Angie Dunnet and her nineteen year old daughter, Allie had often been mistaken for twin sisters and it was an easy error to make, given that Angie was a scant half-inch taller than her daughter, weighed less than five pounds more and was virtually identical to her offspring. Thanks to strict dieting and a rigorous exercise programme, she could easily wear Allie's clothes and often did when the two went out together, for they were best friends as well as mother and daughter and their relationship was extremely close, with no rivalry between them.

As often happened, they were approached by men attracted by their looks and slimly-curvaceous bodies. Their openness with each other even extended to their sex-lives and Angie was well aware that Ellie had a long-term boyfriend of twenty-six, a good-looking young man called Carl who was also her daughter's lover. Angie's own sex-life had been non-existent for some time and although she was rather envious of Ellie and knew that Carl was definitely attracted to her, she had never given him the slightest encouragement, refusing to jeopardise her relationship with her daughter.

For her part, Allie appreciated her mother's consideration and wished that Angie could find a man of her own to give her the love and sexual pleasure she really deserved. Carl's inventive imagination and enthusiastic lovemaking always gave her immense satisfaction and she wanted her mother to share the same ecstasy that she regularly received. It was an ecstasy heightened and enhanced by his insistence on gagging, blindfolding and binding her to impose absolute helplessness before arousing and taking her while she could not resist him.

At first, she had been worried by his unusual tastes, but that concern had lasted only until her first experience of his bondage and her anxiety was blown away with the incredible power and depth of her orgasms as she surrendered to the fantastic intensity of her passion.

After several months, she had known that she would not willingly choose to be free when he made love to her. Her enthusiasm for strict and inescapable bondage encouraged Carl to devise ever-more effective ways of restraining her and his training as a mechanical engineer was required for an unusual job when she eventually suggested that he made her a set of steel manacles, for she wanted them to be made-to-measure. With these, he would be able to keep her locked-up and helplessly available to him for as long as he chose, with much less danger of cramping or circulation problems, not to mention removing any possibility of her freeing herself.

Spurred into a frenzy of activity by her suggestion and the delights it promised, Carl hastened to design and build the manacles, taking endless pains to ensure a perfect fit on Allie's limbs and throat. It took him several weeks of modifying, discarding and improving on his original ideas, but eventually the final version was ready. Allie knelt before him, enmeshed in a web of gleaming steel cuffs and chains holding her perfectly while simultaneously displaying and offering every curve and hollow of her naked body for his pleasure and use, and he knew his hard work was amply rewarded.

From then on, every moment of Allie's weekends and holidays were spent in total bondage at his home, her body responding ferociously to his touch, her frequent, powerful orgasms demonstrating the extent and depth of her intense excitement and need. She was unable and unwilling to resist or control her accelerating descent into the absolute subjugation he imposed on her and which she loved so much. Immersed in her thrilling and satisfying relationship with Carl, Allie never considered that her mother might be concerned about how much time she was spending with him and was curious to find out more.

Of course, she had hinted about what Carl did to her, but had never explained fully, so Angie had no clear idea of what was really going on, until she paid an unannounced visit to Carl's house one Friday evening on the pretext of needing Allie's permission to borrow some of her jewellery.

It wasn't Angie's first visit, so after an almost soundless knock on the front door, she used the lack of a reply as an excuse to go in. The house seemed deserted, but as she walked softly down the hall, she heard a faint moaning coming from beneath her feet and remembered that there was a large underground workshop and cellar. Finding the stairs, she walked quietly down and opened the door, and in the centre of the large room, her naked body tightly bound in heavy chains that gleamed in the subdued lighting, Allie knelt on the tiled floor, her eyes concealed behind a thick blindfold and her lips stretched around a solid rubber ball pushed deep into her mouth, held in place by twin straps encircling her head.

For several seconds, Angie was stunned into immobility by the sight of her daughter. Allie had hinted that Carl liked to put her in bondage, but Angie had never imagined anything like this. With a gasp of horror, she hurried over to Allie, desperate to free her from her awful situation, but as her eyes grew accustomed to the dim light, she realised that what she had thought was cloth blindfolding her daughter, was in fact a flexible steel mesh attached to a curved metal strap running behind her head and under her chin and there was no immediately obvious way of the arrangement being released.

