Inspired by the art of Alazar.

She had always been a fan of super heroine comics ... Wonder Woman, Super Girl, Bat Woman and all the others, loving the amazing perils and dangers they were always getting themselves into until finally emerging triumphant with another villain defeated.

In her dreams and fantasies, she was one of them and had even made up a name for herself – Midnight Blue. Slightly embarrassed by her fantasies, they had always remained just that, until the day she confided to her husband of almost a year that she had often wondered what it would be like to be tied up and helpless in the lair of a super-villain. Expecting him to laugh at her, she was been thrilled when he had suggested that they re-enact one of her favourite scenes for their first anniversary. A trained carpenter, he had immediately begun work down in the large cellar workshop, while she had gone looking for her costume as Midnight Blue.
Five weeks later, on the Friday of a four-day holiday weekend, it happened.

The giant wooden cross hung from a heavy chain so that it could be lowered to the floor for her to be secured and when she lay down and placed her ankles, wrists and neck in the steel hoops he had fitted, she was already incredibly excited then became even more so when he adjusted the ratchets that drew each metal hoop tight. In a trice her limbs and neck had been confined in an inescapable spread-eagle that left her utterly helpless to do more than flutter her fingers.

She hadn’t realised that he was going to gag her, but when he did, she trembled in delicious horror, intensely aware that he could now do whatever her liked to her ... and she was powerless to resist, or even argue! When a razor-sharp knife slit her costume to expose her breasts and sex, she knew he was going to do exactly what he wished, whether she was willing or not. She absolutely loved it ... and she loved him for bringing her fantasy to life, but when he opened the cupboard to her right and in his best super-villain snarl, told her that Midnight Blue was about to learn what happened to interfering busybodies who tried to foil his evil plans, her eyes bulged in stunned disbelief at the array of bondage equipment it revealed.

Tearing her gaze away from the contents of the cupboard, she stared numbly at him and when he nodded firmly and a great grin spread across his face, she felt her belly kick powerfully to the thrilling realisation that he was going to use every last one of them to bind, torment and arouse her. In her comics, the super heroine always managed to escape in the nick of time before the merciless villain wreaked his awful revenge on her helpless body. Only ... she wasn’t a super heroine and didn’t have any special powers or futuristic equipment to save herself. She was just an ordinary woman, bound by steel and tightly-gagged, with her body totally available to her captor for at least four whole days and nights!

When he moved towards her, she smiled behind her gag and happily accepted her unavoidable fate.
After all, maybe it was about time that a villain actually won for a change ...

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