The Bank Holiday Race Meeting had been a total disaster for Melanie. After nine races, she was over £500 down and for a secretary in her fairly precarious financial situation, that was a great deal of money.

But, she was sure she could make it up on the last race because she’d overheard two men talking about a horse called Lucky For Some which had apparently been held back especially for this race and was a “dead cert” for the win.

Hurrying to the bookmaker she had laid all of her bets with, “Honest Jack” she was thrilled to see that the news hadn’t leaked and that Lucky For Some was still shown at odds of 50-1. If she bet £10 she could clear her debts and make a small profit on the day ... but if she bet £100, she would make a small fortune ... if it won ...

Dazzled by the thought of so much money, she hesitated briefly, then took a deep breath and made the larger bet. “Honest Jack” frowned for a moment.

“You sure you want to put that much on, darlin’?” he asked. “That old nag ain’t got no form, you know.”

“Y-Yes,” she stammered, “I-I feel lucky and it’s the last race.”

The bookmaker shrugged.

“Well, it’s your money, girl.” he said casually. “There’s your ticket and I’ll see you after the race to settle up.”

Clutching the piece of paper, Melanie hurried to the rail near the winning post, eager to see her horse win.

Only it didn’t.

Not only didn’t it win, it trailed in last, miles behind the rest and Melanie gazed numbly down at the ticket in her hand for quite some time as the crowds of race-goers gradually dispersed, her mind reeling at the thought of how much she owed.

Rousing herself at last, she walked slowly back to “Honest Jack’s” pitch, where he and his runner were counting their takings and preparing to pack up for the day.

“I did try to tell you that nag weren’t no good.” Jack greeted her with a smile, “Still, never mind, darlin’. There’s another meet next week and maybe your luck’ll be better. So let’s see, then ... I make it you owe me a total of £630. Right?”

Melanie’s eyes widened at the figure, then she nodded glumly and reached into her handbag for her cheque book. Jack shook his head firmly and jerked his thumb at the printed board behind him ... the one with the words “Terms of Settlement – Strictly Cash Only.”

Melanie gulped, knowing that she had only a few pounds in her purse, just enough to pay for her journey home.

“Umm, I don’t have that much on me.” she replied slowly, then hurriedly added, “But it’s all right. I can give you a cheque and you can cash it on Tuesday when the Banks re-open.”

The bookmaker’s face hardened.

“Not a chance, darlin’. I’ve been caught like that before. So be a good girl and stop messing me about.”

“But ... but I don’t have that much cash.” Melanie protested, “Look! See? That’s all I’ve got on me.” and she showed him her thin purse.

He nodded sharply and she gasped when his runner moved quickly foward and took her elbow in a firm grip.

“So, that’s the way of it, is it?” Jack snapped. “I know your sort, girl! Making bets you can’t pay and trying to see off honest bookies like me. Well, you picked the wrong man this time! Come on, we’ll go and see the cops and you’ll find out what happens to people who try to cheat me.”

“The ... the Police?” she moaned, “No. No, please. Not that. I’d be so humiliated and I might lose my job.”

“You should have thought of that before.” the reply was uncompromising. “So either pay up or that’s where you’re going.”

“I’ll pay you. I promise.” Melanie urged, “Really, I will, but the Banks are shut, so I can’t get the money until Tuesday morning!”

Jack gave a humourless chuckle.

“Yeah, right!” he sneered, “You’ll get the cash then and bring it to me, I suppose?”

“That’s right.” she nodded, “If you give me your address, I’ll call around and pay you what I owe.”

He gazed at her for long seconds and Melanie blushed while his eyes roamed over her long, stocking-clad legs and large, full breasts; all nicely displayed by the short skirt and low-cut, figure-hugging top she had chosen to wear, then he shook his head.

“Maybe you would and maybe you wouldn’t, girl.” he replied. “I’d like to believe you, but it’s a lot of money and I can’t risk it, so I guess it’ll have to be the cops.”

The thought of such a humiliation was too much and when his runner tugged at her arm, Melanie gasped and stammered.

“N-no. No, please. Look, if you don’t trust me, how about I stay at your hotel where you can keep an eye on me until we can go to my Bank together to get the money.”

Jack hesitated, then shrugged.

“Not a bad idea, girl.” he said slowly, “Only Bert and me aren’t staying in a hotel. We’ve got a place right here at the course.”

“OK, fine.” Melanie said quickly, “Will it be all right for me to stay there, too?”

“Oh, I reckon so.” Jack smilingly agreed, “You won’t mind, will you, Bert?”

“Nah.” the big runner grunted briefly and when Jack took her other arm and she was led away between the two men, Melanie was too relieved not to be on her way to the Police office to think about where she was being taken.

That is, until she noticed instead of walking around the rails marking the course, Jack and Bert were cutting across the middle of the mile and a half long circuit, far away from the grandstands and rapidly-dispersing crowds of race-goers.

At first she assumed they were simply taking a short-cut, but as they came level with an old wooden barn, she was taken completely by surprise to be pushed to her left and marched into the paint-peeling building.

“Hey!” she protested. “What are you doing? Why are you taking me in here?”