"Oh, Allie!" she groaned, "What has that maniac done to you, sweetie? I've got to get you out of here, but I can't see how to get all this stuff!"

Allie gave a muffled squeal and tensed in a vain effort to free herself and hide her exposed body as she recognised her mother's voice, but her bondage was far too strong.

"There's a metal thing around your head, honey and the straps of your gag and blindfold must be under it," Angie said urgently, "If there's a key, can you try and nod towards it or something?"

"Umm, I don't think Allie will be much help, Mrs Dunnet." the polite, almost apologetic voice came from a dark corner of the cellar and as Angie whirled around, Carl stood up from the armchair where he had been watching Allie's futile struggles.

"You!" Angie snapped furiously, "What have you done to Allie? How dare you? Let her go at once. At once, do you hear. You are in serious trouble, young man and unless you want me to call the Police, you had better do what I say."

"OK, OK. Calm down, Mrs D. It's not what you think. I haven't done anything wrong. This is what Allie likes. She asked me to chain her like that."

"Don't be ridiculous. I don't believe you. Let her go right now. Allie would never agree to-to this."

"She most certainly did!" Carl retorted sharply, "And it's not the first time. I told you, she loves being helpless and tied up. I'll prove it to you. Give me a minute and I'll get her gag out and you can ask her yourself."

Angie hesitated, unwilling to believe he might be telling the truth.

"All right then, Carl, I will," she replied coldly, "But if you're lying ..."

"I'm not." he told her flatly and as she stared at him in confusion, he picked up a thin screwdriver and walked behind Allie, bending to slot the tool into a concealed hole in the metal strap encircling her head.

With a soft click, the strap loosened and as he lowered it, then unbuckled and removed the gag from her mouth, Allie worked her jaws.

"Allie, darling, are you all right? What does he mean, you asked him to do this to you?"

The half of Allie's face visible under her blindfold flushed a deep red and Angie gasped in disbelief as her daughter whispered.

"I did, Mom. I-I really like being in b-bondage and Carl made all this because ... because I asked him to."

"But-But ... why, Allie? What possible enjoyment can you get out of it?" Angie protested feebly, gazing in horror at the chains binding her beloved daughter.

Allie sucked in a deep breath.

"You don't understand, Mom." she replied slowly, "It's just ... incredible. When Carl chains me like this and I know that I can't get free and that he's in complete control and can d-do anything he wants to me, whether I w-want him to or not. It's the most amazing feeling and I get so ... so excited and turn ... turned on that I never want him to free me.

"When he touches me and ... and t-takes me, it's the most fantastic thing I've ever imagined and I just ... just love having to give in and sub-submit to him."

Angie knew the truth when she heard it and as she realised that Allie meant every word, she felt a warm glow ignite between her thighs as her mind visualised what it would be like to be so helpless and vulnerable. It had been quite a while since she had given herself to a man and as she imagined herself in Allie's position, she felt her nipples stiffen and press against the thin fabric of her tight T-shirt. Embarrassed by her reaction, her jaw dropped and she gasped as Allie spoke again.

"Look, Mom, I know this must be difficult for you, but I love what Carl does to me and this is what I really want. He hasn't forced me or anything, so perhaps you'd better just go home and try to forget about all this. We'll talk about it later, OK? When I come home on Monday night."

"You mean ... You want to stay here? Chained up and-and naked? With Carl?"

"Of course!" Allie seemed surprised that she had even asked, "Why ever not? This is what I do, Mom and it's great. Maybe you ought to try it sometime."

"Me?" Angie squeaked, "No, no, I couldn't. Absolutely not."

"Well, actually, Mrs D," Carl interjected quietly, "you could try it, if you wanted to. I had to make several sets of those manacles before I got it right. So, if you like, I could fit you with some of those?"

Angie turned to gape at him and as he shrugged.

"It's up to you, of course."

