Inspired by a story seen in Fantasy of Gord magazine.


For more than three weeks, Ellie had been cemented into a wall on the sixth floor of a new office block under construction, her face and breasts protruding on one side and her buttocks jutting from the other ...


Her plight had come about as a result of her lack of experience in dealing with tough working men and her own over-confidence in thinking that just because she was the on-site construction manager, she could issue orders and impose her standards and demands without considering or taking into account their views and opinions.

She had pushed too hard and too far, provoking the men into an extreme reaction that she could never have imagined ...

Seized, stripped, gagged and bound into the revolving barrel of a cement-mixer, her sex and tight anal passage had become the targets of the men's anger and lust, her belly the hapless recipient of what felt like gallons of their hot spend as she was repeatedly taken and used by every one of the thirty-man work-crew.

Appalled and outraged by her callous treatment, she fought madly to resist, determined not to submit and shrieking muffled threats of revenge and punishment and imprisonment for them all when she was finally released ... but as she was forced into climax after unwanted climax and her belly convulsed with stunning power to send rivers of scalding juices flooding into her sex as her body responded helplessly to the iron-hard shafts ravaging her without mercy, her shrieks and struggles slowly changed to blatantly-erotic thrusts of her hips and soft, wordless whimpers of flaring need and acceptance as her passion overwhelmed her and drove out all thought of her shame and humiliation.

Driven far beyond any hope of self-control or modesty, Ellie sank into an inferno of sexual ecstasy and heat, able only to come again and again, her belly jerking and jolting with savage power as she was taken, her brain numb and only dimly comprehending that she no longer wished to resist or hold back the delirious pleasure of her absolute subjugation.

Until, exhausted and utterly drained, her mind and body could take no more and she fainted ....


When she awoke several hours later, it was to find herself entombed in the wall, her body totally immobilised in quick-setting concrete and her mouth filled with a huge lump of evil-tasting builder's putty held in place by wide strips of adhesive tape.

The building was silent and seemingly deserted and as Ellie realised what had been done to her, she fought madly to escape.

But with absolutely no success and as she remembered the incredible sexual fury that had been imposed upon her and realised that she was still totally at the mercy of her own work-crew and had become nothing more than a rigidly- presented and helplessly-offered sex-object for their continued use and enjoyment, her belly kicked with ferocious heat and her nipples throbbed painfully to the incredible eroticism of her humiliating plight.

Any of the men working on the site need only visit the floor to find her and as her mind visualised an endless succession of them strolling up behind her and casually plundering her exposed and shamefully-inviting sex and anus, she couldn't hold back the shattering orgasm that exploded through her belly at the thought of being used with absolutely no way of resisting, or even knowing who was taking her.

And as she whimpered to the shocking power of her submission, a deep chuckle of satisfaction reached her ears ...

Her eyes bulged in disbelief and horrified shame as a man walked around from behind her and as she recognised the figure of her site foreman, Bert, her orgasm intensified as he grinned at her.

"Hiya, boss. Having fun, are you?"

She couldn't even shake her head as he chuckled again and when he reached out to roll her nipples between his calloused thumbs and fingers, she squealed in frantic arousal and need as a renewed flood of her juices burst into her sex.

"Hmm. I guess you are," he said, "Me and the guys never realised what a hot little piece you were until we saw you this afternoon. Now, if only you'd told us what you liked, instead of acting like a bossy bitch, we could all have had a bit of fun instead of teaching you that lesson. But there you go, babe, that's life, I guess. Anyway, here you are and you don't seem as mad as we thought you'd be, so if you promise not to report any of what happened today, we'll dig you out in the morning and put all this behind us. The guys are a bit sorry for what we did to you, even though you did deserve it for being such a bitch, but if you're willing to forgive and forget, so are we. What do you say?"

Ellie couldn't say anything until Bert peeled off the tape and pulled out the putty, then as he watched her, she worked her stiff jaws until she could speak again.

For long seconds, she was silent, then she blushed and nodded, "You're right, Bert," she conceded, "I was a bitch to you and the men and I probably did deserve what you all d-did to me," her blush deepened, "And-and I did like it. I liked it a lot. Not at first, because I was terrified and furious at you all. But later, when I was tied in the mixer and you all t-took me. That was just ... incredible. I've never come like that. Never. I couldn't stop and it was the most exciting, unbelievable thing that's ever happened to me."

Bert grinned again, "Yeah, we saw. None of us had ever seen anything like it, either. You sure are one hot woman, boss. So, you're not too mad, then? And you won't report us?"

Ellie shook her head, "No, I promise. Best if we keep it just between us, I think. After all, I certainly don't want it getting out and you guys don't want to go to jail, do you?"

"Ok, then," Bert said, clearly relieved, "It's a deal. I'll get the guys to dig you out tomorrow and we'll just keep it between ourselves. OK?"

Ellie hesitated, then said quietly, "Well, there is another option, Bert."

He frowned, "What do you mean?"

"You could just ... just leave me as I am."

"What? Leave you? In the wall?"

Ellie nodded firmly, "That's right. I could stay here for a while. You could bring my laptop up here and I could teach you how to send in the daily and weekly reports to keep Head Office happy. They never visit anyway, so nobody except us will even know."

"Hang on," Bert held up his hand, his face registering complete surprise,

"You want to be left in this wall? Why? What the Hell for?"

Ellie took a deep breath, "Look, Bert, I know it sounds crazy," she told him,

"But ... well ... like I said, what you and the guys did this afternoon was just amazing and ... and I loved it and really want more. So if you leave me as I am, you'd all be able to ... you know ... have me whenever you wanted. It'd be my way of sort of saying sorry for being so bitchy and ... and making it up to you and the lads."

Bert shook his head in disbelief, "Let me get this straight, boss. You want to stay there and let anybody screw you whenever they want?"

"Well, I won't be able to stop them, will I?" Ellie replied coolly, "The way you've got me fixed, I can't move a muscle and if I'm gagged as well, then I won't be able to say no, either."

Bert shrugged, "Well, OK. If you're sure it's what you want, I'm not going to argue with you. And I'm damn' sure none of the guys will. So, how long do you want us to keep you there, then?"

Ellie replied without thinking, "As long as you want, I suppose. I can't get free, so you could keep me here until the project's finished if you decided to."

"Hmm," Bert rubbed his chin thoughtfully, "That's a thought. We should be ready for the handover in about three months, I reckon. So if we left this floor 'til then, we could dig you out and repair the wall as the last job."

Ellie gasped, her eyes widening, "Hey, no. Wait. I didn't mean that. Please, Bert, you can't leave me here for three months ... "

He protest trailed off into shocked silence as the foreman chuckled softly, "Why not, boss? Like you said, nobody from Head office ever comes down here and as long as they get the reports, everybody's happy. The bosses, me, all the guys, everybody."

"But ... But ... What about me?" Ellie wailed.

"Well, I don't see that you've got all that much choice," Bert grinned, "And if you enjoyed this afternoon as much as you said, you ought to be happy, too. All the guys had a great time, so I'm sure you'll get plenty of attention to keep you occupied and interested. In fact, I'll work out a rota so everybody gets some time with you at least once a day. How's that?"

Ellie gaped at him and her breasts quivered as she realised that he was perfectly serious.

With thirty men in the work-crew, she faced the stunning possibility of being taken thirty or more times a day and as she realised that a normal ten-hour shift might mean her being taken and forced to climax every twenty minutes, her belly kicked violently.

Bert was still thinking and she moaned in anguish as he began to tick points off on his fingers, "Of course, you'll need food and water," he said, "We can take turns to bring that in. And cleaning up, of course. We'll take turns there, too, that's only fair. A coat of whitewash for your face and ass to blend you into the wall so nobody spots you from outside. And some sort of gag that tastes better than that putty, don't you think? So, what else? Oh yeah. Your apartment. I'll give notice for you and we'll put your stuff in one of the site stores for the duration. OK? Anything else you can think of, boss?"

Ellie tried to get her brain back under some sort of control as it reeled and whirled to thoughts and mental images of the three months of immobilised captivity and sexual subjugation ahead of her, but the task was beyond her power and she could only stammer, "W-Weekends. What about the w-weekends?"

Bert smiled, "Hey, come on, boss. Give us a break. We're only human, you know and after a hard week of working and screwing you, the guys'll need a rest. But don't worry, I've got an idea about that. I'll show you later and anyway, I'll drop in a couple of times a day to feed you and give you a drink. It'll be fine. Trust me."


A small part of Ellie's mind was clear enough to suspect that trusting Bert was the last thing she ought to do, but by far the larger piece was numbed by the devastating realisation that he actually meant to go through with keeping her concreted into the wall as a helpless sex-toy until the construction work was completed.

And that knowledge, coupled with her total inability to prevent him carrying out his plan, intensified the turmoil in her belly yet again.

She had no choice and as she was forced to accept her fate, Ellie trembled in ferocious arousal and gazed pleadingly up at Bert's smiling face, "Please, Bert," she begged huskily, "Take me now. I ... I ... need a climax and I want you to screw me as hard as you can. Please, Bert, I ... I'm desperate."

"I can see that," he said casually, "And I know just how to give you what you want. But I want something from you first."

Ellie didn't understand ... until Bert moved closer and it dawned on her that she had been positioned inside the wall in such a way that her face was just about level with his crotch ...

And when he unzipped his jeans and freed his large, semi-erect maleness, she gulped in dismay, knowing what he wanted from her.

"Uh, I don't really like doing th-that," she told him nervously, "So if you wouldn't mind ..."

Her request ended in a breathy gasp as Bert reached down and captured her nipples, squeezing them both hard enough to send a jolt of pain shooting through her breasts.

"Ah, but I do mind, boss," he told her flatly, "This is what I want and you're going to give it to me, because that's the only way you'll get what you want. So I suggest you get busy using that mouth for something other than bending my ear."

Ellie hesitated, struggling to think of a way to persuade him not to make her do it, but as he squeezed her nipples a second time, she yelped and reluctantly let her lips part.

Immediately, Bert shuffled forward and as his thick shaft pushed into her mouth, her lips stretched into a wide "O" to encompass his rapidly hardening flesh.

With her head almost completely encased in concrete, she couldn't pull back and as he inched towards her until the full length of his erection was buried in her mouth, Ellie spluttered in panic and her nostrils flared to suck in air.

"Too much for you, eh, babe," Bert chuckled cruelly, withdrawing just enough to avoid choking her, "That's OK. You'll have plenty of chances to practise from now on and by the time me and the guys dig you out of that wall, you'll be a real expert and able to take any of us all the way in."

Her muffled squeal brought another chuckle from him and as he began a slow, rhythmic pumping of his hips, she was forced to coordinate her breathing to the timing of his thrusts in order not to suffocate.

To her alarm, his shaft quickly grew even larger and harder, bulging her cheeks and as his thrusts speeded up, Ellie whimpered and panted, knowing that he was nearing his climax.

Bert stiffened and gave a deep groan of pleasure and as his erection pulsed hugely, a flood of his hot seed sprayed into her mouth and down her throat, giving Ellie no option but to swallow and gulp down every last drop.

