at her figure, astonished by its hourglass shape and the tight, clinging rubber that moulded itself to every curve and recess of her body like a second skin; her breasts jutting arrogantly forward in their reinforced, individual bra-cups as he worked the zip up her naked spine.

Her belly kicked powerfully and her Master chuckled as the contraction rippled the smooth rubber of her stomach, knowing full well that Penny was as aroused by the sight of her polished curves as he was. Lifting the suit's attached hood, he asked her to open her mouth and as her lips parted obediently, he pressed the mask to her face.

Penny's last sight of the world she was leaving for an unknown time, was of her Master's smile. As the thick and heavy eyeless hood was smoothed over her face and its zip pulled down behind her neck, Penny felt soft pads press into her eye-sockets and ears to deprive her of her sight and hearing, and a large rubber shape slipped into her open mouth while two breathing tubes slid up into her nostrils!

She didn't realise that the suit had numerous carefully-positioned slots in its glossy surface, until her arms were taken behind her back and clamped together at wrists and elbows with her normal cuffs, and it was only after her ability to resist was taken away, that she learned that the suit still had a number of other surprises to enhance her helplessness.

Smiling with anticipation, her Master took hold of Penny's elbow and helped her totter over to the right-hand table, then bent to retrieve a battery-powered air pump from the floor and connected it to a small, unobtrusive non-return valve moulded into her hood, just below her left ear. He pressed the switch and was rewarded with a muffled squeal of alarm, abruptly cut off as inside Penny's mouth, the rubber ball inflated to fill every inch of space, pinning her tongue flat and bulging her cheeks. Then, he disconnected the pump and transferred it to a second valve under her right ear, watching intently as her head was forced upwards and back by the steadily increasing pressure of an inflatable posture-collar, until her neck was rigidly arched and her hooded face stared blindly upwards at the roof above.

Her prominently displayed breasts were the next focus of his attention and after he'd peeled back small sections of rubber at the tips of her bra-cups and checked that each of her ringed and stiffly-erect nipples was correctly positioned through its rubber O-ring, he nodded in satisfaction. Locating a third valve between her out-thrust breasts, he turned the pump on and grinned as each firm globe seemed to expand towards him until it threatened to burst through the straining, tight-stretched rubber as the bases of her breasts were cinched to half their normal size by inflatable collars built into the separate cups of her bra. At the same time, the O-rings at her nipples also inflated, trapping the rock-hard buds in a vice-like grip.

For thirty seconds, he listened for any signs of serious distress from Penny, fully prepared to release her despite her willingly-given offer to endure anything he chose to do to her, but all he heard was the soft rush of air through her breathing tubes and the rapid movement of her chest as she sucked in the shallow gulps of air that were all her corset permitted. Reassured that all was well, he took the first of her new restraints from the table and began to fit it around her already-compressed waist.

The three-inch wide, spring-steel strap was designed to be just flexible enough to bend around a fairly gentle radius and as Adam gripped the end-pieces and exerted a strong, steady pressure, the band curved, pulling Penny's cuffed wrists against her buttocks until he was able to slide one end of the flat strap into the hollow recess of the other.

With a solid click, the first locking-pin engaged and as he squeezed, the second and third clicked into place and the strap became totally rigid. The second strap went around Penny's elbows, encircling her body just beneath her cinched breasts, while the third tightened above them and around her upper arms, binding her torso in an immobile steel cage so tight and restrictive that even the idea of escape was an impossible dream.

Guiding with a hand on her shoulder, he moved Penny to the central table and let her lean against it as he fetched her leg restraints.

After feeding the electrical connectors for her vibrators through a well-placed slit in her suit, he banded her thighs together just above her knees, then did the same at her ankles, tightening each strap as much as possible to weld her legs into a single column. Inside the suit, Penny was aflame with sexual desire and submissive excitement, her trapped nipples aching for her Master's touch and her belly seething with furious heat that she could do nothing to satisfy.

Each addition to her bondage as she was transformed into the fantastically-restrained fetish-object of their shared dreams, built the flames of her need higher and as his strong arms lifted her and laid her belly-down on the table, she pleaded to be allowed to climax and exerted every atom of her strength in a desperate bid to communicate her overwhelming desire to her Master, only to realise that not a single sound or movement had reached his eyes or ears. Her gag and bonds did their jobs only too well, resisting her frantic efforts with a contemptuous ease that drove home the thrillingly-erotic message of her absolute inability to influence in any way what was going to happen next.

