For a very special lady, Mrs KC of England.

Gaynor tried to scream as she sensed movement beyond the bank of dazzling spotlights that illuminated every detail of her nakedness, but the hard rubber cone forced deep between her teeth and stretching her jaws and lips painfully wide reduced her frantic wails to low, muffled whimpers that seemed to be soaked up by the thick concrete walls and roof and floor of the small, square room in which she stood.

Trembling in terror, she fought desperately to free herself, but no matter how hard she struggled, her body remained motionless in the centre of the room, held in a standing spread-eagle imposed on her by the steel rods extending from the walls on each side of her and bolted to the steel rings clamped about her wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, waist and neck.

Apart from clenching her fingers and toes, she could not move a muscle, much less turn her head as a shadowy figure moved behind her and was taken completely by surprise as a padded leather blindfold descended over her eyes and was buckled tightly behind her neck.

Deprived of sight, her only warning of what was to come was a thin, high-pitched whistle that was followed milliseconds later by the loud "crack" of leather against flesh as a whip slashed across her bare buttocks to send searing pain exploding through her body.

Impervious to her gag-muffled screams, the whip rose and fell again and again, painting her buttocks and thighs and belly with scorching lines of fire until she wept and sobbed in dreadful anguish, squealing wordless pleas for mercy into her gag. The whipping stopped and a strong, hard hand was thrust between her gaping thighs, two fingers driving deep into her sex, a thumb rubbing and pressing the exposed, fleshy button of her clitoris in a ruthless assault.

Powerless to resist the brutal invasion of her body's most vulnerable and sensitive tissues, Gaynor could not control the juices which flowed from her sex as the devastating arousal overwhelmed her and she moaned in shame and despair to the knowledge of her inability to hide the evidence of her unwanted sexual arousal from her captor. The hand was pulled from her sex, but only to renew its depredations at her breasts and as each of her nipples was rolled and pinched and tugged, the skilful combination of pleasure and pain quickly brought her twin buds to quivering, straining rigidity in spite of her efforts to control her response.

"Satisfactory. Full set."

The three words were uttered in a deep male voice that was unknown to Gaynor, but, after all, how could she be expected to recognise the voice of a man she had never met? Even though he was the man she was to serve as a chained, collared bondage- and sex-slave for the rest of her life.

"Full set. Yes, sir. Do you wish to watch?"


It took less than forty minutes to alter Gaynor's life forever. In those forty minutes, her curly bush of pubic hair was shaved and the roots permanently removed by electrolysis. Her labia were pierced twice and four large and heavy stainless steel rings inserted and welded shut. Her clitoris was pierced and ringed, forcing the fleshy button to protrude beyond her labia and increasing its sensitivity hugely. Her nipples were pierced and ringed to make them permanently erect and ultra-sensitive. The septum between her nostrils was pierced to receive an eighth ring which dangled to just above her upper lip. The ninth piercing was a post through her tongue and although she did not know it, the ring attached to this post would often be locked to her nose ring to prevent her from speaking.

Her already-pierced ears also received welded steel rings, making eleven in total, any, or all of which would form convenient and extremely secure fixing points for the bondage which was to be her constant companion for the rest of her life. The final symbol of her new and lowly status was etched permanently into the denuded flesh above her sex as the tattoo needle engraved the single word, "SLAVE" in neat, one-inch capital letters across her lower belly.

Only when all was complete and a full-length mirror positioned before her, was the blindfold removed to permit Gaynor to see her new persona and as she stared numbly at the irrevocable changes inflicted on her, she trembled and screamed in horror at the vision before her. A slave, in all the humiliating glory of her subjugation, stared back at her and as she saw herself and knew with utter certainty what her fate was to be, Gaynor stared wildly into the blaze of light that hid the features of the man who had caused her to be adorned with the barbaric symbols of her servitude and her belly quivered and swirled with a shameful heat that would never be permitted to cool. The ever-present and quite uncontrollable sexual passion of a slave.

A slave who did not … yet … even know the identity of her Master or comprehend the full extent of his total and limitless power over her.