It was a dreadfully humiliating experience for Ellie, but there was absolutely nothing she could do and as she imagined being used in the same way by any member of the work-crew who fancied a change from plundering her sex or anus, she couldn't control the wild churning of her belly or the betraying throbbing of her stone-hard nipples as her body responded with raw sexual excitement to her thoughts.

"I thought you said you didn't like oral sex," Bert said cheerfully as he pulled his limp shaft from her mouth and grinned down into her sweat-damp face, "I think you were trying to con me, babe. You enjoyed that as much as I did."

"No ... No, I didn't," Ellie protested feebly, her cheeks reddening, "Really, I didn't, Bert."

"Well, you could have fooled me," he retorted, "Still, it doesn't matter now, does it? I expect you'll get to like it eventually," he paused, then added slyly, "I reckon you'd better try, anyway, because a lot of guys love it and they might just decide to ... encourage you if you don't get real good, real fast."

"Wh-What do you mean?" Ellie asked anxiously, "What do you think they'd do to me?"

Bert shrugged, "Some guys enjoy reddening a woman's ass ... and yours, sticking out of that wall, is a pretty tempting target."

Ellie's jaw dropped as the implications of his words sank into her brain,

"You w-wouldn't," she gasped, "I w-won't let you."

"Oh, I wouldn't do it, babe," he replied, his wide grin belying the denial,

"Not unless you were being a real pain. I'm just saying that some guys might."

"Now, just you wait a second, Bert," Ellie tried to inject authority into her voice, "I'm telling you I absolutely forbid you or anyone else to even consider doing something like that to me. It's out of the question and I will not permit it under any circumstances. Right?"

Bert nodded, still grinning, "If you say so, boss," he agreed, "But it seems to me that you're not in much of a position to give orders at the moment, are you? In fact, if I was to take one of those lengths of flex and use it to whip your ass, there wouldn't be a whole lot you could do to stop me. Would there?"

Ellie followed the direction of his eyes and as she saw the reels of plastic-coated electrical cable hanging from a joist, her own eyes bulged in horror. All over the building there were hundreds of cables, miles of it, in dozens of different weights and thicknesses and as she realised that he was right and that all he had to do was walk a couple of paces to find an improvised whip, a chill of fear rippled through her body.

And as Bert saw the gleam of fright in her eyes, he chuckled in amusement,

"Yeah, I thought that would get to you," he said calmly, "But you can relax. I'm not going to whip you. Not tonight, after you've been so ... cooperative. Mind you, that's not to say I might not change my mind tomorrow. Or next week. Or next month. So it's up to you. If you're a good girl and keep everyone happy, then your ass might never have to suffer. But if you don't ... .well, that'll be your problem, won't it?"

Ellie knew he wasn't joking and that it would be the height of folly to try to argue or make demands she couldn't possibly enforce.

By suggesting to him that she should be left concreted into the wall, she had given up all control over what happened to her and unwise or not, she was going to have to live with the consequences of that decision.

She took a deep breath, "Yes, Bert," she said humbly, "I do understand and I'll really try to keep you all happy."

"Mmm. I reckon you will, babe," he agreed, then checked his watch, "It's getting late. Time I was off home, so I'll say goodnight and see you in the morning. Sweet dreams, babe."

"Uh, Bert?" she asked quietly, "You are going to let me have that climax, aren't you? I have been very good."

He gazed down at her for a few seconds, then chuckled, "You are one randy little slut, babe. I guess this afternoon wasn't enough for you. Yeah, OK, a deal's a deal, but you've just about finished me off, so I'll rig up that idea I told you about on my way out. If it works the way I think it will, it should be enough even for you."

Ellie licked her lips nervously, tasting the salt of his juices, "This idea, Bert?" she said, "What is it? I ... I thought you'd...well ... just take me and make me come."

"You'll just have to wait and see, won't you," Bert replied, his cheerfully-evasive answer doing nothing to calm Ellie's worries, "But I'll tell you one thing, babe. You are definitely going to come ..."

Her eyes grew round at his words, her brain racing with a hundred questions ... .but as he waved a hand and said, "See you later," she realised that she wasn't going to get any answers until she found out what his "idea" was ... .the hard way ...

She was obviously going to have to put up with it, whatever it was and as she surrendered to the inevitable and accepted his power to do anything he chose to her, her belly burned and seethed in anticipation.

Resigned to her fate, she called out his name and when he turned, said,

"Haven't you forgotten something?"

He frowned and she gave a wan smile, "The gag, Bert. You don't want me screaming the place down when I c-come, do you?"

He retraced his steps and as the massive ball of putty was pushed and kneaded and wadded back into her mouth until her cheeks bulged and her tongue was pinned, Ellie quivered in fierce need, her last freedom taken from her.

With numerous strips of adhesive tape holding the gag in place, she could hardly make a sound, her loudest efforts producing only a low whine that could certainly not be heard from more than ten feet away and as Bert nodded in satisfaction and walked away without a word or a backward glance, she was left to endure her solitary captivity as best she might.

For several minutes, she could hear movement and unrecognisable scraping and dragging sounds from the far side of her wall, but there was no way for her to work out what Bert was doing and she could only wait in growing apprehension and helpless arousal for his "idea" to be inflicted on her.

Until, to her horrified shame, she felt cold, hard metal slide into her gaping, slickly-lubricated sex and penetrate deep into her belly ...

Squealing into her gag, she clenched her buttocks in frantic efforts to expel the intruder, but it was quite impossible and she froze in shocked disbelief as a second, smaller metal rod forced its way past the tight ring of her anal muscle to join its companion in the depths of her body.

Like the first, it too could not be ejected no matter how hard she tried and as she struggled to come to terms with the ruthless double violation of her most-intimate recesses, a dreadful possibility crashed into her spinning brain.

Compressor-driven, air-powered concrete compactors were used to vibrate newly-laid cement in order to speed the setting process, the one-inch and two-inch solid rods inserted into the material and switched on to oscillate hundreds of times per minute to drive out air bubbles and collapse any voids and cavities.

If Bert had plugged her with those ... .and Ellie was appalling sure that he had ... .they were industrial strength units and vastly, frighteningly more powerful than any toy vibrator sold in sex-shops.

And not reliant on batteries that would quickly run down and lose power.

As if to confirm her nightmare suspicions, a diesel engine coughed several times, then caught and settled to a low rumble and as Ellie screamed in wild despair, pressurised air was sent hissing along the lines to the sixth floor ... .and the mindless, tireless, merciless devices securely embedded in her sex and bottom ...

Utterly defenceless and hopelessly vulnerable, she was sent hurtling into a first gigantic orgasm as the rods vibrated and rattled at high speed, bumping against each other through the delicate tissues separating them and sending irresistible, near-unbearable pulses of sexual arousal jolting through her pounding belly as she came in seconds and foaming waves of her juices poured down over the devices.

Squealing in ecstatic rapture, Ellie could not move to alleviate the enormous power of her climax and as she was forced to endure the titanic convulsions tearing through her belly, her eyes bulged in anguished disbelief at the frightening intensity of the sexual passions unleashed within her captive, immobilised body.

Even her multiple surrenders to the work-crew could not compare to the inferno of pure physical lust imposed on her by the twin rods vibrating within her and as she submitted totally to the overwhelming assault on her mind and body and senses, she had no chance to consider that the devastating pleasure she was experiencing was not hers by choice ... although she had wanted to come ... but because Bert had decided to permit her to come.

And could just as easily have denied her the release she longed for.

But Ellie didn't think of that.

Not then and not for the rest of her long, exhausting night, because unknown to her, Bert had filled the fuel tank of the diesel engine and it operated the rods continuously, driving Ellie into orgasm after orgasm, allowing her no rest and no relief from the incredible, unstoppable sexual havoc created in her body ....and the equally-powerful, but far less obvious conditioning of her mind to accept the helplessness and total submission that accompanied it ...


When Bert returned to the floor at two in the morning to check on her, Ellie had already endured nearly seven hours of the most extreme sexual torment and subjugation, but to his astonishment, the flexing and jiggling of her projecting bottom showed quite clearly that she was still being forced to respond helplessly to the ruthless arousal of the devices he had inserted into her body.

The large wet patch on the floor directly beneath her proved just how often and how powerfully she had submitted and as he saw a fresh trickle of her juices ooze from her sex and splash into the pool, he began to realise that her apparently-limitless ability to climax presented him with an opportunity he had never even considered.

The opportunity to extend her captivity and sexual servitude far beyond the months that it would take to complete the building ... .

Her extraordinary reaction to the events of the afternoon and to finding herself built into the wall, hinted at a deeply submissive side to her nature ... .and her lack of protest at being made to provide him with oral sex and her almost immediate acceptance that she might be whipped for failing to please anyone who wanted to use her, supplied strong confirmation of his suspicions.

And if she had changed so much in the few hours since he and the rest of the work-crew had decided to show her that she couldn't get away with being such a hard-nosed bitch, then by the time the building was ready and she was finally dug out of the wall, Bert reckoned that those changes would have become irreversible.

Which would mean that if he made it his business to ensure that she merely exchanged one form of captivity for another, then he would acquire a permanent, life-long sex-slave to serve and fulfil his every desire ... ... ... ...

Hugely aroused by the prospect, his maleness demanded satisfaction and as he tore down his jeans, pulled the still-vibrating steel rod from her sex and impaled her with one massive plunge of his rigid shaft, a muffled scream of ecstatic anguish leaked past the gag in Ellie's mouth as she greeted her own violation with frenzied contractions of her internal muscles that betrayed the intensity of her passion.

Bathed in the flood of hot juices that instantly sprayed into her belly, Bert thrust with his full strength, pounding into her sex again and again as he took her with hard, fast lunges, exerting his power over her and giving her no choice but to accept his complete dominance as he raced towards his climax.

In return, Ellie's belly convulsed madly as the combination of his shaft and the second vibrating rod in her anus triggered a second and then a third orgasm, each more devastating than the one before, her screams rising to a high-pitched shriek as enormous spasms tore through her trapped body and her juices burst like a tidal-wave into her belly.

At his peak, Bert's shaft juddered and pulsed and as she felt the jets of his seed hose into her, Ellie screamed again, her submission absolute and undeniable as she came and came again to the shattering pleasure of her enforced subjugation to an assailant she could neither see, nor resist.

Just as she could not resist some minutes later, when to her disbelieving horror and despair, the larger rod was thrust back into her sex and she was again left to her torment.

Never knowing that the action was a calculated one, planned and carried out by Bert to reinforce her sense of helplessness and loss of control and intensify her submissive tendencies still further, with the objective of undermining her will and ability to resist and bringing her one step nearer to what had suddenly and unexpectedly become his ultimate goal.

That of transforming her from his boss, into his docile and obedient sex-slave ...


Bert's revelation that Ellie had volunteered to remain concreted into the wall to provide a convenient and freely available outlet for the sexual entertainment of the entire work-crew, was met with a mixture of amazement, confusion and delight.

Some men didn't believe he was serious, some were worried about the consequences if her plight became public knowledge, while others wanted to assure themselves that she really was willing and wouldn't have them arrested the instant she was released.