She felt a wave of heat surge through her belly.

"Yes. Go on, Mom. Give it a try, then you'll know why I love it so much." Allie urged, "And don't worry. Carl won't do anything you don't want him to, will you, honey?"

"Of course not. I'm not a monster." Carl shook his head. This is all about fun and pleasure and I wouldn't dream of forcing either of you to do anything you really didn't want to."

"You see. I told you, Mom. You can trust Carl as much as I do. Come on, Mom, what have you got to lose?"

Angie hesitated, thinking that Allie was right, unfortunately. Her life was pretty empty and boring and showed few signs of improving. What did she have to lose? And this was something so wild and beyond her experience that she was sorely tempted. After all, Allie clearly liked it, so why not? She summoned up a weak smile.

"Well ... OK, honey. If you really think so, then I'll give it a whirl."

Carl nodded.

"Right, Mrs D. I'll go get the stuff then." and he hurried to the other end of the cellar and began to rummage through a cupboard.

Angie looked down at her chained daughter and whispered to her.

"I hope you know what I'm doing, sweetie," she said softly, "Because I'm not sure I do."

Allie chuckled.

"Relax, Mom. You'll love it. Just stay cool and let it happen and we can compare notes afterwards."

It wasn't easy for Angie to stay cool when Carl returned with an armful of chains and cuffs and told her that she would have to take off all her clothes so he could fit the devices. For a few seconds she almost changed her mind, then took a deep breath and quickly pulled off her T-shirt, jeans and underwear before she lost her nerve.

Carl did his best to pretend that he was unaffected by her firm, full-breasted body, but the bulge at his crotch and trembling fingers as he began to chain her told a different story.

Placing her arms behind her back, Angie gulped as cool, hard steel tightened around her wrists. She tensed her muscles and found that there was absolutely no free play in the cuffs, and began to realise quite how effective her bondage was going to be. A second pair of cuffs at her elbows and a third pair higher up, clamped her arms immovably and when Carl looped heavy chains around her body above and below her breasts and at her waist and hips, then tensioned and bolted them to the cuffs on her arms, Angie gasped in dismay.

"OK, Mrs D?"

"Uh, I'm not sure, Carl. I didn't expect them to be so tight, you see."

"Yes, I know, but that's how Allie likes them and they're made to her exact measurements. To be honest, Mrs D, I didn't think they'd fit you. You've got a great body and you're going to look fantastic when I'm done."

"Th-Thank you, Carl,"

Angie felt herself flush with pleasure at his compliment and as she looked down at her breasts jutting proudly from between the chains, hardened nipples at the tip of each tensioned globe, he politely asked her to kneel down and sit back on her heels.

On her knees at his feet, Angie stayed perfectly still as more cuffs secured her ankles and a cuff and chain combination over her calves and thighs ensured that she could no longer get up, then watched intently as he added chains from her ankle cuffs to the one around her hips and bolted them tightly in place.

"Nearly done!" he told her cheerfully.

He fitted a thinner cuff around her bare feet, but as he led its attached chain up through her cuffed wrists, then down and between her buttocks to the front of the chain encircling her hips, she froze in sudden alarm. Before she could voice a protest, Carl pulled the chain taut, wringing a breathy squeal from her as the links sank between the delicate lips of her labia and into her sex.

A massive jolt of arousal speared through her body as the chain pressed deep into her belly and as her eyes widened in shock, Carl tightened the bolt to remove any possibility of her ejecting the unwanted intrusion. Dreadfully embarrassed and fatally distracted by the unexpected addition of the chain and its immediate effect on her, Angie was too slow to close her mouth as Carl wedged a massive rubber ball between her lips. As her jaws stretched wide to encompass the gag, she whimpered and gasped in despair for her ability to speak had been taken from her but then the straps tightened to secure it in place.

Silenced, she could only shake her head as a steel mesh blindfold was added and when she felt a tight steel collar clamp around her slender throat, Angie knew that she had become as much of a helpless captive as her daughter.

