Jane Everson didn't believe in buying expensive birthday presents for her boyfriends.

As far as she was concerned, it was their job to pamper and spoil her, not the other way around, and if they didn't happen to see things her way, then she had no compunctions about dumping them and moving on.

After all, with her looks and figure, all she had to do was crook a finger and men came running. Her latest conquest, a thirty year old web site designer called Michael, had replaced her former lover, Steve, a professional photographer, when the latter had refused to buy her a particularly costly diamond bracelet that she had set her heart on.

There was no way she would put up with that sort of treatment and he had had to go, even though she had quite liked him and had enjoyed having him as her lover.

Wearing nothing but a pair of black mules with 4-inch heels and a tiny deep-blue satin thong that barely covered her neatly-trimmed triangle of jet-black pubic hair, Jane walked across the expanse of beautifully varnished oak boards that was the floor of her luxurious penthouse apartment ... rented for her by Steve and still with three months to run … towards the bedroom. Her firm, 34C breasts and small, rose-pink nipples barely quivered as she moved, testifying to the effectiveness of the fitness regime she followed to keep her slender twenty-five year old body in perfect shape.

In the bedroom, she rummaged through drawers until she found what she was looking for. It was a photograph of her, taken by Steve, showing her lying on her stomach on the oak floor completely naked, resting on her elbows with her knees bent, lower legs raised and ankles crossed, toes gracefully pointed, looking into the camera with a sexy, inviting half-smile on her moist, scarlet-painted lips. Beneath it, in bold, flowing script, the words, "The Jane Gift Token - Redeemable at Holder's Discretion - Satisfaction Guaranteed - Your Wish Is My Command - Valid One Year".

Jane nodded, still pleased with herself for coming up with the idea. She knew it would turn Michael on to think that he could "buy" her body with the token, and even better, it didn't cost her a penny. Men were so shallow and easy to manipulate, especially where sex was concerned. Poor Steve never even got to use the token she had given him. Smiling at the thought, she began to get ready for her date with Michael, calculating that two more sessions in his bed should be just about enough to soften him up for her to "suggest" that she was due another present. She still wanted that diamond bracelet.

Jane didn't really want to go for a drive in the country, she was a city girl and would have much preferred to be taken to an expensive restaurant for lunch, followed by shopping … on Michael's credit card, of course … then a night out clubbing. But, it was his birthday, so after just enough of a whinge to let him know that she was only doing it for him, she let him have his way. It was quite a long drive and after an hour or more, she was so bored with trees and fields and country lanes that she stopped taking any notice and fell into a light doze.

She had no idea where she was when Michael stopped, but it seemed to be some sort of farm, because when she opened her eyes, the car was parked in front of large, square house of age-mellowed, yellowish stone, flanked on one side by a huge wooden barn and on the other by a grassy paddock with a twin-rail log fence enclosing it.

"Where are we now?" she asked peevishly, "I thought we were going back to town?"

"Not just yet, Jane." Michael replied calmly, walking around the car to open her door and help her out, "I've got something I want to show you. Come on."

"What, in this dump?" Jane scowled, "Oh, all right. If I must." she sulked as he took her hand and led her to a low door at the side of the barn.

The room she entered was long and narrow and it took her eyes several seconds to adjust to its cool dimness after the bright sunshine outside. When they had, she saw that it was some sort of store for riding equipment and although she knew next to nothing about horses, she had seen enough on television to recognise bridles and reins and what she thought were probably -bits hanging on hooks all around the walls.

"Tack?" she asked doubtfully, "Isn't that what all this stuff's called, Michael?"

"Very good." he nodded cheerfully, "Tack, it is."

"So, what is it you wanted me to see?"

"You're looking at it."

"But there's nothing here. Only all this stuff for horses."

"Hmm. Well, nearly right, Jane. Only I don't see any horses, do you?"

"Well, not here, no. But they must be around here somewhere, mustn't they? I mean, what's the point of having all this if there aren't any horses?"

"Yes. A bit odd, isn't it? Mind you, don't you think it all looks a bit small to fit a horse?"

"How should I know?" Jane snapped, fed up with the subject, "Who cares? Maybe they've got very small horses."

"Or perhaps it's not for a horse at all? Maybe it's for a different animal. A pet of some sort."

"Like what?" she retorted sarcastically, "A goldfish? Canary? How about a hamster? Don't be stupid, Michael. What else would it fit but a horse?"

His eyes glittered, "Oh, I don't know, Jane," he said coolly, "It looks like it would fit you."

Her jaw dropped and she gaped at him in astonishment for several seconds, then she managed to splutter.

"Me? Are you crazy? What do you mean, it would fit me?"

He spread his hands and shrugged, then pointed to a collection of black leather straps and gleaming steel rings that hung from a hook behind her.

"Well, I reckon that one's about your size."

She whirled around and as she saw that the harness didn't look like anything she'd ever seen on a horse,but more closely resembled the sort of raunchy things that were often displayed in the windows of sex-shops. She turned back and glared suspiciously at Michael.

"What's going on here?" she demanded, "That's not for any damn horse and you know it, Michael. What is this place and why are we here?"

He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out the birthday card she had given him that morning: the "Jane Gift Token" with her nude picture on it.

"I thought I might redeem this," he smiled, "I've always wanted my own pony-girl."

"You must be joking," her refusal was instant and unthinking, "Not a chance! So forget it."

His smile snapped off.

"Now that's not very nice, Jane. It's rude to give someone a present, then take it back, you know. Especially if you're hoping for a present yourself."

Jane understood the hint immediately. He was talking about the diamond bracelet she had been angling for. No Jane in the pony-girl harness, no bracelet. It took her less than two seconds to weigh-up the unspoken deal and make her choice. She put on her best "I'm really, really sorry" face and let her voice tremble just a little, as if she was ashamed of herself.