The best way to answer their concerns was to have Ellie repeat her offer face-to-face, so the whole crew made their way up to the sixth floor and gathered in a semi-circle in front of her.

Gagged and with her naked breasts exposed to thirty pairs of eyes, Ellie blushed a bright red, acutely aware that every one of the men had already taken her at least once and to judge by the expressions of naked lust on most of their faces, were more than ready to have her again.

Knowing that she was the object of so many men's sexual fantasies was intensely exciting to Ellie and although she tried to pretend to herself that the scorching heat swirling through her belly was not the result of her own deeply-embarrassing desire for the erotic subjugation and total submission they had forced on her, she knew it was a lie.

Bound, gagged and at their mercy, her orgasms had been immensely more powerful than any she had ever experienced, sending her spinning into a world she had never known existed, where her body was no longer hers to control and she was simply a living, breathing sex-toy to be used whenever and however they chose.

And it had rewarded her beyond her wildest dreams with the most incredible, overwhelming, utterly-satisfying sexual pleasure.

Pleasure that had awoken strange and unexpected longings in her.

For instead of producing hatred, loathing and thoughts of revenge for what had been done to her, Ellie knew that the opposite was true and that she wanted and needed more ...

Awakening to find herself built into the wall had been a stunning shock, but even before Bert had confronted her, she had climaxed to the deliciously frightening eroticism of her situation and when he had casually fondled her breasts and demonstrated just how vulnerable and defenceless she was, she had realised that she could have what she wanted ...

Only she hadn't anticipated that Bert would not only accept her offer quite so enthusiastically, but decide to leave her imprisoned and available for any of the men to use until the building was finished.

After that, it was too late for her to change her mind ... or to stop him ravaging her mouth and then subjecting her to an entire night of exquisite torment by the relentless vibrators.

At least he had switched them off and removed them before the rest of the men had arrived for work, but only after telling her how much he had enjoyed seeing her come with them inside her and then taking her while one was still buried in her anus.

She had understood then that her ordeal would be repeated as often as he chose and as her belly had kicked strongly, she had gasped to the knowledge that she was already looking forward to it, rather than fearing it.

Faced by the whole work-crew, Ellie gulped as Bert walked towards her, then squatted and began to remove her gag.

For a horrible moment, she thought he was going to make her pleasure him with her mouth again in front of them all, but to her relief, he smiled and said, "Hi, boss. How're you doing this morning?"

"I'm f-fine," she replied nervously, "What's g-going on, Bert? Why is everyone here?"

"Relax, babe. There's nothing to worry about. It's just that a few of the guys didn't seem to believe me when I told them how you'd offered to stay in that wall. So I suggested they come up and hear for themselves. So why don't you tell them what you told me?"

Ellie's eyes flickered along the half-circle of men in front of her and she licked her dry lips, "Uh ... Well ... Yes ... Um ... Well, I did say that ... " she began, then stopped in embarrassment.

"Go on, babe," Bert urged, "No need to be shy. We're all friends here, aren't we? After yesterday, real good friends, wouldn't you say?"

Ellie sucked in a deep breath and started again, her flush deepening to a vivid scarlet, "O-OK, Bert," she said slowly, "Well, yesterday I was furious, you know. Mad as Hell over what you guys d-did to me. But then Bert told me you were all sorry and what a b-bitch I'd been for the last few weeks. And I realised he was right, so I just thought that m-maybe I could m-make it up to you."

"That's right," Bert nodded enthusiastically, "And you told me you really liked what we did yesterday, too, didn't you? Tying you in the cement mixer and screwing you?"

Ellie closed her eyes in shame, "Yes," she whispered, "It was just ... unbelievable ... and I th-thought that if all you guys en-enjoyed it as much as I did, th-then I'd stay here like th-this for a while and let you h-have me as ... as often as you w-wanted."

When she stopped speaking, there was a dead silence for several seconds as the men tried to digest her words.

Then pandemonium broke out, some men whooping and cheering and stamping their boots, while others, a minority, shouted and argued.

"What if she goes to the Police?"

"Why would she? She just said she wants this."

"We'll all be fired if Head Office finds out."

"How will they? None of us will tell them, will we? And she sure can't."

"We can't keep her like that."

"The Hell we can't."

"I want her right now."

"Me too."

"And me."

"You're crazy. We'll go to jail."

"No we won't. We all heard her say she likes what we did to her."

Ellie gasped and shuddered as the dispute raged, her brain racing and her belly seething with blistering heat to the knowledge that she had revealed her innermost desires to the crew and that if the majority who wanted to accept her offer won the day, then what she had already endured would be only the beginning ...

Gradually, Bert managed to quell the tumult, then turned back to Ellie, "OK, babe," he said, "Looks like we've still got some doubters. So let's get this straight, once and for all. Are you willing to be left in that wall just as you are, for any of us to screw you and do anything we like to you? Yes or no?"

Ellie knew it was her chance ... her last chance for a long time ... to get out of the situation and return to normality.

But after experiencing the incredible power and depth of the earth-shattering climaxes she had been forced to endure as their helpless captive, she didn't want to go back to the boredom and frustrations of her everyday routine.

At least, not right away.

She opened her mouth and felt a spray of juices burst from her sex as she gave her answer, "Y ... Yes, I am."

"Right," Bert replied, "That's clear enough and we all heard you. Just one more thing. No Police, right?"

"No Police," Ellie agreed, fighting to keep her voice from shaking, "This is what I w-want and it's my ch-choice and my responsibility."

"Good," Bert said flatly, "Then it's settled. You stay where you are," and with a swift movement, crammed the ball of putty back into her mouth and re-applied the sticky tape.

Ignoring her muffled protest, he stood up and faced the rest of the work-crew, "Now listen up," he ordered, "You all heard her say that we're only giving her what she wants and that it's not against her will, so I don't want any more arguments. We're all in this together. She stays in the wall until construction's finished and then we dig her out. That should take about three months and until then, I'm taking over as site boss. Anybody want to object?"

Nobody moved or opened their mouth and Bert nodded firmly, "OK, then. This is what I've worked out," and he listed his rotas of who would take turns to give Ellie food and water and clean her up and dispose of her natural wastes.

Then he singled out the painters, "I want you to give her face and ass a coat of whitewash," he chuckled, "That way she'll blend in and be pretty much invisible if some nosey parker with a pair of binoculars wonders why this floor gets so many visits. And you guys," he pointed to the welding team, "That putty in her mouth tastes real bad, so see if you can come up with something better. Stainless steel, maybe, but you're the experts. I'll leave it to you," he paused and grinned, "Oh, by the way, it'd be best if you made something that keeps her quiet, but holds her mouth open real wide. She told me last night that she just loves giving oral and we might as well make use of everything she's got to offer, if you get my drift."

The laughter that followed made it perfectly clear that everybody did and as Ellie realised that she was going to be spared no humiliation, her eyes widened in alarm at his deliberate lie.

She had told him the exact opposite, but was incapable of saying so and knew that even if she ever got the chance to deny his assertion, it was highly unlikely that she would be believed.

And even less likely that anyone intent on making her satisfy them in that way, would worry about whether she liked it or not.

Bert held up his hand and as the laughter died, he smiled, "OK. That's it, guys. Back to work. We've got a building to finish. You all know when you're due for a break up here and she'll be waiting, so let's get to it and make sure the boss-lady gets a big, fat bonus from the Company as well as from all of us. Because she's sure as Hell going to earn it."

With much good-natured banter, the crowd of men dispersed to start work and when only Bert was left, he bent down and gazed into Ellie's wide eyes, then glanced at his watch, "Well, that's it, babe," he told her, "You're in that wall for the duration. I sure hope you're happy with what you've let yourself in for and haven't changed your mind, because you've got about ten minutes before the first of the guys gets back up here. So have a nice day and I'll be back around five thirty to see how you got on and fix you up for the night again. And every night from now on."

He strode away and Ellie stared imploringly after him until he disappeared behind the wall, her mind filled with memories of the long, dark hours she had spent with only the tireless vibrators to keep her company.

Forcing her to come again and again, until her feeble resistance had been utterly crushed and swamped by the overwhelming sexual submissions she had been powerless to control or hold back.

And as she understood that Bert really meant to use the vibrators on her every night, a sudden chill of icy doubt and fear swept through her body.

To be used and taken as a helpless sex-object by day was something she could accept and even relish as her deepest, darkest fantasy ... but now she had a strong and growing suspicion that Bert had much, much more in mind for her.

He had taken her, forced her to perform oral sex on him, tormented her with the vibrators and made her humiliate herself in front of the men.

All actions that emphasised his dominance and her submission to his will.

As if he ... owned her in some way and could command her obedience.

Controlling her as a Master might control ... a slave ... ?

One who had been conditioned to submit and serve by days and weeks ... or even months ... of absolute helplessness and subjugation ... ?

Ellie whimpered into her gag and strained vainly against the concrete pinning her limbs and body as her mind fought to comprehend the awesome possibility that Bert might never give her back her freedom and that he might intend to keep her as his own personal slave.

But desperately as she struggled, the concrete was inescapable and as her brain quailed at the thought of spending the rest of her life as his captive sex-toy, an iron-hard erection bludgeoned its way into her churning belly.

The first of her many users had arrived and as she was sent hurtling into a giant climax that would be followed by many, many more that day and every day, Ellie screamed in ecstasy and horrified anguish as she began a long, arduous journey along a path that she feared would inexorably lead to her total and permanent enslavement by Bert ...


For weeks, Ellie had been the hapless recipient of daily arousal and sexual usage by her own construction crew, her sex and anus the targets of many of them, while others preferred to ravage the inviting "O" of her soft mouth, stretched wide by a large ring of stainless steel manufactured by the welding team and held in place by a buckled leather strap.

As Bert had predicted, she had been given no choice but to perfect her oral skills and taught to use her lips and tongue to provide exquisite pleasure to anyone who demanded her services.

And also, as he had warned, she had learned that trying to refuse those demands was a waste of breath.

Even before her gag was fitted, the very first time she attempted to explain that Bert had lied about her liking to give oral sex, the man, a plasterer who had always treated her with the respect due to her status as site manager, listened politely to her ... then walked around to the far side of the wall and proceeded to spank her unprotected buttocks to a fiery red with several dozen blows from his work-hardened palm.

As stinging heat erupted through her flesh, she squealed shrilly and made the foolish mistake of ordering him to stop, relying on her former authority as his boss.

Only to hear him laugh and redouble his efforts, turning her bottom into a smarting sea of burning fire as he reminded her that she had agreed to allow him and all of his mates in the work-crew to do anything they wanted to her and that unless she wanted him to carry on spanking her, she'd better say sorry for trying to order him around and ask him to let her pleasure him.

And she'd better do it nicely, or else ... .

Whimpering in pain from her chastised bottom, Ellie gave in immediately, gasping out a humiliating apology and begging him to use her mouth however he wanted, her desperation to save herself from further punishment easily overcoming her shame.

So he did and when she had sucked and licked him to climax and gulped down every drop of his copious spend, he patted her cheek and told her how much he had enjoyed her efforts.

He was really looking forward to his next turn with her, he said and he would be sure to tell all his friends how good she was.

