Depending on the viewpoint of the observer, the pool of soft golden light cast by the oil lamp was either romantic and pleasantly mysterious, or decidedly eerie and menacing. For the man standing back in the shadows, well beyond the reach of the lamplight, it was the former, but for the girl silhouetted against the yellow glow, it was most certainly the latter.

She and the man, her lover, had driven to the secluded barn earlier that evening, following his suggestion that it would be the ideal place to have sex without fear of being disturbed. Assured that although it hadn’t been in use for years, it was still fully weatherproof, she had agreed without argument, thinking that it would be a new adventure for them to share. It was quite a long way off the main roads, their journey twisting and turning through narrow country lanes, and to be honest, she hadn’t paid a lot of attention, content to sit back in the soft leather upholstery of his expensive four-by-four and let her mind wander over the delicious possibilities that the evening promised.

By the time he turned onto a bumpy track through a thick forest and finally braked to a halt in a small clearing surrounded by the dense woodland, she had no idea where she was, or how to find her way back. Of course, that didn’t really matter to her, because he obviously must know, to have found the place to begin with. The barn was smaller than she had imagined it would be: more of a very large shed really; stone-built and with only two small, iron-barred windows set high up on either side of a low door that was secured by no less than three heavy, rather rusty padlocks.

Rather surprised to see such a high level of security on a disused barn, she joked that the owner must have kept something pretty valuable inside, then blushed with pleasure when he replied that it couldn’t possibly have been as precious as what it would soon contain. Delighted by the compliment, she waited while he unlocked the door and went inside with the oil lamp and when it was lit, she followed without a qualm.

Inside, it was warm, dry and much cleaner that she had expected, with just a few battered farming tools in one corner, two or three bales of hay along the right-hand wall, a bucket, petrol can and several lengths and coils of what she assumed was old rope hanging from a line of large hooks in one of the heavy beams supporting the low roof. She thought it was quaint and charmingly rustic and when he shut and bolted the heavy door, didn’t suspect a thing when he pointed out the thickness of the walls and chuckled that even if she screamed for help, nobody outside would hear a thing.

Not, as he told her with a grin, that there was anybody within several miles to hear her if she did.
Matching his light-hearted mood, she stared cheekily at him and asked just exactly what he thought he could do that could possibly make her scream? Rubbing his chin thoughtfully, he looked casually around the barn, then walked over to the dangling ropes and replied that he could always use them to tie her up. For several seconds, she was shocked, then manage to recover her poise and shrugged, pretending an elaborate unconcern when she told him that it would take more than that to frighten her into screaming, so why didn’t he try it?

Taking her at her word, he sat her down on one of the straw bales, then used the first length to tie her arms behind her back and when he cinched the loops with several crossways turns, she found that her wrists were firmly bound in what amounted to a pair of rope handcuffs that, although not uncomfortably tight, were extremely secure and quite inescapable. Surprised by his unexpected expertise, she spent several minutes trying to slip her wrists out of the loops or get her fingers to the knot, but while she was doing that and having no success whatever, he was busy tying her ankles and looping a dozen or more turns about her lower calves, finishing the tie with another tightly-cinched knot.
By the time she gave up her fruitless attempts to free her arms, all of her limbs were bound and she was unable to resist when he took a ball-gag harness from his pocket and calmly told her to open her mouth.
This was much more than she expected or was willing to accept and when she tried to argue, he simply pushed the large rubber ball between her jaws with his thumbs and held it with one hand while buckling the twin straps behind her neck with the other.

Squealing in protest, she tried to use her tongue to expel the ball, but when he’d tightened the straps, it was pulled deep into her mouth until wedged behind her teeth. She could only whimper and grunt wordless pleas that he chose to ignore. Jerking at her bound arms and kicking her legs only delayed him a little. She watched in growing alarm when he trapped her calves between his knees and wound more ropes bound her knees and pinned her thighs, then tied her feet together so that her lower limbs were completely immobilised.

Whining into her gag, she tried to tell him that she’d had enough and wanted to be freed, but as yet more rope cinched her forearms and loops slowly climbed towards her elbows, she gasped in fright when her arms were inexorably forced to meet behind her back!

Thankfully, although she didn’t realise it or appreciate it, she was more flexible than most, her elbows almost meeting with little more than a wince of discomfort on her part while he added a cinch below the joint and another just above. With loops at her biceps and cinches passed right around her body above and below her breasts, her upper arms were clamped rigidly and as he applied the final touch by encircling her waist with several turns of rope and drawing these tightly to her already-bound wrists, her freedom was reduced to nothing more than a futile clenching and clawing of her fingers.

She was utterly and completely helpless, totally at his mercy and as he lifted her to her feet and carried her beneath one of the massive wooden beams spanning the barn, she trembled wildly, knowing that there was nothing she could do to stop him from carrying out whatever plan he had in mind. Lowered to her bound feet, she swayed and squealed, afraid she would fall and be unable to save herself. He steadied her carefully until a precarious balance had been achieved, and she could only heed his cheerful warning to stay absolutely still while he fetched the final length of rope and knotted it to her wrists. Its free end was then through a massive iron ring embedded in the timber beam above her, then slowly, watching carefully to ensure her balance, he began to pull on it. As her arms rose, she was forced to bend forward and inch by inch, despite her squeals and clawing fingers, her head sank lower and lower until she was fully doubled-over, her hair almost brushing the floor and her buttocks raised high and tautly stretched.

When he tied off the rope, she shuddered, acutely aware of how defencelessness and vulnerable she was ... and of how inviting her bottom must look. She didn’t want to even think of how easily he could spank her, or how simple it would be for him to tug down her shorts and panties ... and if he did, he couldn’t fail to see how wet and ready she was! In spite of her fears, she knew she was aroused and turned-on by being so helplessly bound and shamefully available. She wanted him and couldn’t help thinking how incredibly exciting it would be to be taken while absolutely incapable of moving or doing the slightest thing to control or even influence her own enforced submission.

Gagged as she was, she couldn’t even beg him to make love to her and when he stepped back into the shadows, her belly swirled and seethed with savage heat to the thrilling knowledge that she was his prisoner and had no choice but to wait until he chose to exert his deliciously-frightening power over her. He’d never bound her before, but while her nipples ached and her sex oozed wetly, she decided that when he finally did release her ... after he had taken her in her thrilling plight ... she was going to absolutely insist that sex in bondage become a regular and frequent cornerstone of their relationship.

It was only much later, when she remembered that he had had the ball-gag in his pocket and challenged him, that he admitted to planning the whole thing and had put the ropes in the barn himself. As well, he informed her, he’d bought the building and the woods around it with exactly what had happened in mind.

Luckily, by then she was just as eager to play bondage games as he was ...

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