With her car safely parked behind the high wall encircling the factory and the gates firmly locked, Dee Benson with her best friend and flat-mate, Trish Walker, scurried through the pelting rain across the loading bay to the building's rear entrance. A huge flash of lightning lit up the sky and a roll of thunder crashed overhead.

In the shelter of the canopy, Trish giggled and shook her mane of long dark hair like a dog, spraying water droplets in all directions as she smiled at her friend.

"You look like a drowned rat, Dee. You're absolutely soaked."

"So are you," Dee replied, grinning and trying to wring the rain from hair as long and dark as that of her friend. "What a night to pick."

"Well, at least nobody's going to be hanging around in this, so we don't need to worry about being seen."

Dee's white teeth nibbled at her lower lip.

"Look, Trish," she said nervously, "are you sure about this? I mean, you know, being here at night? What if someone's still working and catches us?"

"Relax, honey. It's only Saturday night and because of the holiday weekend, the place is closed until Tuesday morning. I've been working here for three months and, believe me, nobody's ever worked weekends while I've been here."

She took a key from her jeans pocket and turned to the door. With a soft click, it swung open and as Trish stepped inside, Dee hurried after her into the huge, dark building. Closing and locking it, Trish fumbled for the switch and as light flooded the area, Dee stared around in astonishment.

To her left, several huge stainless steel vats rose twenty feet towards the ceiling, thick hoses snaking from each to a number of large oblong machines flanking a conveyor belt running down the centre of the room to a wide, flat table surrounded by robotic arms sporting cutting devices, multi-jointed "hands" and an array of gleaming nozzles of various sizes.

"Oh, don't bother about that." Trish said dismissively, "That's just the assembly system. It's all computer-controlled and cuts out the material for the designs then glues and welds the stuff. We want the finished products, through that door over there and beyond the dispatch and display rooms. Come on."

The second room was full of boxes and packing materials and tape dispensers with a few larger wooden crates stacked against one wall, but Trish was in a hurry and Dee hardly noticed any of it as she hurried after her friend.

"This is the display room," Trish announced as she strode into the third room, "What do you think?"

Large, well lit and thickly carpeted, with full-length mirrors on each wall, the room held rack after rack of gleaming rubber clothing in any style and colour Dee could imagine. Skirts in all lengths from micro-mini to ankle; tops ranging from bikini style to full blouses, long and short gloves, leggings and stockings, full-body cat-suits, hoods with open faces, others with openings only for eyes, or mouths, or noses and even some with no openings at all, other than small holes at the nostrils. Too there were innumerable pairs of boots and shoes with spike heels up to a towering eight inches high.

"Wow," Dee breathed, her eyes wide, "You weren't joking. This is incredible. I've never seen anything like it."

"I told you it'd blow your mind," Trish grinned smugly, "and you haven't seen the best stuff, yet."

Dee reddened.

"You mean the-the sex bit?" she said softly and her friend nodded.

"That's it, honey. It's all in the private room next door." and she led the way through a small, curtained-off alcove. "Now this," she grinned as she opened a heavy door, "This is what we came for Dee. You'll love it. I guarantee."

There were only six suits on display, two of them on life-sized mannequins, all dangling from steel chains clipped to thick rings at their shoulders and as Dee walked forward to inspect them, she felt a sudden and unexpected tingle of warmth between her thighs. Unlike the items in the display room, these suits were made of rubber that seemed rather thicker and less supple than Dee remembered. All were moulded in one piece that flowed seamlessly from the tight hoods that encased the mannequin's heads and covered everything except their noses and eyes, all the way to the tips of the sharply-pointed toes of the high heels that each wore as an integral part of their costume.

And they were bound with arms tightly held behind their backs and legs clamped together by several broad rubber straps ... just as Trish had warned her that she was to be bound.

Looking even more closely, she noticed that the waist of each mannequin was firmly compressed by what she assumed was a built-in corset and she flushed again as she saw reinforced triangular inserts at the joint of the models' thighs and at each of their breasts. She already knew what they were and Trish chuckled and confirmed.

"That's right, Dee. I'm telling you, honey, you won't believe how fantastic it is until you try it out. When you're strapped up in one of these suits and the programme starts, it's like nothing you've ever imagined. This will be my third time and if I had the money, I'd buy myself one right now. I'm already saving every penny I can."

Her obvious enthusiasm was infectious and Dee grinned.

"If you're saving," she retorted, "it must be good. In the five years I've known you, you've never saved a thing."

"True," Trish agreed good humouredly, "but until I started work here and found out about this stuff, I didn't know what I was missing."

"Well, it certainly sounds good," Dee hesitated, "but what if something goes wrong?"

"Like what?"

"I don't know. What if this stuff breaks down or goes wrong?"

Trish shrugged.

"What's to go wrong?" she asked, "It's all computerised and on timers. You set the machine for the level of intensity and however long you want ... and that's it. When the time's up, everything switches off and releases you."

"Yes, I see," Dee answered slowly, "It's not that I don't believe you or anything, but, well, computers can crash, can't they? And if it did, we'd be stuck."

Trish nodded, smiling.

"That's my Dee!" she chuckled. "Always the worrier. You're quite right, but I'd already thought of that. I may not be as careful as you, but I made quite sure to find out what would happen if it did. I checked with the designers and there's a fail-safe system in the computer. So if the power does go down ... it won't of course ... but if it does, after five seconds the whole thing switches off and releases automatically."

"Oh, right. I see. That's OK then. Sorry, Trish, but you know me."

"Mmmm, I do. Mind you, I only thought to check after the second time I did this," Trish admitted ruefully, "But then, that's me, isn't it? Still, better late than never and at least we know now, don't we?"

The two friends grinned at each other, then turned back to the business at hand, neither realising that the check Trish had carried out, had failed to take into account a power interruption of less than five seconds.

Slowly, Dee reached out to one of the suits and gave a little shiver as her fingers brushed the cool, smooth rubber.

"Purple, huh?" Trish smiled, "That's almost as tarty as the bright red. I like the bright red myself."

"You would," Dee grinned back, then she took a deep breath, "I guess it's about time."

"Guess so. You'll have to strip right off, you know. These suits are really tight."

"Mmmm, yes. Well, here goes."

In two minutes, Dee was completely naked before her friend, her wet clothes discarded and body liberally sprinkled with talcum powder to aid her in putting on the purple suit she had chosen. Trish held up the suit and helped Dee insert her legs then work her feet down into the attached shoes; nodding in sympathy as her friend winced when her toes were squeezed into the tight confines of the pointed stilettos. Forced almost onto tip-toe by the enormous six-inch heels, Dee was several inches taller than Trish and as she looked down at her friend, gave a little groan of discomfort.

"Oof, I'm not sure I can wear these for too long."

"I know what you mean," Trish agreed feelingly, "but you have to admit, they do look fabulous," and she pointed to the mirrors that adorned each wall, just as in the display room. Dee looked and gasped.

"Wowee! You're right. They look incredible. Mmmm, well perhaps I can wear them. For a while, anyway."

"I thought you might say that. I did, too." Trish grinned, "It's all part of the whole thing and even though they're damned uncomfortable, they made me feel amazingly sexy and ... and sort of ... exotic, I suppose. Especially when I realised that there was no way I could get them off until the computer programme finished. Once they're on and the straps tighten, you're stuck with them, no matter what you want."

Dee nodded.

"Yes, I see what you mean. Even my feet will be in-in bondage."

"Yup. Right along with the rest of you. Are you ready, honey? Once I put the hood on you and zip you up, you won't be able to talk. And after I set the programme going, you won't be able to change your mind, because I can't override the computer once it starts."

Dee hesitated, then took a deep breath.

"OK!" she said quietly, "You'd better do it quickly, though. I-I'm not sure how long my nerve will hold out."

"Just relax, honey." her friend smiled reassuringly, "The first bit is the worst. You know, when the-the ... ah ... prongs go in. That feels weird, but once they're in, it's great. Really it is."

Not trusting herself to speak, Dee nodded and forced herself to relax as Trish worked the hood over the crown of her head and down past her eyes and nose.

"You have to open your mouth, Dee!" Trish spoke loudly, knowing from her own experience that the hood over her friend's ears was a quite effective sound deadener. Dee obeyed and felt a soft rubber tube slip into her mouth to lay on her tongue and although she realised that it would hamper her speech, felt quite relieved that its presence was nowhere near as bad as she had feared. Even with the lower portion of the hood compressing her cheeks and jaw, it wasn't particularly uncomfortable.

"Now, spread your legs and lean forward a bit, honey. Try to relax and I'll take it really slowly."

The sensation of two stiff rubber shafts sliding irresistibly into her sex and anus was definitely much harder to accept, but as Dee took her friend's advice and forced her tensed muscles to relax, the smooth plugs slowly eased themselves far up into her body. When both were fully seated, she straightened herself cautiously and found that as long as she made no sudden movements, the feeling of fullness in her lower body was actually surprisingly pleasurable.

"There now!" Trish smiled at her, "That wasn't so awful, was it? How do you feel?"

Dee tried to say that she was fine, but the sounds that came from her mouth were garbled beyond recognition, so she contented herself with nodding her head and giving a thumbs-up gesture with both hands.

"Right. Breathe in, Dee and hold it while I zip you up."