And what a tight, firm, spankable ass she had ...

Unfortunately for Ellie, he was a man of his word and it was soon common knowledge around the site that a good, hard spanking guaranteed that she would try her absolute best to please and satisfy her "visitors"

From then on, her bottom received a great deal of attention and was rarely free of the pink, tingling evidence of its encounters with the many hands that "encouraged" her to please their owners ... .and occasionally, thankfully not too often, even bore the thin, red stripes left by electrical flex when she had not been fully satisfactory.

Unsurprisingly, Ellie worked extremely hard to avoid giving cause for the latter and as her skill and experience increased rapidly, the need for a genuine punishment decreased until it was only on rare occasions that she felt the searing bite of flex on her skin.

Usually through no fault of hers, but simply because the man liked to see the lines adorning her rounded ass ... and Bert kept a close eye on her and was quick to act if anyone seemed to be going too far, so she knew there was no real danger of serious pain or injury.

Relieved of that worry, she was able to accept the spankings as part of the price of her offer to remain cemented into the wall and even find a surprising amount of pleasure and sexual arousal in the feel of men's hands cracking across her buttocks.

Knowing that it was the prelude to being used in one or other of her freely available orifices and that she was quite unable to resist, became a thrilling turn-on for her and it didn't take long before she found herself responding helplessly and uncontrollably to both pain and pleasure.

She tried to resist the insidious mixture, realising that if she allowed herself to accept the combination, it would remove the last fragile barrier she still possessed and leave her completely defenceless against the seductive allure of total and willing submission.

And if that happened, she had never quite been able to blot out of her mind the awful suspicion that Bert was taking advantage of the situation she had brought on herself to push her in a direction she had never anticipated.

Towards a lifetime of slavery ...

She couldn't be certain that that was what he had in mind for her, but his insistence on connecting her to the vibrating concrete compactors every night and weekend and then concealing what he had done from the other men by removing them after several hours to permit her to sleep and recover her strength for the next day, certainly suggested that he had a hidden motive for extending the limits of her subjugation beyond even the extremes of her "normal" daily servitude.

If she was right, she had to resist for as long as she possibly could and hope for some miracle to save her ... .because his plan, if it was his plan ... was working only too well and she knew it was only a matter of time before she would be forced to succumb as her mind and the last remnants of her will-power gave up the unequal struggle.

She fought with everything she had, but after weeks of a hopeless battle against insuperable odds, she reached the point of no return.

At one o'clock in the morning of her seventh Thursday encased in the wall as the gagged, immobilised sex-toy of Bert and the work-crew, she convulsed hugely as the rods in her sex and anus triggered yet another powerful climax.

And as she squealed in surrender and towering waves of her juices crashed into her belly, the few remaining fragments of her shattered defences crumbled to dust and were swept aside and consigned to oblivion as Ellie became a slave.

Outwardly, nothing changed, but in her mind, at that moment her former life vanished forever as from the deepest core of her pulsing belly, a white-hot pillar of scalding, bubbling juices surged unstoppably upwards to explode like a bomb and drown her in a whirling, spinning maelstrom that overtook and eclipsed her previous climaxes like a child's toy boat caught in a tidal wave.

An orgasm so immense and all-consuming that Ellie could not even scream as liquid fire turned her belly to a cauldron of incandescent heat.

One so intense that she knew instantly that it was her ultimate submission.

The submission of a true slave ...

There could be no doubt, no argument, no going back, for the sheer, delirious ecstasy of her release could never be achieved, or even imagined, by anyone who had not been forced far beyond any limits and there confronted the reality of her true nature and accepted herself as the full and willing slave of her own deepest desires and needs.

And as Ellie managed to scream a joyful, heartfelt welcome to the storm of sexual rapture that engulfed her, her eyes widened in stunned disbelief that such pleasure, such overwhelming, utterly devastating passion, such pure physical bliss and perfect, total satisfaction, could and would be hers ... forever ...

For she was a slave ...

Although he had not been present at the time, Bert sensed almost immediately that something momentous had happened.

For instead of the wild-eyed appeals and gag-muffled pleas for mercy that usually accompanied his arrival to end Ellie's nights of enforced subjugation, she met his amused gaze with a look of humble acceptance and then lowered her eyes in an unmistakable signal of complete submission. He stared down at her and as the significance of what he was seeing became clear to him, he realised that his ambitious plan to transform her into his permanent slave, was actually working.

Or rather, had already worked, for her reaction indicated that she had finally given up and was no longer able, or hopefully, even willing to resist further.

She had lost a battle that she had probably never realised that she was even fighting and he fully intended that her defeat was going to cost her her freedom for far longer than the months she had initially volunteered to give up.

He though it highly unlikely that she could know that what she had already endured was only the start of his plans for her and that the completion and handover of the building, far from bringing an end to her captivity and sexual servitude, would mark the beginning of her new life of full-time enslavement ... but even if she did suspect, it wouldn't change the outcome.

Not now ...

"Look at me, slave," he commanded flatly and she obeyed instantly, her eyes wide with arousal and fear and shocked understanding as, for the very first time, Ellie heard herself addressed as the slave she knew she had become.

Keeping his face impassive to mask the elation he felt at her obedience, Bert reached down and unbuckled her gag, easing the steel ring from behind her teeth to restore the power of speech to her.

Ellie worked the stiffness from her jaws, but to Bert's concealed pleasure, she remained silent, making no attempt to protest or dispute his use of the term "slave"

With his confidence boosted by her silence, he decided to press his advantage harder, "From now on, slave, you will not speak unless I have given you permission, or asked you a direct question," he ordered, "Is that clear, slave?"

She swallowed nervously, "Yes," she replied softly, then sucked in a quavering breath and added, "I understand ... Master."

Such a simple, innocuous word, but one with enormous, far-reaching implications.

For by calling him Master, both he and she understood that she had delivered herself into his power and was committed to serve him for as long as it pleased him to keep her as his slave.

Bert's lips curved into a great grin as he savoured his triumph, feeling his maleness stiffen to aching hardness at the thought of the years of endless pleasure he would enjoy as her Master and as he held her anxious eyes with his own, said, "Yes, slave, I am your Master and you will be my slave for the rest of your life."

Her eyes filled with alarm and her lips parted as if she was about to argue, but as he frowned, she gave a low moan and forced herself to remain silent.

"Very wise, slave," he chuckled, "I would have punished you if you had disobeyed. Just as I will undoubtedly have to punish you often after you've been dug out of that wall and I take you to my place to begin your service as my private sex-slave."

It was what Ellie had suspected and feared, but as his words removed all traces of doubt about what her fate was to be, her belly convulsed in coruscating spasms of blazing heat.

Helpless to control the frenzied pounding of her belly, she screamed, "Yes, Master. Yes, yes, I'm your slave and I'm co.o.o.ming, Master."

And as her Master watched, Ellie climaxed with stunning power, her eyes almost bulging from their sockets as wave after wave of boiling juices exploded through her body and she was forced to exhibit the full, awesome extent of her submission.

Deep in the throes of her first orgasm as a full slave, she was only dimly aware of him buckling the ring-gag back into her mouth and it was only when he raced around behind her and plunged his rigidly erect shaft into the pit of her seething belly, that she began to learn what it meant to be the slave of a truly dominant Master.

For despite her frantic, wordless pleas that she could take no more, that it was too much to bear, that she must be allowed a respite, or go mad ... ..he took her with absolute authority, plundering her belly with long hard thrusts as she squealed in anguished disbelief and the savage heat of her first climax as a submitted slave was equalled, then far exceeded by the relentless upward spiral of a sexual passion and subjugation that she could not begin to control ... or believed she could endure ...

But endure she must and as that stark, unavoidable truth was burned in to her brain, her second climax erupted like a volcano to spew molten rivers of her juices into her shuddering belly and over her Master's iron shaft.

Taken as a slave, Ellie surrendered without reservation, incapable of holding back or retaining even the tiniest sliver of control over her own body and its maddened responses and as her brain quailed before the stupefying intensity of her enforced submissions, she whimpered in appalled despair.

Realising that there were no limits for a slave except those her Master chose to set ... and that having seen and experienced the incredible depth and power of her uncontrollable passion, he would never be satisfied with anything less.

And as a vision of a future of ruthlessly-imposed subjugation and extreme sexual servitude flashed into her mind, she was instantly propelled into a third gigantic orgasm as a torrent of heated spend jetted into her belly to set the seal on her unconditional submission to her Master's inescapable erotic dominance.

A vision that he intended would soon become her reality ...


Work on the site had progressed faster than anyone had expected and the building was scheduled to be handed over to the new occupants in less than a month.

Much of the improvement was due to Ellie's continued presence in the wall and her availability for use by any member of the work-crew who felt the need to relieve his sexual tensions by taking advantage of her mouth, sex or anus.

Because of this, the usual niggles and disputes that bedeviled most construction sites and resulted in delays and frustration had been virtually eliminated and the whole building was abuzz with cheerful activity and the smiling faces of men who could hardly wait to get to work.

Absences for sickness had dropped to zero, productivity had risen to unprecedented heights and Head Office was delighted.

So much so, that Bert was highly amused to intercept a letter, addressed to

Ellie, in which the Company Directors expressed their pleasure and satisfaction at her performance and handling of the project, informed her that she was on target for a large bonus and the crew for a smaller one and offered her a new position as manager of a larger construction site several hundred miles away.

He wrote back on her behalf at once, thanking them for their kind words and generosity, but stating that, regretfully, she was unable to accept the offered post owing to a sudden change in her circumstances.

The change being her submission to slavery and acceptance of his Mastery over her ... but he assumed she would prefer not to have that explained in writing ...

With her future settled and a plausible explanation in place to account for her disappearance, he was able to relax and concentrate on the details of what was required to ensure her on-going captivity and service.

Ellie, of course, was unaware of the exchange of letters, but even if she had known, it would have made no appreciable difference to her situation.

Following her submission to Bert, she had imagined that things would change and that he would move her to his home, as he had informed her he would.

But it had not happened and she had been left exactly as before, exposed and hopelessly vulnerable to any demands the work-crew cared to make of her.

Embarrassingly, her concerns that the sheer ferocity of the responses and climaxes extracted from her on the first occasion that she had surrendered as a full slave to her Master, had unleashed passions within her that she would be never again be capable of resisting or controlling, had proven to be only too well-founded.

For despite her fragile determination not to reveal the shameful heat that had become a constant, simmering presence in her belly as a direct result of her final, almost-willing acceptance of her enslavement, the first touch of a strong male hand on any part of her naked flesh, or even the stinging impact of a calloused palm against her buttocks, was more than enough to ignite a blazing fire of arousal that easily overcame her efforts to conceal the immediate need that sent her racing towards climax.

There was nothing she could do to prevent it and when the work-crew discovered her greatly-increased sensitivity to even the lightest caress of her breasts and sex, they took full advantage ...

It was one of the painters who stumbled across her secret when he noticed that the coating of whitewash he had applied to make her blend into the wall and become virtually invisible, had become worn enough to allow her natural flesh colour to show through in places.

