Inspired by the art of Kovacqs

A more experienced Inspections Officer would certainly have called for back-up when suspicious packages were spotted being sneaked aboard the decrepit freighter, but she was young and new to the job and tried to handle the situation on her own, dazzled by the prospect of the praise and credit she would earn for cracking a smuggling ring so early in her career.

Mistakenly assuming that her smart uniform and official authority would protect her, she confronted the Captain and his crew, demanding that he hand over the packages and surrender himself and his men for investigation and prosecution.  To her alarm, he simply laughed in her face and told her that no jumped-up public servant was going to ruin the hugely profitable smuggling business he and his men were engaged in.  They had ways of dealing with interfering busybodies who didn’t know when to turn a blind eye to things that didn’t concern them ... especially hot, sexy little tramps like her.

Frightened by his threat and even more by his tone and the cruel glitter in his eyes when he stared boldly at her breasts and legs, she stepped backwards ... straight into the grasp of two of the men who had quietly moved behind her while she confronted the Captain.  Their rough, work-hardened hands seized her arms, twisting them high up between her shoulder blades and while she squealed in pain and shock, quickly bound her wrists and elbows with coarse rope.

Stunned by what hey had done, she protested and demanded to be untied, reminding them that she was a Government Official and that when she reported their attack, they would be punished to the full extent of the law and would certainly go to jail for their actions.  The Captain grinned evilly, then chuckled that she wasn’t going to be reporting anything to anybody and that it wasn’t going to be him and his men who were punished, but her ...

For long seconds, she gaped at him in frozen disbelief until, at his sharp nod the two crewmen drew sailors’ knives from their belts and with slashes of the razor-sharp blades, cut her uniform from her trembling body and tossed the tattered rags aside.

Stripped to nothing more than skimpy panties, a matching open-cup bra, garter-belt, stockings and five inch heels, she was so humiliated by having her naked breasts exposed that she almost missed the Captain’s casual comment to his men that they would have no trouble selling her as a slave at their next port of call, deep in the Middle East.

In her line of work, she had heard quite a few rumours about white-slaves of course, but hadn’t really believed that such things still happened in the 21st century ... and had certainly never imagined for an instant that she might become one, but when he instructed his men to get her aboard the ship and chain her up in the concealed locker they used for smuggling, she screamed in horror and fought madly to escape her bonds.  Her efforts were to no avail, for she had been tied by sailors and sailors’ knots do not slip or loosen ...

Unable to free herself, she kicked and struggled, shouting for help when a heavier rope encircled her waist and was drawn between her flailing legs, but the quayside was deserted apart from the grinning ship’s crew and there was no one to hear her desperate pleas, or come to her rescue when the hook of a crane was slipped through the waist rope and she was hoisted into the air.

Spinning in lazy circles that gave her captors a perfect view of her exposed and helpless plight, she was lifted aboard the ship then strong hands dragged her below to the steel locker that would be her prison until the freighter reached the port where she would be exhibited and sold into life-long captivity.  Her last sight and sound of freedom was the Captain offering her a mocking salute and laughing that he and his crew would be sure to visit her often to initiate her into the duties of a chained sex-slave ...

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