Artist unknown.

Much as Akasha always enjoyed and participated willingly in the bondage games and adventures dreamed up by her scientific, inventor boyfriend, this one would turn out to be far too intense and overwhelming even for her.

When she was shown the latest project in his private laboratory, he claimed that it was not only his finest creation to date for not only was it designed to be completely irresistible, but it would provide any woman with an erotic experience that would never be forgotten. She was immediately intrigued.

Curious to know more, she asked him what exactly it did and could she try it out, but instead of explaining, he simply smiled infuriatingly and told her that although they had played mild bondage games together so far, he didn’t think that she was ready to take on this particular invention.

Akasha was annoyed by his patronising tone and reacted more sharply than she really intended, pointing out that she had never been the one to set limits on their games and had always wanted to go a lot further than he had ever been willing to try.

He frowned and for a moment it seemed as if there’d be an argument, then his brow cleared and he apologised, assuring her that he had not meant to annoy her. As well, he said that he’d never realised that she wanted to extend their bondage games and if he had only known how she felt, he’d have been thrilled and delighted to make her bondage more stringent and demanding. He had assumed that she was happy with the relatively light levels of restraint used up to that point, but of course she could try out his invention if she wished.

‘Why not?’ Akasha thought. ‘Someone has to be first and it might give them both some ideas for the future. Anyway, he said that it could be absolutely guaranteed that she would be taken far beyond anything she’d ever experienced before.’

He continued with his explanation and said that unlike their light-hearted forays into bondage, this device was intended for serious scientific research into female sexual responses. It would test the limits that could be reached and endured by a woman when she was subjected to levels of stimulation much higher and more prolonged than could be achieved by even the fittest and most virile human male; hence there was a need for the heavy restraints. In the throes of such extreme arousal, a woman would have to be thoroughly immobilised to ensure that she would not hurt herself with the power of her own physical responses. In fact, preliminary results of the virtual reality, computerised simulations had shown that, if set to the highest level and operated for an extended period, a test subject would undergo irreversible changes to both her personality and body chemistry.

Effectively, she would become hopelessly addicted to the massively increased doses of pleasure-giving endorphins produced by her brain and body, in order to cope with the excessive stimulation produced by the device. Naturally, it would be unethical to expose a human female to such levels, so he had incorporated a safety interlock to make quite certain that it could not happen by accident.

Akasha was fascinated by the concept and potential of his invention while she followed him to the machine; her mind racing while she imagined herself secured in the multiple steel cuffs with no way to escape or evade the relentless arousal to come. She longed to be its first-ever human occupant, but was a little scared of what it might do. Her basic common sense argued that it would be much wiser to wait until a full programme of tests had been carried out and the machine was proved to be completely safe. That would definitely be the wisest course, but that would mean waiting, probably for months and she wanted to know now! Right away.

After all, her boyfriend was the inventor and had told her she could try it, so he must be sure that there was no danger, so she had nothing to lose and what promised to be an incredible sexual experience to gain. Too, there was the added bonus that when they played bondage games in the future, she could look forward to him tying her much more tightly and, hopefully, imposing his will and dominating her as firmly and ruthlessly as she had always wished he would. Akasha turned to smile innocently at him and asked if his machine would work better if she was naked.Surprisingly, it seemed that it didn’t matter, because instead of eagerly accepting her offer as she’d expected, he gently took hold of her arms and carefully guided her until her spine met the backplate of the device. He let go and after stepping back a pace, smiled warmly and told her that if she really wanted to try his machine, she should hold her arms out to the sides and place her legs against the angled support posts, making sure to place them in the open cuffs. The machine’s sensors would do the rest and he was confident she’d love the result.

Akasha hesitated for a moment, then nervously complied. The sensors in the cuffs detected the warmth of her body, the wide, padded steel hoops closed slowly on her limbs to a fit just short of being uncomfortably tight. He nodded in satisfaction, then invited her to test the security of the restraints, his smile growing wider when she tugged and jerked enthusiastically at the cuffs for a minute or so, then gave up and admitted that all she could do was waggle her fingers and toes.

At first she didn’t understand when he told her she was wrong, but when he gently pushed her head back and she felt another steel cuff encircle her throat, she realised what he meant. Truly, the collar’s addition to her bondage ensemble made little practical difference. She was already so thoroughly restrained that she couldn’t do anything anyway, but she liked the idea of being collared. So much so that when he checked with her to make sure she could breathe easily, Akasha told him that the next time they played bondage games, she wanted a collar of her very own. Her demand seemed to surprise him, then he chuckled and assured her that if she truly wanted a slave-collar, it would be his pleasure to make quite sure that she got one.