"Comfy, Mrs D?" Carl's voice came from above her and as the reality of her plight whirled through her brain, Angie shivered and tugged vainly at her bonds.

She gasped in dismay as the chain at her belly tightened and sank deeper into her sex, sending renewed arousal racing through her body. She blushed and froze into immobility as a half-suppressed chuckle told her that Carl knew exactly what had happened and she felt his warm breath at her ear.

"Take it easy Mrs D." he whispered. "There's nothing you can do now, so you just have to accept whatever happens. The same way that Allie does once I've got her chained and ready to play."

He chuckled again and as Angie understood that he was right and that she could no longer control the situation, a ferocious wave of heat set her belly swirling and fluttering to the knowledge that Carl could do whatever he liked and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

"Mm. Interesting reaction, Mrs D." Carl murmured, "Seems to me that you're enjoying my little games. I guess it must be a case of like mother, like daughter. Or maybe it's the other way around in this case. Either way, it's going to be fun finding out and seeing how the two of you measure up against each other. But, before we get started, I'll just pop Allie's gag back in."

His footsteps moved away and as Angie heard him tell Allie to open her mouth, followed by the sounds of her gag being re-fitted, she shivered in ever-growing excitement and slightly-nervous anticipation, knowing that the two of them were totally at his mercy. Sucking in a deep breath through her nose, she accepted it and prepared herself as best she could for whatever was to come.

It looked as though her dull, boring life of celibacy and sexual frustration was about to change dramatically, courtesy of her own daughter's ingenious and inventive boyfriend and although she could never have imagined in her wildest dreams finding herself chained and gagged alongside Allie as one of a pair of helpless, naked sex-toys, she couldn't help wondering what it would feel like to be played with and aroused and taken without being able to refuse or even influence what was done to her.

A good job Carl was young and fit, she thought to herself, because with two women to satisfy, he was definitely going to need to be, but to her astonished embarrassment and half-guilty delight, Angie soon learned that she had vastly underestimated the power and extent of her own response to her helpless plight.

The tight grip of steel on her limbs, the unrelenting compression of chain against her soft flesh, the unavoidable arousal that jolted through her belly at her every movement and the thrilling knowledge that she had voluntarily relinquished all control of her fate, combined to fill her body with feverish sexual heat and her brain with shamefully erotic visions.

Bound, gagged and blindfolded as she was, resistance or escape was utterly impossible and as she imagined how easy it would be for Carl or anyone to exert his power over her and force her to submit whether she wanted to or not, Angie panted and squirmed in her restraints, breathy squeals of overwhelming passion accompanying each wriggle as the chain bisecting her sex slid back and forth, arousing and tormenting her mercilessly.

She teetered on the very brink of release until strong fingers captured and tweaked her achingly-hard nipples, propelling her into an instantaneous orgasm of devastating power as she convulsed wildly to send towering waves of scalding juices flooding into her churning belly. Powerless to hold back the inferno of searing heat raging through every fibre of her shuddering body, Angie screamed her ecstatic surrender into her gag as a climax more intense than any she had ever known tore through her, stunning her with the ferocity of her absolute submission to the chains which held her and allowed her no other option.

But not only her chains, for even in throes of her frenzied contractions, she knew with humiliating certainty that the perfectly-timed stimulation of her breasts which had triggered her climax, had been no accident. Unknown to her, Carl must have been watching her struggle, waiting for exactly the right moment to push her beyond the point of no return. Her face flushed a vivid crimson as the realisation sent a renewed gush of juices pouring into her swamped belly and she gulped in delicious alarm as his pleased chuckle told her that he was still watching and had obviously seen her betraying reaction.

"Nice one, Mrs D!" he said cheerfully, stroking her cheek "That was pretty impressive for your first time in bondage."

The touch of his hand sent a whirlpool of confusing emotions spinning through her reeling brain as shame, desire, guilt and incredible pleasure all fought for supremacy and without thinking, she tried to press her gagged lips against his fingers, only to hear him chuckle again.