"Yes, Michael. You're quite right," she murmured humbly, letting her eyes drop, "I shouldn't have said that. Please forgive me, darling. I was just … surprised … but I really do mean what the card says. About your wish being my command. So, if you still want me to wear that harness ..."

She let her voice trail into silence, watching him to see if her act had taken him in. His frown slowly faded and he nodded.

"I do, Jane. I think you'll make a superb pony-girl." she kept her gaze down to hide the triumph in her eyes. "Like taking candy from a baby." she thought scornfully, "I should have been an actress and if audiences are as easy to fool as him, I'd have had a cupboard full of Oscars. But I'll settle for diamonds."

"You'll have to strip off, of course," Michael's voice broke through he thoughts and she looked up to see him lift the harness from its hook.

"Hang on," she protested, "I can't do that here. What if someone walks in? I thought …. I assumed you'd want me to wear it back at your place."

He seemed genuinely surprised.

"My place? Whatever for? Pony-girls belong on a farm like this one, with a nice big barn and a paddock to trot around."

"But … but what about … people? There must be somebody around here and what happens if they see me?"

"Oh, you needn't worry about that." his casual reply stunned her, "They're used to seeing pony-girls being trained and exercised around here. This is a pony-girl farm. It's how they make their living. Just ignore anyone you see."

"Ignore them?" Jane's voice rose to an indignant squeak, "How can I ignore them? Dammit, Michael, I'll be naked!"

"Now, don't exaggerate, Jane." he grinned broadly, "You won't be naked … just virtually naked."

For a moment, she trembled on the verge of slapping him and walking out, diamond bracelet or no diamond bracelet, but then wiser, or perhaps, just more greedy counsels prevailed and she forced a smile, "Well, if that's what you really want, darling."

"It is," he assured her firmly, "so let's get started."

For the first time in years, Jane felt embarrassment as she took her clothes off in front of a man and as Michael subjected her nude body to an appreciative scrutiny, she couldn't stop a deep red blush colouring her face and neck.

"You're going to make a fantastic pony-girl," he told her, "I can't wait to see you properly harnessed."

Seen close-up, the harness was beautifully made and extremely functional, its wide, triple-stitched leather straps and stainless steel linking-rings lying flat against her skin as Michael tightened the buckles to confine her in its snug embrace. From the high collar around her throat, a multiplicity of straps ensnared her body vertically and horizontally, above, below and between her breasts, supporting, separating and displaying the taut globes, then encircling her waist and hips before descending to pass between her thighs and up between her bottom cheeks to rejoin the other straps at the small of her back. Jane quite liked the feeling, as if she was being hugged by strong arms, but was a little nervous about the two tight straps that passed on either side of her sex, framing her labia and clitoris and making them protrude lewdly. That was humiliating, but she consoled herself with thoughts of diamonds and kept her doubts to herself.

Michael stepped back and gave a low whistle.

"Wow, Jane, you look terrific. How does the harness feel? Try walking around to make sure it doesn't pinch you or anything."

She walked to the far end of the room and back again, wriggling her body in the straps.

"I guess it's comfortable enough," she admitted unwillingly, "But it's damned embarrassing parading about with my my breasts and bum on show like this."

"Jane, most women would kill to have breasts and a bum like yours."He chuckled softly. "You've got a great body and you know it, so don't try and tell me you don't enjoy showing it off."

"Well…yes," she agreed, "I do. But only to you, not half the countryside."

His smile didn't waver and Jane knew he wasn't going to relent.

"All right, Michael," she said resignedly, "I'll wear it for you, but I just hope you appreciate how difficult this is for me."

"I know, Jane," he nodded solemnly, "but once you're all kitted-up, I've got a surprise for you. A girl's best friend, if you know what I mean."

Jane stared at him and her brain raced, the tune of the old classic song, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," running through her mind.

"Oh, darling," she said, her eyes sparkling, "You're the most wonderful man I've ever met and I love you so much."

Or at least I love your credit-card, she thought to herself … and made quite sure her true feelings didn't show. She had to put on a real act to keep the smile on her face when he brought over a pair of wide leather cuffs and asked her to put her crossed arms behind her back so that he could secure her wrists.

"Um … I'm not too happy about this, Michael." she said nervously. "Do I have to be tied up? Couldn't I just pretend? I promise I'll keep my hands behind me and do whatever you tell me."

"But that wouldn't be the same at all." he replied, "Not half as much fun as having you properly harnessed. Sorry, Jane, it's either the full thing or it's no deal and we call it off right now."

He was clearly determined and as she gave in and placed her arms at the small of her back, Jane decided that his kinky little game was going to cost him the pair of diamond earrings that went with the bracelet. Unused to such things, she hadn't noticed that the cuffs were riveted back-to-back, so that when he tightened them and snapped the catches closed, she found her crossed wrists held closely together, with no hope of getting her fingers anywhere near the locks.

For the first time in her life, she was helpless and when he buckled a second set of cuffs just above her knees, she gazed down past her bared breasts at the 9-inch length of strong, gleaming chain that linked and hobbled her slim legs, realising that it would restrict her to short, unnatural steps. When he clipped a leather leash to a ring on the front of her collar, she started to get really worried. And was soon a lot more worried as he towed her across to the room, fed her leash through a head-high ring set into the brickwork and pulled it tight, then knotted it to leave her standing with her face only a few inches from the wall. She couldn't move back or turn to see what he was doing and as the realisation of how defenceless she was sank into her brain, she jerked her head, trying to break the leash. All she succeeded in doing was to tighten the collar at her neck and as the leather constricted her throat, she gasped in alarm.

"Michael. Let me go. Please, I'm frightened, darling. I don't like this and I want out."

The only response was a soft chuckle and before she knew what was happening, a leather strap was around her ankles and firmly buckled.

