Inspired by photos found on the Net.

His bike turned her on and so did he, reminding her, in his tight leather jeans and singlet, of a young Marlon Brando. Dressed in leather bra, mini-skirt, garter-belt, stockings and six-inch heels, she obviously had much the same effect on him and as his eyes drank in her body as she admired his motorcycle, she wondered if he could live up to being as dangerous and rebellious as he looked.

"Hey, babe," he said, "How about we get out of here? You up for playing my game, with my rules?"

"Sure," she told him, her heart beginning to race and her sex moistening, "Any way you want to play is fine with me."

"OK," he replied calmly and without another word, reached into the side-pannier of his bike and pulled out a long coil of black rope.

She hesitated as he said, "Turn around and put your arms behind your back," then slowly did as he wanted.

Rope encircled her wrists, seven or eight loops of it and as it drew taut to bind her wrists in a snug grip that she knew she couldn't escape, her belly burned with a fierce heat as she saw that quite a few of the other bikers at the annual motorcycle meet had stopped what they were doing and were watching intently, some grinning, others clearly envious and several, including one other girl, even giving her a "thumbs-up."

With her wrists secured, he moved on to her elbows and as her spine hollowed, more turns of rope bound her arms into a single column and a couple of loops clamped her limbs tight against her back.

"Climb on the bike and put your feet on the rests," he told her and as she obeyed, her skirt rode up to reveal her stocking-tops, suspenders and a few inches of creamy thigh. She couldn't do anything about it and as he lashed her torso to the seat back and her feet to the rests, she took a deep breath and made herself relax as much as she could, acutely conscious of the hard buttons of her nipples straining against her leather bra and the wet heat between her spread thighs.

He looked into her eyes, "You quite sure about this, babe," he asked, "Last chance if you want to change your mind."

She smiled a little nervously, "No, I'm sure," she replied, "Your game, your rules. I know what I'm doing."

"You think?" he smiled back, "OK, let's hit the road, then."

The bike came to life beneath her when he hit the starter and as he dropped the clutch and moved forward, the other bikers cheered and waved at the sight of one of their own riding off with his helpless captive tightly bound on the seat behind him.

As the bike roared down the blacktop at a speed far in excess of the legal limit, she was torn between excitement at her unexpected plight and delight at the sensation of windblast pummelling her breasts and thighs, mixed with an understandable anxiety at the possibility of being spotted and pulled over by a police car and then having to endure the humiliation of explaining why she was tied up and half-naked.

Even so, she couldn't help grinning to herself at the thought that, even if the worst happened and they were both arrested, there would be no need for the cop to handcuff her because she was already trussed like a turkey at Thanksgiving ...

Twenty minutes or so down the road, the biker slowed and turned off, bumping across the uneven ground for a few hundred yards into the vast, unpopulated scrub and woodland that stretched for miles in every direction.

When he braked to a halt and got off his bike, she looked up at him and smiled weakly as he gazed down at her and said, "Ready for some fun, babe?"

"Uh, yeah. I guess so," she replied uncertainly, "What…what do you have in mind?"

"Relax, babe," he grinned, "You're playing my game now and it'll be fun. But don't forget, you agreed to play by my rules, right?"

She hesitated, then nodded, "OK. Your rules it is. I can do that."

"Good," he said and to her surprise, began to untie her ankles.

As the ropes started to loosen, she felt a keen sense of disappointment and as he moved behind her, said, "Hold on a minute. You don' don't have to let me go, you know. If you'd rather ... rather leave my arms tied, I wouldn't m-mind In fact, I'd like it better if you did."

He chuckled, "Would you now? Well, that's real nice to know, babe, but you're worrying about nothing. I've got no intention of letting you go. There's a real nice set of leather cuffs in the pannier and as soon as I've got these ropes off, we'll see how they fit you."

Two minutes later, she discovered that they fitted perfectly and with her wrists locked behind her back and her ankles cuffed, she was in no position to resist as he knotted a rope around her neck and tethered her to a tree branch high above her head, then took her mini-skirt from her.


Strolling around to stand before her, he chuckled again, "I've got you now, babe. This is where the games begin, just like you wanted and agreed. So let's see if you're as hot as you look."