Obediently, Dee sucked in her stomach and as Trish closed the long zip that ran all the way from her friend's buttocks to the nape of her neck, Dee felt the cool, tight rubber mould itself to her body. She looked at her reflection in the wall mirror and her eyes widened as she saw herself in her shining purple suit. Every curve and hollow of her shapely figure was accentuated and displayed by gleaming polished rubber, her legs seeming twice their normal length atop the high-heels that made her stand on the tips of her toes and forced her insteps, ankles and calves into a straight vertical line that was already causing her leg muscles to ache.

But it was worth it ... worth it a hundred times over, because as Dee looked at herself, she knew that she had never, ever looked better or sexier, or just plain hotter in her whole life.

"Dee. Dee! Damn it, girl, stop admiring yourself for a second. You're not done yet."

Dee tore her eyes away from her own body and blushed as she saw Trish laughing at her.

"Yes, honey, you do look incredibly sexy. If I was a man, I'd rape you this instant. But I'm not, and we've still got your hands to deal with, so put them behind you and slip them into the pockets you'll find on the arms of the suit. You might be able to get each hand to grip the opposite elbow if you're really supple."

To Trish's surprise, Dee was able to manage it quite easily, her forearms lying flat across the full width of her back.

"Great. You're nearly set. Let's get you hooked up and your legs strapped. Just move to your left and back a bit."

Concentrating on not falling off the unfamiliar high-heels and distracted by the feel of the two plugs bumping and jostling in her filled lower body, she moved slowly into position and watched intently as Trish clipped chains to the strong rings at her shoulders, then crouched to buckle broad rubber straps around her legs at thighs, knees and ankles before finally linking the ankle strap to a floor-ring directly beneath her with a fourth tight strap.

"Right! That's it. I'll start your program now, but I'll build in a ten minute delay after the first stage, to give me time to get suited up, too. That way, I can arrange it so that the fun starts at the same moment for both of us and we get exactly the same program. Don't want you whingeing that I had more fun than you , do we?"

Dee grinned behind the mask that covered her lower face and shook her head, watching intently as her friend went over to an unobtrusive wall socket and pulled out a long cable that Dee realised must be connected to the computer ... the one that ran the sexual stimulation programs Trish had told her about and which the suit she wore was designed to implement.

Lifting a tiny flap concealed in the collar of the suit, Trish plugged the wire in and stepped back.

"It'll take about thirty seconds to fire up," she said casually and pointed to a blank screen on a small desk in the corner of the room, "Then you'll be under the computer's control until the program finishes. We'll both be able to see what's happening on that screen. I've set it to "Moderate" as this is your first time. Enjoy yourself!"

For another few seconds, nothing seemed to be happening, then Dee gave a gasp as she felt growing pressure on her arms. Instinctively, she attempted to pull her hands away from her elbows and out of the pockets, but found it was already too late. The pockets had collapsed in on themselves, trapping her forearms from fingertips to elbow in a grip that prevented the smallest movement. At the same time, she felt the built-in corset around her waist tighten dramatically, squeezing her in a vice-like grip that forced much of the air from her lungs, while the limp rubber tube in her mouth inflated so quickly that she had no time to even squeal in fright. It expanded to fill every inch of room, pinning her tongue and bulging her cheeks.

"Don't fight it, Dee!" Trish told her sharply, "Just relax and breathe through your nose. You'll be fine. Don't forget. I've done this before. The computer monitors your breathing and heart rate and a load of other stuff and it won't let you suffocate or anything. Trust me, it's perfectly safe and nothing can go wrong."

Dee forced herself to calm down as her friend's confident words reassured her, then began to take stock of her situation, nostrils flaring as she sucked in the shallow, panting breaths that were all the crushing corset would allow. Her arms and legs were a total lost cause, she couldn't even wriggle her fingers or toes. A soft, nasal whine was the sum total of her ability to communicate with her voice.

Distracted by the corset and gag, she only now realised that the chains to her shoulders and the strap to her ankles had both tightened, forcing her to stand rigidly erect with her whole weight on her toes and quite unable to change position. But that wasn't all! The vibrators in her sex and bottom had embedded themselves even more deeply and were now pressing against each other through the thin, fleshy membrane that was all that separated them. Dee's brown eyes widened in apprehension as she tried to imagine what it would feel like when they began to vibrate and bump against each other.

She whined in alarm, trying to attract Trish's attention and tell her that she had changed her mind and wanted out before the computer program took over, but to her horror, she saw that Trish had quickly stripped naked. With her back to Dee, she was already wearing her own hood as she began to climb into the bright red rubber suit that was her favourite. Trish couldn't hear her while she concentrated on wriggling and twisting her way into her own suit, then took a second long cable from the power socket and looped it over her shoulder. She buckled the four straps tightly around her legs, then straightened to clip chains to her shoulder rings. Dee moaned and wrenched vainly at her bound arms, desperate to free herself before it was too late.

She gasped in relief as Trish finally looked up and straight at her, but then her friend nodded and crinkled her eyes in what was clearly meant to be a smile, plugged the cable into the socket at her neck and worked her arms into the pockets behind her back. Dee froze, unable to believe that Trish hadn't understood the frantic message of her struggling and the pleading of her eyes.

In less than thirty seconds, Trish would be just as helpless as she was: helpless and at the mercy of a computer program designed to provide irresistible sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Summoning every ounce of her strength, Dee jerked and tugged at her bound limbs, but it was hopeless and as she saw Trish's suit tighten on her body then her shoulder chains drew her upwards onto her toes. The hapless brunette knew that it was too late and that they were both committed. On the desk, the computer screen flickered to life.

SYSTEM CHECK: ----------------------------OK
SAFETY PROTOCOLS: ----------------------ACTIVE
INTENSITY LEVEL 2: ------------------------MODERATE
DURATION:-------------------------------------2 HOURS
ACTIVATION IN: -----------------------------12 SECONDS
AUTO RE-SET: --------------------------------DISENGAGED

As Dee watched, the number changed to 11, then 10, reducing inexorably until the figure reached zero and the program commenced.


It began as a slow, gentle, rhythmical squeezing of her breasts and bottom, accompanied by almost imperceptible vibrations of the two plugs sunk deep into her body, and, after her initial alarm at finding herself being fondled and mildly aroused by a machine over which she had no control, Dee started to relax and let herself enjoy the novel sensations.

For several minutes, she simply accepted what was happening, imagining she was with an extraordinarily patient and considerate lover, until she noticed that the level of stimulation was slowly increasing and spreading to other areas of her body!

Her nipples were first to feel the enhanced effects and as pulses of tingling energy rippled through each of her tender buds, the delicate flesh grew harder and more sensitive than she had ever known they could, pushing against the thick rubber of her suit as if trying to pierce the heavy material. Dee's eyes widened in mixed anxiety and pleasure at the intensity of the sensations she was feeling, then gave a muffled gasp as more irresistible pulses surged through her labia, sensitising and engorging the soft, fleshy petals until they became puffy and slick with the juices of her body's instinctive response.

Seconds later, her clitoris, too, was assailed by the unstoppable pulses, swelling almost instantly to a rigid, protruding button of stiffened flesh and joining with her nipples and labia to transform every tingling pulse and tiny quiver of her body, into a jolt of electrifying arousal that was transmitted straight to the innermost core of her penetrated belly.

Bound as she was, it was utterly impossible for Dee to deny or ignore the ever-increasing stimulation being forced on her and as she caught sight of the computer screen and saw that the DURATION line now read 01 HOURS:51 MINUTES, she whimpered in horrified despair at the thought that the program had barely begun. She couldn't possibly take almost two more hours of such intense sensations! She simply couldn't!! It was already almost too much for her to bear!

Her brown eyes bulged in shocked disbelief as the gentle vibrations in her sex and anus suddenly doubled in power and speed, then doubled again, sending giant waves of devastating arousal crashing through her body. She screamed into the inflatable gag filling her mouth and writhed madly in her bonds. Blind to her futile struggles and deaf to her muffled pleas for mercy, the computer increased the levels of stimulation to her breasts, clitoris and labia, driving her sexual passions to heights that were far beyond her ability to control.

With no possibility of escape or resistance, Dee was sent hurtling into a first, shattering climax, her enforced need exploding in a series of enormous, racking convulsions that released foaming jets of hot juices into the swirling whirlpool of her pounding belly and set her swollen breasts throbbing uncomfortably. Forced to surrender far more deeply than she had ever envisaged, Dee shuddered in the throes of her orgasm, eyes wild above the gag as powerful spasms shook her defenceless body again and again, reinforcing her sense of helplessness and foreboding. She realised that there was absolutely nothing she could do to prevent the computer from repeating its program and making her submit a second time! Or a third time, or even a fourth.

She didn't want to, but it was horrifyingly plain that her wishes were no longer of any importance. The computer program was in total command and had been since the moment the straps had tightened on her limbs. By relinquishing control of her freedom to the machine, she had condemned herself to accept whatever it was programmed to do to her, and the fact that she had now changed her mind and wanted out, would make no difference whatsoever.

Appalled by her conclusions and the continuing ferment in her quaking belly, Dee could only watch as Trish's taut-stretched body jerked and shuddered in an orgasm that was equally as powerful as her own. The only visible difference being that her friend's eyes reflected intense, overwhelming pleasure rather than the fear and anxiety Dee felt. It was perfectly obvious that Trish was not at all unhappy or concerned by being made to submit to the computer's control. Dee remembered that this was the third time that Trish had given herself willingly to the machine and that she was even saving hard in order to buy herself one of the suits, and so Dee took a deep, calming breath and crushed down her concerns.