Torsten Larsen had had many women in his forty-one year life, women of all shapes, sizes and colours, some innocent and demure, others with even greater and more varied sexual experience than his own, but none had ever measured-up to his ideal; an ideal that he was determined to obtain and to which end he had been prepared to devote much of his extremely large fortune.

After a two-year search and the rejection of dozens of possible candidates, his world-wide circle of contacts had come up with Gaynor and as he stood behind the bank of spotlights gazing at the naked, heavily-chained figure of his captive, he felt his maleness bulge and throb in anticipation. At twenty-six, she was five feet six inches tall with long, slim legs, narrow waist and a softly rounded belly leading upwards to a pair of full, but not heavy breasts, a heart-shaped face that he found extremely attractive when not distorted by the large gag she currently wore, soft brown eyes, lush lips and small nose, all topped off with long auburn hair that hung below her shoulders.

He knew she was not a virgin, but he had not wanted her to be. Her sexual experience meant that she would understand what he wanted from her and he would not have to waste time awakening her sexuality. Well educated, she would be bright enough to realise that she had no choice but to submit to his plans for her. It might require a certain amount of painful disciplining, but he was prepared for that and, in any event, discipline was to become a frequent part of her life as his slave. Obedience, too, she would learn, along with complete and instant submission to his will.

Like all women, she had a natural capacity for receiving and giving immense sexual pleasure and this too, she would learn and develop until she became the sexually vibrant and intensely responsive passion-slave he intended her to be. Her body was to become attuned to his desires, his fingers, his tongue and the whips he would use on her, all igniting her passion equally, until a single touch on any part of her body would result in her immediate, overwhelming desire to pleasure and be pleasured. He knew that she was by nature markedly submissive, with a slight tendency towards masochism, for money - a great deal of money - opens many doors, even those of medical files and psychological job interview analyses. It had been expensive, but what price is too high for a willing slave? And he knew that Gaynor would be a willing slave, eventually.

The circular stretching device had been in place for well over a week now and Gaynor could only be immensely relieved that her jaws had finally become used to being wedged open and their dreadful, incessant aching had reduced to a tolerable level. It was, perhaps, the only thing she could feel relief about, for the large steel penis-shaped gag that was screwed into the stretching device, still filled her mouth to capacity, pinned her tongue and prevented any semblance of speech, as it had done for over a week.

Two dildos, each steel and identical in size to the gag in her mouth, filled her sex and anal passages, the former locked to the steel rings transfixing her labia, the latter removable - but not by her - to allow for waste evacuation. She was unaware that all three were exact copies of her Master's erect maleness. But she could hardly be unaware that each contained micro-circuitry capable of administering either pleasurable stimulation, or painful electric shocks directly into horribly sensitive areas, as they had done on hundreds and perhaps even thousands of occasions so far, at random intervals, with no warning and with no discernible pattern of either pleasure or pain.

With her elbows clamped immovably together behind her back and her wrist cuffs bolted to the rear of her waist belt, the strain on her shoulders was unrelenting and had the effect of tautening her breasts so that they were forced forwards and upwards. Between her ankle- and knee cuffs, steel spreader bars kept her legs widely straddled, swivels at each end of the bars permitting her to move extremely slowly and with considerable discomfort by swinging each foot in turn in a series of wide, clumsy arcs.

From her pierced and permanently-erect nipples, small weights were suspended on coiled springs, while a slightly larger and heavier weight dangled on a six-inch chain from her pierced clitoris, each transferring her slightest movement into unpredictable oscillations of the weights and resulting in her unavoidable arousal.

A chain from her nose-ring to a fixing point in the roof high above her head kept her within a six-foot circle and was just long enough to allow her to kneel, but too short to permit her to sit or lie down. Unable to move without arousing and tormenting herself, Gaynor was nevertheless unable to keep still whenever the micro-circuits triggered shattering arousal or dreadful pain into her body. Resistance or self-control was utterly impossible. She could only endure, deprived even of the small release of a scream. And slowly, imperceptibly, the frequency of pain diminished while that of pleasure increased.

She was being conditioned and it would be a long, painful process: ultimately irresistible.

And irreversible.