And as his hands captured her breasts and explored between her thighs, her arousal and passion spiralled higher and higher until she was unable to control her need and her belly exploded in a shattering climax.

Shuddering and squealing in the throes of orgasm, she surrendered utterly to her bondage and his thrilling dominance over her and as her juices poured from her sex to soak her leather panties and her nipples quivered and strained, threatening to burst through her matching bra, she knew that he was right and that she really was his hot, needy…and most definitely willing prisoner ...

A bound, defenceless captive who wanted more of his games and accepted his rules as the price she must pay.

Within minutes, a second even larger orgasm left her panting and trembling in her bonds, but instead of giving her what she really wanted and taking her there and then, he simply left her wrists cuffed and put her back on his bike without replacing her skirt, telling her that by the time they reached his house she would have recovered enough to really enjoy the next part of his plans for her.

She wasn't quite so sure of that, but had little choice and as the bike accelerated down the road, she resigned herself to remaining tied up wearing only her bra, panties and stockings for a little longer and let her mind visualise all the deliciously erotic things that he might have in mind for her.

On arrival at his home, a good-sized cabin set a mile or more off the road down a private track in the woods, he escorted her inside and after removing the cuffs from her wrists and ankles, asked her to take off her bra and panties if she was still willing to continue with the game and abide by his rules.

She held his calm gaze for a moment, then answered his question by unclipping her bra and sliding her panties down her legs, discarding them both to leave her with only her garter-belt, stockings and shoes.

"I'll take that as a yes," he chuckled and when she nodded her agreement, instructed her to lie face down on the carpeted floor and place her arms behind her back.

Watching him intently, she gulped as he opened a cupboard and took out a set of gleaming steel cuffs, her eyes widening as she saw the size and obvious strength of the devices he was going to use on her.

These were not toys or even standard police-type handcuffs, but expensive, custom-made restraints and the moment she saw them, she knew that once they were locked onto her limbs, there would be absolutely no possibility of escape for her and she would have to remain his prisoner until he chose to release her, no matter how long that might be.

Her belly burned with fierce heat as he knelt beside her and as she felt cold, hard steel encircle her wrists and heard a series of metallic clicks as the cuffs tightened, she trembled to the thrilling knowledge that it was too late for her to change her mind and regain her liberty.

The second pair confined her ankles just as efficiently and as he went back to the cupboard and fetched a long length of chain, she tested her bonds, confirming that there was no way to slip her wrists from the cuffs.

Returning to her side, he told her to bend her knees and bring her ankles up towards her wrists and when she obeyed, used a large, heavy padlock to connect the pairs of cuffs together, hogtying her into almost total immobility.

There was no point in her trying to resist as he fitted a plain steel ring around her throat and when he tensioned the chain from this to her cuffed limbs, she was forced to arch her head back, any attempt to relax her neck muscles, or even wriggle, causing the collar to tighten.

And when he carefully lifted her onto her knees and spread her thighs, her entire body from neck to crotch was displayed to his eyes, her breasts and sex hopelessly vulnerable and available for whatever he cared to do to her.

Her eyes widened as he went to the cupboard and returned with a large black vibrator,

"Uh, you don't…don't really need that," she told him shyly, "I'm pretty..uh..wet already……"

"I know," he replied, smiling, "But this is my game, remember, so unless you'd like me to gag you, I suggest you keep quiet. OK?"

She looked at him for a long moment, wondering if he would, then shrugged, "OK. I won't say another word."

"Good," he said calmly, "It's better if you obey by your own choice."

It didn't seem to her that she actually had much choice, but she let it pass, suspecting that if she argued, it would simply give him an excuse to gag her.

He pressed the switch and the vibrator buzzed softly as he brought it towards her parted sex, "I reckon three more climaxes should just about be right to get us both in the mood to party ..."

Her belly fluttered uncontrollably as she gasped in alarm, knowing she was powerless to stop him.

He chuckled, "Game on, babe," and as he held the vibrator to her clitoris, her head arched further back, mouth opening in a silent scream as the oscillations sent devastating arousal racing through her to trigger a huge orgasm.