Her belly convulsed in an immense orgasm as she understood that she was no longer a lover or even a slave! She had become, quite simply, a tightly-wrapped package of soft, warm, helplessly-pulsating woman-flesh ... a passive toy for her Master to play with in any manner that amused him, for as long as it amused him, regardless of her needs or wishes!

Wave after wave of heated juices flooded into her belly as Penny surrendered to her fate, but not even a quiver rippled the gleaming black perfection of her rubber suit to betray the devastating turmoil that lay beneath its glossy surface. Even as she was forced to endure the full, awesome fury of her climax without the small relief of movement to alleviate her almost unbearable sexual pleasure, her Master walked back from the other table with several lengths of thin, but extremely strong chain dangling from his right hand and the final spring-steel strap in his left. Placing the chain beside her, he lifted her legs and slid the strap beneath her thighs, then lowered her so that the strap was positioned just beneath her crotch, one end on either side.

He knew that this last strap would be difficult to fasten, but had already worked out a plan. Climbing onto the table, he took hold of Penny's feet and bent her legs at the knees, then shuffled forward and used his own body-weight to double her ankles up to her buttocks and pin them while he brought the two ends of the strap together and engaged the locking-pins to hold her with her high-heeled shoes clamped snugly to the rubber-clad mounds of her rounded bottom.

With a nod of satisfaction, he reached up to the chain dangling above her and pulled it down, then got off the table and selected four chains from the pile beside her. At his request, the manufacturer of the straps securing Penny's limbs had welded steel rings to each half of every strap. These now formed a series of convenient attachment points lining each side of her body and it was the work of moments to clip chains to these straps. They encircled her upper arms, her waist and her bent knees, then he looped all three over the hook of the roof chain.

The fourth, much shorter length, linked a ring at the crown of her rubber-encased head to the hook, arching her head and neck back even more mercilessly than her posture-collar and removing any possibility of movement on her part.

He walked around her immobilised form, carrying out a thorough inspection to ensure that all was well, then went to a control-box fixed to the wall and pressed a red button. Chain began to rattle through the pulley high above and in a matter of seconds, her body was lifted from the table to hang suspended in mid-air, swinging gently back and forth and revolving slowly some five feet above the floor as he released the red button.

Penny was an incredible sight ... an erotic fantasy come to life, her gleaming, rubber-sheathed curves squeezed and compressed into total submission by inescapable steel bonds that served not only to imprison her, but also to display and offer her helplessly-presented charms for any torment he cared to impose.

He hurried to the table and pushed it across the floor to the far wall, plugged an electrical cable into a wall-socket and attached the other end to the connectors dangling from the joint of her thighs, then peeled back the rubber cover at her sex to reveal her ringed and engorged clitoris. Taking the remaining three lengths of chain, he clipped one to each of her nipple-rings and the third to her clitoris-ring, then added a small lead fishing-weight to each, just heavy enough to apply a steady pull to her piercings.

He smiled at the thought of Penny's alarm and inevitable arousal as she felt the constant tension in her most-sensitive flesh, knowing that she would soon work out that unless she remained perfectly still, the weights would swing and tug at the rings in her body. Unfortunately for her, remaining still was about to become a great deal more difficult. Although her bondage was now complete, her fantasy … and, more importantly, his ... wasn't.

Penny's first explosive submission set her panting and gasping for air through the nostril-tubes of her hood, her brain reeling to the stunning power of a climax that far exceeded anything she had anticipated. Her inability to move seemed to multiply the sensations raging through her body and as the last remnants of her self-control were shredded and then consumed by the white-hot fires of her lust, she whimpered in despairing ecstasy, knowing that the intense sexual passion which turned her belly to a churning, bubbling cauldron of liquid heat, was only the first stage of the absolute subjugation she had requested her Master to impose upon her.

As he clamped her ankles to her buttocks, the weight of his body pressed her belly against the hard surface of the table, eliciting a soft moan from her as the vibrators in her sex and anus shifted uncomfortably and reminded her … as if she needed reminding …that the merest flick of his finger would be more than enough to send her hurtling into another giant, uncontrollable orgasm. And another ... and another ... and another, until he decided to take pity on her and let her rest … or his finger got tired.

