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Staci's deep and long-held fascination with bondage, slavery and subjugation drove her to spend much of her free time surfing the Net for stories and images of women who had been enslaved; whether willingly or unwillingly, by powerful, ruthless men.

Although she realised that the vast majority were simply fantasies and in no way genuine, she couldn't help but wonder whether there might be at least a few real Masters out there. She assumed there must be and rather hoped there were, preferring to believe that her secret dreams and the delicious orgasms they brought her, might just have a basis in fact.

In the course of her browsing, she visited numerous BDSM chat-rooms, most of them populated by people who were simply playing at being dominant and submissive and she had several enjoyable on-line sessions, but never felt that she was in contact with a true Master. Until one evening, she got talking to someone who called himself Slave Owner ...

Unlike the other chat-room players, he didn't want to act-out fantasy scenes with her and told her that he wasn't interested in the usual pretend games, but was looking for a permanent, full-time slave who was willing to submit completely to him and become his property.

Staci was immediately intrigued by the concept of being owned and over several weeks of on-line chat, she became more and more attracted to the idea of meeting him and seeing if he really was as dominant and masterful as he seemed. She wanted to, but was put off by his insistence on a permanent relationship, not sure that she could make such a huge commitment when she knew so little about him. When she raised the possibility of a meeting, but qualified it with her concerns, he was very understanding, assuring her that he understood her natural anxiety and agreeing that he could not expect her to make her decision until after they had met and ensured mutual compatibility.

Relieved, Staci offered the four-day holiday weekend and the date was set. It was then that she learned that he lived over a thousand miles from her and must be rich, because he told her that he would arrange a chauffeured limousine to deliver her to the airport where his private plane would be waiting.

Everything went like clockwork and when she was driven to his beautiful house in the mountains, she was thrilled to find that he was only a few years older than her, rather fit and handsome ... and even more dominant than she had hoped. She was instantly physically attracted to him and in less than two hours, felt so at ease that she found herself agreeing to being bound by him, in the full knowledge that once she was helpless, her body would be his to enjoy as he pleased.

To her astonishment and secret delight, she found that he had a bondage dungeon under the house, but she couldn't hide her embarrassment when he showed her the steel shackles and heavy chains he intended to use on her and coolly ordered her to strip naked. When she hesitated, he reminded her that she had come to him as a potential slave and said that if she was having second thoughts, he would arrange for her to be taken home immediately and he would continue his search elsewhere.

Not wishing to disappoint him or herself by missing out on what promised to be an intensely erotic experience, she suppressed her doubts and for the first time in her life, allowed herself to be chained into captivity. With her wrists, forearms and elbows shackled behind her back and tight chains encircling her chest, waist, hips, buttocks, thighs and calves, she was in no position to resist when he fitted a one-piece manacle to her ankles and a wide steel collar around her neck, then bent her legs up and used a heavy chain to hogtie her.

Knowing that she was totally at his mercy, with absolutely no chance of escape, Staci opened her mouth as he brought a gag to her lips and as the thick leather rod sank deep between her jaws and bulged her cheeks, a giant wave of excitement and arousal set her trembling in her bonds.

It was an excitement that never wavered during the entire four days, for apart from brief periods when her hogtie and leg bondage were released for hygiene purposes and her gag for meals and water, Staci remained in her collar and chains the whole time, completely helpless and vulnerable to the incredible arousal his hands and lips imposed on her nude body for hours on end.

Forced to climax again and again, she tried everything she could to persuade him to take her and use her as fully as she desperately longed to be used, but even when her gag was taken out for the gourmet meals he hand-fed her, he would not be swayed by her heartfelt offers to serve him and as his iron self-control denied her the final satisfaction she craved and she was returned to mute impotence, her passionate desire to submit rose to unbearable heights.

Towards the end of her fourth day, as Staci moaned and shuddered at his feet in the throes of her latest immense orgasm, he gazed at her from the comfort of his chair and calmly presented her with his ultimatum. Either she offered herself to him as a full and permanent slave, without reservation, or he would free her and send her home, never to see him again. The choice was hers and although he desired her and was certain she had the potential to be a superbly pleasing slave that any Master would be proud to possess, she should remember that her submission, once freely offered and accepted, would never be revoked.

She would be a slave for the rest of her life, with no rights or freedom and subject always to the will and discipline of her Master, her body his to do with as he pleased. With her will-power and self-control disastrously weakened by her marathon ordeal of bondage and sexual surrender, Staci was in no condition to review her options with anything approaching the careful and thoughtful assessment that they deserved and as she nodded her immediate agreement even before he had finished speaking, he chuckled at her impetuousness and told her that although he was delighted that she was so eager to become his slave, he wanted to be quite sure that she understood what she was getting herself into.

He would leave her for one hour to think about it.