If Trish could do it, then she could too, she told herself firmly and with a conscious effort of will, made herself relax as best she could and simply accept the inevitable. Within seconds of making her decision, she began to feel much better and less frightened, aided perhaps by the fact that the incredible arousal had eased back to a lower, more bearable level; a level at which it remained for precious minutes, giving the two friends the opportunity to exchange silent messages of mutual support and encouragement as they slowly recovered from the sexual storm that had engulfed them both.

At a reading of 01 HOURS: 30 MINUTES, the cycle began again.

Physically and mentally weakened from her first orgasm, Dee knew she had no choice but to surrender, albeit somewhat unwillingly, to the computer's implacable demands. As her arousal spiralled upwards, she abandoned all hope of retaining some sort of control over her own fate and allowed herself to sink into a haze of total sexual pleasure and absolute, unthinking submission to the program of massive stimulation that raged unchecked through her hopelessly responsive body.

When it burst over her, Dee's second orgasm was even deeper and more powerful than her first and as rivers of her heated juices flowed like molten lava into the seething, bubbling lake of her flooded belly, every muscle in her body locked rigid, only the bulging of her unseeing eyes and the flaring of her nostrils betraying the titanic fury of her release. For almost thirty seconds, she stood like a carved statue, unmoving, then a high, shrill squeal of ultimate submission forced its way past the gag and her belly convulsed hugely, over and over again, faster and faster as she came in gigantic paroxysms of sexual ecstasy.

Oblivious to everything but the incandescent frenzy of her own unleashed and enforced passion, Dee never witnessed Trish's surrender to her own massive orgasm, never heard her friend's screams of bliss as her juices jetted into her belly, and never saw the computer screen counting down the seconds until its display read 01 HOURS: 00 MINUTES.

Neither girl had had time to recover fully when the third cycle commenced and its renewed assault on their tormented and over-stimulated bodies was greeted with identical wails of despairing pleasure as both were forced into orgasm within seconds.

Shuddering and squealing to the furious lusts that blazed through their bodies and sent huge gouts of boiling love juices rampaging into their bellies, Dee and Trish surrendered instantly and repeatedly to the multiple climaxes that built and broke, built and broke, then built again, permitting them no recovery time or even a moment's respite from the inferno of sexual arousal and submission into which they were plunged.

Panting and gasping for breath, nostrils flaring and bodies running with sweat inside the thick rubber suits they wore, Dee and Trish became little more than automatons: toys that responded helplessly and instinctively to the insistent demands of the inhuman, pitiless computer which controlled them so totally. Their minds were wiped clean of everything but the absolute and urgent need to submit more and more deeply, more and more completely, to the incredible ecstasy of their total physical subjugation.

Not even the short-lived reduction in the level of arousal imposed on them could alleviate the white-hot passion which burned in their bellies and as the screen timer displayed 00 HOURS:30 MINUTES and they were again subjected to the remorseless torments against which their bodies and minds had no possible defence. Both submitted utterly, helplessly and willingly to the thrillingly pleasurable combination of inescapable bondage, complete subjugation and enforced, unavoidable arousal.

Neither gave so much as a passing thought to the world that still existed beyond the sexual fantasy they had created for themselves and which they could not escape until the computer program was complete. Not that they wished to escape, for Dee had reached such a peak of undreamed-of erotic passion that she never wanted the incredible pleasure to end, while for Trish, her third experience of the computer's power only reinforced her already-deep desire to possess, and be possessed by the rubber suit she wore.

But, the outside world was about to intrude into their fantasy in a way they could never have imagined and most certainly would never have wanted.

For almost two hours, the storm that had soaked the two friends when they arrived at the factory, had grown in violence and fury, battering the earth with a torrential downpour accompanied by eye-searing bolts of jagged lightning and booming claps of thunder.

Now it had reached its peak and a huge flash speared down from the roiling black clouds above the building to impact directly on the copper lightning-rod attached to its roof. Inside, the lights flickered and dimmed, then snapped back to their normal brightness as the electrical discharge earthed itself. The screen near Dee and Trish went black for three seconds as the huge electric spike interrupted the flow of electrons in the program, then lines of print appeared and began to scroll down as the computer re-set itself. The message it displayed had changed and a red light glowed in the top right corner.

DURATION:--------------------------99 HOURS
ACTIVATION IN:--------------------90 SECONDS
AUTO RE-SET:-----------------------ENGAGED

The sudden, abrupt cessation of all sexual stimulation came as a complete and unwelcome surprise to the two tightly bound friends and as they found themselves deprived of the orgasm each had so nearly achieved, their heads turned to stare at the computer screen.

As she read the stark message, Trish froze in disbelief, her eyes slowly widening as her brain took in the full, horrifying impact of the words. The software engineers who had designed the programs had told her that there were only three intensity levels, LOW, MODERATE and HIGH. none had mentioned a fourth level or even hinted at the existence of a program called EXTREME SLAVE. They'd promised her that the computer was infallible, guaranteed to shut down if something went wrong.

But something had gone wrong, horribly so, and far from shutting down and freeing her, the system had reset itself with different ... terrifyingly different parameters that she had never even heard of and didn't understand. Her brain raced with unanswerable questions. What were all the sub-systems the screen showed as being active? Why weren't the safety protocols functional? How could the timer have reset itself to 99 hours? But most of all, what was EXTREME SLAVE-LEVEL 4 and why did it have such dire warnings attached to it?

An icy chill of panic raced up her spine at the thought of what such a program might be designed to achieve and Trish screamed in fear, wrenching madly at her bonds as the activation timer counted steadily down towards zero and the moment when all her questions would be answered.

Dee gazed numbly at her friend's terrified eyes and unavailing struggles and realised that something awful had happened. She didn't know what, but the sight and sound of Trish's terror was more than enough to set her straining against her own tight restraints, with the same lack of success.

Perfectly secured, Dee gasped as the computer beeped softly and a holographic image materialised in the empty air between herself and Trish: a full-size image of a naked blonde woman standing with her legs together and hands clasped behind her back, head lowered submissively.

The image began to revolve slowly and as it did so, Dee heard a soft female voice that seemed to come from the figure before her.

"I am a slave. Soon, you too will be a slave. An obedient slave. A humble slave. A submissive slave. A slave who will serve her Masters fully and willingly. You are a slave and your only desire is to obey and submit as a slave."

The voice stopped, but after five seconds began to repeat its message. Then again after a five second pause, as if on a continuous loop. Dee frowned in puzzlement. What was going on? Who was the woman and what on Earth was she talking about? Dee knew she wasn't a slave and had no intention of becoming one, or of serving any Masters, willingly or otherwise. The idea of doing any such thing was ludicrous, or so she believed, right up to the moment the countdown reached zero and the new program activated itself.

Trish and Dee screamed in unison, writhing and jerking madly as their bodies were inundated by a dreadful combination of pleasure and pain. The pleasure was provided by massively increased pulses of stimulation to their nipples, labia and clitoris, coupled with the frenetic buzzing of the vibrators in their sex and anus, and the pain inflicted by sharp electric shocks that lashed across their bellies and buttocks like the stinging cuts of a whip!

For long, nightmarish minutes the terrible mixture tortured the two terrorised captives, filling their bodies with ecstatic agony until they wept and sobbed; tears pouring from their wild eyes as they shrieked wordless pleas for mercy to the implacable, uncaring computer.

At last, the torment stopped and the hologram changed before them. The naked woman lifted her head to reveal a face that neither Dee nor Trish had ever seen, then arched her neck and spread her arms and legs to display her shaven belly and the seamless bands of brightly polished metal clamped about her throat and at her wrists, elbows, knees and ankles.

"I am a slave and I wear the steel collar and cuffs that a Master has chosen to place on me." the voice said, "Soon, you too will wear the collar and cuffs of a slave. An obedient, humble and submissive slave. You will serve Masters fully and willingly. You are a slave and will exist solely to obey and submit as a slave."

There was silence for five seconds, then the same message, repeating itself endlessly.

Thirty seconds later, the pain and pleasure began once more, sending the friends spinning down into a vortex of sexual arousal and merciless torment so deep that the definition of what was pain and what was pleasure began to lose focus in their overwhelmed brains. It became increasingly hard for them to separate the two.

Driven far beyond any normal limits and without Trish's previous experience of the computer's ability to supply incredible sexual pleasure, Dee's fragile defences were no match for the computer-generated havoc that swept them aside to leave her utterly vulnerable and hopelessly susceptible to the holographic messages she could not block out. She knew it must be some form of hypnosis, that the computer was trying to brainwash her into becoming a genuine slave, but though she recognised what was happening and fought against it as hard as she could. Dee was frighteningly conscious that the unstoppable sexual arousal and need storming through every atom and nerve-ending of her body had eroded her will-power and ability to resist to such an extent that her mind was beginning to accept the hologram's words as reality.

And slowly, horrifyingly slowly, Dee felt her last shreds of defiance crumble away as the computer's infinitely patient and utterly irresistible programming began to achieve its ultimate objective.

Before her, the timer marked off the seconds, minutes and hours of her helpless slide into slavery. Time for Dee was no longer counted by the tick of a clock, but by the stunning power of her body's uncontrollable responses to the shattering arousal and exquisite pain that she was forced to endure, then accept and, finally, welcome with soft moans and gasps of unbearable longing that signaled her final and absolute surrender.