Before that, though, he continued, he needed to finish preparing her for his machine, so if she would just open her mouth, he would fit her with the combined gag and feeding system. Akasha had no idea what he was talking about, but didn’t like the sound of it and wanted to know what he was going to do.
Rather than explaining, he showed her and then described that the huge, high-density rubber gag would fit between her teeth to hold her mouth wide open so that the feeding-tube could be slid down her throat. It would then allow the appropriate mixture of nutrients and chemicals could be pumped directly into her stomach. His calm, matter-of-fact tone sent a chill of icy horror through Akasha’s body and when he lifted the evil looking harness towards her head, her eyes bulged in disbelief, then she wailed a shrill protest against the dreadful thing he was about to do.

She tensed her muscles in a futile bid to break free of her bonds, shuddering with revulsion and rebellion when he pressed the gag pad against her tightly-closed lips. The pressure increased and he told her not to be so silly. She couldn’t possibly win and with this realization, she whimpered in despair and reluctantly let her lips part. Short moments later, with its straps buckled over and around her head, then tensioned to a point above and behind, the huge gag pad had been pulled deep into her mouth. An inner steel ring wedged her jaws open and reduced her heartfelt pleas to muffled gasps and moans. These were silenced a few seconds later when he pulled the feeding tube from a clear plastic pouch then began to carefully feed it through the reinforced hole in the centre of the mouth covering panel over her lips.

Akasha was instructed to swallow when she felt it in her throat and forced herself to obey and control her panicky urge to retch when the thick, soft tube began to work its way down her gullet. After the first few inches it became easier as she became accustomed to the strange, but very unwelcome sensation.

Once the tube was fully inserted, he moved quickly to a nearby computer and within seconds of typing in a code, Akasha felt the support posts to which her legs were secured move slowly apart. There was nothing she could do to stop it and by the time the posts ceased moving her legs were so widely straddled that the soles of her thigh-boots were feet clear of the floor.

He returned to her, and, producing a pair of scissors, carefully snipped a pair of holes through the material of her blouse and bra to expose her firm nipples, then, while she squealed in dismay, he made a long slit in her hot-pants and underwear, revealing the moist cleft of her sex. Under normal circumstances, she would have expected him to take advantage of her helplessness to toy with her body and drive her wild until he was ready to make love, but these circumstances were far from normal! When he produced a sort of basque-style harness and fitted it to her torso, she could only wonder and worry about what else he planned to do before he had his fun.

Unable to lower her head, she squinted down past her nose when her large breasts were encircled and trapped in a cage of tight straps, forcing them to project lewdly and her stiff nipples to jut through the small holes at the apexes of her breasts where the straps met. Her embarrassment increased markedly when he took two tubes from a recess and attached their conical end-fittings to the circles of straps surrounding her nipples. Although she had a horrible feeling that she knew what they were for, she was in no position to confirm her suspicions. Similarly, she was incapable of resisting in any way, when in response to his typed instructions, a long, fat cylinder of semi-rigid plastic rose from the support behind and between her widespread thighs then slowly insinuated itself into her unprotected sex!

Gasping and squealing into her gag, Akasha fought madly to prevent its entry, but even though she clenched her internal muscles until they ached, she was no match for the mechanical power of the device. Despite her best efforts, she could not halt its remorseless invasion of her most intimate and private place. Inch by inch, it sank into her belly, stretching and filling her until she feared it would split her apart and then it stopped, leaving her deeply penetrated and intensely aware of its menacing presence. Unknown to Akasha, in-built sensors calculated that she could take no more ... for the time being ...

There remained one more minor stage of preparation. A double-width, steel belt closed around her waist to remove any possibility of movement, far less escape and the feelings of fullness in her belly grew infinitely stronger when her lower torso was compressed.

The bondage was far more extreme than Akasha had envisaged when she’d asked to try out the machine and when her boyfriend strolled over from his computer and casually inspected her immobilised form, she blushed a deep red, knowing she was totally at his mercy. Whatever he chose to do, she would have to accept without being able to protest. He must have guessed what she was thinking and smiled, then told her he hoped she was ready to begin, because he certainly was.