"Thanks, Mrs D. I don't suppose you would know, but that's exactly what Allie does when I've let her come, too. And talking of Allie, I'd better go and take care of her before she gets mad at me, but don't worry, I'll soon be back to play some more, so you have a nice rest for a while. Isn't this is just great, don't you think? What an incredible weekend we're all going to have."

Angie froze in shocked disbelief as his words echoed through her mind, but as he walked away, she gasped in horrified understanding. He wasn't going to free her. Not for the entire three days of the holiday weekend! Appalled at the thought of remaining chained, gagged and hopelessly vulnerable for the whole time, she tried to tell herself that it was impossible and simply could not be true. Then she remembered Allie's astounding explanation of her love for Carl's bondage and her flat refusal to be untied and come home with her, Angie knew that, far from being impossible, it was precisely what was going to happen.

The weekend stretched ahead of her like an eternity and as she made herself confront the awesome prospect of three long days and nights as a defenceless captive and the inevitable sexual submissions and enforced orgasms that would be imposed on her, her belly kicked with frightening power. An unstoppable heat spread through her body, stiffening her nipples to throbbing sensitivity and sending a stream of her juices oozing from her quivering sex as her belly churned and seethed with ever-growing ferocity and Angie was forced to accept the truth about herself and her daughter.

She and Allie were two of a kind, both wanting and loving and needing the thrilling embrace of tight steel chains on their bodies, the jaw-stretching gags and thick blindfolds that removed their ability to resist or deny the immense, overwhelming pleasure and ecstasy of total and willing submission to their deepest, strongest and most satisfying passions.

In Carl, they had found a man whose engineering skills, enthusiasm for bondage and determination to explore and extend the uttermost limits of their capacity to respond and surrender to those passions, was a perfect match for their shared desires.

On that Friday evening, the first of many that Angie would spend in helpless bondage alongside her daughter, she had no real concept of how her future and that of Allie was about to change. Carl had been planning for some time to ask Allie to marry him, but not only to become his wife, but also to become his full-time slave. She would be kept collared and chained to ensure her permanent and life-long submission to his absolute dominance and Mastery, and he was certain that she would accept, knowing that her love for him and fervent desire for the bondage and subjugation he had introduced her to and which she could no longer bear to live without, was too deeply ingrained into her personality to allow her to refuse.

Loving Allie with all his heart as he did, his planning had never even considered the possibility of acquiring a second slave, until, to his amazement, Angie had found her daughter naked in his bondage. Instead of freaking-out, she had agreed, albeit a little reluctantly and clearly nervous, to Allie's spontaneous and entirely innocent suggestion that she try it herself. Once fully restrained in a set of manacles and without him even touching her, it was immediately crystal clear to him that Angie was massively and hopelessly aroused and as it dawned on him that she was responding to being chained and helpless in exactly the same way as Allie always did, he realised what a fantastic opportunity had been presented to him.

Mother and daughter, both naturally submissive and irresistibly attracted to the pleasures of strict bondage. Hardly daring to believe his luck, he watched and waited, making totally certain that he was not mistaken and that Angie really was arousing herself rather than simply trying to escape. Only then, when there was no shred of doubt left in his mind, did he reach forward and tweak her rock-hard nipples. Her immediate shattering orgasm confirmed his suspicions beyond question and when, some minutes later, he let her know that he wasn't going to release her for the whole weekend and saw her belly flutter wildly, he knew that he was soon going to be the Master of two slaves rather than the one he had anticipated and planned for.

After three days of the kind of stringent bondage, extreme subjugation and intense sexual conditioning that had successfully transformed Allie into his obedient, voluntarily submissive partner in the erotic games he had taught her to play and love, he was supremely confident that Angie would be as thoroughly addicted as her daughter; unwilling and perhaps even unable to give up her newly discovered and exquisitely satisfying pleasures to return to the boring, tedious and frustrating routine of her normal life.

He would give her the choice, of course, just as he had allowed Allie to set the pace of her own surrender to his preferences, but once she had made the decision, he was certain she would, and requested of her own free will to participate fully in his bondage adventures with Allie, there would be no turning back for any of them. She, like Allie, would become his full and permanent slave.