"No," she squealed, swaying dangerously, "Let me go, Michael. Untie me, dammit or I'll … I'll …"

"Or you'll what, Jane? Dump me? Find yourself another man to buy you expensive presents in return for letting him screw you? Or maybe you think you can go running back to Steve. You must remember him, surely? The man who's still paying for the penthouse you kicked him out of?"

The mocking words sent an icy ripple up Jane's spine.

"Wh … What are you t-talking about?" she stammered, "And how … how do you know about St-Steve?"

"Oh, Steve and I have been mates a long time, Jane." he chuckled, "Since well before he met you, in fact. He told me all about you and warned me that you were a greedy little bitch who'd do just about anything for expensive jewellery."

"No." Jane tried to protest, "It's not true!" but Michael wasn't finished and as he simply ignored her, her eyes widened in growing dismay.

"So when you dumped him, Steve and I got together and came up with a plan to see just how far you'd go to get your hands on that diamond bracelet you want so much. That's why you're here and wearing that pony-girl harness."

"But-but," she moaned, "Wh-What are you going to d-do?"

"Why don't you tell her, Steve." he replied casually and as Jane heard footsteps approaching from behind she yanked vainly at the cuffs securing her wrists.


"Nice to see you again, Jane. Especially like that."

Jane recognised the voice instantly and her face flamed a vivid scarlet, shamefully-aware of her nudity and helplessness before her current and former lovers.

"You should have told me you were into bondage and pony-play, Jane." Steve chuckled mockingly, "I'd probably have bought you that bracelet if I'd known."

"I'm not into…into all that kinky stuff!" Embarrassed and stung by his tone, Jane snapped. "And certainly not with you. I want out of this damn harness and I want out right now!!"

The only response was a cruelly-hard smack applied to her left bottom-cheek and two deep chuckles as she yelped in pain.

"Oww! That hurt! What do you think you're doing, you creeps? Let me go! Oh, I'll slaughter you when I get loose."

"What makes you think you're going to get loose?" Steve's voice, filled with amusement.

"That's right, Jane. You're not going anywhere for quite a while." that was Michael.

"What? But … but I'm not staying here! You can't keep me tied up," Jane protested, "You just can't. I've got things to do. Friends …." Her voice trailed into silence as Jane realised the inaccuracy of what she had just said. She had lots of acquaintances, but no real, close friends and the things she had to do were only appointments with her hairdresser and fitness-trainer and at the beauty salon. None of whom would worry if she didn't turn up. In her single-minded pursuit of what she considered the "good things" of life … and the lovers who could supply them … she had isolated herself and as it dawned on her that for over a year she hadn't had much contact with anybody other than Steve and Michael, an icy ripple of apprehension raced up her naked spine.

"Uh … Michael?" she urged nervously, "Let me go, eh? Please, darling? You're frightening me."

"Just relax Jane." he replied, "I'll let you go as soon as you've honoured our deal."

For a moment, she couldn't think what he meant, then she remembered agreeing to be what he had called properly harnessed.

"But I'm already wearing the harness!" she protested, "I thought that was the deal?"

"Not quite. You aren't bridled and bitted yet."

Jane swallowed hard, not at all sure about having still more leather fastened onto her body and a steel bit wedged between her jaws. Especially with Steve watching, but she knew she didn't really have any choice, not with her arms and legs already bound. Better to give in gracefully and get it over with than have them force her to submit. She took a deep breath.

"Very well, darling. Make me a proper pony-girl and let's get it over with, then."

Facing the blank wall and unable to turn her head, Jane couldn't see what was going on behind her and had only a momentary glimpse of the bridle as it descended over her head and the bit pressed against her closed lips.

"Open, pony-girl!" Michael ordered and as Jane obeyed reluctantly, the U-shaped, rubber-covered steel bar slipped into her mouth, locating itself firmly between her back teeth with its two cross-pieces pressing down on her tongue and pinning it to the floor of her mouth. Even before the bridle was tightened, Jane would have had great difficulty ejecting the bit, but when the numerous straps were buckled tightly over and around her head and under her chin, there was not the faintest hope. And she couldn't make a single intelligible sound; her efforts to speak producing only a series of wordless grunts and nasal whines.

Shocked by how effectively the bit gagged her, Jane couldn't even argue as the strap around her ankles was removed to allow her to be fitted with a pair of knee-high leather boots boasting sharply-pointed toes and pencil-thin 7-inch heels. A full two inches higher than anything she had ever worn before, the heels forced her onto the tips of her toes and made her keep her calves and thighs absolutely straight and as the unnatural position caused an immediate ache in her leg muscles, she could only hope that she wouldn't have to wear them for too long.

But she forgot all about her boots as a short, heavy chain was clipped to her wrist-cuffs and her arms were pushed up towards her shoulder-blades until the chain could be connected to a steel ring set into the crown of the bridle encircling her head.
The only way to relieve the pressure on her arms was to arch her neck and as her head went back, she found herself staring at a point half-way up the wall ahead of her and forced to maintain a haughty, chin-up posture with her head held so high that she could only see directly ahead by looking down past her own nose.

It was an extremely uncomfortable and deeply humiliating situation for Jane to be in, made worse for her by the presence of Steve and her knowledge that he was doubtless enjoying her discomfort and embarrassment….not to mention her nudity and helplessness. When she got out of this, Jane decided, Michael was going to pay for subjecting her to such an indignity and if he thought she'd be willing to forgive him in return for a diamond bracelet and earrings, he was sadly mistaken. It was going to cost him a lot more than that and she fully intended to enjoy a spending spree at his expense that would teach him not to play stupid, macho-man games with her.

Unfortunately for Jane, her plans for getting her own back on her lover failed to take into account the possibility that he also had a plan; one that most definitely didn't include a shopping-trip.