Before they did, though, he said that he felt he ought to clear up a few points; the major one being that he hadn’t been entirely truthful when he told her that he didn’t think she was ready for his invention. Actually, he considered that she would make a perfect subject for its very first real-life test, considering that she was a natural submissive and his machine was capable of reinforcing and intensifying a woman’s sex-drive to the point where she could no longer control her sexual urges.

Of course, he would never allow that to happen to any of his clients, but he fully intended to enslave Akasha and keep her for himself, so that was not going to be a problem. Secondly, while it was quite true that the body produced highly-addictive endorphins in response to pleasurable stimuli, he was also going to feed her a cocktail of aphrodisiac drugs through the feeding-tube, just to make quite certain that she became totally hooked on bondage and absolute sexual submission. After all, she was going be his slave and would spend the rest of her life in chains, serving his every desire.

Thirdly, at its highest setting, the simulations indicated that just four to six hours in the machine would be sufficient to permanently alter a woman’s body chemistry and personality. In Akasha’s case, however, he had settled on a full session of twenty-four hours and was looking forward to seeing the results of quadrupling the timescale. He would disable the security interlock first, of course, but as he had designed it, sixty seconds would be more than enough for the task.

Lastly, he apologised for destroying her nice clothes, but since he was going to keep her naked at all times once she was his slave, she wouldn’t need them.

Ever since he’d forced the gag into her mouth, Akasha had grown increasingly anxious about just what she had got herself into. She didn’t mind the bondage, until now, and had really enjoyed the helplessness and vulnerability that the cuffs and collar had forced on her, but the gag, and in particular the feeding-tube, had come as a very unwelcome shock. By then though, it was too late to change her mind.

He’d ignored her increasingly desperate efforts to communicate her fears and added further restraints and control devices, and now she had suspected that he had much more in mind than she had bargained for. Not for one second though had she imagined the appalling truth of what he planned for her. Against her will, he was going to turn her into his permanent sex-slave ... and given his genius for invention, he would almost certainly succeed.

He’d deliberately misled her, then manoeuvred and trapped her into letting him chain her in his machine ... or at least allowed her curiosity to lead her to trap herself, knowing she would never have willingly agreed to his plan. Stunned by the revelation of what her fate was to be, Akasha tried desperately to come up with something ... anything ... that she could use to stop him, or at least delay the moment when he would use his machine to commence the process of transforming her into his idea of what a slave should be.

He wasn’t an evil man, or the archetypal mad scientist of sci-fi horror films, so if she could just get him to really think about what he was doing and see past the male-fantasy vision of possessing his own personal sex-slave, she was sure his sense of decency and fairness would re-assert itself and cause him to realise that he couldn’t do such a thing. Her only chance was to make him understand that, but helplessly restrained as she was, all she had was her eyes and she didn’t need to pretend to be frightened, to make them open wide and fill with urgent, unspoken pleas.

All he had to do to destroy any hope of her desperation to avoid a life-long existence as a sexual plaything in slavery, was to walk a few paces to his computer and type in a command, and from that moment, she would be doomed ... and Akasha knew it ...

With his explanations and apology given, he made a final, painstaking check of her bonds, the tubes to her mouth and breasts and the thick shaft impaling her; satisfying himself that everything was in order. Content that it was, he turned towards his computer, then paused when a thin, high-pitched squeal of anguish forced itself past the tight gag cover pad that sealed her lips. Looking back over his shoulder, he gazed calmly into a pair of eyes that betrayed their owner’s appalled understanding of what he was about to do, then shook his head firmly.

As a dominant man, her absolute helplessness and his power over her, excited him deeply, but his scientific curiosity to learn whether his theoretical simulations of the effect of his machine would be borne out in reality was even stronger. He would wait and in a little over twenty-four hours, assuming his invention worked as well as he was confident it would, Akasha’s body would be his to enjoy however and whenever he pleased. She would become his slave permanently and without reservation, her mind and body incapable of resisting the ingrained conditioning that the machine would have imposed upon her. She would be obedient ... his to command ... her submission absolute and her only duty would be his pleasure in the perfection of her service.

With a wolf-like, anticipatory smile curving his lips, he strode to his computer and without hesitation, entered the interlock release and commencement codes ...

When she heard the soft clicking of the keys, Akasha squeezed her eyes shut and bit down on the rubber gag, determined to resist for as long as she possibly could in the hope that the machine would not be as effective as her boyfriend claimed. It was all she could do, but when a soft, musical beep announced the beginning of her ordeal, she immediately found herself under such an incredible and relentless barrage of sexual stimulation that her pitifully weak defences were overwhelmed in a matter of seconds.