One his wife, the other his mother-in-law, both of them collared and chained, to love, honour, obey, submit and serve him in any manner he required for the rest of their days.


Three months after the astonishing weekend that had changed her life out of all recognition, Angie smiled fondly at her daughter and new son-in-law as the Justice of the Peace declared them to be man and wife and congratulated them on what he hoped would be a long and happy life together. As the newly-weds kissed, the JP chatted to Angie.

"You must be very pleased, Mrs Dunnet. They seem to be a perfect match and are quite clearly very much in love. Your daughter is a lovely young woman and her husband seems a sensible and reliable man. I'm sure he will take good care of her."

"Oh, I'm certain he will," Angie smiled brightly, "Carl knows exactly how to make Allie happy and what makes my daughter happy, makes me happy, too."

"That's nice to hear, Mrs Dunnet." The JP nodded, "These days, I see so many marriages fail because parents can't let go and accept that they no longer control their children's lives."

"Yes, I'm sure you're right. But there is no danger of that." she chuckled, "Carl is very strong-willed when he needs to be and I have never yet managed to control him or make him do anything he didn't want to. In fact, it's very much the other way around."

"I see," the JP replied, but he clearly didn't, "Well, that's good, then."

"It certainly is." Angie grinned, confusing him further, "And as my daughter and I both feel very firmly that a man should be Master in his own home, you can rest assured that there won't be any silly disputes between me and my son-in-law."

"I'm pleased to hear it, Mrs Dunnet." The JP frowned, then shrugged. "Well, I really must be going. So, congratulations once again," and allowed Angie to show him out.

Returning to the lounge of Carl's house where the ceremony had taken place, she giggled.

"That poor man." she said, "He's going to spend ages wondering about us, now. I suppose it was a bit naughty of me to tease him like that, but I couldn't resist it."

With his arm around Allie's waist, Carl nodded.

"So I heard, Angie. I especially liked the part about you wanting me to be Master in my own home, because that's exactly what Allie and I think. Isn't it, honey?"

Allie blushed prettily, then as he released her waist, she sank to her knees before him, crossed her wrists behind her back, gazed lovingly up at his smiling face and replied,\.

"Yes, Master."

Angie wasn't surprised by her daughter's action. She and Allie had had several discussions after Carl had proposed and Allie had made it quite clear that she was going to accept his wishes and the chains he wanted her to wear as his wife and permanent slave. After her own experiences of bondage and the delicious pleasures of helplessness and erotic surrender, Angie could hardly argue.

"So, Angie," Carl went on, "if you really meant what you said, why don't you kneel beside Allie?"

Angie hesitated for no more than a second, then nodded and without a word, went to her knees, copying her daughter's pose and there they both waited as he went to fetch the collars and manacles each would wear as his willingly submissive slave.

"Are you quite sure you want this, baby? It's not too late to change your mind."

"It's what I want, Mom. Really it is. I love Carl and want to be his slave. But what about you? You're not doing this because of me, are you? Because if you are, I want you to stop right now."

Angie turned to her daughter and shook her head firmly.

"That's not it, darling." she admitted, her face reddening, "I could pretend it is, but I'd be lying. Until I came here and found you that day, I never realised ... never even imagined ... how just incredible and how satisfying it could be to be tied up and at the mercy of a man who could do whatever he wanted to me and ... and make me come whenever he pleased. I've never ... never felt so turned on and excited and I love it, honey. It's better than anything I've ever done and I love it as much as you do. And ... and want it as much as you. So you don't have to worry about me, Allie. I'm here with you and Carl because I want to be and because it's the best thing that's happened to me since you were born."

Her eyes sparkled with tears and as Allie saw how sincere her mother was, she jumped to her feet and rushed over to hug her, her own eyes brimming with tears of love and relief and joy at the knowledge that Angie had found real happiness and fulfillment after so long.

"OK, Mom," she said softly, "I understand and I'm so pleased for you. I told you it would be fantastic and it will be, I promise. And we'll be together, which is even better. I can't wait for Carl to make us real, full-time slaves."