However long it took, the end result was beyond any doubt. Gaynor would become hopelessly addicted to bondage and total submission and Torsten Larsen would have the slave of his dreams. Gaynor would have the Master she would serve for the rest of her life.

One month into her training, Gaynor received the uniform of her slavery. A heavy steel posture-collar, six inches wide, was riveted around her neck, forcing her to hold her head rigidly erect and preventing any sideways movement. A complex, one-piece steel corset and breast harness was riveted around her torso; the corset reducing her waist size to a mercilessly compressed nineteen inches; the harness encircling the bases of her breasts and turning each into a tight, hard ball.

On her feet, a pair of steel, mule-style shoes with a thin steel band over her toes, the cup for her heel attached to a second band riveted around her ankle and an eight inch spike heel forcing her onto tip-toe.

And then the final piece … the device that would forever take from her the last vestige of her former life, and complete her enforced transformation into the total and permanent slave that she was doomed to become. This was a gleaming stainless steel helmet riveted to the posture collar, encasing her head and leaving only her terrified eyes, ringed nose and full red lips stretched around the penis-gag, to prove that behind the mask of cold, hard metal was a living, breathing woman: anonymous, defenceless and helplessly available for whatever pleasure or pain her captors chose to impose upon her incredibly restrained and offered body.

At first, she could hardly breathe and could not walk at all, but under the merciless duress of the pain circuits in the dildos locked into her body, reinforced by the whips of her trainers, she learned to do both.

The second month of her training saw the start of her sexual conditioning. Blindfolded, gagged and bound into complete immobility, each of her breasts and nipples was caressed, licked, fondled, rolled, squeezed, pinched and whipped for endless hours, until after several days of continual arousal, the rigid buds quivered with throbbing heat at the slightest touch. Spread-eagled, her ringed labia and clitoris received the same ruthless treatment and as multiple orgasms exploded through her pounding belly, she was forced to come again and again and again, day after day as her body was sensitised to respond instantly and helplessly to fingers, lips, tongues, steel dildos and even the stinging impact of leather whips tormenting her most-delicate tissues.

Bent double, she was powerless to resist as the dildo filling her back passage was partially withdrawn then plunged back into her body over and over, until the puckered ring was stretched sufficiently to permit only minimal resistance for when her Master chose to use her in such a way. Then, with the stretching device still wedging her jaws apart, but with the penis-gag removed and her head cruelly arched, her gaping mouth became the unwilling host to the rampant flesh of her trainers' bulging erections as she was forced to give oral sex to any man who felt the need to pillage her stretched lips and jet his seed into her throat. As they all did …. many times over.

No woman as totally enslaved and utterly helpless as Gaynor was, could possibly have resisted such overwhelming sexual conditioning and as her body was forced to respond with ever-increasing speed and passion to the demands made upon it, her will-power drained away and her brain gave up the unequal struggle to retain any semblance of self-control.

Ungagged only to be hand-fed, she was trained to speak only when spoken to and severely punished if she attempted to argue or even beg for mercy. She was told that all men were her Masters, all women her Mistresses and had to be addressed as such, on pain of a discipline whipping, should she ever be permitted the opportunity to speak. She was never permitted to hide her body, learning to display herself in the many poses of a slave's submission, her legs spread wide and breasts thrust forward to offer unhindered access.

By the end of her third month of captivity, her muscles and joints had adapted to the most demanding bondage her trainers could devise: hog-ties, suspension, full splits, tip-toe stretches ... she had to endure them all for as long as her trainers required and when she was finally able to bear the acute discomfort of these positions, the ropes and chains were tightened and she was subjected to extended arousal until her enforced sexual frenzy overcame her pain and terror and she was sent hurtling into uncontrollable multiple orgasms.

Locks through the rings piercing her flesh were frequently used to secure her to whatever her trainers found convenient: eyebolts, rails, car door handles, trees in the grounds, even the rings in other parts of her own body! No matter how stressful the position or how long she was left, there was no escape and no way to ease her aching body without torturing herself. With her tongue fully extended and its ring locked to her nose ring, she was dumb; with it attached to her nipple rings, she could not raise her head from her breasts; and when it was fastened to her labia or clitoris rings, she could only stare at close range at her own gaping sex. The tongue ring did not permit her to swallow and she drooled continuously, coating her chin, breasts and belly with sticky saliva. Blindfolded and with leashes to her nose, nipples or labia, she was schooled like an animal, learning to walk, run and turn in response to unspoken signals and receiving painful lashes from a whip if she misinterpreted or was too slow to satisfy her trainers.