And as her juices exploded into her belly, he gazed down into her eyes, "One down and two to go, babe. So let's see what happens when I switch this thing to maximum."

After the last of the three extremely large and powerful climaxes he had promised her, she was bathed in sweat, panting, gasping and shuddering to the immense convulsions racking her belly, her sex and thighs stained with the juices of her uncontrollable surrenders to the merciless vibrator he had used on her so skillfully.

Her cool self-possession had long since vanished, consumed in the fires of her enforced need and although she pleaded with him to have pity on her, to come to her and take her fully, he simply grinned down at her and refused, reminding her that she had assured him that she would play by his rules and had known what she was doing.

She tried to argue, explaining that she hadn't realised he would be so demanding and hard on her, but when he shrugged and told her that it was a bit late to change her mind and that she had the choice of either remaining silent voluntarily, or being gagged, she knew that he was not joking and that if she persisted, he would do exactly what he said.

In subdued silence, she put on the leather corset he selected for her after releasing her from her steel cuffs and when he tightened it to his satisfaction ... and rather more than hers ... let him escort her to a second room at the rear of the house.

Where, with a wolfish smile, he politely invited her to take her place on the device that awaited her.

It was obvious to her that the thick steel poles of the frame were designed to display her in a stretched, held-open position similar to a mediaeval rack and for a moment, she wondered how he would respond if she flatly refused to let him secure her to it.

But on the other hand, if she agreed, she would be ideally secured for him to take her and although he had demonstrated almost superhuman control not to have taken advantage of her body already, she couldn't believe he would be able to carry on resisting her and denying her what she craved when she was so helplessly offered and available.

He had to be turned-on by her obedience and acceptance of his bondage and after a lightning glance at the bulging crotch of his tight leather jeans, she saw that she was right and that he wanted her just as much as she wanted him.

Without further hesitation, she eased herself down onto her back on the frame and placed her arms and legs against the cool poles, letting her thighs part and extending her arms up and back behind her head.

With a deftness that told of much practise, he quickly fitted fingerless mittens on her hands and attached them to the pulley system at the head of the frame, then buckled her ankles into leather cuffs at the other end and tightened leather straps at her waist and throat.

And when he used the pulleys to stretch her to a point just short of serious discomfort, she was unable to move a single inch, her entire body drawn out to its maximum extension and completely immobilised.

Still highly aroused from her submissions to the vibrator, she whimpered in need, clenching her jaw to stop herself screaming for him to take her as he ducked under the poles that held her legs wide and stood gazing down at the wet, inviting cleft of her gaping sex.

Then he chuckled, "Party time, babe. But I still don't want to hear a peep out of you," and she heard the sound of his zipper being pulled down.

Clearly relishing his absolute power over her, he made her wait just a few seconds longer, then lunged forward, his thick, iron-hard erection spearing deep into her body in one irresistible thrust, impaling her and driving to the core of her seething belly.

For a split-second, she froze, then a shrill squeal of ecstatic surrender burst from her and her belly convulsed wildly to release floods of her hot juices over his embedded shaft as his ruthless penetration of her triggered a gigantic orgasm.

She couldn't move ... couldn't even arch her hips up to meet him…and as he grinned down into her frantic eyes and began to take her with long, fast plunges of his hips, her passion intensified and her belly pulsed again and again, each immense contraction spewing still more juices into the boiling cauldron of her lust as he ravaged her without mercy.

Helplessly bound and utterly defenceless, she could only submit to his overwhelming masculine power and as he neared his peak, she panted and gasped as his thrusts grew stronger and harder, until with a hoarse groan, his shaft jerked and twitched deep inside her and hot jets of his spend hosed into her belly, wringing a final, devastating orgasm from her to set the seal on her ultimate capitulation.

But that had been more than two hours before and she was still strapped to the frame, waiting for him to return and release her.

He had told her that he was going to make them both dinner and she had assumed he would free her.

But he hadn't, simply telling her that he'd find her something suitable to wear when they ate. And then he'd left her.

At first, she'd been annoyed, but now she was just hungry.

He'd better be as good a cook as he was a lover ...