“This is where we’re all staying.” Jack answered her calmly. “It’s nice and quiet out here, darlin’. Nobody to disturb us, see. Just the three of us, all nice and cosy.”

“I’m not staying here!” Melanie snapped peevishly. “It’s a dump and if you think I’m going to sleep here, you’ve got another think coming!”

Jack grinned.

“Well, you’re half right.” he chuckled. “You’re going to be staying here, sure enough, but you won’t be doing very much sleeping. Not with Bert and me to entertain.”

Melanie stared at him and her eyes widened in alarm as she realised what he had in mind, but before she could react, Bert’s strong hands gripped both of her elbows and forced her arms together behind her back. She gasped in shock, while Jack snatched a length of coarse rope from a hook and wound several turns around her head, wedging the strands between her teeth and knotting the ends at the nape of her neck.

The impromptu gag was uncomfortable, tight and frighteningly effective, pulling at the corners of her soft lips and reducing her efforts to scream to anguished wails that she knew wouldn’t carry even a tenth of the way to the public areas of the race course. Although she tried as hard as she could to tear her arms free of Bert’s tight grip, he was far too strong and held her with contemptuous ease.

Struggling to get loose, she was slow to realise that her best chance was to stomp on his feet with her pointed, stiletto heels but by the time she worked it out, a second length of rope was already looped and knotted tightly around her knees, removing the option.

When Jack lashed her ankles together with a third piece, Melanie whimpered in horror, knowing she was in the most terrible trouble. With Bert pinning her elbows, she could only squeal and claw vainly with her sharp fingernails while more rope encircled her wrists, then gasp and wince in despairing misery when yet more loops were tightened around her upper arms. Her elbows were forced together until they touched, welding her arms into a painfully stressed column behind her back and removing any possibility of her making effective resistance against her captors.

Melanie’s eyes bulged in disbelief when Jack strolled to the corner of the building and tossed the end of a longer rope over one of the massive cross-beams spanning the barn, then she squealed in panic when Bert lifted her as if she was a feather and carried her over to his boss. When he set her down then levered her bound arms upwards so that she was forced to bend forward, there was nothing she could do to stop him.

Her wrists were pulled high above her bent body and secured so that she couldn’t straighten up or even wriggle too much for fear of losing her balance. In seconds her skirt had been unzipped and pulled down then pulled under her feet and her ankle rope was tied to a rusty iron ring bolt set into the floor.

Bent over, her frightened face on a level with the waists of her captors and her taut buttocks in their lacy briefs jutting invitingly upwards behind, Melanie was horribly aware of how vulnerable and defenceless she had become. Jack bent to grin at her.

“Now then, darlin’! You’re a bright girl so I reckon you’ll be sensible enough not to try and scream when we untie that rope in your mouth. It’s like this, see ... you owe Bert and me a lot of money. More than you can afford, it seems to us. So, we’re going to give you the chance to pay some of it off.”

The hot glow of predatory anticipation in his eyes left Melanie in absolutely no doubt about how she was to be “permitted” to pay off the debt and she reacted without thinking, her eyes widening in fright when she shook her head wildly in point-blank refusal to even consider such a shameful offer. Jack shrugged casually.

“OK, girl. If that’s the way you want it, that’s fine. After all, it’s your money and it’s no skin off our noses if you don’t want to save yourself a few pounds, is it Bert?”

“S’right boss.” the big man grunted. “Generous, I call it.” and he gave a hoarse laugh.

“Quite right.” Jack agreed, his grin widening. “It’s generous of her and being the honest bookmakers we are, we wouldn’t want to take unfair advantage of her betting misfortunes, now would we? So, we’ll see how tonight goes and if she’s cooperative and as generous with her favours as she is with her cash, maybe we’ll knock a bit off her bill for services rendered, so to speak.”

Melanie froze, her brain spinning as she realised that the two men had no intention of releasing her until the next morning and as Bert’s rough hands began to roam over the upraised globes of her buttocks, Jack stood up and slowly unzipped his trousers. Melanie whimpered in appalled horror. It was only too plain what they planned and she knew there was nothing she could do to stop them! Even if she screamed as loudly as she could when they untied her gag, the barn was too far out in the middle of the course and the chance of anyone hearing her in the grandstands and public areas was zero ... especially as the race meet had now been over for some time and those areas would be virtually deserted.

Her screams would achieve nothing except to annoy her captors and although they had tied her tightly, they hadn’t hurt her. She didn’t want to risk angering them and so when Jack untied her gag and pulled the soggy rope from her mouth, Melanie didn’t make a sound.

“Smart girl!” he said cheerfully. “Now, you know what we want and you know we can take it whether you cooperate or not. But, Bert and me, well, we’re honest, see, and we always pay our debts. So, if you treat us nice and give us what we want, we can make a deal on how much you owe. Now, a pretty girl like you, if you were a professional lady, I reckon you’d charge maybe £50 for a blow-job and £100 for full sex. But as an amateur, a fair price’d be what, half that, d’you reckon, Bert?”

“Yeah, ‘bout that.” the big man agreed casually.