Her first inkling that things might not be going in the direction she wanted and expected came when Michael untied her leash from the ring and gave a firm tug, forcing her to turn to face him. Jane glared at him, her eyes glittering with anger her gagging bit prevented her from expressing. How dare he order her about as if he owned her? Just who did he think he was to treat her so badly? If it wasn't for the straps binding her arms, she would slap that damned smile clean off his smug face. And Steve was no better, leaning casually against the wall and making no effort to conceal his amusement at her plight as Michael clipped a much longer leather leash to her bridle explaining that it was a lunge-rein and was used to keep a pony-girl under control while she was taught to walk and trot and canter in obedience to verbal commands.

She tried to resist, determined never to submit to such humiliation, but her collar and head-harness combined to limit her defiance to pitifully-weak and ineffectual shakes of her head and when Michael applied pressure to the lunge-rein and her collar tightened about her throat, Jane had no option but to walk towards him. Almost falling at the very first step, because she had forgotten that her knees were hobbled and when the chain jerked taut, she stumbled and swayed dangerously, fighting to recover her balance on the ridiculously high heels.

She stared imploringly at Michael, trying to make him understand that it was impossible for her to do what he wanted while she was so severely restricted by her bondage, but his only response was to pull a second time and as she was forced to totter forward in the tiny, mincing steps imposed upon her, Jane gulped in alarm, realising that, impossible or not, he was going to make her obey.

Her eyes bulged in stark disbelief as he led her across the tack-room and halted at a rack containing a wide selection of riding-crops and whips and she trembled wildly as he and Steve each selected a long, evil-looking whip and gave several practice swings, sending the foot-long leather thongs at the tip of each whip hissing and cracking through the air before her.

Totally unnerved, Jane backed away until the rein at her bridle drew taut and she could retreat no farther, her eyes filled with anguished horror at the sheerly unthinkable prospect that the whips might be used on her. Michael turned and frowned as the rein tightened.

"Where do you think you're going? I didn't give you permission to move!"

As if in slow motion, Jane saw the whip draw back, then snap forward to land with a loud, sharp, "Crack" on her right hip and buttock. For a frozen half-second, she felt nothing, then a line of blazing fire erupted through her flank and she screamed wildly, dancing from foot to foot, hobble-chains jingling as stinging heat burned into her skin.

"You weren't given permission to scream, either!" Steve grinned, accompanying his words with a matching lash to her left buttock, catching her unprepared as she reacted helplessly to the first cruel blow.

Jane shrieked as the torment redoubled, wrenching madly at her bonds as she fought to get her hands to the vivid red stripes that glowed across her pale bottom-cheeks that now throbbed with a relentless pain that raged through her lower body, swamping her brain with distress signals from her outraged nerve-endings. For a full sixty seconds, she writhed and squealed in shock, until, as the pain slowly reduced to a more bearable level, she raised her wide, frightened eyes to her captors. Michael stared coldly at her.

"That was only a warning!" he said harshly, "A pony-girl does not move without permission. She does not make a sound without permission. She does nothing unless her owners order it either verbally or by using her reins. You are now a pony-girl and will be punished for any disobedience. As you are new to your harness, Steve and I will overlook your screams and struggles ... just this once, but, from now on, you will be disciplined for any failing."

Unwilling to believe what she was hearing, Jane scrutinised his stern face, hoping to see a hint of a smile or some indication that he was anything other than totally, horrifyingly serious, but all she found was an implacable determination and as it dawned on her just how helpless she really was, and how easy it would be for Michael and Steve to whip her again, she trembled wildly to the stunning realisation that she no longer had any control over what her two lovers might have planned for her.

Harnessed and bitted into speechless submission and with their whips enforcing her obedience, she could be made to do anything they wished and as her eyes grew round with fearful anxiety, Michael grinned.

"I see you're starting to get the idea, Jane." he chuckled cruelly, "But just in case you still don't get the full picture, I'll make it clearer for you. You are now a pony-girl and Steve and I are your owners. Like I told you, this is a pony-girl farm and we arranged to bring you here so that you can be trained for us. We're both too busy to do it ourselves, you see, and in any case, we don't have the expertise and facilities to spend time training you up to become an obedient and docile little pony. So, we'll be leaving you with the staff here to look after all that and we'll be back to collect you when they're satisfied that you're fully trained." He checked his watch.

"Still, we've got about an hour or so until we hand you over and we have the run of the place until then, so Steve and I are going to have a little fun with you before we go back to town."

Jane tried to shake her head in protest at the awful future laid out for her by his words, but her collar and the chain joining her cuffs and bridle denied her even that futile gesture. As Michael shortened the lunge-rein, she was forced to totter forward until his fist was under her chin, holding her within inches of his muscular body. The breath burst from her nose in an anguished squeal and she writhed helplessly as his free hand plunged between her naked thighs then his fingers invaded her sex with his thumb pressing the exposed nub of her clitoris. She screamed again in despairing misery as Steve's hands snaked around her body to seize her out thrust breasts, rolling and squeezing her rampant nipples.

Defenceless and hopelessly vulnerable, Jane stood no chance whatever against the merciless assault and although she did her best to fight, it was only a matter of seconds before the intense sexual arousal overwhelmed her and her rapidly-stiffening nipples and a gush of hot juices into her sex betrayed the fierce need that filled her body.

Impervious to her bit-muffled cries and feeble struggles, her grinning captors … her owners … forced her to respond until her resistance disappeared and she began to arch and buck against their hands in a way that told them more clearly than words, that she was sexually aroused by her plight. As her excitement grew, her fear and anger was replaced by fierce heat and longing and as her belly swirled with ever-growing need, Jane resigned herself to the humiliating prospect of being made to climax by her current and former lovers and allowed herself to surrender to the devastating pleasure their hands forced upon her.