Fetching a brush and a pot of paint, he squatted in front of her and casually began to re-coat her breasts, but the moment the bristles slid over her nipples, Ellie gave a startled squeak and the crinkled buds stiffened and engorged to quivering attention.

The painter glanced up and chuckled, "Oh, you like that, do you?" and slapped more whitewash onto her breasts, making sure that each of her nipples received a generous portion which he then proceeded to brush out, first from side to side and then from top to bottom in the approved professional manner of his trade.

At each stroke, Ellie's breasts grew fuller and tauter, almost as if they were being inflated by the pressure of her sexual arousal, until they bulged like twin balloons, each tipped by a stone-hard and achingly-sensitive nipple.

Sitting back on his heels, the painter inspected his work, then nodded and began to paint her face, replying to her gag-distorted pleas with a brusque, "Yes, yes, I know you'd like me to suck on them, but you'll have to wait until I've finished and that paint dries. Unlike you, some of us still have a job to do, you know."

The breathtaking arrogance of his words stunned Ellie, but as she realised that he was only being practical rather than intentionally cruel, her excitement rose higher at the thought of being so helpless and available for his pleasure that he was relaxed enough to complete his task before feasting on her breasts.

Suppressing the urge to scream in frustration, she closed her eyes as he gave her face a coat of glistening whitewash then moved around behind the wall and began to refresh the paint on her jutting bottom.

But only until his brush delved into the deep cleft between her buttocks, tickling and tormenting the tight ring of her anus before slipping lower to the swollen petals of her labia and clitoris ...

The gentle, feather-light caresses of the soft bristles against her most intimate and sensitive flesh was extraordinarily pleasurable and so different from the normal, ruthless plundering that she had grown accustomed to, that Ellie was taken completely by surprise.

And before she could regain her composure, a shower of juices sprayed from her sex as she climaxed in a series of long, smooth contractions of her belly.

It was the first time that she had ever come simply by external stimulation and she was amazed that the delicious sensations had been created by nothing more than the touch of a simple paint-brush.

Amazed ... .and worried.

Because if she could be made to submit so quickly and easily, by accident more than design, then she was even more vulnerable, even more defenceless ... even more of a slave ... than she had feared.

And her already-miniscule chance of holding out against any of the men ... and her Master, in particular ... had just been reduced to zero ...

A fact driven home beyond any question when she climaxed a second time to a heady mixture of pleasure and bitter-sweet pain as the lips and tongue of the painter lapped and sucked at her swollen breasts and his teeth nibbled her rigid nipples until he was ready to use her mouth ...

The painter might have been the first to find Ellie's weakness, but he was by no means the last and as the crew invented new ways to exploit their knowledge, she was horrified and wildly aroused by the uses which they came up with for the everyday items that were available on the building site.

Electrical flex as a whip she already knew about, as she did the vibrating concrete compactors ... .but not five of them, attached to her nipples as well as filling her sex, anus and mouth.

Cable-ties cinched around the bases of her breasts squeezed them into perfectly-round, engorged globes of flesh and forced her rock-hard nipples to project lewdly, a perfect target for adjustable plastic clamps to be attached and tightened.

She had always rather enjoyed being spanked, but with coarse sandpaper glued to the palms of heavy industrial gloves, it became a trial she would much rather not have experienced.

And the same applied to one never-to be-forgotten occasion when a particularly ingenious electrician came up with the idea of attaching a dozen lengths of thin builders' twine to a variable-speed power drill and setting it on a stand behind her so that as the twine spun around, it flicked across her clitoris and labia and drove her into six consecutive, muscle-wrenching orgasms in less than twenty minutes.

Even a simple cloth blindfold worked far better than she would have expected, intensifying her feelings of total submission by removing her ability to anticipate what was going to happen, or know who was using her.

It was torture, but of a kind that to Ellie's dismay, she learned that she was highly susceptible, for despite the pain and discomfort she was forced to endure, her responses were immediate and overwhelming, her body out of her control as every nerve-ending in her breasts and bottom became ever more sensitised to the ferocious arousal that jolted through her belly and drove her into huge multiple orgasms that only encouraged her tormentors to devise yet more ways of reinforcing her total subjugation.

Hour by hour and day by day, Ellie slipped deeper into slavery, her previous life of freedom and independence fading from her mind and becoming little more than a half-remembered dream that might once, perhaps, have been of relevance to her, but was now unimportant.

Her priorities narrowed to the twin imperatives of perfecting her service and avoiding the punishments that would follow any failings on her part and as she focused her entire attention and effort on achieving those goals, acceptance of her new situation and an eager desire to submit still more completely, became as natural to her as the beating of her own heart.


As ever, Bert was careful to monitor what happened to Ellie and ensure her well-being.

It was in his best interests to do so, for he wanted her healthy and in prime condition to supply any sexual services he required when he moved her to his home.

His consideration, however, did not extend as far as saving her from the consequences of her submission to the passions contained within her own body and having contented himself that she would come to no real harm, he was quite happy to allow the other men to play out their desires and fantasies with her and simply stand back to watch the results.

It was a technique that repaid him very well, for in the final weeks of construction before the handover, it became clear to him that Ellie had become even deeply submissive than he had ever hoped.

And her intense responses and the power of her climaxes, especially when she was punished, confirmed that she also possessed a masochistic side to her character that enabled her to find sexual pleasure in a moderate degree of pain.

Both of which were valuable and important traits for a slave ... .as well as extremely convenient for a Master ... and Bert intended to utilise them to the full ...

The only stumbling-block to his plan was the tricky one of how to get Ellie out of the wall and transfer her to his home without raising the suspicions of his work-mates or having them find out that he was going to keep her for himself.

Like him, they had all taken part in capturing her and after her voluntary offer to remain as a sex-toy in the wall, had frequently enjoyed her body and mouth.

So none were likely to go the Police or the Company, but he suspected that one or two might think he was taking things too far and demand that she be set free, while others would probably object on the grounds that if she wasn't going to be freed, then they would want to continue to use her for their sexual pleasure.

He could see their point, but Ellie had submitted to him, not them and she called only him Master, so he didn't see why he should share his slave with them.

After all, he was the one who had devised the plan to enslave her and was prepared to take the risk of keeping her.

But how was he to do it?

In the end, after much concentrated thought, he realised that he already had the answer.

In the form of the letter from the Company, offering her a new job.

Careful to make it sound like casual conversation, he gradually let the contents of the letter be known, agreeing with the men that it was a shame they would be losing her special talents and services, but softening the blow with the news of the bonus they would all be getting.

Everyone took it well, realising and accepting that all good things must come to an end eventually and clearly pleased that Ellie's "contribution" to the success of the project had been recognised.

Several asked when she was going to be dug out and what he thought she might do when she was finally released and that was when Bert laid the groundwork for the last stage of his plan.

As foreman and temporary site manager in her absence, he told them, he felt that it was his duty and responsibility to make absolutely sure that she was OK and unharmed from her lengthy spell of immobility and arduous servitude.

He owned a large, comfortable house not too far away, so he thought it might be best if she stayed in one of his spare rooms for a few days, just to check and give her time to recover if she needed it.

What did they think of that as an idea?

They thought it was a sensible suggestion and agreed, probably quite relieved to be able to just walk away and let him deal with any problems that might arise after she was released.

With any possible objections deflected and nobody suspecting the real reason for his offer, Bert was nearly free and clear, with just one vital loose end to tidy up.

Ellie herself ...

That same night, when the rods vibrating in her sex and anus suddenly stopped after a relatively short time, Ellie frowned in annoyance and disappointment, frustrated to be deprived of some of what she had come to see as her own personal playtime.

That she thought of it in such a way, was the clearest possible evidence of her total and willing acceptance of her situation and it no longer even occurred to her to anguish over what she had become.

Ever since Bert had told her that she was to become his permanent slave, she had never doubted that he would do exactly that and when he walked from behind the wall to stand in front of her, she felt the familiar heat of submissive desire and arousal surge through her belly at the sight of her Master.

He removed her gag, but did not give her permission to speak and after ten seconds of silence, he nodded approval.

"I have something to tell you, slave," he began, "And when I have finished, you will have a decision to make. Depending on your answer, it may be the last decision you will ever make. As a free woman anyway."

Ellie gazed up at him, her eyes widening.

"This building will be handed over to the owners a week next Friday," he continued evenly, "Ten days from today. Which means that it is nearly time to dig you out. But before I arrange that, I'm going to give you a final choice. You can either go back to work and pretend that the last few months was just a sexy fantasy that you dreamed up ... .or you can do what I know you really want to do and become my slave. It's up to you and you have permission to speak now."

"Thank you, Master," Ellie said humbly, then hesitated, "What ... What happens if I say I want to be fr-freed, Master?"

"Then we free you. Like I said, it's up to you. None of us forced you to stay in that wall. You chose to be there and offered to let us do everything we've done to you. We're just ordinary guys, not kidnappers, so if you want out, you get out."

"Yes, I understand, Master. Thank you," she replied softy, then swallowed nervously, "And what if I s-say that I don't w-want to be freed?"

A slow smile curved Bert's lips, "Ah, well that would be different. If you were to tell me that, then I'd know that you really were as submissive as I think you are and I'd make it my business to train you up to be the outstanding slave that I know you can be."

"Do you really th-think I could be, Master?" she asked, blushing pinkly, "An-an outstanding slave, I mean?"

He nodded firmly, "I do. All it will take is proper training and strict discipline."

"Dis-Discipline, Master? You mean ... whi-whippings and ... and ch-chains and stuff?"

"Whatever it takes," he said sternly and Ellie shivered, her eyes gleaming with excitement and fear at his flat pronouncement.

"I'd be a real slave," she whispered, as if to herself, "I'd never be free again. Not ever," and Bert saw her breasts quiver to the strength of her arousal at the prospect.

He waited, saying nothing, letting her own emotions and submissive nature lead her towards the decision he wanted from her.

Thirty seconds dragged slowly past and then she took a deep, ragged breath and raised her eyes to his, "I am r-ready, Master," she whispered.

"Good. Then make your choice," he responded and she shivered again.

"Yes, Master. I ch-choose to be your sl-slave."

"Then you are," he told her calmly, "As of this moment, you belong to me and will obey my orders perfectly and without question or hesitation. If I consider it necessary, you will be disciplined as I see fit. Open your mouth."

She held his steady gaze for two more seconds, then let her lips part and as he fitted the steel ring behind her lips and buckled the strap tightly, gave a muffled squeal and climaxed before the Master she had chosen to serve as a full slave.

His eyes glittered as she displayed her need and submission to him, then he moved to the lengths of flex that dangled from a joist a few feet away, selected one and swung it experimentally.

Ellie gasped and gazed pleadingly at him as he nodded in satisfaction and said, "Without hesitation means immediately, slave. Not when you feel like it. So I'm going to give you a little taste of what discipline means for a slave."

She had been whipped before, by quite a few of the men in the crew, but never by him and, somehow, the fact that she was about to disciplined by her Master for a tiny, surely understandable infraction of his rules, added a fierce upward twist to the scalding heat of her orgasm.

She hadn't meant to disobey him, or even test his determination.