Brought to the very edge of an immense climax that surged and boiled and seethed in her churning belly, she was not permitted to plunge into the maelstrom that might have enabled her to satisfy her frantic passion for long enough to regain some form of control over her body and brain and screaming for release, she was held teetering on the brink as unknown aeons passed! Each moment was an eternity of frustrated longing and ever-deepening submission. Unable to reach orgasm, she was tormented by painful pleasure and pleasurable pain, her mind filled with images and words of submission, obedience and service that had become her world, her reality and her desire.

Finally, with Dee's subjugation complete, the hologram changed yet again to show the woman with her arms chained cruelly behind her back, thighs forced apart by a long steel pole locked to her ankles, lips stretched into a perfect "O" by a wide ring of steel, kneeling helplessly before the shadowy figure of a man.

"I am a slave," the hologram said, "and I am bound here to serve a Master in any way I am commanded. Soon, you too will kneel before a Master and be commanded to serve. You will be an obedient, humble and submissive slave. You will serve Masters fully and willingly. You will exist only to obey and submit as the slave you must be and will be."

Dee stared fixedly at the chained figure before her, her eyes wide and unblinking, seeing the woman's body and face change to her own body and face in her imagination as her mind gave up the unequal struggle and succumbed to the inevitability of a slavery it was no longer able to resist. As the voice repeated the message of submission over and over again, Dee's rubber-clad and heavily restrained frame quivered and trembled with the enormous power of her unsatisfied lusts, the words burning themselves into her brain in letters of fire that could never be extinguished.

"I am a slave." her mind accepted, without question, "I am bound here to serve a Master in any way I am commanded. Soon, I will kneel before a Master and be commanded to serve. I am an obedient, humble and submissive slave. I will serve Masters fully and willingly. I exist only to obey and submit as the slave I am."

The EXTREME SLAVE-LEVEL 4 computer program had been designed to turn even the most stubborn and resistant captive into a willing, pliable and obedient slave, and it had worked perfectly.

Just like her friend, Trish had fought a long, hard and uncompromising battle against the arousal and painful torment inflicted on her by the machine and thanks to her previous experiences, had been able to hold out just a little more successfully than Dee. A little more, but not nearly enough, and as control of her body was taken from her and her mental strength gradually slipped away under the continual assault of overwhelming sexual stimulation and the insidious, persuasive influence of the hologram's words and images, her increasingly despairing struggles not to give in became weaker and less effective.

No-one could have fought harder or with greater determination, but it was no use and Trish was additionally hampered by the awful knowledge that she was not alone in her terrible situation. Dee, her best friend, had trusted her and believed her casual assurances that there was no need to worry and that nothing could possibly go wrong. She felt responsible for the pain and anguish that Dee had been forced to undergo and Trish's sorrow and misery for what she had brought upon them both, fatally undermined her own will.

Aware even through her own ordeal of Dee's inexorable descent into acceptance and submission, Trish shuddered in utter despair as she saw her friend surrender, knowing that her own defeat by the pitiless computer was no more than minutes away. Raising her head, she gazed numbly at the countdown timer, her eyes seeking for some miracle that would end her torment and enable her to save her friend and herself from the dreadful fate looming over them.

She looked and her eyes slowly filled with tears of fearful understanding and hopeless resignation as she read her future in the numbers that reduced second by second. The timer showed 91 HOURS: 43 MINUTES 17 SECONDS. Trish's head dropped as her last, faint hope died. There would be no miracle, no last-minute rescue or reprieve, because Trish knew she could fight no more and would soon be as much of a slave as Dee. Even before the timer changed to 90 hours and the program finally permitted. then forced the two helpless captives to climax over and over and over again she was.

In little more than nine short hours of merciless arousal and pitiless discipline, two bright, lively, adventurous and carefree young women had been transformed into totally obedient, totally subjugated and totally submissive slaves.

And there were still over fifty hours to go before the factory was due to re-open after the holiday break.


The electrical storm had long since moved on, but its legacy was still clearly evident in the muffled gasps and whimpers coming from behind the gagged lips of the exhausted pair of women whose feebly-twitching bodies dangled from their supporting chains.

For almost fifteen hours, they had been subjected to the most intense conditioning and discipline, their will to resist broken down and destroyed, their sexual limits and defences breached and overwhelmed, their perceptions of pain and pleasure shattered forever and their minds programmed to accept and desire the bondage and subjugation which had been imposed upon them.

Forced to respond and submit as slaves, both Dee and Trish had each genuinely come to think of herself as a slave and to find a deep and unexpectedly satisfying pleasure in her submission. Somehow, even the pain and frustration of their torment had only added fuel to the fires of their helpless passion and although each longed for an orgasm with every fibre of her being, the mere fact that neither had been permitted to climax, maintained their white-hot sexual need at a fever pitch that each secretly thought to be entirely appropriate for the slave she knew herself to be.

On the other side of the city, Clifton Townend, owner of the factory where Trish and Dee were at the mercy of the ruthless computer program, woke from a deep, refreshing sleep and reached out his left hand to capture the firm, rubber-covered breast of the woman who lay beside him in his huge bed.

His fingers rolled her right nipple and as her blue eyes opened above the tight black rubber that covered her mouth and jaw, he smiled.

"Good morning, my love. I trust you slept well after last night's exertions?"

The woman gave a soft grunt and managed a small nod as he caressed her, but could do little else because of the gleaming steel chains that linked her cuffed wrists to the headboard and her cuffed ankles to the footboard, holding her body stretched in a perfectly straight line at his side. He toyed with her casually until her nipple stiffened beneath the rubber cat suit, then turned his attention to her left breast, calmly ignoring her breathy gasps as his touch ignited the passion he knew so well.

He gazed down at her, enjoying her need and seemingly limitless appetite for the sexual pleasures of rubber and bondage and helpless submission to his total Mastery. Once his secretary, she had soon become his lover and it had not been long before both realised that her desire to be bound and gagged when he made love to her, was a perfect match for his own equally strong urge to dominate and control her.

Sixteen months after moving into his palatial home, she knelt at his feet with her naked body beautifully displayed, offered him a box containing a set of nine polished steel bands and humbly asked him to lock them on her throat and limbs.

They were married six weeks later and as he placed a tenth band, a gold one, on her finger, she became Mrs Kim Townend; loving wife and willing slave to the husband and Master whose collar she wore and to whom her promise to obey, meant far more than was customary. Now, some three years later and at the age of thirty-seven, Townend grinned and shook his head slowly as his twenty-eight year old slave-wife trembled erotically to the sexual heat his touch had generated in her belly.

"Not yet, my sexy little slut." he told her cheerfully, "I need a bit more time to recover and regain my energy after last night, so I'm afraid you'll just have to stew for a while."

The blue eyes gazed pleadingly up at him for a brief moment, then dropped away as Kim submitted to his decision, just as she had submitted so many times before. Pleased by her acceptance, he decided to give her a small reward and rising to his knees beside her, let his hand slip down to the tab of a black zip that ran over the lower half of her flat stomach and disappeared between her slim thighs.

Slowly, tooth by tooth, he drew it downwards, enjoying the quivers that rippled through her body as the black rubber of her cat suit peeled back to reveal the pale flesh where the blonde curls of her pubic hair had once been, until he had personally and permanently deprived her of them with an electric depilator, less than twenty-fours hours after their wedding.

He was well aware that she still missed them and even after three years, was embarrassed by her nakedness, but that was why he had done it. It had been his way of reminding her that he was in control and that she was his to do with as he pleased. Every time she glanced down or caught sight of her naked body in a mirror, it reinforced the message of her submission, exactly as he had intended. Opening the zip further, he gazed at the exposed bud of her prominent clitoris, noting that the fleshy button was quite hard, betraying her sexual arousal. He picked up the small, egg-shaped vibrator that lay on the bedside table and carefully positioned it so that it rested against the underside of the sensitive nubbin, then pulled the zip back up. After checking to ensure that the egg was still in place, he picked up the remote control and smiled down into her anxious eyes.

"Just an hour or two, my pet. he said calmly. "I should be ready by then and no doubt you will be, too. See you later," and as he got off the bed and headed for the shower and then breakfast, he pressed the button twice.

A low, insistent buzzing noise was immediately accompanied by muffled squeals as vibrations pulsed through Kim's belly and as he heard a familiar note of frustrated anguish in her gag-stifled whines, Townend smiled to himself. His slave-wife had just realised that he had set the vibrator at a level sufficient to keep her aroused and interested, but too low to permit her to climax. By the time he had showered and had a bite to eat, she should be just about ready to explode with unsatisfied lust.

Ready in fact, to serve and pleasure him with all the erotic skills and intense passion of the deeply submissive slave that she was. Switching the shower on, he luxuriated under the invigorating needles of warm water, thinking how lucky he was to have such a partner to satisfy his every desire. After all, what could possibly be better than having a beautiful young wife whose only desire was to serve him as an eager and totally obedient sex-slave?

Twenty minutes later, as he strode towards the kitchen, his eye was caught by a flashing red light on the screen of his computer. He tapped the "Message" key and frowned at the words that appeared.

"Damn!" he said softly, remembering the previous night's violent storm, "A power surge. Must have been lightning, I suppose. It's spiked the computer at the factory and the whole system has reset itself. I'll have to go in to check it and sort it out."

He frowned at the screen again, thinking of Kim's delightfully responsive body waiting for him upstairs, then his brow cleared.

"Well, why not? It'll make a change for both of us." and he hurried towards the staircase.