The conical end-fittings of the tubes to her breasts tightened to form a seal around the bases of her nipples and when the air was sucked out, the vacuum drew on her tender, straining buds so strongly that it felt as though they would be torn from her breasts! Awful though the dragging at her nipples was, the sensation was eclipsed moments later, when, to her horror, the cones began to squeeze rhythmically, pinching her with brief, sharp flashes of pain! Then, the tubes began to pulse at a different rate, alternately stretching and relaxing the captive flesh and the combination was utterly devastating. Akasha shrieked into her gag, attempting to beg for it to stop and mindlessly promising her boyfriend that she’d do anything he wanted, if only he would switch off the awful machine. Even if her muffled screams were understood, there was no response, and as she was forced to endure the continuous, horrendous torment, her eyes filled with a growing dread to the realisation that, despite her terror, her body was beginning to respond!

She tried to hold back, her brain issuing frantic orders, but no matter how much she fought to deny it, her nipples slowly engorged and stiffened to an aching hardness that intensified the effects of the merciless stimulation. It was an ever-increasing spiral of unavoidable sexual arousal and the machine was winning. When Akasha’s imagination betrayed her by conjuring-up an image of her kneeling naked and in chains at the feet of her fully-dressed boyfriend, her belly kicked violently and a trail of her juices slid down the shaft buried in her sex.

Her reaction was instantly detected by a sensor and transmitted to the computer and it was the trigger for the second stage of her unwanted transformation ...

Akasha was solely focussed on the continuing havoc at her breasts and so was utterly unprepared when, without the slightest warning, the shaft between her legs came to life and began thrusting smoothly up and down into her sex and belly! Already massively aroused and in need, she had not the smallest hope of retaining control of her body’s responses and was immediately plunged into a climax of stunning power. Her belly convulsed explosively to release another flood of juices when she was forced to surrender to the depredations of the machine.

Akasha’s fingers curled, then clawed uselessly at the air, but her steel-fettered body could not move to alleviate the almost unbearable fury of her enforced passion. As the spasms of her immense orgasm tore through her, she screamed in ecstasy at the awesome depth of her submission ...and the ease and speed with which it had been imposed upon her.

It could not have been more than minutes since the machine had begun its work, but in that brief time, it had shattered her defences with ease and ended her faint hopes of holding out; reducing her to a state of abject subjugation ... and a willingness that it continue! Her mind quailed at the thought of twenty-four hours of such extreme physical, mental and sexual conditioning. Akasha knew with absolute certainty that after that long under the machine’s ruthless control, she would no longer be the same person, just as her boyfriend intended. She would have become a total slave, unable, and what was far worse and more terrifying to her, unwilling to be anything else.

She wanted to believe it was not possible and that he would intervene to save her, but in her heart she knew he would not. For several minutes, her belly shuddered in the throes of her climax until, eventually, the level of arousal slowed and the power of her convulsive spasms began to reduce, bringing some small relief.

The respite didn’t last long though. The computer allowed her only a short rest before initiating the third stage of its programming. Akasha’s recovery had barely begun when the cruel arousal of her breasts suddenly increased to its former level and the shaft again plundered her belly, and although she screamed for mercy and begged for just a little more time, the computer and her watching boyfriend were impervious to the garbled pleas hissing from her distended nostrils.

Inexorably, her sexual passion was driven higher and higher. Her swollen breasts and rigid nipples throbbed and quivered while at the same time, her belly swirled and boiled with ferocious heat that emptied her mind of every thought but the absolute and all-consuming need to achieve an orgasm. Any fear or humiliation she’d experienced to this point were forgotten and even the pinching of her nipples only added to the inferno of lust consuming her when the painful twinges blended with the pumping of the shaft to create incredible havoc throughout her entire body.

It was then that the lower section of the shaft, pressed firmly against her clitoris, began to vibrate at high speed and she was instantly propelled over the edge and into a volcanic climax. For the second time, her belly erupted in a drawn-out series of violent contractions, fluttering and kicking instinctually when each convulsion sent a wave of scalding juices flooding through it and down into her pulsing sex: her submission even speedier and more intense than her first. This time though, the screams which accompanied her complete surrender were not of despairing protest, but of exquisite pleasure and helpless acceptance. Akasha’s brain had been forced to retreat in the face of the machine’s overpowering assault and abandoned any pretence of exerting control over her body’s maddened, automatic responses. She was left with nothing to counter-balance the rampaging forces of her own unleashed passions, not could she provide herself with any protection against the near-continuous multiple orgasms while they stormed unchecked through her pounding belly. Instead of slowing as it had before and allowing her a little time to recover, the arousal continued at the same frenzied pace!

