Inspired by the art of Alazar

It had been her very first chance to audition for a place in the chorus-line of a new musical and she had put everything she had into her singing and dancing in order to make an impression on the infamously hard-bitten director of the show.

Talented, pretty and with a figure that reflected the years of exercising and diet she’d gone through to keep herself in peak physical shape, she hadn’t had time for relationships and rarely spent more than a week or two in any town before rushing off to audition for another show, or fill-in for a regular dancer who had become sick or injured.

It had been a hard, lonely life, but had finally paid off and she was determined not to let the opportunity pass her by. She had passed the first audition, then the second and as one of only three girls to be up for final consideration, was rewarded with a private, one-on-one interview with the director at her country house ... but it hadn’t gone quite as she hoped.

At first, everything was fine and she found the celebrated director ... a tall, attractive woman about ten years older than herself ... positively charming, albeit rather intimidating and assertive, until she was instructed to strip down to her underwear for her body to be assessed. When she hesitated, the director snapped that if she hadn’t yet learnt to obey instructions, then she had no future on the stage and was wasting the time of them both. Worried that she had blown her chance, she quickly peeled off her clothes and tried to hide her embarrassment while the director subjected her to a lengthy scrutiny, then merely nodded, picked up her clothes and walked out of the room.

She didn’t know what to do, whether she was meant to follow the woman or not, but with only her bra and panties as coverings, she decided to wait. When the director returned ... without her clothes ... she was alarmed to see that the woman carried what looked like several pairs of shiny metal handcuffs! Before she could think of a polite way to say that the director must be crazy if she imagined for even one moment that she would actually allow herself to be locked into those things, the director smiled and assured her that there was nothing to worry about and that the cuffs were only “props” for the new musical.

She explained that in one of the scenes, the star of the show was arrested by the corrupt State Police and several of the girls from the chorus-line would double as other prisoners. Which ones would depend on how they looked in the cuffs, and so would she mind trying them on? It seemed like a plausible reason and after all, the woman was the director of the show ...

She shivered while a cold, wide steel belt was fitted around her slim waist and sucked in her stomach when the director commented that it seemed to be just a bit small. The belt was tight ... very tight ... but she wanted to impress the woman and win the role, and the extra money that went with it, so she accepted being fitted with the belt without complaint. The director was clearly pleased by her co-operation and while she held her hands at her waist and allowed her wrists to be locked into the cuffs attached to the belt by short, strong chains, she was almost sure that the part was hers. She would soon be appearing in a smash-hit musical!

Requested to kneel, she assumed it was part of the prison scene and wasn’t too concerned when a second pair of cuffs encircled her ankles. That lack of concern evaporated when the director produced a wide, heavy steel collar and locked it around her throat, and she felt the first stirrings of unease.

These were instantly translated into horrified panic when the woman stepped behind and without giving the slightest warning, wedged a massive leather ball against her soft lips. Taken by surprise, her first instinct was to scream, but when she opened her mouth, the ball was instantly crammed inside, filling all the available space and ending her cries almost before they had begun!

With the broad strap buckled tightly over her lips and cheeks, she had been gagged to the point of almost total silence; her whines and moans barely audible. The director gazed down and gave a throaty chuckle for she knew that the bonds and gag were far too efficient and restrictive to be “props” for any musical. They were all too real and as she tried and failed to free herself, the director grinned in amusement at her futile struggles and congratulated her on her success. She was the last of the three girls to be auditioned and while the other two had been good enough to earn their places in the chorus-line of the soon-to-be-staged musical, she had won the leading role in quite another form of entertainment ... as the chained and collared sex-slave of the director.

She would never have to hunt for work again ... never have to worry about money and most definitely never have to attend another audition, because she already had a role that would keep her fully occupied ... for the rest of her life ...

When the director calmly discarded her clothes and stood over her with a triumphant smile, the gagged, heavily-chained captive began to understand exactly what her role was going to be ...

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