It was just that when she had heard her own voice say that she chose slavery and his confirmation that she belonged to him and was subject to his orders and his discipline, her belly had kicked with such power that she had been momentarily paralysed and physically incapable of complying with his command to open her mouth.

And by the time she was able, it had been too late.

The improvised whip slashed across Ellie's naked bottom, striping her jiggling buttocks with twelve separate and distinct lines of blistering heat, each followed by a shrill wail of pained anguish as her Master spaced out her disciplining to allow her to feel the full effects of every one and anticipate the next.

By the time he finally lowered the whip and tossed it to one side, the hard lesson had been well and truly learned by Ellie.

She was the total slave of her Master, her obedience and submission no longer hers to give or withhold, her body his to use and discipline as he chose, her subjugation to his will permanent and irrevocable, her fate in his hands with no escape or negotiation possible.

And when his thick, rigid shaft drove into the raging, bubbling whirlpool of her belly, Ellie climaxed instantly in the gigantic, overwhelming, ecstatic surrender of the slave she knew herself to be ... and longed to be with every molecule of her body and brain ...


Knowing that Ellie would soon be released and that their last opportunity to enjoy her was fast approaching, the work-crew spared no effort to make her ... and their ... last week with her, one to remember.

Every man threw himself into the task of getting the building ready, working extra hard to complete his tasks early and thereby gain himself extra time with her.

With the result that Ellie's usage as a sexual toy almost doubled, her sex, mouth and anus in constant demand and her submissions and multiple orgasms so frequent that her days passed in a blurred haze as climax followed climax, each building on the one before to send her passion higher and still higher as she screamed and pulsed and juddered to the inferno of lust consuming her whole being.

At the end of each severely demanding day, she was barely able to eat and drink the meal her Master fed her, before falling into an exhausted sleep and was humbly grateful that he spared her the vibrating rods.

Four days of the most extreme sexual service and ecstasy left her utterly spent and when the entire work-crew gathered on the sixth floor, late on the Thursday afternoon, her eyes pleaded mutely for mercy, begging them to have pity on her and give her aching body the respite it craved.

All the while knowing that if any, or even all of them, decided to take her again, there was nothing she would be able to do to stop them ... and that if she failed to be fully pleasing, her desperate weariness would not save her from punishment.

As her Master stepped forward, the men grew quiet, listening as he gazed into her eyes and began to speak.

"Ellie," he said, then pretended to correct himself, "Or should we call you boss again now?" ... the men laughed at his terrible joke ... "The guys just want me to say a few words before we start digging you out. Three months ago, we were all pretty miserable and angry because we had this real bitch as our site manager. She was making our lives Hell with her demands and petty rules and although she was pretty and sexy, she seemed to want to ignore the fact that she was a woman and pretend that she was a man like us. Well, it didn't work and when she pushed us too far, we all decided to do something about it."

He paused and grinned, " I guess I don't need to tell you what it was that we did, but it sure worked. The bitch is gone and we reckon she's never coming back, so we all want to say a big thank you to you for everything you've done to make this site a whole lot happier than it used to be. It's all down to you and me and the men want you to know it. So thanks, boss and we wish you all the very best, because you've earned it."

Ellie stared in astonishment at her Master and the grinning crowd of men, then blinked as her Master added slyly, "We're sure you deserve everything that's coming to you. OK, guys, let's hear it for Ellie," and before she could react, a storm of clapping and cheering echoed across the floor as he bent to remove her gag.

For several minutes, she could only stammer her thanks and return the men's good wishes as they made their farewells, all of them kissing her and not a few patting her breasts and adding a caress of her nipples as a parting gift. Her Master waited until last and as he bent down, ensuring his body was between her and the men, he whispered, "You'll be out in half an hour and then I'll take you to my place, slave. Say nothing about that, right. You don't want to begin your enslavement with a whipping, do you?"

Ellie gulped, "No, Master," she agreed quickly, "I won't say a word, Master."

"That would be wise, slave," he replied, then stood up, "Time to get digging, guys. I want her out and that wall repaired."

And as drills and chisels were fetched, she kept her word as the wall was hammered and chiselled away from her body until she was finally freed from her concrete prison.

After months of immobility, her muscles were weak and her joints stiff, but thanks to her almost constant sexual activity and struggling for movement to alleviate the enormous power of her climaxes, her physical condition was remarkably good and within twenty minutes, she was able to struggle to her feet and with her nudity concealed under a soft blanket and her Master assisting her, make the short walk to the goods lift, encouraged by the smiles and waves of the crew already busy repairing the wall.

Alone in the lift with him, she humbly asked his permission to speak and when he agreed, said, "Master, may your slave ask where you are taking her and what is going to happen to her?"

He gazed at her consideringly, "I think we both know the answers, don't we?" he told her coolly, "I'm taking you to my house and there you will begin your service as my slave."

Ellie swallowed nervously and a shiver set her naked body trembling.

"It was your choice, slave," he reminded her gently, turning her so that she faced him and lifting her chin until her eyes met his, "It is what I want and what I believe you need. But if I am wrong, tell me now, because if you leave this lift as a slave, then that is what you will be for the rest of your life."

Her eyes flickered up to the floor indicator and as its illuminated number changed from four to three, she straightened her spine to stand tall before him and took a deep breath, "You are not wrong, Master," she replied clearly, "And I have not changed my m-mind."

"No," he said, "I never really thought you would, slave," and as she stared at him, he took the blanket from her, pulled her against his chest and lowered his mouth to hers.

Trapped in the circle of his strong arms, she let her lips part and as his tongue explored her mouth and entwined with his, she shuddered in arousal and her belly swirled with ferocious heat as she responded eagerly to the kiss of her true Master, her eyes widening to the knowledge that her freedom was gone for ever.

The lift slowed to a halt and when the doors hissed open to reveal the main foyer of the building flooded with bright sunlight pouring through its tall glass windows, he broke the kiss and released her, then smiled and gestured for her to exit.

"But ... But I'm ... I'm ... .n-n-naked, Master," she gasped, suddenly horribly conscious that her breasts and belly were exposed to anyone who happened to be passing by and looked into the foyer.

"Yes, slave" he told her firmly, "You are. And you will remain naked until I choose to permit you to cover yourself. Now, be silent, cross your wrists behind your back and keep them there until I give you permission to move them. Walk ahead of me, slave."

As if in a dream, Ellie obeyed instinctively and as she padded meekly across the sunlit space to the main door with her unbound wrists tightly pressed against the upper curve of her buttocks, her mind filled with a potent mix of fear, humiliation and submissive excitement.

There was nothing to stop her from using her hands to cover her nakedness, nothing to prevent her from running and making her escape, nothing to force her to obey his orders.

Nothing but her own submission to her Master and her acceptance of his uncompromising dominance ...

That ... .plus the delicious heat of scorching arousal that swirled and surged through her quivering belly as she demonstrated her obedience and willing surrender to his authority over her and visualised his pride and pleasure as he watched her walk towards the life of slavery and sexual servitude that awaited her.

Her steps faltered as the doors opened silently, but as her Master ordered, "Out, turn left and go to the back of the red truck, slave," she forced herself to overcome her fear and embarrassment of being seen nude and so obviously controlled and walked quickly across the tarmac car-park to stand by the rear of the truck.

And there she had to wait, fully exposed, as he strolled casually over, unlocked the doors and swung them open.

"Inside, face down, with your arms behind your back and legs together," he said and Ellie jumped in as fast as she could, relieved and grateful to be hidden from the eyes she imagined were watching her.

But her relief and gratitude lasted only until she felt cold, hard steel encircle her wrists and ankles and heard a series of metallic clicks as her Master secured her limbs with two pairs of handcuffs.

Helplessly chained, she almost protested that it wasn't necessary for him to tie her up, but remembered just in time that he had ordered her to remain silent.

She didn't want, or dare, to disobey even when he bent her legs up to connect the cuffs with a third pair and after that was done, she knew that any complaint would achieve nothing except his displeasure and her disciplining.

"All set, slave," he told her cheerfully and she squirmed onto her side just in time to see his smile as the doors slammed to plunge her into darkness.

Seconds later, her prison tilted slightly as he climbed into the driving seat and as the engine roared into life and the truck lurched forward, Ellie gave a breathy squeal and her belly jolted powerfully as the final stage of her journey into full and permanent slavery began with an intense and uncontrollable orgasm ...


Bert's home was almost two hundred years old, built as a bonded store in the days when security depended on massive strength and high walls.

Fallen into disuse, he had bought it cheaply and used his skills to convert it into a comfortable, spacious retreat, his privacy assured by the ten-foot wall and double gates that opened onto two acres of gardens surrounding the house.

In keeping with its former use, he had left the front of the ground floor untouched, retaining two of the original store-rooms with their small, heavily-barred windows, while turning the two at the rear into a large garage and workshop with a remotely-controlled door and installing a staircase to give access to the upper floors.

The first floor he had modified over the years by knocking down most of the internal walls to create a generous kitchen and huge, airy, open-plan living space with large windows, dotted here and there with steel-reinforced brick pillars to maintain the building's structural integrity, while the second floor consisted of two big en-suite bedrooms, the larger being his and having a spiral staircase giving access to the flat roof and an extensive patio area where he and any guests could relax in total seclusion, knowing that there were no taller building within several miles and that there could be no prying eyes to overlook them.

This then, was the home to which he brought Ellie, naked, chained and helpless in the back of his truck, to begin her service as his slave ...

When the truck braked to a halt, Ellie shivered, knowing that when the doors opened, she would embark on her new life as the full slave of her strong and demanding Master.

Committed by her own words and actions, she would be unable to control her fate and would be required to obey and submit to him in all things, her acceptance enforced, if necessary, by the strict discipline he would impose upon her.

And she would meet her new life with the betraying sheen of a slave's climax glistening at her belly and thighs, for she had come twice during her transportation ...

Sunlight flooded into the truck as the doors were thrown wide and as the pair of handcuffs connecting her wrists to her ankles was removed and her Master's arms lifted her out and set her on her feet, she gazed around her in awed amazement.

When he had told her he would take her to his home, she had imagined something quite ordinary, a normal, everyday house in a normal, everyday street.

Nothing at all like the impressive, well-proportioned building confronting her.

Or the expanse of lawns and trees surrounding it.

It had never occurred to her that he might own something akin to a mansion and as she realised that she had completely under-estimated him, she felt a tremor of alarm at the thought of what else she might have misjudged.

But she didn't get time to worry about it as her Master gripped her elbow, spun her around to face him and smiled down into her eyes, "Welcome to your new home, slave. What do you think of it?"

It was a direct question, so she knew she had permission to speak, "It's beautiful, Master," she replied sincerely, "Incredible. It's ... it's huge. And the garden ... Do you really own all this, Master?"

He grinned, clearly pleased, "Every last blade of grass," he replied cheerfully, "Everything on this side of the wall ... including you ..."

Ellie flushed, knowing it was true, "Yes, Master, you do," she agreed humbly, "And I think I will be happy here."

"I hope so, slave," he said firmly, "Because you will spend the rest of your life behind these walls. Now let's get you inside. I'm sure you'd like to see the slave-quarters I've prepared for you."