"Me too, darling," she nodded and replied slowly as the impact of what was about to happen to her sank into her brain, "Me too."

And as the sound of clinking chain heralded Carl's return, Angie took a deep breath and embarked on her new life.

Carl built the reinforced concrete post in a corner of the cellar and it had proved to be easily capable of providing a totally secure fixing point for either and sometimes both, of his slaves. With its three strong chains attached to their collars and wrist- and ankle-cuffs, there was absolutely no risk of them straying more than a few inches from the post and he could go to work or do his paperwork or even just watch TV upstairs in perfect peace and with total confidence that not only would he not be disturbed, but that when he chose to join them, they would be more than happy at his return,and even more willing to submit to his caresses of their delightfully responsive bodies until he chose to release them and take them to his bed.

Where both were eager and willing partners, with few, if any, inhibitions and a genuine enthusiasm for three-way sexual games that usually left them all drained and happily exhausted.

Just as on many previous evenings, Angie knelt at the post, triply-leashed, helplessly restrained in her set of manacles, thoroughly gagged and blindfolded, her firm breasts and stone-hard nipples testifying to her arousal as she rocked back and forth against the tight crotch-chain drawn between her thighs and deep into the sensitive cleft of her sex. It was a familiar and much-desired situation for her and although she knew that the stimulation of the chain at her belly was not quite enough to bring her to orgasm, she loved the fact that it kept her at a high level of deliciously pleasurable frustration, simmering at a point where it needed only a small additional stimulus to nudge her over the brink and into the ecstatic release of her climax.

A nudge that her thrillingly restrictive bondage would not permit her to apply, but which made it child's play for Carl to "force" her to submit and come whenever he wanted her to. As he had many times since she had joined her daughter as a willing slave and accepted him as her Master. Since then, both she and Allie had spent most of every single day in chains, adapting surprisingly quickly to their bonds and learning how to cope with long-term bondage and what was and was not possible for them to do while deprived of the use of their arms and with their ankles linked by six inches of chain.

Naturally, the answer was not a great deal, but they could talk and move around and as Carl was able to schedule his work to include several visits a day to check on them, it was no problem and had the added bonus of ensuring that they never suffered from boredom, because they never knew when he might call in to liven things up and enjoy a brief spell of arousing their defenceless bodies. Life was good for all three of them and as she knelt at the post, Angie was perfectly content to wait, assuming that Carl was getting Allie ready to join her and would then begin the regular evening entertainment of playing with his two helpless slaves.

But Angie was unaware that her daughter had a slightly different idea in mind. Upstairs, Allie smiled up at her husband and Master as he walked towards her with her manacles in his hands.

"I've been thinking, Master," she began innocently, "You look a bit tired and I was wondering if you've still got the energy to deal with both of your slaves tonight?"

"Oh, have you?" he replied sternly, "I may have had a tough week, my cheeky little slave, but I'm certainly not too tired to show you who's the one in charge around here."

Allie grinned.

"Well, I'm glad about that, Master. After all, I do need to be kept firmly in my place, don't I? I just thought you might like a rest from all that arduous teasing and tormenting that a Master has to do to keep his slaves happy."

"Keep talking," he told her, "What is it you have in mind?"

Allie explained and as her Master listened, his lips curved into a beaming smile, and when she had finished, he chuckled.

"That sounds very interesting. OK, I agree and we'll do it, but do bear in mind that when you've had your fun, it will be my turn and I haven't forgotten your cheeky remark about me being tired. So I hope you're prepared for me to demonstrate just how much energy I can dredge up when I feel the need to teach my slave a much needed lesson in showing the proper respect to her Master."

Allie nodded, grinning.

"Oh, I am, Master." she assured him, "And by tomorrow morning, I'm sure I'll be the most respectful slave my Master could wish for. To the point of exhaustion, hopefully."

Down in the cellar, Angie had no idea that she was no longer alone, until cool fingers captured her right nipple and gave the hardened bud a firm tweak. Instantly, a huge jolt of arousal shot through her breast and she gasped and jerked against her bonds, unwittingly sending a second, equally powerful jolt spearing to the core of her belly as her crotch-chain tightened and sank deeper into her sex.