His consideration did not, however, extend as far as releasing her and as Staci remained hogtied and gagged in the dungeon and the fierce heat in her belly refused to cool, she found that she could not bear the thought of giving up the incredible, overwhelming pleasure she had discovered in his chains and at his mercy. Her enforced surrenders and staggeringly-powerful climaxes had far exceeded even her wildest fantasies and shown her a world that she had only ever dreamed of. A world where a slave's absolute submission to a Master was no game, but the daily reality of what her life would become if she accepted his terms. And Staci longed to enter that world more than she had ever wanted anything in her whole life.

So much so, that long before the allotted hour was up, her last decision as a free woman was already made.

Staci had lost all track of time and had no idea how long she had been the total and permanent slave of her wealthy and powerful Master. Immediately after accepting her offer of unconditional submission, he had moved quickly to erase all links to her former existence, sending a letter of resignation to her employer, cancelling the lease of her apartment, arranging to have all of her possessions collected and brought to his home, closing her bank account and notifying her few friends and acquaintances that she was moving abroad.

With those details taken care of and safe in the knowledge that as far as the outside world was concerned, Staci had simply vanished, leaving no trace behind, he was free to implement his plans for her. None of which envisaged her release, or any relaxation in the stringency of her bondage. In fact, as she soon discovered, her four-day introduction to the chains and manacles that he had delighted in using to secure her and which had presented and offered her as a helpless, immobilised sex-slave for his use, was only the mild precursor of his real objective.

Into one wall of the luxurious lounge of his large house, her Master had installed a secret room, carefully concealed behind a remotely controlled sliding panel and it was in this cell that Staci began her new life as a totally subjugated and defenceless captive. Released from her bonds only to have even heavier steel manacles bolted around her wrists and ankles, she was spread into a wide, inverted "Y" as motorised chains attached to her limbs pulled her back against the wall and was then incapable of resistance as a combined helmet and posture-collar of gleaming alloy was fitted over her head and throat and bolted in place, a thick internal rod-gag filling her mouth and stretching her lips.

Trapped in its tight confines, she was blind and mute, her frantic wails of protest emerging as no more than a low, unintelligible whine that would never be heard beyond the closed sliding panel.And then the motorised chains lifted her from the floor, stopping only when her body hung at the perfect height for her Master to penetrate her without needing to stoop.

Despite the helmet, Staci was hopelessly excited by her vulnerable plight, but when still more manacles tightened around her elbows, forearms, waist, knees and calves to share the weight of her body and take the strain off her wrists and she felt the vibrations of a powerful drill biting into the stone of the wall behind her, she realised with a thrill of horror that she was actually being bolted to the wall. Which meant that this was to be no brief, short-lived bondage episode, but an extended and at least semi-permanent arrangement.

A stunning development instantly confirmed when further bolts clamped her helmeted head and collared throat and chains encircled her upper chest and hips, removing all movement except the clawing of her fingers and curling of her toes. There was absolutely no free play in her manacles and chains and as Staci felt warm air currents play across her taut breasts, erect nipples and damp, fully-exposed sex, she quivered in helpless arousal, knowing that there was nothing she could do to prevent her Master from plundering every inch of her defenceless body with his fingers and lips and that when he tired of arousing her, or simply chose to exert his total power over her he only had to move forward a few inches to bury his shaft in her belly.

She couldn't refuse or resist, no matter what happened to her and with the helmet depriving her of sight, she would never know what he was about to do, or when, or where he might be planning to strike.

With her sense of touch heightened by the loss of her other senses, she knew she would respond uncontrollably to his fingers or lips, and when it dawned on her that she would be unable to tell for certain whether the panel was open or closed and that if it was open, she would be on show to whoever might happen to be in the lounge and that it might not even be her Master who aroused her or took her, but simply someone to whom he had offered the use of his slave, her belly kicked violently and a river of hot juices gushed from her sex.

Confirming her complete subjugation and irrevocable submission to the life of total and willing slavery that was her fate and her greatest, deepest, most fervent desire.

And so it was that Staci began her life-long service to her Master as an anonymous, rigidly restrained sex-object, her body spread wide and available at any moment of the day or night for his pleasure and amusement, her instantaneous and quite uncontrollable responses to his touch demonstrating the awesome power and depth of the submissive passion unleashed within her by her extreme helplessness and the knowledge that her freedom was gone forever.

Her taut breasts, erect nipples and ever-moist sex betrayed her need to the most casual glance and invited her usage and the maddened contractions of her multiple climaxes as his shaft drove deep into the seething, churning heat of her pulsing belly, provided the most exquisite pleasure to them both as he exerted his total Mastery over her to force ever-stronger and more intense slave-orgasms from her shuddering, quaking body.

Fed by a tube inserted through a reinforced hole in her rod-gag and slid down her frantically-working throat and with her wastes simply hosed away, she was never once released from her stringent bondage and as the full implications of what those actions meant for her future sank into her stunned mind, Staci's belly swirled and trembled with ferocious heat to the incredible realisation that there was no need for her ever to be released.

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