"S-Slave quarters?" she stammered, "B-But I thought ... I ... assumed I'd be with you, Master."

"Yes, I expect you did, slave," he told her casually, "When I require your services, you will be. But at other times, when I am working, for example, or when I'm busy and don't wish to be disturbed, you will wait in your quarters until I fetch you."

The news came as an unpleasant shock and as she tried to come to terms with its unwelcome message, he pointed the garage door, "The entrance is over there, slave."

Her eyes followed his extended finger and as she noticed the tiny, deep-set windows, each with its lattice of thick iron bars, she gulped and hesitated.

"Get moving, slave," her Master commanded, "I won't tell you again."

Ellie knew she was only seconds away from a disciplinary whipping and shuffled forward, her steps restricted to no more than three or four inches by the cuffs on her ankles.

It took her several minutes to cover the short distance to the door, but that was more than enough time for the lovely house and its beautiful garden with its high surrounding wall, to take on a new and less-attractive character in her racing brain.

It was to be her home, but it was also to be her prison and unless her Master relented, she would never leave it.

And she was half-afraid and half-excited by the thought that he was highly unlikely to relent ...

As she reached the door, it rolled smoothly upwards to reveal a large, well-appointed garage with a staircase at the back and an unobtrusive, grey-painted door to the left.

It was to this door that her Master directed her and just before his body blocked her view, she noticed that it had an electronic keypad instead of a normal lock.

A long series of soft bleeps told her that he was entering a complex code and as the door swung open, he stepped back, "In you go, slave," he ordered, "And in case you're wondering, that door is iron, it's three inches thick and there's no keypad on the inside. Once you're in, you don't get out until I want you out. And nobody gets in, unless I give them the code. So I guess you'd better hope that nothing happens to me, hadn't you?"

He chuckled as her eyes widened in horror at the awful realisation that if he was injured, or even killed, she would have no hope of escape and could only be released with heavy industrial cutting equipment.

And that would mean the Police and the Fire Service, with all the attendant humiliation and publicity that would follow her eventual discovery.

Seeing the appalled dismay in her eyes, he almost weakened and revealed that he had made arrangements to leave the code with two separate close friends ... .female friends ... .in case of accidents ... .but then he had second thoughts.

Letting her believe that he was her only way out of her slave-quarters would reinforce her total dependence on him and deepen her submission to his Mastery ... .which was his objective.

Much better, he decided, to say nothing ...

Unaware of his arrangement to ensure her safety, Ellie was stunned by the precautions he had taken to ensure she would remain his captive.

The steel cuffs on her limbs, the high wall, the iron door and bars on the windows and, now, an unpickable electronic lock that effectively removed any hope of escape from her slave-quarters.

It was far more than Ellie had ever imagined and as she faced the unpalatable reality of what her life as his slave was to be, she made a last, desperate appeal, "But-But there's no need for ... for all this, Master," she gasped, "I won't t ... try to escape, really I won't. I w-want to be your slave and I sub-submitted willingly, you kn-know I did."

He smiled warmly into her eyes and nodded, "That's quite true, Ellie," he agreed, "You chose to become my slave. And now that you are, it is no longer up to you to decide what is or isn't necessary to ensure that you remain a slave. All you have to do is submit and obey. And you will, slave, believe me, you will."

His words left no room for compromise or negotiation and as they imprinted themselves in Ellie's reeling brain, her belly responded with a hot surge of arousal and she dropped her eyes, whispering, "Yes, my Master, I w-will."

Her acceptance and obedience was soon tested, for as she shuffled through the door, she found herself in a short passageway with two more closed iron doors, one to her left, the other straight ahead.

Unlike the first, these doors were secured by two heavy bolts at top and bottom and as her Master slid them back and opened the left hand door, she saw a large, square room containing a neatly-made iron bed, wooden table and chair, a desk with a TV and radio sitting on it, a comfortable looking sofa, several thick rugs on the bare stone floor and even a few pictures hanging on the walls below the two tiny, barred windows.

"Your slave-quarters," her Master said briefly, "Basic, but adequate. Depending on how well your training goes, you should be able be able to earn yourself a few more luxuries."

Then he pointed out a red button near the door, "Emergency alarm. Push that and I'll come running. But it had better be a real emergency, or I'll be extremely unhappy with you."

Ellie nodded, only half-listening, still trying to come to terms with the idea that her new "home" was going to be this room and that she would spend days, or weeks, or even months, bolted inside.

It hardly seemed possible, but she knew it was ... .and knew, too, that it wouldn't be long before she became so bored and frustrated that she would do anything to be let out.

Anything at all ... just as, she suspected, her Master had intended all along.

The first room had been a surprise to her, but the second came as the biggest shock of her whole life and quite literally took her breath away.

Because when she shuffled in and her Master switched on the lights, Ellie was in a dungeon ...

Everywhere she looked, there were chains.

Hanging from the ceiling, dangling from rings in the walls, even lying piled on the floor, gleaming menacingly in the lights.

But not only chains, because on a long table to her left there was an array of polished black leather bondage equipment of the sort that she had only ever seen in sex-shop windows and raunchy pop music videos.

And to her horrified shame, two seconds after seeing the room and its contents and realising that it was all going to be used on her, Ellie's belly convulsed in a massive orgasm that set her writhing and jerking in her bonds, unable to control or conceal her immediate submission to the incredible storm of sexual passion that overwhelmed her as she visualised serving and being taken by her Master while in full leather bondage gear and tightly chained.

She would have fallen, but for her Master's quick reactions and as he half-dragged and half-carried her shuddering body to the table, bent her over its top and applied several stinging lashes of his crop to her defenceless buttocks, she screamed in pain and masochistic ecstasy and came even more powerfully, her juices pouring from her sex as he snapped, "That's for coming without my permission, slave. From now on, you only climax when I say so."

For an unknown eternity, Ellie surrendered utterly to the shattering pleasure of her release, her whole body shaking to giant internal explosions and her sex oozing wetly to the fury of her need as she came as a full and totally subjugated slave.

Until, at last, the maddened contractions of her belly began to ease and her Master lifted her to her feet and stepped back, his eyes hard as he inspected her stained, sweat-streaked body and face.

"You came without permission, slave."

"Yes, Master. I am s-sorry, Master. I c-couldn't h-help myself."

"So I saw. Do not let it happen again."

"N-No, Master. I'll tr-try, Master."

He smiled grimly, "No, you won't, slave," he corrected her, "You will not try, you will succeed. Because if you don't, you will be severely disciplined. A slave obeys, no matter what and you are a slave. Now be quiet and stand still."

He turned away towards the table and Ellie stared numbly at his broad back, unable to believe that even her climaxes were to be regulated and controlled and that if she came without his permission, it would cost her a painful punishment.

It simply could not be true ... .it was impossible ... .unthinkable ...

But as she felt the tight, inescapable embrace of the cuffs on her wrists and ankles and her eyes went to the leather and steel chains that waited patiently to bind and restrain her in any way her Master wished, a shiver of horror set her trembling.

Because she knew that no matter how impossible it seemed, while she remained chained and helpless behind the bars and locks and walls of her Master's home, there was no limit to what he could ... and would demand from her.

And no limit to what she, his slave, would be forced to give ...


Ordered to silence by her Master, Ellie could only watch anxiously as he checked the selection of equipment on the table.

With no previous experience of bondage, she had little idea of what to expect and although the thought of being tied up in leather and then taken by her Master had excited and aroused her to climax only a short time before, the reality of what was to come and the thoroughness of his preparations, both worried and frightened her.

And not without cause, for when he turned and walked back to her, she saw that he carried a wide, thick band of polished black leather with several gleaming steel rings set along its length.

"Head up, slave," he snapped and she gulped, lifting her chin and arching her neck to expose the slim column of her throat.

She desperately wanted to speak and ask him what the band was for, but dared not risk his displeasure and as she felt the leather encircle her throat and his hands adjust it to a fit just short of tight, her eyes opened wide in sudden understanding.

The leather band was a collar ...

Her Master paused and looked down into her eyes, "That's right, slave," he told her, "This is your slave collar and you will wear it as the symbol of your submission to me."

His fingers met at the nape of her neck and as he exerted pressure on the ends of the band, it tightened just enough to make her intensely aware of its presence and she heard three solid, metallic "clicks"

"And now it's locked," he told her calmly, "Try moving your head."

Cautiously, Ellie attempted to lower her chin ... only to find that the collar was completely rigid, its upper edge digging uncomfortably into the soft flesh under her jaw.

Startled by her discovery, she swallowed nervously and arched her neck to relieve the discomfort, then tried to turn her head to the side ... .with the same result as the collar dug in along the curve of her jawbone and under her ears.

It was incredibly restrictive and controlling and as she realised that she had no choice but to keep her neck stretched and her chin high and was only able to look straight ahead, her Master gave a chuckle of satisfaction.

"Perfect. Exactly how I want you, slave and how you're going to stay because that leather is only an outer cover. Underneath, it's steel and the locks don't have keys, so even I can't get you out of it. Not that I ever planned to."

Ellie shuddered, her brain spinning wildly as she learned that the collar couldn't be removed and as she gave a wail of appalled despair and wrenched at the cuffs on her wrists, her Master strolled back to the table and selected a second piece of equipment.

"I wasn't going to use this yet, but as you can't keep quiet ... "

Ellie stared at the pear-shaped steel device and shook her head frantically,

"No, Master. Please. I'll be quiet. I won't make a sound, I promise, Master. Please don't ga ... "

Her shrill pleas ended in a spluttering gasp as the gag was thrust between her jaws and her eyes bulged in sheer disbelief as his fingers spun a ring on the section protruding from her lips and the inner section expanded to fill her whole mouth, pinning her tongue.

She tried to scream, but to her horror, the sound that emerged was little more than a low whine that only served to widen her Master's smile and increase her feelings of total helplessness and subjugation.

Feelings that became utterly overwhelming as he replaced the cuffs on her wrists with leather covered steel versions that matched the slave collar on her throat ... .but thankfully, not with the same permanent locks ... .then fitted another pair above her elbows and connected them with a short, tight chain that pulled her shoulders back until she whimpered in anguish and her breasts were thrust forwards and upwards, her nipples humiliatingly prominent.

And a final pair on her ankles, with two feet of heavy steel chain ending in a large steel ring welded to each.

Devastated by the permanence of her collar and the strength and security of her other bonds, Ellie stood passively as he lifted the rings to her wrists and used a screw-clip to secure them to the single link of chain between her cuffs, tightening it with a spanner to ensure it could not be undone even though it was impossible for her fingers to reach.

When he stepped back to inspect her, the hot glitter in his eyes brought a red flush to her cheeks and she felt her belly churn with fierce arousal at the knowledge that she was completely defenceless.

"That should do it, slave," he said firmly, "So, now that you're properly kitted out in your slave-chains, I expect you'd like to see how you look."

Ellie wasn't at all sure she wanted to see what she had become, but as he reached up and clipped one of the dangling chains to the front ring of her collar, she wasn't offered a choice and had to stay where she was as he hurried out.