Stained with a mixture of sweat and the sticky juices of her climaxes, she had really needed a shower, but before he agreed to her request, he had made her promise to wear the new restraints he had selected for her when she had cleaned up.

This time, the corset was bright red, but just as tight as the black one and did an excellent job of showing off her figure.

The locked steel cuffs and spreader-bars were equally efficient, holding her wrists and ankles apart, but permitting her to sit down and move around as long as she was careful. It would have been a lot easier if he'd fastened her wrists in front rather than behind her back, but that was too much to hope for and she was happy to have even limited freedom after the hours she'd spent in the frame.

And the dinner was delicious ... even if she did have to submit to the indignity of having it fed to her piece by piece after he connected her spreader-bars with a short piece of chain led under the seat of her chair ....

He gave her wine in the same way, holding a glass to her lips between each mouthful of food and by the time the meal was over and the second bottle emptied, she was so relaxed that she just shrugged when he told her that she wouldn't actually be spending the night in his bed.

"You don't seem surprised, babe," he asked curiously, "How come? I thought you might want to party some more."

"Oh, I do," she assured him calmly, "And I'm sure we will. But you love tying me up and we both know that I love being tied up and helpless, so I was pretty sure you wouldn't just let me go."

He grinned a trifle ruefully and rubbed his chin, "Hmm. Seems you know me pretty well, babe," he replied, "You're quite right. Do you mind?"

"Do I have a choice?" she countered, tugging gently at the cuffs on her wrists, "And anyway, I agreed to play your game, with your rules, didn't I? So I guess I'll have to see it through."

"I guess you will," he said cheerfully, "OK, then, it's time for bed, babe. Well it is for me, but I made other arrangements for you while you were taking your shower."

"Is that so?" she eyed him cautiously, "And what arrangements might they be, if I'm allowed to ask?"

"Oh, you'll find out soon enough," he told her airily, "Just a little idea I had to keep you out of mischief while I regain my strength."

And that was all he would say while he disconnected the short chain and led her away.

His "little idea" utilised the same thick poles that had formed the base of the stretching-frame she had already experienced, but rotated ninety degrees and with the long arms and pulley system removed.

What was left was a rectangular cage, some four feet high and two-and-a-half feet wide and deep, with one end hinged open to make a door.

Uncuffing her wrists, he smiled, "In you go, babe," and as she hesitated, thinking that it was going to be a long night, added "Problem, is there?"

"No, I guess not," she said resignedly, "Not for you, anyway," and as he chuckled, she dropped to her knees and shuffled forward into her temporary prison, inching forward until her shoulders met the front poles and her head and neck protruded through the bars.

"Let me have your hands, please," he requested and when she complied, re-secured her wrists to the spreader-bar and then bolted the centre of the bar itself to the outside of one of the vertical poles of her cage.

With her arms held apart and rigidly fastened, he moved behind her and closed the cage door, carefully positioning her feet with her insteps hooked over one of the horizontal bars, before clipping a chain to the central bar above her and leading it down under the spreader-bar linking her ankles and through between her parted thighs.

She shivered and gave a gasp of alarm, raising her hips as far as possible as cool links of steel slipped into the deep cleft between her buttocks and bisected the soft, moist folds of her labia, but as he tensioned the chain until it was again nestled firmly into her sex and clipped it in place, her eyes widened to the realisation that any movement on her part would cause the chain to slide back and forth and any relaxation of her leg muscles would cause it to sink deeper into her body.

After only a few seconds she could already feel the strain of keeping her hips high and when her muscles tired, as they inevitably must, she knew she wouldn't be able to stop it happening or prevent the arousal that would be bound to follow ...

She knew she would come and as she visualised herself being forced to submit over and over as the frenzied gyrations of each climax set off the fuse to the next as she writhed against the chain, her belly swirled and quivered with fierce heat to the thought that while she was enduring the torment and ecstasy of the ingenious plight he had inflicted on her, he would be fast asleep in the comfort of his own bed.

Probably dreaming of even more humiliating and demanding ways of subjugating her ... Hopelessly distracted by her own fevered imaginings and the turmoil in her belly, she didn't even notice the steel collar until it was around her neck and he was padlocking it to the bar under her chin.