When he entered the bedroom, her eyes instantly turned to him, widening in mute supplication as she begged to be allowed to submit to the vibrator which had built her need to a peak, but refused to push her over the brink into the towering orgasm she longed for. It was a familiar feeling, her husband and Master taking frequent pleasure in arousing her until her body quivered and trembled and her sex ran with the juices of her desire and then denying her release, tormenting them both for as long as he could hold out against his own lust, before taking her and making her submit to the very depths of her soul.

She adored it when he exerted his dominance so cruelly and forced her to give in to his will and was a little disappointed that he had returned to her so soon. But then her disappointment turned to a deliciously thrilling apprehension as he fetched a black rubber hood and worked it down over her head. The thick, tight eyeless latex moulded itself to every feature of her face, depriving her of sight and much of her hearing and giving her only two reinforced holes at her nostrils to breathe through. When he released the chains to her cuffed wrists and ankles and she felt him push her six-inch high-heeled shoes onto her feet, she obediently pointed her toes to help, assuming she was going to be made to totter around on the uncomfortable stilettos that he liked so much.

It was only when rolled her over, released her wrists then re-secured them behind her back, that she found out what he really intended. Doubling her legs up until the spike heels of her shoes touched her buttocks, he clipped her wrist and ankle cuffs together, hog-tying her and arching her spine into a deep, stressful curve that forced her breasts outwards and put most of her weight onto her lower belly, tightening the rubber over her crotch and pressing the buzzing vibrator into even more intimate contact with her clitoris.

She rocked back and forward the inch or two that was all her bonds permitted, hoping that the movement would trigger her orgasm, but fairly sure it wouldn't. It would be most unlike her Master to let her come that easily.

As she felt herself lifted in his arms and carried downstairs, she wondered what he had in mind? The kitchen work top, perhaps? Or the dining room table? Better still, what about the garage with its hoist and many carefully placed eyebolts? Wherever it turned out to be, she was ready and more than willing, or so she thought, until she heard the unmistakable double "beep" of the electronic key that opened the doors of his car and felt him lay her on her side across the back seat.

His hand captured her upper breast, thumbs and fingers rolling and squeezing her nipple until she moaned in delicious pain, then slid down to the taut curve of her hip and applied three sharp, hard smacks to her rubber-clad buttock. Kim gasped as stinging warmth spread through her bottom to combine with the heat radiating from her sex and breast, her arousal notching higher as her Master exerted his total authority over her, then started the engine. She couldn't believe he was going to drive around with her dressed in rubber and tightly bound, in plain view of anyone who might happen to glance into the back of his car, but as he did exactly that and she imagined the erotic sight her helpless body would present to any casual passers-by, her face reddened with humiliation and excitement under the skin-tight hood.

By the time the twenty minute journey reached its end and he brought the car to a halt, Kim was as aroused as she had ever been, her sex oozing wetly with hot juices and her nipples aching with need. She had no idea where she was or what was going to happen next, but as he released her from the hog-tie, then freed her ankles and helped her from the car, she fervently hoped that he was going to take her, or at the very least give her the climax she wanted so desperately.

To her dismay, he did neither and she trembled in anguish as she felt him hobble her ankles with a short chain and attach a longer chain to the front ring on the steel collar encasing her neck. Blind and with her wrists firmly cuffed behind her back, she had no choice but to totter forward on her towering high heels as the long chain was tugged firmly. Guided by the leash, she followed where her Master led, able only to submit to his will as the humble and obedient slave he had made her, her wishes and fears and desires no longer hers to control or satisfy.

As Townend unlocked the outside door and walked into the assembly room of his factory, he saw that the lights were on and frowned, knowing that they had been switched off when he left the building on Friday evening.

"It must have been the power surge the storm caused," he muttered to himself. "I'd better check out the system before I check out Kim. Business before pleasure, I suppose."

He turned to gaze at the gleaming black figure of his slave-wife, savouring the polished perfection of the rubber which hugged her full breasts and erect nipples and the glittering chain which curved from her throat to his right fist, then shrugged and led her into his office. Walking her over to the blank wall behind his desk, he reached up and slipped one the chain links of her leash over a coat-hook, tethering her within easy reach and sat down in his leather swivel chair facing his computer.

With the ease of familiarity, he typed in the access code for the factory security system. Line after line of print scrolled down the screen, each reporting nothing amiss with the security and fire alarm systems, or the automated processes that operated twenty-four hours a day. Until he came to the section dealing with the highly specialised computer programs developed for use with his most expensive and technologically advanced products.

The report showed that two of his "Ultimate" suits; those fitted with dozens of tiny sensors and electronic stimulation devices designed to provide total sexual pleasure for the wearer, had been in use for almost seventeen hours and according to the computer, were still in use. He knew that couldn't be right for the factory had shut down on Friday and been empty ever since. He frowned as the machine indicated that the two suits had been in INTENSITY LEVEL 2 : MODERATE mode for the first hour and a bit, but had then switched to EXTREME SLAVE LEVEL 4.

That had to be a computer glitch caused by a power surge he decided. Nobody, but nobody would have been crazy enough to put themselves through the sort of incredible arousal and torment that the EXTREME SLAVE program was designed to administer and certainly not for fifteen hours. As the designer and co-programmer of the system, he knew exactly how intense it could be.

So, of course, did Kim, because she had been the test subject of its very first operational use and although she had been an eager volunteer and already deeply submissive by nature, even she had been overwhelmed by the devastating results of just one hour of total subjugation by the program.

She had been a trained and completely willing slave before the program began and even more so after she had been released because her desire to be bound and dominated and forced to submit, was greatly magnified and enhanced by the experience. After three sessions, she had been the one to come up with the idea of a hologram, suggesting that the sight and sound of a genuine slave would encourage acceptance and reinforce the message of permanent subjugation enforced by the program. She had then become the model for the hologram and her naked, bound body incorporated into the program.

Reassured by the reports and confident that all was well, Townend turned on the cameras and began to scan each of the areas of his factory in turn. External security, process area, assembly, dispatch, display gallery, all were clear, but as he checked the private room, his jaw dropped in shock.

In the centre of the room, dangling from chains clipped to their shoulders, were two of his "Ultimate" suits, and they were both clearly occupied. He couldn't believe the evidence of his own eyes and for a full minute, he gazed in disbelief at the incredible sight, his brain spinning with a hundred questions. With hands that were far from steady, he zoomed-in on the face of the woman on the right and immediately realised that he had never seen her before.

Even with a tight purple gag-strap covering and distorting her lower face, she was clearly very attractive and as he let the camera pan downwards, he nodded in appreciation of a body that curved in all the right places. Reluctantly swivelling the camera to the left, he looked at the second woman and a great light flashed on in his brain as everything became clear.

It was Trish Walker, his newest employee of only three months and now he understood why she had been reported to him as asking lots of questions about the "Ultimate" suits and the computer programs which operated them. She must have been collecting information with a view to using the suit for her own secret pleasure and somehow obtained an unauthorised key to get past the security system and into his factory with a friend for company. Which meant that they were both guilty of breaking end entering and he would be well within his rights to have them arrested.

"Hmmm," he muttered softly, rubbing his jaw and remembering that according to the computer, both women had been trapped inside the "Ultimate" suits for over fifteen hours, "This needs thinking about. If I have them arrested, there's bound to be publicity and the last thing I need is for the papers to run headlines about my suits and the EXTREME SLAVE program.

"Hell, they'd have a field day. Bondage, sexual slavery, brainwashing. I'd be lucky not to be arrested for kidnap and the Company will go straight down the tubes if this ever gets out. But if I just let them go and try to cover it all up, I'd be wide open for blackmail."

Frowning, he zoomed-out until both women were in the screen and sat back in his chair, his mind working flat-out on how to resolve the situation. For several minutes, he stared at the screen without really registering what he was seeing, until, in crystal-clear, full-colour imagery, Trish Walker and her friend began to jerk and writhe and quiver in their bonds, bellies and breasts thrusting sensually and buttocks flexing erotically in what was clearly the build-up to enormous orgasms that neither seemed able, or willing to resist, their eyes fixed on the holographic form of a chained and naked Kim as her voice intoned the mantra of slavery.

Mesmerised by the incredible display of sexual subjugation played out before him, Townend didn't even blink until well after both helpless captives arched into the rigid, straining ecstasy of a slave's climax to the pained rapture of ultimate submission to the computer program he had designed and helped to build and their tormented bodies shook and juddered to the floods of boiling juices that ravaged their pounding bellies as each came again and again, powerless to control the sexual frenzy that had them in its iron grip.

It was the most erotic sight he had witnessed since Kim had first tested the program and as he saw just how deeply and fully the two women had been forced to surrender, the outline of a wild, outrageous plan formed in his mind.

He sat back, thinking it through and the more he thought, the more convinced he became that it might just work ... if the EXTREME SLAVE program was as effective and irresistible as he had designed it to be. It had worked perfectly with Kim, but could it be as successful with others who might not be as naturally submissive as his slave-wife?

Impossible to be sure, but it had to be worth a try. He shrugged, knowing there was only one certain way to find out. Taking a deep breath, he set to work, fingers flying across the keyboard as he modified the program to minimise the punishment and maximise the arousal level. Within seconds of pressing the "Enter" key, he was rewarded with the sounds of gag-muffled ecstasy and the sight of each woman climaxing helplessly a second time as the program imposed unbearable sexual pleasure upon them.