Unfortunately for Jane, her two captors had a different plan in mind for her and when her body quivered and trembled to their touch, betraying the scorching intensity of the inferno of lust that permeated every fibre of her whole being, they stepped back and left her teetering on the very brink of a huge orgasm, but not quite able to come. Deprived of a climax that was just moments away, Jane squealed in dismay and stared pleadingly from one to the other, begging mutely for the touch that would grant her release.

Instead, Michael turned away and gave a sharp tug on her lunge-rein, dragging her towards the door, while Steve raised his whip and sent it cracking across her naked bottom, her muffled squeal of pained outrage and frustration bringing only callous chuckles from both men. Bound as a pony-girl and unable to resist the leash at her collared throat, Jane was led outside, stumbling on her high heels and with the chain between her knees clinking at every step, her shame almost overwhelming her as warm sunshine bathed her nude breasts, belly and buttocks, revealing every detail of her harnessed and bridled body to the eyes of anyone who cared to glance in her direction.

A wild scream erupted from her bitted mouth as she saw three figures standing near the railed paddock and she fought unavailingly against her restraints as she was towed towards them. Desperate to cover herself, she bent double when Michael pulled her to his side, but her efforts only succeeded in exposing her bottom to Steve's whip and earned her two stinging lashes that sent heat flaring through her unprotected flanks.

"Stand straight pony-girl!" He ordered coldly, the command was accompanied by a second pair of painful whip-strokes. Jane squealed in anguish, jerking erect, realising that the only way to save her bottom from further punishment was to do as he said.

Through eyes blurred with tears of shame and misery, she saw two of the spectators, a man and a woman, grin in evident amusement, but it was the third figure who sent a chill of ice-cold shock through her reeling brain. Clad in a gleaming black leather corset that compressed her waist to a size Jane had never dreamed of attaining and left her breasts and belly completely exposed, the woman was harnessed in much the same way as herself, her arms clamped immovably behind her back, lips bisected by a thick bit-gag, perched on a pair of polished black leather boots with sky-scraper heels, and with a leash curving down from her collared throat to the hand of the woman beside her.

What truly shocked Jane though was that the other harnessed woman was standing between the curved wooden shafts of a small, two-wheeled carriage! As Jane gaped at the sight of her near-twin, she knew with dreadful certainty that Michael and Steve had not been joking and really did intend to turn her into a docile and fully-trained pony-girl! Just like the one who stood patiently with her owner, waiting obediently to be instructed what to do.


The tall, casually-dressed man nodded a greeting to Michael and Steve.

"Good afternoon, gentlemen and welcome to the farm. I take it that the young lady with you is Jane?"

"That's right, Mr Smith." Michael confirmed, "This is Jane and as you can see, she can't wait to get started on her training."

"Hmm,." the older man replied, noting the clearly-visible whip marks on Jane's thighs and buttocks. "Perhaps you're right, but it would appear that she was not quite as enthusiastic as you suggest and needed a little ... ah ... encouragement."

Michael shrugged.

"Well … just a bit." he conceded. "This all came as a bit of a shock to her. I'm sure you know how it is."

"Oh, indeed I do." he agreed, nodding gravely. "Your young lady is by no means the first to suffer an attack of cold feet at this stage. Fortunately, however, Mrs Jones and I have considerable experience and expertise in such matters and I am quite sure that we will be able to overcome any temporary reluctance on Jane's part and persuade her to cooperate."

As he spoke, he turned his gaze on Jane, his dark eyes scanning Jane's near-naked body from head to foot before coming to rest on her wide and frightened brown eyes. For several seconds, Jane managed to hold his flat stare, but then the combination of her helpless nudity and the aura of casual authority and command he generated, unnerved her and she flushed in humiliation and dropped her eyes. Furious with herself for showing weakness, Jane's blush deepened as she heard the woman, Mrs Jones, give a soft chuckle.

"Oh good. This one's a spirited little filly and they're always the most fun to break. Like dear little Tess here."

Despite herself, Jane couldn't resist looking up, and found Mrs Jones smiling at her.

"That's right, Jane. Have a good look. Pony-girls are inquisitive little pets and always like to know what's going on."

Reaching out, she rubbed the backs of her fingers over the exposed left nipple of the pony-girl who stood beside her, casually fondling and arousing her as if it was the most natural thing in the world. It was an astonishing sight, but what made it even more astonishing to Jane, was the fact that the girl, Tess, was clearly delighted and grateful for the attention, her eyes sparkling with pleasure as she bent her head to the side and pressed her cheek against the shoulder of Mrs Jones.

"Good girl, Tess." Mrs Jones cooed, giving the girl's breast a final caress, "Back in position, dear." and Jane gulped as Tess obeyed instantly, straightening her spine and displaying her body and her stiffly-erect nipples without hesitation.

"There you go, Jane." Mrs Jones said calmly, "Wasn't that nice? If you pay attention and work really hard, then that could be you in a few months. All set to obey and serve your owners."

Jane couldn't believe that the woman really seemed to think that she would accept being turned into a dumbly-obedient pet pony-girl, but when she saw Mr Smith nod in agreement, she realised that if she didn't escape right that very minute, then that was exactly what the pair intended. With a convulsive jerk of her neck, she tore her leash from Michael's relaxed grasp and turned to run, only to crash to the ground virtually at his feet as the short chain hobbling her knees sprang taut and tripped her.

Unable to use her arms to break her fall, Jane was dazed and winded by the impact, fighting to recover her breath and in no state to resist as Mr Smith pulled her to her feet and held her elbows in a painfully-tight grip.

"Now, that was not clever, Jane." Mr Smith admonished cheerfully, "Perfectly understandable of course, but definitely not wise. You are here to be trained as a pony-girl and the sooner you understand that trying to resist will only result in punishment, the easier and less unpleasant your stay here will be. Defiance such as you have just shown would normally earn you a whipping, but as you are new and this is your first offence, perhaps we can settle for a lighter penalty. What do you say, Mrs Jones? The clamps, do you think?"