The knowledge that she was so defenceless, so utterly and totally vulnerable, sent a renewed surge of thrillingly submissive arousal through Penny's body and brain and she shivered in delicious shock and fright as she felt herself rise smoothly into the air and begin to spin in slow circles. Without the reassuring solidity of the table beneath her, she was quickly disorientated and unable to tell which way she was facing or where her Master was in relation to her. It was an unnerving feeling, but before she had time to panic, she felt the relentless tugging of weights at her nipples and clitoris giving her far more urgent and worrying things to think about. And think about them she did by the second, growing ever more hopelessly aroused and willingly submissive as her Master gave her time to become accustomed to the stringency of her bondage and the impossibility of escape or resistance.

Just as she had wished, she was his, without conditions or time-limit.

Her body confined and restrained into immobility, yet still able to feel every sensation of pleasure and pain that could be inflicted on it, to experience every second of rapturous joy and despairing anguish that she must endure, to plumb the uttermost depths of subjugation and reach heights of sexual ecstasy far beyond the norm, to seek out the furthest boundaries of her capacity to submit ... and then go forward, leaving them far behind. This was Penny's dream, her fantasy, nurtured and embellished during a thousand nights of solitude and frustration, cherished during endless weeks of boredom and day-dreams, and now, finally, it was hers to savour and endure as best she might, in the full knowledge that nothing she could do, could save her from her own long-held desires.

Her Master rose to his feet from where he had seated himself to watch the results of his efforts and strode to the door, pausing only to press the switch that supplied power to the twin vibrators lodged in the suspended body of his slave. He turned for a moment to enjoy the tiny ripples of polished black rubber at her belly that betrayed the unbearable arousal his casual action had sent storming through her steel-banded body, then unlocked the door and walked through, closing it firmly behind him. After all his work, he deserved a cool drink and it wasn't as if Penny was going anywhere. In fact, he doubted if she would even miss him as the full, awesome extent of her plight became all too clear.

But as it was her first day, he would look in on her in two hours or so. She would need a drink herself by then and he wondered idly what her reaction would be to discovering that the inflatable gag in her mouth had a drinking-tube incorporated into its design making it unnecessary to remove it to water her. No doubt she'd get used to it over the next three days and if not, there would be plenty of other opportunities in her future. A smile curved his lips as an amusing idea popped into his mind.

If Penny was to go onto a liquid diet for a few days before a spell in the workroom and he then used the drinking-tube to feed her liquidised baby-food, it should be possible to increase the length of her sessions down there quite considerably; perhaps to as much as a full week. His smile grew wider. After a week of immobilised, silenced isolation, random intense orgasms and constant enforced subjugation, it would be most interesting to find out just how much more willing and obedient and eager to please him Penny would have become when he finally released her. Especially if he adjusted the vibrators to a level that would keep her fully aroused but not quite able to climax, for the last day or so of the session.

Not that he would tell her that in advance, of course, or, perhaps he would and let the anticipation and her knowledge of her absolute helplessness work on her strongly-submissive nature. Chuckling to himself, he walked on towards that well-earned drink.

Some time later, the compressed, folded and tightly-strapped parcel of rubber-clad femininity that hung suspended in the middle of the brightly-lit workroom, gave a series of tiny, almost-imperceptible shudders that lasted for several minutes and set the weights dangling from her exposed nipples and clitoris swinging to and fro, then was finally still once more.

Those miniscule tremors, easily overlooked by an inexperienced eye, were the only outward sign of the shattering havoc that had just been wreaked on the helpless occupant of the rubberised package and provided no clue to the exquisite torment being undergone under the polished ebony exterior. In her black and silent world, Penny had no idea that she was alone or that her Master was, at that very moment, sitting at ease in a comfortable armchair one floor above her head with a tall, cold glass in his hand, engaged in the highly pleasurable pastime of thinking-up new and even more demanding ways of binding and subjugating her. All she knew was that she had been forcibly propelled into five or was it six, gigantic and unstoppable orgasms already, and she was utterly powerless to prevent the merciless vibrators embedded in her sex and anus from subjecting her quivering, sweat-soaked body to an endless cycle of the same incredible stimulation and submission.

She could only accept it, for Penny understood and loved her role of bondage- and sex-slave to her adored and powerful Master and would not have changed her situation, even if she had been able to.

Which was just as well, for as she waited helplessly for the next overwhelming assault on her body and senses to begin. Penny was not to know that she would spend very nearly three more entire days and nights imprisoned in her cocoon of rubber and steel ...or .... that those three days were only the beginning ...

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