Then built upon that pleasure to send their passions soaring to unimaginable heights as each was forced to surrender again and again to the exquisite rapture of total subjugation. He waited for a full hour, his eyes never leaving the screen on which his two defenceless subjects writhed and shuddered and gasped as their bodies responded instantly and unreservedly to the demands of the ruthless program.

Watching intently for any sign of resistance, he saw none and was finally satisfied. Leaving the program to run automatically, he swiveled his chair to face Kim.

"Display, slave!" he snapped.

Without hesitation, his rubber-clad wife and slave spread her legs until the leash at her throat drew taut, offering her body for his pleasure and use. He grinned and placed his hand between her thighs, feeling the sexual heat that radiated from her belly and the vibrations of the egg still buzzing away in her sex.

"You need a climax, slave," he told her, "but I have a little task for you to complete first."

Kim couldn't quite suppress a low moan of need and frustration as she heard that she must wait even longer for the pleasure she craved, then swallowed anxiously as her Master peeled the tight latex hood from her head and smiled into her flushed and still tightly-gagged face.

"I have a nice surprise for you, my love." he told her and he explained Trish and Dee's plight and let her see the computer screen displaying their mercilessly enforced subjugation.

Kim's blue eyes widened in astonishment and sympathy for the horrendous torment she knew the two women must have undergone. Her own much shorter spells at the mercy of the EXTREME SLAVE program had taught her that there was no possibility of resisting its power to transform any woman into a permanent and helplessly obedient slave and as she stared at the screen, she knew immediately what her Master must be planning.

"... so I have decided to allow Trish and her friend the opportunity to become full slaves, like you, my sweet. They will be company for you and, after all, they do seem to have gone to a great deal of time and trouble to prepare themselves for slavery. So, it is only fair that they be rewarded for their efforts, don't you think?"

Kim didn't want to share her husband and Master with anyone, let alone two other young, attractive and sexually submissive females and her eyes filled with alarm and dismay at the thought. He read the concern she felt and chuckled with cruel pleasure.

"Mmm, I think I see some jealousy, slave. Not afraid of competition are you? I'm quite sure a hot little slut like you has nothing to worry about, but I shan't complain if you feel the need to try even harder to please me."

Kim gulped, then nodded firmly and arched her spine even more deeply, pushing her breasts and hips forward in a gesture of her complete submission to his Mastery.

"Horny little bitch!" he said sternly, then his lips curved into a grin, "OK, Kim. Now that we understand each other, this is what we're going to do."

Her blue eyes grew wider and wider as she learned what he intended and by the time he finished, her gagged cheeks were pink with excitement.

"All set then? Good, then I'll take you to join your new companions."

He took her tether in his hand and led her from the office, the hobble-chain between her ankles clinking softly at every short, restricted step she took.


In the private room, Trisha shuddered into yet another immense orgasm, her body responding uncontrollably to the overwhelming need imposed upon her by the insatiable vibrator buried in her drenched sex and the equally-intense stimulation of her rock-hard nipples and clitoris. Any semblance of rational thought had been driven from her brain many hours before and she was only dimly conscious of the fact that the merciless electric shocks no longer ravaged her flesh with the jolts of cruel pain that had somehow become transformed into bitter-sweet pleasure as she had plunged ever deeper into masochistic slavery and submission.

And as she convulsed and spasmed with enormous power and great waves of hot juices rolled through her juddering belly, she whispered into her gag over and over again.

"I am a slave. A willing slave. A humble and obedient slave and I exist only to serve Masters in any way they command."

Alongside her, Dee hung limply from the chains at her shoulders, her rubber-clad body quivering wildly as her belly pulsed with awesome fury, her wide brown eyes staring blankly at nothing as she surrendered utterly to the irresistible forces of her own unleashed sexual passion. Like her friend, Dee was no longer the sophisticated, independent and self-reliant young woman she had been less than twenty-four hours before.

Defeated by the computer's relentless assaults on her helpless body, she too, had become a slave, her mind filled with words and images of the slavery she had come to accept and desire above all else, her ultimate and only goal being to kneel before a Master and serve him as the obedient and completely submissive provider of any pleasure he might desire.

Clifton Townend strode confidently into the room and walked over to stand in front of Trish, his lips curving into a predatory smile as he silently inspected her securely bound and tightly gagged form. Following at the end of her chain leash, Kim sank to her knees at his side and as she parted her thighs to the full extent permitted by her steel hobble and arched her spine to display her body as a slave, a gleam of recognition flashed into Trish's dark eyes.

"I see that you recognise my companion." Townend stated calmly, "Her name is Kim and she is my slave. Just as you and your friend are now my slaves. I am her Master and I am your Master. You will be trained to serve me as perfectly as she serves me, in any way I command and if you fail to be fully pleasing, you will be punished as the slave you are."

Trish's belly swirled with blistering heat as she heard his flat, uncompromising words, for she knew and accepted unquestioningly that she was a true slave and that the man standing before her was the Master she craved. He held her gaze for long seconds, then smiled coldly and reached out with his right hand to her left breast.

"You will now climax for your Master to prove what an obedient slave you are."

Trish squealed into her gag as his fingers rolled her throbbing nipple and as his touch ignited an inferno of white-hot lust to consume her in the leaping flames of her own intense passions, she submitted instantly and her entire body shuddered in the throes of a devastating slave-orgasm. He nodded casually as she writhed in unbearable ecstasy, her eyes pleading for more of his touch, but as he simply watched her and made no attempt to alleviate her torment, Trish gave a low moan of anguish. She was simply a slave whose Master had chosen to test her obedience to his will.

Her submission, pleasurable though it was, meant only that she had confirmed her own absolute subjugation and reinforced his limitless power over her.

As her Master turned away towards Dee, Trish squeezed her eyes tightly closed and surrendered herself to the soaring rapture of her overwhelming need, hurrying to greet her fate with soft squeals of joyous welcome as each spasm of her convulsing belly sent her spiralling downwards ever deeper into the bottomless pit of total and irrevocable slavery which yawned before her.

Dee lifted her head and gazed numbly at the two people who entered the room in which she and Trish were held captive, then gave a gasp as she saw that the blonde woman was the holographic slave of the computer program; complete with polished steel rings on her limbs and throat, gleaming against the jet-black of her tight rubber suit, as she sank to her knees beside the unknown man and displayed her body exactly as she had in the program.

Dee knew immediately that the man must be the blonde's Master and felt a deep pang of envy that the other woman had a Master while she did not. It did not occur to Dee that her envy was proof of the effectiveness of the EXTREME SLAVE program for she had been conditioned to believe that she was a genuine slave and desired only a strong, dominant Master to serve.

Her pulse began to race as she heard the Master tell Trish that they were both his slaves and were to be trained to please him and as he ordered Trish to climax and the brunette was sent hurtling into a massive orgasm, Dee's own belly began to convulse in a series of mini-orgasms.

Townend stood before her and as Dee instantly bowed her head in submission, he chuckled softly.

"Head up, slave. You do not attempt to hide any part of your beauty from your Master. You might be punished for it."

With a shiver, she lifted her head and met his stern gaze, knowing that he was perfectly serious. She was his slave and a slave could expect to be punished for any failure to please her Master. He nodded and snapped.

"That's better, slave. Now you will climax for your Master's pleasure." then squeezed her nipples between his fingers.

Twin flashes of exquisite pain speared through her breasts and Dee's neck arched as his cruel caress triggered a full slave-orgasm, hot juices showering into her belly as she came equally as powerfully and helplessly as Trish. And, just like Trish, she was incapable of concealing or holding back the full extent of her conditioned responses. She whimpered and shuddered in helpless submission and Townend's eyes glittered with triumph and anticipation. The reactions of both women to his assertion that he was their Master and their immediate submission to his callous plundering of their bodies, had far exceeded his hopes and confirmed beyond any shadow of doubt that the EXTREME SLAVE program had been a total success. Controlling the elation that he felt, he raised his voice.

"Pay attention! In a moment, I shall release your gags so that you may offer yourselves to me as full and permanent slaves. My senior slave, Kim, will offer her submission first, then you will repeat her words clearly and exactly."

As he spoke, he stared challengingly into each pair of soft, brown eyes, holding their gaze with his own until the eyes flickered and dropped away in submission. Satisfied, he bent to loosen Kim's gag and pulled it from her, letting it dangle beneath her chin, then went to the desk holding the computer screen and keyboard and typed in brief instructions that switched off the vibrators and deactivated their gags. At once, the devices in Trish and Dee's mouths deflated and when Townend removed the limp rubber tubes, they winced in unison and worked their aching jaws to ease the cramped stiffness caused by many hours of immobility. He waited a full minute, then raised his arm to point at Kim.

"Submit to your Master!"

The kneeling blonde sucked in a deep breath.

"I offer myself to you fully and willingly, my Master, and beg you to accept me as your slave forever."

Townend nodded firmly.

"Very well, slave. I accept your submission."

Kim's blue eyes widened in surprise and alarm as he re-inserted her gag and buckled it tightly. She had not expected it and gulped nervously, wondering if there were any other unwelcome surprises in store. Her Master turned slowly and pointed at Trish.

"If you truly desire to become a slave," he told her calmly, "you will submit now."

Trish's eyes darted to Kim's chained and displayed body, then her soft lips parted and she spoke in a low, steady voice.

"I offer myself to you fully and willingly, my Master and beg you to accept me as your slave forever."

Townend was careful to keep his face expressionless as he replied.