Even if she had, there was nothing she could have done about it and as he stepped back and grinned down at her, she summoned up a wry smile, "Well, I guess you can sleep safe in your bed tonight. There's not much danger of me creeping up on you and ravishing you, is there?"

He laughed, enjoying her spirit, "No, babe. Not much. In any case, I suspect you may have other things on your mind tonight. Or you will if that chain between your legs works the way it's supposed to."

She blushed and dropped her eyes, unwilling to admit that it already was and that she could feel her first climax building inexorably.

He laughed again, interpreting her response accurately, "I see it is, then. Good. I'm off to bed now, so enjoy yourself, babe and I'll see you in the morning, bright and early. I've got another busy day planned for you. Starting with a little oral fun, because seeing as how your mouth got you into this in the first place, it's about time it did some of the work, don't you think?"

Before she could think of a suitable reply, he turned and strode out and as the door closed behind him, she nibbled on her lower lip, her mind racing as she tried to imagine what he had in mind for the following day…after he had used her mouth for his pleasure ...

Until her legs tired and the chain began its insidious, tireless and completely irresistible work ... more than fulfilling his expectations and her fears as she was sent hurtling into a shattering orgasm, its massive power and depth made even more devastating by the stunning revelation that she had been horrifyingly correct.

For even as her belly convulsed and a torrent of hot juices erupted into her sex and over the chain as she came, the friction of her labia and clitoris against the steel links sent renewed jolts of overwhelming arousal raging through her body, adding a savage upward twist to the spiral of her enforced passion and speeding her on her way to a second climax.

And a third…and a fourth ... and still more ... until her drained, exhausted, shuddering body could give no more ...

He came to release her at two in the morning, releasing all of her bonds and lifting her into his strong arms, where, even before he had carried her to his bedroom and gently laying her down, she was fast asleep.

And there she remained for eight hours, until her eyes finally opened, to see him gazing fondly down at her.

"Good morning, my little sleepyhead," he greeted her, "How do you feel?"

She stretched carefully, then smiled, "A few small aches," she replied, "Nothing serious. And apart from that, I feel wonderful. Which is pretty amazing after what you put me through yesterday."

"Oh no, you don't," he retorted, grinning, "I'm not falling for your innocent act. You enjoyed every second of it just as much as I did, so don't try and con me with those big brown eyes."

"Well ... you were pretty tough on me," she began, then seeing that he wasn't taken in, gave a shrug and a chuckle, "Oh all right then. Yes, I admit it. I loved it all, you brute. Even when you nearly drove me mad with that damn' vibrator. And as for that chain between my legs while I was in the cage ... Do you have any idea how many climaxes I had, because I sure as Hell don't ...?"

He bent quickly and stopped her flow of words with a hard kiss, crushing her lips under his and probing her mouth with his tongue until she responded and gasped for breath through flaring nostrils.

Releasing her at last, her gripped both of her wrists in one hand and pinned them above her head, then pulled the sheet down to reveal her breasts and sent his fingers to her stiffly-erect nipples.

She squealed and writhed, but couldn't escape and as he toyed with the rigid buds, said, "See. I told you that mouth of yours would get you into trouble. So maybe you'd better use it to pay me back for all those climaxes you loved so much. Right?"

On the last word, he applied a sharp squeeze to her right nipple and as she yelped and winced, he let go of her wrists and lay back on the bed.

For an instant, her mouth opened as if she was going to argue, then she thought better of it and nodded silently.

With a sinuous twist of her body, she rolled onto her knees and lowered her head to his groin, her lips parting to envelop his partially-erect shaft and take him into her soft, warm mouth.

And as her busy tongue lapped at his flesh and her cheeks hollowed, she quickly sucked him to a powerful climax that sent his spend jetting into her throat as he groaned with the pleasure of her skilled efforts.

Lifting her head only after she had swallowed every drop, she grinned cheekily at him, "So, are we even now? Or do I have to go back in the cage until you get your strength back?"

"Would you like to?"

"That depends on what else you've got in mind. You told me you had plans for today and we're still playing by your rules, aren't we?"

He nodded, "Indeed we are, babe ..."