A tweak of her left nipple produced an identical result and as Angie's fervent desire to climax zoomed higher, she arched her spine as much as her bonds would permit and pushed her breasts forward to offer herself for more of the same to give her the release she craved. To her dismay, Carl seemed to be in a playful mood, tweaking and toying with each of her nipples in turn until they grew achingly hard and almost painfully sensitive, but never for long enough to send her over the edge into orgasm, despite her gag-muffled pleas and efforts to encourage him with sinuous wriggles of her torso and blatantly suggestive forward thrusts of her hips.

It was all to no avail, except to arouse her even more as the crotch-chain slid through her embarrassingly wet sex to drive her nearly demented with frustration and increase her sense of being totally subjugated and at his mercy, with no way to influence when ... or even if she would be allowed to come. It was the first time that she had been tormented so ruthlessly, or for so long and although Angie was an entirely willing slave and found it intensely erotic to be so firmly and thoroughly controlled, she couldn't help wondering what was going on.

Normally, Carl was extremely careful to ensure that she and Allie came fairly quickly, enjoying their climaxes almost as much as they did and clearly recognising that they would repay his consideration, with interest, in his bed. This time, though, he seemed set on keeping her hanging just a fraction away from orgasm, even though he must know how desperate she was.

The fingers returned to her body, this time slowly caressing and stroking her hips and thighs and shoulders and neck as well as the taut mounds of her breasts and as their gentle touch sensitised every inch of her skin, Angie shivered to the delicious exploration, surprised that Carl, or any man, would understand that bringing her so close to orgasm and then reducing the pace and level of his stimulation to deny her release while maintaining her arousal at maximum, actually increased her desire and willingness to submit and gave him even more power over her.

It was almost as if his soft, smooth hands were being guided and instructed by an expert in female sexuality. Angie gasped as a stunning, incredibly erotic realisation crashed into her brain. Carl was an engineer, working with his hands every day ... and they were nowhere near as soft, or as smooth, as the hands that were toying with her. It wasn't Carl who was arousing her, it was a woman, and that meant it had to be her own daughter, Allie!

Shocked and appalled by her conclusion, Angie felt her face redden in embarrassment at the thought of how she had offered her body and begged to submit, assuming that it was Carl who was watching and enjoying her responses. But as she heard Allie giggle.

"Hi, Mom. I thought you'd work it out quicker." a gigantic wave of foaming, bubbling juices exploded into her belly and she shuddered in massive, unstoppable convulsions, powerless to hold back the immense climax that tore through her body as she submitted as a full slave to her own daughter.

And, as Carl's deep chuckle of pleasure told her that he had been present all along, and had witnessed every second of her shameful exhibition, her belly pulsed even more strongly and helplessly, adding to her intense humiliation as she realised that he and Allie must have conspired together to plan the whole thing.

They had tricked her into displaying the full extent of her passion for bondage and submission, but try as she might to feel anger at what they had done to her, Angie couldn't deny the exquisite ecstasy and devastating pleasure of her enforced orgasm, or the secret, half-guilty thrill of being utterly subjugated and turned into a hot, needy, fiercely responsive sex-toy for the amusement and entertainment of the two people she loved more than anything else in the whole world.

How could she be angry when they had given her the thing she wanted most? When she finally got freed, Allie was going to be in so much trouble, and with that comforting and delightfully arousing thought to sustain her, Angie surrendered to the swirling maelstrom raging through her quaking belly. Blissfully unaware that she was going to spend several more hours tethered to the post and receive several more climaxes at Carl's hands when he took breaks from showing a heavily chained, tightly gagged and hopelessly vulnerable Allie the error of her ways in even suggesting that he might be too tired to deal with both of his slaves.

Because Carl most certainly wasn't, and was never likely to be given the extraordinary incentives and powerful motivation presented by his enslaved wife and mother-in-law. Not that night, or any other of his energetic and highly enjoyable home life.

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