The moment he was gone, Ellie began to test the security of her restraints, her muscles tensing and straining as she tried to find some slack or a hint of weakness in the cuffs and chains securing her.

But there was no slack and the only weakness she discovered, was her own, the steel resisting her full strength and most determined efforts with a contemptuous ease that soon forced her to recognise the futility of continuing to seek for an escape that simply did not exist.

Letting her muscles relax, Ellie gave up and accepted her fate and the slave-chains her Master had decreed she must wear.

And when her Master returned and placed a full-length mirror in front of her, she saw herself for the very first time as he saw her.

As a slave ... for the woman in the mirror could be nothing else ...

Partly because of the high, tight slave collar around her throat, the gag distending her lips and the gleaming chains confining her nude body and limbs ... but far more tellingly, because of the unmistakable passion and submission that shone in her eyes like a beacon and emphasised the powerful aura of barely-suppressed sexual need and hunger that seemed to ooze from every pore of her body.

The image before Ellie was so intensely compelling and erotically-charged that for a frozen moment, her brain lost its grip on reality and she felt an overwhelming urge to dominate and control and discipline the helpless woman and force her to submit as the slave she clearly was.

Until her mind cleared and a vivid red flush stained her face as Ellie recognised that the slave she so wanted to subjugate ... was herself ...

Her eyes grew round with shock and humiliation as she stared numbly at her reflection, then she gasped and her belly kicked hugely to the realisation that what she had imagined doing to the slave in the mirror, would be done to her in reality.

That and much more, for no man ... .and certainly not her Master ... .would deny himself the pleasures so freely available and helplessly offered by her chained body.

And no slave ... certainly not the utterly submissive and deeply passionate one who gazed back at Ellie from the mirror ... could do otherwise than surrender to the very bottom of her soul ...

Tearing her eyes away from her reflection, Ellie gazed pleadingly at her Master, begging in the only way that still remained to her, for his permission to climax before the irresistible and ever-increasing turmoil in her seething belly drove her to come whether he granted her release or not.

For thirty long seconds, he denied her appeal, his lips curved into a cruel smile as he exerted his absolute control over her and forced her to wait, enjoying the delightful trembling of her belly and breasts as she fought desperately to obey his unspoken order and hold back her orgasm.

Then he nodded sharply and snapped, "You may come now, slave."

Ellie convulsed in massive spasms and foaming waves of scalding juices thundered into her belly, her breasts jiggling madly and a scream of unbearable rapture leaking past her gag as she climaxed instantaneously, her sex pulsing glistening silver streams over her flexing thighs and her eyes wide with horrified dismay at the power of her surrender ... and the knowledge that she had submitted on her Master's word of command.

He had not even touched her and as she understood just how far she had travelled down the path of total and permanent slavery ... and how impossible it was for her to ever turn back ... her orgasm intensified and she gasped to the furious pounding of her belly.

Without a word, her Master unclipped the chain to her collar and then spun the ring of her gag, contracting the inner section until he was able to remove it from her mouth.

Ellie worked her stiff jaws, careful to remain silent and he nodded, "Very good, slave. I see you remember my rules and have realised that it would be foolish to disobey."

She shivered and held herself as still as the contractions racking her belly allowed, frighteningly aware of what any disobedience would cost her as he walked around her slowly, subjecting every inch of her displayed body to a humiliatingly-detailed inspection and checking each of her slave-chains with firm tugs.

Satisfied that none had loosened, he faced her once more and she gulped at his hard, determined expression as he told her flatly, "Now that you are fully restrained and collared and have clearly demonstrated your obedience, you are ready to serve as my slave."

Ellie stared at him, knowing he was going to take her ... and when he extended his index finger and pointed to a spot on the floor between them, ordering, "Down, slave," in a tone that brooked no argument, a thrill of fearful excitement rolled through her body and brain.

Despite the handicap of her slave-chains, Ellie was on her knees in seconds, her spine hollowed into a deep curve as she gazed up at her Master towering over her.

"Thighs spread," he demanded sternly and she jerked her knees wide apart, her breasts and belly trembling as she exposed her delicate and sensitive recesses in response to the harsh command.

In all her months concreted into the wall, she had never felt more vulnerable or heard him speak to her with such total authority and as she knelt before him in a pose that offered her entire body and displayed the full extent of her absolute subjugation to his implacable dominance, she felt renewed slave-heat ignite in her flooded belly.

And as he unzipped his jeans to free his erect maleness and snapped, "Begin, slave," she obeyed without hesitation, her soft lips enfolding his hardened flesh and her tongue working busily as she employed all of the skills learned during her usage as the immobilised sex-toy of her own work-crew, to pleasure and satisfy him.

On her knees before her Master, with her lips pressed tightly to his groin and her naked body collared and heavily chained, Ellie was helpless to control the irresistible arousal that flared in her belly at the incredibly erotic symbolism of her position.

And as she served him in the most intimate and submissive way possible and his shaft jerked in her mouth to send his spend jetting into her throat, she sucked and swallowed the salt juice as if it was the finest, most delicious wine she had ever tasted.

His spasms slowed and stopped, but she kept her lips around his drained shaft, awaiting his permission to release it from her mouth, wildly excited by her own obedience and acceptance of his ruthless Mastery.

She hadn't come and although she was more than ready, Ellie knew that she wouldn't until her Master decided that she had earned it.

He owned her and ruled every aspect of her life, including her pleasure and had shown that he would enforce her subjugation in every possible way.

In less than a single evening, he had completed the final stage of her transformation into the permanently-collared and totally controlled slave she had chosen to be and as Ellie visualised the years of servitude stretching far into her future, she trembled in feverish anticipation.

Knowing that the heat swirling in her belly was only the mild precursor of the raging passion that would inevitably be unleashed within her as she was trained and conditioned to submit as the full slave of her all-powerful Master ...

Temporarily sated by Ellie's skilled and enthusiastic efforts, Bert let his shaft slip from her lips and hid a smile as she instantly sat back on her heels and hollowed her spine to present her body.

It was quite obvious that she was highly aroused, her nipples jutting like acorns and the soft curve of her belly fluttering delightfully as she knelt before him, but despite her need, she held her pose and made no effort to speak.

Her silence and obedience proved beyond any doubt that his plan had worked better than he had ever dared to hope and as he gazed down into her eyes and saw the need and humble longing in their shining depths, it was hard to believe that she was the same woman who had once been his boss and made his life a misery with her orders and complaints and insistence on setting impossible deadlines.

But that was all in her past and she wouldn't be setting deadlines ever again ... and instead of giving orders, she would be obeying them.

His orders.

Perfectly, unhesitatingly and, if she was wise, most definitely without complaining ....unless, of course, she actually enjoyed being disciplined by him ... in which case, he would be more than happy to oblige her ...

Retrieving the gag, he clicked his fingers, "Open, slave," and as she immediately stretched her jaws wide, he pushed the steel pear into her mouth and spun the ring to enforce her silence, casually ignoring her soft whimper of despair.

The table supplied a short length of heavy chain with two snap-hook and when he clipped one to her collar and gave a sharp tug, ordering, "Up, slave," she rose awkwardly to her feet and followed with her slave-chains clinking at every step as he led her, helplessly leashed, from the dungeon and back to her slave quarters.

Towing her to the bed, he pushed her face-down, doubled her leash around the iron frame and clipped the second snap-hook alongside the first, tethering her and ensuring she couldn't get up or move more than a very few inches.

"On your knees, slave. Thighs spread," he commanded and as she struggled into the ordered position with her buttocks raised and her glistening sex completely exposed, added, "Stay exactly as you are until I return, slave," ... .and strode out of the room ...

Ellie couldn't believe he was simply going to leave her.

Not after she had tried so hard to please him and with her body so invitingly positioned.

Surely he was going to take her, or at least use his fingers or lips to give her the reward of a climax for her efforts.

Even a whipping would be preferable to ... nothing ...

But as his footsteps moved away down the corridor and she heard the solid thud of the iron door closing, she knew she was alone.

Alone, massively aroused, horribly frustrated ... and unable to do anything about it.

Even if she broke the position he had ordered ... and she knew she daren't ... she couldn't get her fingers anywhere near where she longed for them to be and with the tethering chain preventing her from leaving the bed, she couldn't get to anything to rub against and make herself come that way.

The bedding was too soft to achieve the result she wanted and as it dawned on her that her Master had anticipated her need and taken care to ensure that she would have to remain unsatisfied until he chose to permit her the relief she ached for, the slave-heat in her belly redoubled to the knowledge that when he did return to her, her own fierce and growing desire would give her no alternative but to respond to him and serve him with all the passionate submission that her body could offer.

Reinforcing his power and Mastery over her, deepening and strengthening her subjugation and confirming even more unarguably that she was the true, natural slave that he believed her to be ... and that Ellie knew she already was ...


Warm late-afternoon sunshine beamed down on the lightly-tanned body of the naked woman sitting on the lush grass, highlighting the firm curves of her breasts, softly rounded belly and long slender legs and emphasising the starkly contrasting black leather and steel chains that adorned her throat and limbs.

With a supple, fluid twist of her body that told of much practise, the woman rose gracefully to her feet and walked to a tree some thirty feet away, her head held high, back slightly arched and toes elegantly pointed, every movement radiating erotic sensuality and a total lack of concern for her nudity and vulnerable situation.

Almost as if she was unaware of the long chain connecting her collar to a post sunk deep into the ground and uncoiling behind her as she walked.

Reaching the tree, she sank to her knees and clamped her soft lips around a thick, penis-shaped plastic shaft jutting horizontally from the trunk, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked until water flowed through the hollow tube and into her mouth to quench her thirst.

Months of continuous enslavement and training had removed all trace of modesty or embarrassment from Ellie and as she drank her fill from the phallic watering-station her Master had installed for her, she felt only a mild disappointment that it was inanimate plastic and not his hard flesh she was serving.

It was, after all, only a minor indignity compared to some of what she had been forced to become accustomed to and although it couldn't compare to the real thing, the fact that she had to kneel and suck on it as though it was real, always reminded her of what she was and what was required of her.

And, of course, it let her drink, too ...

With her thirst satisfied, she glanced up at the sun and estimated that it would be about an hour before her Master came home from work.

The whine of the electric motor that opened the big double gates would give her plenty of warning of his arrival and by the time he had parked and walked over to inspect her, she would be in position, on her knees with her thighs spread and spine hollowed to display her breasts and belly.

It was how she was required to greet him every evening and as she wondered whether he would order her to her back and take her there and then, or perhaps escort her to the dungeon if he was in the mood for an extended session of bondage and discipline, she felt her belly begin to swirl with the familiar, reassuring slave-heat that invariably accompanied thoughts of her willing submission to his uncompromising dominance.

Rising to her feet, she walked back to the post and sat down, relaxing in the sunshine and allowing the delicious warmth of anticipation and arousal to percolate through her body as she prepared herself to serve in whatever way he commanded, her soft lips curving into a gentle smile of contentment.

For Ellie was where she wanted to be, awaiting the Master she had chosen and loved with all her heart, living the life she desired and needed far more than the freedom she had voluntarily surrendered and would never know again.

The life of a full and permanent slave ...

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