"I accept. At your own request, you have become my slave and will be trained to obey and serve me. Open your mouth."

For one brief instant, Trish's body tensed as if trying to escape her bondage and her lips quivered as if protest, then her entire body began to tremble as she obeyed her very first order as a genuine slave and opened her mouth to allow herself to be silenced.

With a few keystrokes, the gag was once again bulging her cheeks and Trish stared pleadingly at her Master, her belly seething and bubbling with scalding heat as her obedience reinforced the intense and unbreakable conditioning of the EXTREME SLAVE program. Townend knew that he had just witnessed the last feeble spark of Trish's resistance to the program and understood that her former freedom would soon be only a vague, half-forgotten memory as her submission to permanent slavery became the sole focus of her life.

He now had two slaves to do his bidding and had no doubts that the tally would soon rise. Turning his back on Trish's mute entreaties, he turned to his third captive.

"Your friend has submitted as my slave," he said flatly, "and now, you will do the same."

There was no hesitation.

"I offer myself to you fully and willingly, my Master, and beg you to accept me as your slave forever."

He smiled coldly.

"I accept, slave. What is your name? If I like it, I may let you keep it as your slave-name."

"D-Dee." Her eyes widened and she stammered, "Dee B-Benson." then she swallowed convulsively and in a soft whisper, added, "Master."

"Very nice." he chuckled, "You are now slave Dee. But you won't be needing a second name. Remain silent until you are given permission to speak, slave."

Her belly kicked powerfully as he ordered her silence, but her lips stayed tightly shut and he knew that her submission to the program had been even more absolute than had Trish's. Both were now his slaves, of course, but this one, Dee, showed unmistakable signs of being a natural submissive, just like Kim, which, considering his plans for her, was just as well.

"Up, Kim," he ordered, "Legs spread!" and when his slave-wife obeyed, he switched off the vibrator and slid open the zip at her belly to remove the plastic egg glistening with the juices of her arousal.

Kim flushed as her dripping sex was exposed, but knew better than to complain or try to argue with her Master and remained in position while he released the rubber straps clamping Dee's legs together and then unclipped the chains at her shoulders. After so many hours of severe bondage, Dee's cramped legs could not support her and she sagged into his arms as he eased her down onto her knees and held her until she regained a little strength. When she was finally able to kneel unaided, he took his arms away and stood up, deliberately turning his back for a few seconds. To his deep satisfaction, when he turned around, Dee had automatically assumed the position of a slave, her spine erect, head up, breasts thrust forward and knees widely spread, gazing up at him with her eyes filled with unmistakably submissive devotion.

"Very good, slave Dee." he smiled and saw her eyes gleam with pleasure, "You have earned a reward. My senior slave, Kim, is in need of a climax and it is my wish that you pleasure her with your lips and tongue until I tell you to stop."

"Yes, Master." Dee replied without hesitation and as she turned and began to shuffle on her knees towards Kim, Townend's suspicions were confirmed.

Not only was Dee clearly submissive, but she was also, equally clearly, no stranger to female-female lovemaking. Just as he had wondered when he first discovered that Trish had brought a girl friend along with her to try out his "Ultimate" suits. Hearing a muffled protest from his left, he swiveled to meet Kim's laser-like blue eyes glaring at him with a mixture of helpless fury and frightened anxiety.

"Ah, yes, my sweet." he said casually, "Did I forget to mention this part? Well, I've come up with a slight change of plan. Nothing much and you will still get to be senior slave over our two latest acquisitions, but that doesn't mean you will be any less my slave and having you submit to Dee should serve to remind you just who gives the orders around here. And, who obeys them. So, unless you want to end up serving all three of us, rather than just me, I suggest you prove just how obedient to my orders you can be and don't move. Unless you'd rather be third slave, of course?"

The anger faded from Kim's eyes, replaced by dismayed shock as she realised the position she was in. She was senior slave, but only for as long as she continued to please and satisfy her husband and Master better than her two new competitors for his attentions. If she faltered or made a slip, then everything could change. He had joked that she was jealous and said that she would just have to try harder to make him completely happy with her obedience and submission. Now, she was going to have to do exactly that, every time and all of the time, because Dee and Trish had been trained and conditioned and indoctrinated to be ultimate slaves by the Level 4 program that her husband had written and for which Kim herself had provided the holographic imagery of the ideal slave.

As Dee's soft lips and tongue explored the moist, delicate tissues of Kim's labia and clitoris and sex, the hapless blonde gasped in frantic need, her belly swirling and churning with flaring need. She surrendered to the will of her devious and utterly ruthless Master; her mind reeling to the stunning knowledge that her subjugation to the husband she adored and served with every atom of her body, heart and soul was about to intensify to levels that would make her previous servitude pale into insignificant shadows. She was to be forced to demonstrate the uttermost depths of her passion and the farthest limits of her capacity to submit to the slavery he delighted in imposing upon her and which she welcomed and longed for; needing it so desperately.

Clifton Townend, husband of one beautiful slave and now Master of three, smiled with pleasure and anticipation as he watched Kim abandon herself to the blissful rapture of a consuming sexual inferno. Dee's skilled tongue built her raging desire towards the devastating orgasm that would soon explode and bury her in an avalanche of ecstatic submission as she was granted release.

He chuckled and strolled over to where his other slave, Trish, waited helplessly in her rubber suit; her body and brain in a ferment of sexual need generated by her irrevocable submission to the EXTREME SLAVE program. Filled with overwhelming desire, her eyes pleaded for the opportunity to serve her Master and when Townend keyed in the code that deflated her gag, then removed it from her mouth, she trembled wildly to the touch of his fingers, her belly kicking as he released her shoulder-chains and lowered her to her knees at his feet.

As with Dee, he gave her a short time to recover, then calmly unzipped his trousers to free his bulging erection and clicked his fingers emphatically.

"Please me!" he ordered calmly.

Immediately, Trish bent forward, her soft lips opening to engulf the full length of his shaft as she pressed her lips to his belly and began to lick and suck enthusiastically at his flesh in the most intimate and deeply-submissive service that a slave can provide for her Master. Her obedience and eagerness dispelled Townend's last doubts concerning the effectiveness of his computer program as he basked in the exquisite sensations of her mouth caressing him and visualized a future where three young, beautiful and unhesitatingly-obedient women would compete to win his approval by supplying him with any and every sexual service he cared to imagine. His maleness bulged and throbbed in climax and his spend jetted into Trish's throat. The kneeling brunette gulped down every drop as his fingers captured the rigid buttons of her nipples, rolling and squeezing them hard in to reward her efforts, by triggering her own orgasm with the irresistibly-delicious combination of pleasure and pain ingrained into her mind by the remorseless programming.

Sated for the moment, he withdrew from Trish's mouth and quickly lifted her back to her feet, re-attaching the chains to her shoulders and inserting her gag. He keyed the computer code to inflate the rubber ball and return her to the role of silent, helplessly-spasming captive. As he turned to check on his other possessions, his lips curved into a great grin at the sight of Kim's wild eyes, sweat-streaked face and shuddering belly and breasts.

Obedient to his commands, she stood exactly as he had placed her, her legs spread wide to permit unimpeded access to her sex. Not that her sex could be seen, for, also in absolute obedience to his order, Dee's dark head was wedged tightly at her belly and it was obvious from the mixture of ecstasy and anguish on Kim's face that the small brunette had been and still was, sparing no effort to follow his instructions to her.

Meeting his wife's pleading eyes, Townend shook his head firmly. Kim understood that he was not going to intervene to save her from what would be the third devastating orgasm to be imposed upon her by the lips and tongue of Dee and she whimpered in despair but forced a nod, accepting his will and giving herself over to the intensity of the overwhelming physical lust she was not permitted to refuse or resist.

For several minutes, Townend simply watched his wife's total subjugation, enjoying the uncontrollable tremors that rippled her belly and breasts as she responded frantically to Dee's lips; fighting not to break the pose required of her until Kim could hold out no longer.

With a muffled wail of unendurable pleasure, she was sent hurtling into orgasm, her spine hollowing into a deep curve and her body convulsing madly to the floods of hot juices that burst into her belly and sex to mark her enforced submission. As she pulsed and quivered in the throes of her surrender, her face flushed a vivid scarlet, feeling Dee lap at the sweet nectar flowing from her trembling sex and heard her Master's satisfied chuckle.

It was Kim's first-ever experience of sex with another woman, but now that her husband and Master had seen how deeply she had been made to respond and submit to Dee, she knew that it would not be her last and as her belly kicked to send fresh streams of juices pouring into her sex at the thought, Kim knew, too, that it would not be against her will.

Townend was pleased with Dee and allowed her to drink her fill of his wife's fragrant juices, then ordered her to her feet and smiled down into her stained and glistening face.

"That was delightful, slave. You have served me well and now you will be rewarded. Go to the desk and bend forward over it with your legs spread."

Conditioned to obey and please a Master without question, the thought of refusing never entered Dee's head and as she positioned herself, her only feelings were of joy that she had served well and was to be rewarded and thrilling anticipation of what her reward might be. A wave of sexual excitement coursed through her belly as she felt her Master's hand slip around her thigh and when his fingers began to knead and work the two vibrators still plugging her sex and anus, she gasped in pleasure. Her hips began an instinctive undulation to accentuate the delicious sensations while behind her, Townend grinned and raised his free hand, then brought it down hard across her upraised bottom.