During the fourth month, her corset was slowly tightened to an incredible 16 inches, her wasp-like waist emphasising the taut globes of her breasts above and the swelling curves of her hips below. Her hour-glass figure had become the epitome of feminine beauty demanded by Torsten Larsen and she was now ready for her new owner to take formal possession of her and initiate her into the duties she would have to provide to him for the rest of her life.

For her momentous first meeting with the man who had had her transformed into his ideal of the perfect bondage- and sex-slave, her trainers had taken great care to ensure that every inch of her body was available for his detailed inspection.

Her arms were first clamped into a single column behind her back, her elbows touching. Her ankles were cuffed together, but a thirty-inch spreader bar held her knees apart, the competing tensions immobilising her legs while providing total access to her sex and anal passage. A short chain with a large ring was braided into her hair. The penis-gag was then screwed into her mouth and its twins embedded in her belly and bottom. Laid on her front, she heard metallic clinking from above her as a chain was lowered, then her wrist and ankle cuffs were passed over the dangling upper and lower hooks and the ring at the end of the chain in her hair looped over the lower hook's point.

As the chain began to rise, her legs were doubled up towards her buttocks until the heels of her shoes dug into her bottom cheeks, her arms rose painfully high behind her to strain her shoulders still further, while her head was dragged backwards and her neck arched until she stared wildly up at the ceiling high above. Dangling in a cruelly bent arch from the hooks, she spun in a slow circle, her breasts, belly, sex and thighs utterly exposed and totally defenceless as she was hoisted into the air until she hung some four feet above the floor, powerless to stop the involuntary display of every hollow and recess of her body as she rotated before her trainers' eyes.

The weight of her own body and the unrelenting tightness of her bondage prevented any movement on her part, even when the steel dildos buried in her sex, anus and mouth began to vibrate. In seconds, she was driven into a state of desperate arousal, her passion at fever pitch as the irresistible combination of helpless subjugation, cruel bondage, absolute exposure and devastating arousal, triggered the sexual responses ingrained into her by her months of training.

It was impossible for her to control the lusts that swept through her and as the door opened and a mature, well-built man in a superbly tailored suit strode into the room, to be greeted with respectful deference by her trainers, a series of massive contractions shook her belly. Although she had never seen him until this moment, Gaynor knew instantly that this was her Master and as she climaxed helplessly before him, understood that the timing of her orgasm was no accident. She was to serve this man, submit to him, obey him, be punished by him and strive to please him in any way he commanded, for the rest of her life and as he walked over to her, halted the spinning of her body by hooking a finger into her nose ring and gazed down into her wide, frightened eyes, her belly pulsed with awesome power.

Releasing her nose, he walked around her, never touching her but bending to examine every part of her cruelly displayed body. Finally, he straightened and turned to her trainers.

"Thank you, gentlemen. Satisfactory in every respect. If you would bring in her transportation, please?"

As her trainers hurried out, his cold, grey eyes bored into hers, into her brain, into her very soul and then he nodded, just once. He did not tell her that he was her Master, or that he owned her, or that she was now his slave, but Gaynor knew. Knew, too, that he would not release her or be soft with her. She would be a full slave in every way.


Her transportation was a small, thickly padded crate. But not too small, for as she was lowered into its tight confines, she found that it was a perfect fit for her hog-tied body, the dense padding moulding itself around her. She could not move and suspected the padding was soundproof, even if it was not, she was efficiently gagged.

From above she heard a deep chuckle, then the dildos in her body began the familiar cycle of pain and pleasure as the lid was closed, sealing her into stygian blackness. She felt herself lifted and carried from the room, felt a slight bump as she was set down, then her mobile prison vibrated gently as she was driven away into her new life of absolute sexual subjugation and servitude.

Torsten Larsen's search was over.

Gaynor was his total and permanent slave.

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