"Very suitable, Mr Smith," the woman agreed, "I'm sure Jane will find them most instructive and appropriate for her new role and status."

Jane didn't find them anything of the sort, but with her wrists bound behind her and her elbows held by Mr Smith, she was powerless to prevent Mrs Jones from attaching a pair of spring-loaded clips to her tender nipples, the serrated jaws biting into her delicate flesh as the woman increased the tension until Jane squealed and writhed to the sharp, relentless pain that jolted through her breasts. Every movement she made caused the clamps to jerk and swing, increasing her torment and as small weights were suspended from each clip, Jane froze, her eyes wide with horror and shame.

"Not quite what you were expecting, eh, Jane?" Steve said. "Don't be too disappointed, though. Your real jewellery will be here well before your training is finished."

"That's right, Jane." Michael chuckled. "You wanted diamonds, so that's what you're going to get. Four of them, in fact. One set into each of the titanium rings that will be welded in place through your nipples and nose and clitoris."

Jane's shrill wail cut through his words and he grinned, waiting until her scream faded to a despairing whimper.

"I told you I had a surprise for you. After all, Jane, diamonds are forever, you know and that's just how long you're going to be wearing them as our pony-girl."

Jane stared numbly at him, stunned and totally demoralised by the awful realisation that she was going to pierced and ringed, and that when she had been trained by Mr Smith and Mrs Jones, she would be given back to Michael and Steve to be used as a pony-girl … or in any other way that they chose.

Michael reached into his pocket and took out his birthday card, the "Jane Gift Token" she had given him.

"This was a wonderful idea of yours, Jane!" he told her cheerfully. "It's the best and most generous present I've ever had, in fact. My wish is your command, satisfaction guaranteed and valid for a year. I shall really enjoy having you as my pony-girl for twelve months, Jane. Thank you so much."

Jane had never intended the card to be anything more than a joke, not to be taken seriously and most definitely not meant to be turned against her in the way that Michael had used it. She shuddered as a wave of heat rippled through her belly to the thought of being owned by him for a whole year, with no option but to obey and do whatever he ordered. Distracted and distinctly aroused by the idea, it was several seconds before Jane realised that Steve was slowly waving a piece of paper in her direction.

"Make that two years, Jane," he grinned, "Or had you forgotten that you gave me one of these as well?"

Jane gasped and her eyes widened as he nodded firmly.

"Two cards. Two years. Looks like you're going to be a busy little pony-girl for quite a while!"

Jane stared from one to the other of her two new owners, her mind reeling at the thought of two years … two years of enforced subjugation to Michael and Steve. Two years of captivity and bondage and obedience as a-a pet … a dumb, helpless pony-girl, trained to pull a cart wherever she was directed!

She wouldn't do it!!

She just would not and if they tried to make her, she'd-she'd … Jane gulped, struggling to think of something … anything that she actually could do to stop them. If she escaped and went to the Police, all four of them would be arrested for kidnap and false imprisonment and probably a dozen other things, but how was she going to do it in her present helpless state? She could resist and refuse to cooperate, but she had already felt the whips and knew she could easily be forced to obey. Bribery might work, only Jane didn't have much money. She'd never needed it, because her lovers always paid for what she wanted in return for her favours.

Anyway, Mr Smith and Mrs Jones didn't look the types to be swayed by a bribe and with the damned bit in her mouth, Jane couldn't even offer to buy her freedom. The only other thing she could offer was a girl's last resort … sex … but from what she had already seen with the other pony-girl, Tess, it seemed as if that was more in the nature of a reward that the two trainers gave to a pleasing pony-girl, rather than the other way around.

In the few seconds that it took for these thoughts to whirl through her brain, Mr Smith released her elbows, then bent to pick up the lunge-rein and pulled firmly. Jane tried to hold back, but it was hopeless and as the collar tightened around her throat, she was forced to stumble after him through the gate and into the large grass paddock. Leading her out to the middle, Mr Smith turned to Michael and Steve.

"I understand you gentlemen will have to go back to town quite soon," he said, "so I thought you might want to see a brief demonstration of our training. I'll start with a couple of very basic movements to give you the idea."


Turning back to Jane, he spoke to her firmly.

"Pay attention, pony-girl! We'll begin with the walk. On my word of command, you will walk forward, looking directly ahead, keeping your rein taut, your back straight and lifting each foot as high as your hobble permits. Ready. Walk on, pony-girl."

Jane hesitated, unwilling to accept this further humiliation, then yelped in pain and dismay as he took a long whip from his belt and sent its thin tip snapping across her right buttock.

"Walk on!" he repeated coldly and as his whip burned a second smarting stripe into her flesh, she winced and tottered forward, her gagged cheeks reddening in embarrassment and futile anger.

"Steady, girl!" he called, "Keep it slow and even. And get those feet lifting!"

Accompanying the instructions with a third sharp flick of his whip to reinforce his wishes, the painful stinging of her reddened flesh and the casual arrogance of his orders sent an icy chill through Jane's reeling brain as she understood that she was in no position to argue.

Much as she wanted to defy him … defy them all … there was no doubt in her mind that any attempt on her part to resist would be met with immediate punishment from their whips and continued until she was forced to submit. Unhesitating obedience was her only defence and although that was the last thing Jane wanted to give, she knew she had no other choice.

Crushing down her fears and her anger, she made herself concentrate on what she had to do, determined not to give Mr Smith any excuse for whipping her again. Unfortunately for her, reaching the standard that Mr Smith required of a pony-girl, proved to be far harder than she had anticipated.

"Head up! Keep your eyes looking ahead! Knees higher. Back straight! Get those knees up! Pull your shoulders back!"

Time and again his whip flicked out, curling around her buttocks and cracking across her belly as he issued his terse instructions, reinforcing his words with casual lashes, completely ignoring her gasps and squeals of pained anguish as she struggled to satisfy his demands and avoid any more of the stinging red stripes that adorned her harnessed nudity.