The sharp "crack" of his palm against her rubber-sheathed buttocks brought an involuntary clenching of her shapely posterior and a sharp intake of breath from Dee, but instead of a squeal of protest, she forced her tensed muscles to relax and whispered.

"Again, please, Master."

For a moment, Townend was thrown off-balance by her request, then quickly recovered his poise and injected a stern, uncompromising note into his voice.

"Very well, slave! Twelve strikes. Raise your buttocks and remain perfectly still."

Dee's belly fluttered under his fingers as she arched her spine to offer her bottom for punishment and he paused, letting her anticipation build, then he began to spank her unhurriedly, selecting each spot with care and applying each blow with as much snap and sting as he could, while simultaneously toying with the vibrators.

At the fifth, she began to gasp and pant to the smarting fire in her flesh. After eight, she could no longer prevent the purely-instinctive flexing and flinching of her bottom between the blows. At ten, her belly contracted violently, jerking against his hand as the erotic torment forced her to surrender to the deeply-submissive and masochistic side of her character that had been unleashed and intensified by her utter subjugation at the mercy of the EXTREME SLAVE program.

Helpless against the twin fires in her belly and her punished bottom, Dee writhed and squirmed as her orgasm exploded over her and massive contractions sent hot juices flooding over the vibrator buried in her sex. She came and came with frightening power, unable to hold back or control the storm of need and passion raging through her devastated body and at the pinnacle of her frenzied submission, two cruelly-hard spanks blazed across her jiggling buttocks, adding their painful upward twist to her bitter-sweet anguish as Townend completed her reward, reinforcing Dee's absolute and permanent servitude to his Mastery as her belly responded instantly with renewed spasms of desperate lust.

Face down over the desk, Dee was oblivious to everything but the inferno of her own sexual pleasure and never saw the grin on her Master's face. Her reaction to the spanking confirmed his already-strong conviction that she was a true submissive and natural slave; one whose deep need to be dominated by a ruthless and powerful Master was a match for his own wife's desire for strict bondage and subjugation.

This new reality held out the promise of interesting and highly-erotic times ahead as he explored the many and varied combinations of sexual pleasure available to a Master of three superbly-trained and responsive slaves.

Waiting until Dee's intense orgasm had begun to ease, Townend helped her up, clipped on her shoulder-chains, bound her legs and re-inflated her gag, then strolled over to where Kim still stood and unbuckled her silencer. She blushed and lowered her eyes as he gazed down at the silvery juices that glistened on her belly and thighs, betraying the extent of her surrender to Dee's lips, then swallowed nervously as he chuckled.

"Well, my sweet! I hardly need to ask whether you enjoyed yourself, do I?"

"It was incredible, Master!" she replied simply, "I loved it, but I still need you and beg to serve you as the slave you have made me, my Master."

"Oh, you will, slave!" he told her, "Quite soon, but not just yet. I want you to do something first."

She looked at him cautiously.

"What might that be, Master?"

Instead of answering, he removed her hobble-chain and handcuffs and ordered her to strip. Kim gulped, but knew better than to question a direct command and quickly peeled off her tight rubber suit to stand naked before him, with her legs apart and hands behind her back, displaying herself as the slave she was. With a nod of approval, he pointed to the rack holding the four unoccupied "Ultimate" suits.

"Pick one and put it on."

A shiver of frightened apprehension raced up Kim's spine as she realized what he intended. She knew only too well how effective the EXTREME SLAVE program was and what it would do to her.

"Please, Master!" she begged softly, daring to risk his displeasure, "You don't need to do this. If I have failed in some way, then I ask to be punished."

He grinned and shook his head.

"You have never failed me, my love," he replied tenderly, "and I know you never will, but it would be unfair of me to deny my favourite slave the benefits of the training that my junior slaves have already received."

His words warmed and chilled her at the same time, for although Kim knew that he loved her, she also understood that he wouldn't change his mind and that nothing she could say would convince him to let her forego the dubious "benefits" of his training program.

Sucking in a deep breath, she accepted his will as she always did and walked slowly to the rack, feeling her belly begin to swirl with arousal as she selected the gleaming black suit which would be the instrument of her descent into a slavery even more absolute and permanent than the willing servitude she already gave to the husband and Master she adored and served.

With his assistance, she was soon confined in the heavy rubber and chained into position alongside Trish and Dee. Townend held up the gag that would remove her last freedom and leave her helplessly vulnerable to the irresistible conditioning of his computer program.

"I love you, my Master and I will serve you well." Kim whispered.

"I know you will, slave," he nodded, and pushed the gag deeply into her mouth, then strode to the desk and entered the codes that imposed silence and secured her arms immovably behind her back.

Three pairs of eyes watched intently as Clifton Townend's right index finger hovered over the "Enter" button on the computer's keyboard; the owner of each pair knowing that the slightest downward pressure of his finger would initiate the EXTREME SLAVE program and set in motion an unstoppable cycle of unbearable arousal and stringent discipline.

He looked up and met each gaze in turn, holding contact until the eyes of the slaves flickered and slid away.

"I am your Master and you are all my slaves" he said flatly, "And, you always will be."

His words hung in the air for five long seconds, then his finger descended.


It had took a little longer than he had expected to find Trish's car and put it back outside the flat she shared with Dee, but Townend was not concerned. The holiday week-end still had over thirty-six hours to go and it was highly unlikely that the two friends would be missed for at least a day or two after that. Even when they were, there would be nothing incriminating to link them to him or his factory. It was quite certain that they wouldn't have told anyone that they were going to break into the plant and so they would simply have disappeared, leaving no clues to follow and no chance of a successful investigation.

Convinced that there was no serious risk to his plans, he continued making all of the arrangements for the transportation and secure accommodation for his three slaves. Thanks to long-time Mastery of Kim, the house was already well supplied with unobtrusive fixing-points in every room and the cellar. It had been fitted-out as a fully equipped bondage dungeon for his games with her, and so it was only been a matter of adding additional ring-bolts and chains in order to make it suitable for holding three captives instead of one.

He had such confidence in the EXTREME SLAVE program that he didn't really believe that it would be necessary to imprison any of them, but added security certainly wouldn't hurt and he suspected that the trappings of a dungeon would help to reinforce the effect of the program. Too, he simply liked the image and he was the Master.

Reversing the closed truck to the loading-bay at the rear of his factory, he let himself into the building and made his way to the room where the slaves had been left to suffer the rigours of the EXTREME SLAVE PROGRAM. The sight that greeted him when he opened the door brought an immediate throbbing ache to his groin.

The program had been running at its maximum power for almost three hours while he'd made his arrangements and the results were plain to see. There was a frantic gleam of utterly-submissive desperation in the wide, staring eyes of Trisha and Dee, as well as in the continuous shuddering of their breasts and bellies to the remorseless blend of pleasure and pain. The aroused, tormented and immobilized bodies continued to be taken to monstrous heights of sexual passion and the stupendous orgasms forced upon them only served to intensify the incandescent fury of their unbearable and totally uncontrollable need.

Following on so closely from their marathon of subjugation at the mercy of the EXTREME SLAVE program, neither Trisha nor Dee had had the time or opportunity to even begin to recover and their surrender and acceptance of their fate. They had immediately been forced to embrace and eagerly welcome as the natural and proper role of the true slaves their Master told them they were ... and required them to be.

Kim though, had known from her previous experience that she would never be able to resist the program, but now, her willing submission to the dominance of her husband was about to enter a new and frighteningly unknown stage. She had chosen him as her Master and offered herself of her own free will as his slave some three years before and she would not disappoint him, no matter what.

After she had endured three hours of the most exquisite torment, incredible stimulation and numerous orgasms of stunning depth and power, Townend was anything but disappointed when he gazed deep into her eyes and recognized the limitless extent of the submissions Kim had been forced to give. Submissions that went well beyond anything he had seen in her before and which told him more clearly than any words, that she was capable of far, far more passion than he had ever dreamed. Her ming and body contained vast reserves of sexual heat he had not yet even begun to tap, but he would! And, when he did, he fully intended that Kim would live up her to holographic image in the EXTREME SLAVE program.

With a smile of triumph and anticipation curving his lips, he ignored the pleading eyes and gag-stifled entreaties that followed him as he strolled over to the keyboard and entered the sequence to link his home-computer to the factory mainframe, enabling him to run any of the training programs in the comfort and privacy of his own home.

With the connection made, he sat back in the chair and let his eyes roam over the heavily-restrained, rubber-clad forms of his three slaves as they writhed and shuddered in helpless response to the demands of the ruthless arousal and discipline of the EXTREME SLAVE program. They did not know it, of course, but his plans for them included regular refresher sessions in the suits so that all of them, including Kim, would become so deeply and thoroughly conditioned to instant, unquestioning obedience and total submission, that their only desire would be to serve and please him in whatever manner he commanded.

His eyes gleamed with amusement as he recalled how, only that morning, he had congratulated himself on having a lovely slave to look after his needs. He'd never imagined that a freakish combination of female curiosity, extreme weather conditions and an electrical malfunction, were about to deliver Trish and Dee, gift-wrapped and already prepared, into his clutches.

Clifton Townend was a hard-headed and wealthy businessman who didn't believe in Fate, preferring to see his success as the result of his own efforts and ability to seize an opportunity when it arose, but even he had to admit that Lady Luck had been extraordinarily good to him, and he felt it would be most ungrateful of him not to take full advantage of her generosity.

So, that was exactly what he did for the rest of his long, energetic and extremely happy life.

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