Inspired by The Bishop

Denise only agreed to wear the skin-tight rubber suit and allow her new boyfriend to tie her up, on the clear understanding that he would release her whenever she asked him to.

It was a precaution that she thought would ensure he wouldn’t go beyond what she felt comfortable with, for although she really liked him and found him to be a very skilful and inventive lover, she had never had a partner who was into bondage and had no experience of what it might be like to be bound and unable to control what happened to her.

The idea was sound and sensible, but unfortunately for Denise, her lack of knowledge about what she had agreed to, meant that she completely failed to appreciate that bondage, when applied by an expert using high-quality restraints, involved far more than merely securing her limbs to prevent her escape, and although she was unaware of it, her boyfriend was an expert ....

She loved the suit, revelling in its feel, its scent, its look and especially the deliciously erotic sensation of tight rubber moulded to every curve and hollow of her naked body, squeezing her gently and emphasising her slim waist and small, firm breasts.

With its built-in, five-inch heeled boots arching her feet and adding to the length of her legs, she was so thrilled by the image of gleaming sensuality reflected in the mirror that she was easily able to ignore the minor embarrassment of the gleaming steel zips at her breasts and crotch.

Pleased by his immediate and obvious reaction to her appearance, she made no objection when he produced two short leather straps and asked her to sit cross-legged on the carpeted floor and clasp her hands together behind her back. In seconds, her wrists and ankles were confined by the buckled straps and as Denise was made a helpless captive for the very first time, she trembled in arousal and pleasurable fright, realising that she was at his mercy and couldn’t prevent him from doing whatever he pleased.

Distracted by her thoughts and the swirling heat of her belly, she was taken by surprise when from above and behind her, his hands suddenly descended holding a large, pear-shaped device on a wide leather strap and pressed it tightly against her lips. Her instinctive squeal of fear immediately changed to a muffled grunt as he pushed the pear into her open mouth and by the time she gathered her wits and attempted to expel the thing, the strap was already tightly buckled and it was too late.

She had not expected to be gagged and tried to protest that she did not want to be, but the pear had trapped her tongue against the floor of her mouth and although she fought to explain her dislike, only garbled, wordless sounds emerged past the strap.

Twisting her head, she glared at him, demanding the gag’s removal with her eyes, but as he smiled calmly down at her and ignored the unmistakable message, a chill of horror raced up her spine as it dawned on her that she was no longer able to use her voice to ask him to free her. The precaution she had agreed with him and intended to use only as a last resort if he went too far, had been taken from her and as she understood that his smile meant that it had been no accident and that he had quite deliberately removed her only safety-net, Denise shuddered and wrenched wildly at her bound wrists.

The leather strap held firm and as her boyfriend looped another around her upper arms and buckled it just as tightly, her elbows were pulled together until they touched, bringing a muffled wail of despair and anguish from her gagged lips. Seemingly concerned by her distress, he told her that if she stopped struggling and promised not to try to escape or remove her gag, he would untie the straps and replace them with something she would find less uncomfortable.

She didn’t know whether to believe him, suspecting that his offer was some sort of trick, but whether it was or not, she understood that she had very little choice. If she refused to cooperate, with her arms bound as they were, he could easily just leave the straps in place and simply add whatever additional restraints he pleased, making her situation even worse.
Wondering whether she was making the right decision, she let her muscles relax and when he asked her if she accepted his terms, she nodded reluctantly, hoping that he would take pity on her and let her go ... but he didn’t

Unbuckling the strap at her wrists, but keeping her elbows firmly tied, he worked a thick leather single-glove over her hands and forearms, taking care to ensure that her fingers were trapped inside the reinforced pocket at its lower end, then released her elbows and quickly drew the leather up almost to her shoulders and began to tighten the strong lace. Compared to the leather straps, the single-glove felt quite comfortable at first and Denise began to think that she had misjudged him and her suspicions that it was a trick were mistaken.

But, as the lacing moved higher and higher and her arms were clamped immovably together by the ever-tightening leather, she could only flinch and gasp, knowing that her instincts had been right, but that it was too late to have second thoughts. Once fully-laced and knotted, the single-glove confined her limbs in a straight, almost-rigid column and as he passed two attached straps over her shoulders, crossed them above her breasts and led them under her armpits to buckle back to the glove’s lower edge and stop any possibility of her working it down her arms, she knew that there was absolutely no hope of her escaping its implacable grasp.

Surrendering to the inevitable, she didn’t even try to resist when he fetched a long pole and buckled her knees to each end, holding her thighs widely spread and when he added the final touch to her bondage by snapping a leash into the collar-ring of her suit and clipping it to the strap binding her crossed ankles, she was forced to accept that she was his prisoner and would have to remain his prisoner until he chose to free her.

Standing over her, he smiled down, then squatted on his haunches and let his gaze roam over her helplessly bound body, his eyes lingering on the zips at her breasts and sex.

“So, Denise!” he said cheerfully, “How are you enjoying your first taste of being in bondage then?”

She couldn’t answer and he obviously knew it, but when she shook her head from side-to-side and grunted into her gag, he pretended not to understand her meaning.

“Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.” he chuckled, “Still, not to worry. I’ll just assume you’re having as much fun as I am. After all, if you’re not and you want me to untie you, you need only ask me. That’s what we agreed, isn’t it?”

Her eyes widened in alarm and he chuckled again as she whined protestingly.

“Nope. Didn’t get that either. But a deal is a deal and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to go back on ours, would you, Denise? Of course you wouldn’t, so I’ll just carry on until you say otherwise. OK? And by the way, you look absolutely fantastic in rubber and leather bondage.” He paused, then gazed deep into her eyes, his voice becoming totally serious.

“In fact, Denise, you look so good that I’d love to make you my permanent slave. I think you have enormous potential to submit and become a superb slave that any Master would be proud to own. So, why don’t you think about that for a while? When I return, we’ll discuss it some more while we find out just how well you can serve me. I’ll be back in an hour and if you’re as hot and sexy and submissive as you look and I know you can be, I’ll take that gag out and you can ask me to enslave you.”

He nodded firmly, his eyes boring into hers.

“That’s all you have to do, Denise. All you have to do is ask ...

After the door closed behind him, Denise strained at her bonds for a few minutes, then gave up the futile struggle and thought about the astonishing and rather frightening offer he had made. She found it hard to believe that he could really mean what he had said. Surely he didn’t think she would ask to be his slave, did he? To be kept in bondage and have to serve him as her Master? With no choice but to submit and obey, whether she wanted to or not? How could he expect her to ask for that?

But, he clearly did, and as she was forced to wait for him to come back and toy with her body and arouse her and take her, Denise couldn’t help but wonder what her life would be like if she actually did ask him to enslave her ...

He was a terrific lover and understood exactly how to please and satisfy her better than any lover she had ever known. She liked him a lot, perhaps was even very close to loving him ... and from the way he had looked at her, it was obvious he felt the same way about her. Being in his bondage, totally helpless and unable to resist, was incredibly exciting.

It would be the biggest adventure of her life, beyond anything she had ever imagined or dreamed about.

And all she had to do, was ask ...

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