Horribly conscious of Michael and Steve's grinning faces and hot eyes as they watched her, she tried to hold back her despair, but to no avail and as she sobbed in pain and misery to the smarting of her punished body and the twinges that shot through her clamped nipples at every step she took, great, hot tears of despair rolled down her bitted cheeks and dripped from her chin as she was forced to walk around and around in the humiliating, high-stepping gait of an obedient pony-girl.

To compound her distress, as she circled for perhaps the twentieth time, she was joined by Tess pulling the small cart on which Mrs Jones sat at her ease with reins in her left hand and a long whip in her right, casually guiding her pony-girl so that she walked outside and just a little ahead of Jane. Fully-trained and clearly fit, Tess walked easily and smoothly in her high-heeled boots, her body beautifully displayed and effortlessly keeping pace with Jane and as the miserable brunette saw how elegant and graceful the other girl looked, she felt a sharp pang of embarrassment at how clumsy and awkward her own efforts were by comparison.

Instinctively, she tried to match Tess, arching her spine and copying the lift of her knees, trying not to be outdone and show that she could be just as good. And it worked, because to her astonishment, Mr Smith called out.

"Excellent, Jane! That's what I want. Well done. Now, keep it up."

Jane didn't know whether to be pleased, or horrified. She was competing with a genuine pony-girl, trying to prove that she could be equally as obedient and displaying her body as brazenly and shamefully as Tess. Worse still … she felt a distinct excitement and pride at Mr Smith's unexpected compliment; almost as if she wanted to please him by her efforts? She stole a momentary glance to her right and saw Michael staring at her, his eyes fixed on her body and gleaming with pleasure as he nodded in response to a comment of Steve's.

Her belly swirled with delicious heat as she tried to guess what they must be thinking as they watched her. To have their own pony-girl, harnessed in leather, helplessly bound and gagged with a steel bit so she was unable to argue or protest, trained to obey their orders, available for whatever use they cared to make of her and entirely at their disposal for two long years. Jane winced as her nipples hardened and the clamps tightened, but felt the heat in her belly intensify at the thought of having no choice but to serve and satisfy both of them. She knew they were athletic and skilful lovers and well aware of her love of sex, but she had never imagined that either of them was into bondage or domination.

She knew now and couldn't help but feel a thrill of delicious fear as she wondered just what else she didn't know about them and what they might next have planned for her. If they kept her tied-up and defenceless, they could do whatever they liked and she would have no option but to submit. With her brain racing, Jane didn't even notice that she had completed several circles without earning a punishment and then Mr Smith's voice broke into her thoughts.

"Whoa, pony-girl!" and with a light flick of his whip across her flank, she was actually a little annoyed and disappointed that he had interrupted an extremely erotic daydream.

Walking towards her, he shortened her lunge-rein and smiled.

"Very good, pony-girl," he told her, "Now stand up straight, legs apart and shoulders back."

Without conscious thought, Jane obeyed and before it dawned on her what she had done, he reached out and quickly released the clamp on her left nipple. The sudden rush of blood into her squeezed bud brought a shrill squeal from her bit-gagged lips, but as he let the backs of his fingers brush across her taut breast, her squeal became a gasp of instantaneous arousal as his touch sent a shock-wave jolting through the firm globe and down into the core of her belly. Unprepared for the flaring wave of heat that surged through her body, Jane was quite unable to conceal her instinctive response and as her belly and breasts quivered to betray her overwhelming need, Mr Smith nodded and smiled into her shocked eyes, then calmly re-attached the clamp to her nipple.

"Walk on, pony-girl." he ordered.

For an instant, Jane hesitated, then surrendered to the inevitable, her cheeks reddening as she was forced to display her obedience to his commands and his menacing whip.

Thankfully, her performance was much improved and earned her only a few flicks of the whip as he corrected her posture and high-stepping gait, and to her own surprise, Jane found that she was not only beginning to enjoy herself, but that she was actually feeling quite proud of how she looked as a pony-girl and the effect her leather-harnessed nudity was having on her audience.

Michael and Steve couldn't take their eyes off her and were very obviously aroused, while Mr Smith and Mrs Jones were nodding and smiling as they watched. Even the other pony-girl, Tess, seemed impressed and Jane felt her face flush as their eyes met and the girl gave a small nod of approval and encouragement. Ordered to halt by Mr Smith, she instinctively arched her spine to display her body and as he nodded calmly, Jane realised to her dismay, that despite her humiliating plight and fears for the future, she was already beginning to accept his uncompromising authority and complete control over her. For his part, he clearly demanded and expected her obedience and she had already learned that he was perfectly prepared to back-up his wishes by any means he considered necessary.

Harnessed as she was, bit-gagged and hopelessly vulnerable to the stinging bite of his whip, Jane was intensely aware that she was in no position to resist. Attempted defiance would only result a painful punishment and as she was forced to conclude that whether she liked it or not, she was going to have to become a genuine pony-girl, Jane felt her belly ripple with ferocious heat.

"Good girl!" Mr Smith exclaimed. "You did quite well for your first time. I'm sure your owners are very proud of you. Keep it up and in two or three months you'll be ready to leave here and begin your new life in their stable."

Jane gulped, her brain reeling at the thought of the relentless training that lay ahead of her and of the years of submission and obedient service to Michael and Steve that lay beyond that. Her whole world had been turned on its head and as she struggled to come to terms with the stunningly-rapid series of events that had deprived her of her freedom and independence, replacing them with a leather harness, a steel bit-gag and the whips of her trainers and owners, she knew that there was no escape and that it was only a matter of time before she would join Tess as a docile, obedient and fully-trained pony-girl.