Which was how, an hour later, after breakfast, she came to be dressed in a gleaming suit of polished black rubber so tight that every curve and recess of her body was emphasised and displayed so perfectly that it was plainly evident she was completely naked beneath the glossy sheath.

Ankle-high ballet-boots with 8-inch heels arched her feet into a near-vertical line and gave her no option but to balance on her toes, while a combined posture-collar and hood kept her head and neck rigidly erect and covered everything except her eyes, nose and pony-tail, concealing the gag filling her mouth.

Behind her back, steel cuffs confined her wrists and elbows, chain linking these to the matching cuffs on her ankles and restricting her steps to barely more than a slow, careful shuffle.

Compressed by a black leather corset, her waist was a full four inches smaller than normal, highlighting the swelling curves of her breasts and hips and as she gazed in awed fascination at the erotic picture of helplessly restrained feminine sexuality she presented, her emotions see-sawed between thrilled delight at her appearance and horrified shame at the thought of being seen as the male fantasy sex-object she had become.

Time and again, she told herself that if she had only known what his plans for the day had been, she would never have allowed him to persuade her to wear the suit, or let him chain and gag her into mute submission.

But she had not known and by the time she learned her fate, it had been far too late. Obedient to his rules and seduced by the sight and feel and even the intoxicating scent of rubber, she had willingly…even eagerly…assisted him to seal her into the costume, not even objecting to the gag and chains that ignited a fire of arousal in her belly as she was bound.

His touch through the rubber sent ripples of excitement through her body and even though her feet and legs ached from the ballet-boots and the strain on her shoulders was distinctly uncomfortable, her throbbing nipples and the heat and moisture at her sex was more than adequate compensation.

Or so she thought, until he clipped a chain leash to her collar and told her what he intended ...

The motorcycle meet had moved on from the town where they had gathered the previous day and were now at a venue seventy miles down the road from the cabin.

And that was where he was going to take her, dressed exactly as she was, so that he could get together with fellow bike enthusiasts for a second day, swap gossip about bikes and life in general, sink a few cold beers, listen to the music and just enjoy the fun and the atmosphere.

She couldn't believe it ... couldn't believe that he was serious ... that he was going to let her be seen in her rubber suit and chains…that hundreds of people, mostly strangers ... would stare at her breasts and buttocks and sex without her being able to cover herself ... that everyone who saw her would automatically assume she was his willing slave and sex-toy and that even her female biker friends wouldn't dream of intervening to rescue her and would probably be secretly jealous ... that she would be completely helpless, not even able to scream or cry for help if something awful happened ... that she would be led around on a leash like a pet animal, with no way to refuse or even protest ... that she would be the centre of attention, the focus of every male eye, a living breathing sexual fantasy…that she would be the only woman in rubber bondage at the entire meet ... that somebody, probably dozens of people, would take photographs of her and ask questions and make comments that she would only be able to endure in silent humiliation…that she would be totally dependent on him for protection and any needs she might have and would have no choice but to obey him and do exactly what he ordered whether she wanted to or not ... and that he, with her leash in his hand, would revel in the notoriety and bask in the attention and compliments he would undoubtedly receive as her "owner" while she would only be able to watch and wait and pray that he wouldn't get carried away by the praise and decide to demonstrate his power and control over her by making her do something even more embarrassing.

Like making her climax in front of everyone ...

Because as she thought about the incredible public ordeal she was about to undergo, her belly swirled and burned with incandescent heat and her nipples thrust like acorns against the tight rubber of her suit and she knew that it would only take a touch of his hand to trigger the gigantic orgasm that hovered over her like an avalanche waiting to fall and engulf her.

And as the leash tightened and she was led, teetering on her enormous heels, out to where his bike waited to speed her down the road to her unavoidable fate, she shuddered and gasped to the searing need that permeated every atom of her body, hoping against hope that she could hold out through the hours of torment that lay ahead of her until she was once again alone with the man whose thrilling domination, inspired ingenuity and ruthless determination to explore and extend her limits of submission and sexual passion, brought her such excitement and ecstasy that she knew she could never love or share her life with anyone but him.

The man whose wedding ring glittered on the third finger of her left hand.

Her adored and adoring husband ...

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