Akasha was compelled to climax over and over, reinforcing her total physical and mental submission.
What seemed to her an eternity later, the computer sensed that her limits had been reached and reduced the stimulation to a level sufficient to keep her fully aroused, but able to obtain a little, much-needed rest. Dimly, through a haze of exhaustion and still-strong sexual desire, Akasha realized that she was only being permitted to recuperate in order to prepare her for more of the merciless conditioning. Even though she was vaguely aware that another session of such extreme and irresistible arousal would finally extinguish the last flickering embers of her resistance and deliver her into the hands of her boyfriend as a full and permanent slave, it no longer seemed to matter.

Despite her many orgasms, the delicious heat coiling in her belly was more important. She longed to taste the ecstasy of submission to her chains and his wonderful invention again ... and again ... and again ...

Akasha only wished that the irritating little niggle in the back of her mind would go away, instead of constantly trying to tell her that something wasn’t quite right.

She’d been locked into his machine and subjected to its second-highest level of sexual conditioning for over eight hours and he was delighted by the performance of both. Now, he knew that Akasha was be even more submissive and more susceptible to his invention that he had dared hope. The machine itself had functioned perfectly, doing exactly what it was supposed to without a single hitch and exceeding the results of the simulation tests. Provided things went as well for the remaining sixteen hours as its first, full-scale live test, he would be able to guarantee with perfect honesty that it would live-up to the claims he’d made for it. Of course, much as he might like to, he wouldn’t be able to prove his words by producing Akasha as living evidence of its effectiveness for that would definitely give rise to complications he wasn’t willing to risk. Her enforced slavery would have to remain his little secret and that would be easy to maintain for his home had a large cellar and a very private garden.

Akasha had already stayed many times and loved it, and so this time, she would remain as his slave ... and never leave, but by now, she wouldn’t want to. Easily suppressing his very minor twinges of guilt at the devious way he’d played on Akasha’s love of bondage, to get her to try his newest invention, he grinned in anticipation when the computer initiated the fourth and final stage of its program.

This was the stage for which the safety interlock had been designed, to ensure that no female would ever be subjected to more than a very limited and closely-supervised time at this highest and most extreme level ... the safety interlock he’d deliberately disabled.

After the three previous stages, Akasha was already so far along the road to willing acceptance of sexual slavery that it was unlikely she would have tried to turn back, even if she had been free to do so. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to tell him, and the computer neither knew nor cared, simply following its program with inhuman disregard for the effects.

Still highly aroused and in a deeply submissive mental state, Akasha was propelled into another, first orgasm in a matter of seconds. Even though she welcomed the pulsing of her belly with a muffled scream of rapturous joy, stinging jolts of electricity stabbed through her nipples and clitoris and a jet of fast-acting liquid aphrodisiac was pumped down her throat. Surprised more than hurt, her eyes widened in anguished despair when the shocks followed each convulsion of her belly and she realised that the two were somehow connected! For every spasm of delicious pleasure she received, a price would be paid! It was too much ... too cruel ... too unfair, and completely unavoidable. She couldn’t resist the machine, or stop the orgasms it forced on her, especially with the aphrodisiac vastly increasing the sensitivity of her entire body ...

Akasha climaxed a second time, a third, a fourth, then many, many more times while the hours sped by and each was a bitter-sweet mixture of pain and pleasure as she was rewarded then ruthlessly tormented for the submissions forcibly extracted from her defenceless body. Each submission added to her passion to submit yet more deeply she was being helplessly conditioned to need and love.

As her boyfriend had known she would, Akasha became irreversibly addicted to the endorphins produced by her body, thanks to her bondage and the sexual marathon she was forced to undergo. Reaching out for the clipboard on which he had carefully noted the details of her reactions to each stage of her conditioning, he scrawled his conclusions.

“Subject Akasha. Pilot test 100% successful and now docile, fully submissive. Ready to begin full slave-training.”

It had taken only twenty-four hours ... just one solitary day ... but time enough for him to carry out a successful test of his new invention ... and for Akasha to become a full slave ... one who would wear only the collar she’d asked him to get for her. Too there would be matching wrist and ankle cuffs that would be added for security and his own satisfaction and she would serve him in any way he required of her for the rest of her life ...

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