"So, gentlemen!" Mr Smith turned to Michael and Steve, "I will keep you informed of Jane's progress, of course. I don't anticipate any great problems with her. As you have no doubt noticed, she became sexually aroused quite quickly and responded well to discipline."

"Yes, I saw that." Michael agreed. "She got the hang of it really fast."

"Oh, we find that intelligent girls like Jane work out rather quickly!" Mrs Jones chuckled. "It's in their best interests to do as they're told. I'm sure she understands what her choices are." she raised a finger and beckoned. "Come here, Jane and offer me your breasts."

Already deeply embarrassed by Mr Smith's correct assessment of her unwanted arousal, Jane froze, but as Mrs Jones smiled at her.

"Don't be silly, dear. You know you will obey me, one way or the other."

Jane walked reluctantly forward, remembering to lift her knees high at each step.

"There! That wasn't so hard, now was it?" Mrs Jones said as Jane stopped in front of her and as the woman unclipped the clamps on her nipples and gently caressed her swollen buds with the backs of her fingers, Jane couldn't hold back a gasp or stop herself pressing her breasts into the woman's hands to heighten the delicious arousal that swept through her body. For fifteen seconds, Mrs Jones fondled her, then patted her gagged cheek.

"Back in position, dear."

Jane shivered, wanting more, then obeyed and when she had arched her spine to present her body, just as Tessa had, her four trainers and owners simply ignored her for the moment as they discussed her future training.

"She'll need to be fitter, of course."

"That's no problem. We have an indoor treadmill for use in poor weather, although we prefer outside exercises, whenever possible. It's better for the pony-girls and gets them used to being on show."

"Will two or three months be long enough to train her fully?"

"Oh, yes. Jane has a great deal of potential and we have wide experience."

"I think we see that. She is already getting used to the idea of obedience and the more she obeys, the more it will become a natural state for her."

"And if she doesn't?"

"We will deal with it."

"With your whips, presumably?"

"Only as a last resort. Neither we nor you want to end up with a miserable, dispirited pony-girl, so we prefer to use a system of rewards rather than punishment. Hence the breast play and arousal you saw just now."

"Mmmm. You'll be surprised how effective a simple caress can be. And once they understand that they are not going to be released, most pony-girls accept that pleasing their owners is better than the alternative, you see and try really hard to earn a reward."

"Talking of rewards, will you ever let her actually climax?"

"That will depend on Jane. If she does well, we may. But not unless she has earned one by her own efforts."

"What about her piercings and the rings we want her to wear?"

"It's all in hand. When you have her permanent jewellery ready, send it to us and we will arrange for our expert to visit and fit them."

"Can we come back and watch it being done?"

"If you wish, but we would advise against it. Jane is here to be trained and we find it better if she has no distractions until she has learned and accepted her new role."

"But then, of course, you will need to spend a few days here to practice carriage driving and how to control her properly. About two months from now."

"OK. Well, that's all, I think. We have to get back, so we'll leave her with you then. Good luck and thank you very much."

"Oh, it's our pleasure. When you return we're quite sure you'll be amazed and delighted."

"I'm sure we will be. We'll just say goodbye to Jane and then we'll be off."

Jane listened to the casual discussion in growing alarm, hardly able to credit that they were talking about her fate as though she wasn't even there and certainly had no say in what was to happen to her. She wanted to protest and argue and scream that they couldn't do this to her ... that she simply wouldn't allow them to train her and pierce her and force her to display her body and her obedience. Most of all, that she would never, never, never give in to the humiliating sexual heat that filled her belly as she learned that Mr Smith and Mrs Jones were going to control her climaxes and only permit her the ecstasy of an orgasm if they were totally satisfied with her performance as a pony-girl.

Even while her mind rebelled against the words, Jane's body responded to the erotic hopelessness of her situation and as she stared numbly at Tessa, waiting patiently in her bondage, harnessed to the cart, and her nipples quivered and her sex oozed hot juices as she recognised that she was looking at herself as she would be in a few, short months.


Bright rays of sunshine reflected in dazzling shafts of light from the diamonds set into the rings transfixing Jane's nipples and nose as she trotted along the woodland path, her long, slim legs lifting high at each step as she pulled the light, two-wheeled cart towards the nearby home of the Master who sat behind her on the padded seat with her reins in one hand and his whip in the other, his eyes gleaming with pleasure and anticipation as he enjoyed the highly-erotic display of her bare buttocks jiggling enticingly before him.

Toned to perfection at the pony-girl farm where she had been trained by Mr Smith and Mrs Jones, regular excursions between the shafts of the cart ensured that Jane maintained her superb figure, a fact doubtless appreciated by the occasional hiker or bird-watcher lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to witness her harnessed and bitted semi-nudity as she passed. Encounters which invariably had the twin effects of embarrassing Jane and also arousing her powerfully as she visualised how she must look to them and what they would do to her if her Master was not there to protect her.

Jane's capture was far behind her and it was as a fully-trained and obedient pony-girl that she curved gracefully to her left and leaned forward into her harness as the reins directed her and his whip flicked across her flank to encourage her up the small hill that was the final obstacle between her and her stable at his house where she would be bathed, watered and fed before being secured for the night and allowed to rest after her exertions.

Or, if she had done well and worked hard, perhaps rewarded by being ordered to serve her Master fully and demonstrate her absolute and willing submission as she shared with him the incredible depth and power of the sexual passion invariably generated within her body by the enforced servitude she had come to adore and need. And with two Masters to please and serve, neither of whom was prepared to accept anything less than perfection from her, Jane had no option, or now, truth to tell, any desire to be anything other than the fiercely-hot and deeply-responsive pony-girl and sex-slave she now knew herself to be.

Exactly as her Gift Token had promised, the slightest wish of her Masters had truly become her command and as she devoted herself to living-up to her promise of guaranteed satisfaction, both she and her Masters knew that Jane's new life, like the diamonds she wore mounted in her body, was forever.

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