“OK. Fair enough.” Jack said. “Twenty-five and fifty it is, then. That all right with you, darlin’?”
It was far from all right, but Melanie knew that she had very little choice. If she said no, they would just take her anyway and she’d get nothing. At least if she agreed, it would cut the size of her losses. Taking a deep breath, she shuddered and whispered.

“Yes. It’s-it’s a deal.”

“Right!” Jack told her firmly, “We’ll all keep count then and settle up in the morning, right? And no welshing, darlin’.”

Melanie shook her head, resigning herself to the inevitable.

“No. No welshing. But-But if you untied me, it would be easier ...”

Behind her, Bert gave a deep chuckle.

“Nah. It’s real easy this is and it’s more fun with you as you are.”

Jack shrugged, “Sorry, girl. Bert and me like a bit of bondage, so no dice. You stay tied up. Now, open your mouth, darlin’ and let’s see how much of that £630 you can pay off by the morning, eh? C’mon, open up. There’s seventy-five quid just waiting to be earned.”

Melanie hesitated for a few seconds longer, then reluctantly let her lips part. When his erect maleness slid into her mouth, she gasped in humiliation while his hardened flesh gagged her and forced her to breathe through her nose. Bert’s hands tugged her lace panties aside and his rigid shaft thrust deep into her sex and Melanie could only squeal shrilly while her fingers clawed at the empty air as she was forced to submit to the double penetration.

Trapped between the two men, she could neither advance nor retreat and any attempt to move away from the one embedded shaft, only impaled her more deeply on the other, intensifying her feelings of utter helplessness and subjugation.

There was no escape or possibility of resistance and they moved forward then began to ravage her mouth and belly with hard, fast lunges. Melanie’s eyes widened in shocked dismay when she felt her nipples stiffen and her sex grow slippery as her body responded automatically. She couldn’t prevent it and as the unexpected sexual arousal rose swiftly to an inferno she was powerless to control, Melanie writhed and gasped in overwhelming need. Her belly jolted to the massive contractions of a devastating climax that brought a bright crimson flush of shame to her bulging cheeks.

Her shame redoubled when the all-too-obvious convulsions of her orgasm triggered the release of the men and their juices hosed into her belly and throat. She was forced to gulp down Jack’s hot, salty seed as Bert’s spend flooded into her body, confirming her abject surrender.

Jerking and gasping to the powerful, internal explosions of her submission, Melanie’s eyes widened to the stunning realisation that she had never, ever, experienced such incredible satisfaction and sheer, rapturous ecstasy from the few sexual encounters with her other partners.

No man had ever tied her up and simply used her for his pleasure without the slightest consideration for her comfort or wishes, and, as her belly pulsed hugely, she shuddered to the knowledge that Bert’s and Jack’s ruthless domination had uncovered a facet of her character that she’d never suspected existed ... until now.

Bound and at their mercy, she’d lost all control over her fate and her body and the result had been the most intense and exquisitely-delicious orgasm she had ever known or imagined. Although she had been an at first extremely reluctant and frightened participant, the fact that she had been helpless and incapable of resisting their demands in any way, had added immeasurably to the undreamt-of sexual pleasure that had filled her body and mind. A whole world of new and enticing sexual adventures had suddenly been shown to her, one filled with passion and need and longing!

This new place was one in which she could only accept whatever her captors chose to do to her and submit to the incredible sensations and immense orgasms that would be the inevitable outcome of her sexual subjugation. Thrilled, ashamed and more than a little frightened by what she had discovered about herself, Melanie gulped and stared nervously upward as Jack and Bert slid their temporarily-sated shafts from her sex and lips, then grinned down at her.

“There you go, girl.” Jack chuckled. “That’s seventy-five quid you’ve just paid off. Well earned, too. If you keep that up all night, we’ll be owing you money by morning, won’t we, Bert?”

“Ar.” the big man grunted his agreement, “But only if we can keep going ‘til then, boss.”

“True.” Jack smiled. “I guess we’ll just have to do the best we can then, Bert. And if we’re struggling, well, it’ll be up to the little lady to encourage us.”

Melanie felt her cheeks redden at his words, but even as she blushed, her belly fluttered to a fresh wave of heat in anticipation of what would be required of her in the hours to come. It was clear that Bert and Jack were going to take her as often as they could manage and as there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop them, it seemed to her that her only sensible course of action was to give in to the inevitable and just let it happen.

The fantastic sexual pleasure she had discovered in being bound and taken by two ruthless men at the same time had been a revelation ... and at least she would be earning at a much higher hourly rate than she’d ever managed as a humble secretary.

At seventy-five pounds a time, she would have to satisfy them both eight times to just about clear her debts. She seriously doubted that either she, or they, would be capable of completing such a sexual marathon in one single night, then the answer dawned on her.

It was only Saturday and she didn’t have to be back home until Monday night, ready to go to work on Tuesday. In two nights she surely ought to be able to pay off what she owed and perhaps even make a tidy profit! Taking a deep breath, she raised her eyes to the booky’s grinning face.

“Uh, Jack?” she said shyly, “I’ve got a little ... ah... proposition ... I’d like you and Bert to consider ...”

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