When she was asked by the organisers if she'd mind helping out with one of the stalls at the upcoming Fetish Fair, she was happy to oblige for she would have been attending anyway in order to meet with her many friends in the BD/SM scene and catch up with their news and gossip.

Being something of an exhibitionist as well as a submissive, she decided to go without underwear and turned up on the day in her red, near-transparent, mini-dress, garter-belt, stockings and six-inch heels; completing her outfit with her favourite studded leather slave-collar padlocked around her neck.
As it turned out, she had chosen rather well for the part she was to play, even if she didn’t realise it until later.

She was intrigued when, after greeting and thanking her for volunteering, one of the organisers produced a wide leather belt and calmly announced that she would need to wear it for her duties at the stall. She didn’t argue and allowed it to be buckled tightly around her waist for she was well-used to bondage and being restrained. She liked the compression and without waiting to be told, brought her arms in front of her belly, feeling distinct arousal when her wrists were locked in the steel cuffs dangling from the belt. Already past the point of being able to resist effectively, she writhed and gasped in the grip of two of the men when her dress was pulled down and their hands toyed with her exposed breasts; her nipples hardening immediately and her belly swirling with heat when she accepted her helplessness and their thrilling power over her.

Led out of the organiser’s tent before she could come, she was marched across the grassy field and through the steadily growing crowd of onlookers without being permitted to cover her breasts; her face scarlet with embarrassment and excitement at her enforced exhibition when she became the centre of attention for dozens of eyes. When she reached the stall of which she was to become the centrepiece and found out exactly what she had unwittingly volunteered for, even that shamefully-delicious humiliation paled into insignificance ...

Lifted and turned upside-down, her ankles were buckled into heavy leather cuffs at the tops of two, five foot high poles; her waist-belt connected to thick chains half-way up and her collar tied to each post near the bottom. Suspended and supported by the cuffs and chains, pinned by the weight of her own body, and with her legs spread open, she couldn’t stop her dress slipping down to reveal her naked buttocks and invitingly-parted sex. She understood how totally defenceless and utterly exposed she was and her belly kicked savagely at the realisation of how easily anybody wandering past the stall could take advantage of her, without being able to do a thing to stop them.

To her immense relief one of the organisers told her that there would always be an attendant to run the stall, take the money and ensure that only genuine winners claimed the prize on offer. She almost didn’t dare ask what ‘the prize’ was, but just had to know and when he replied casually that it was, of course, her, she shuddered in anguish while her sex oozed wetly to betray the humiliating excitement his answer sent racing through her body.

She gasped in outraged shock when she felt him push a hard, cool object part-way into her sex, then froze in disbelief when he began shouting.

“Roll up! Roll up, ladies and gentlemen! Test your skill with a game of boule! Three balls for a pound. Knock the jack out of its warm little nest, then replace it with your fingers or your lips! Come on, folks! Don’t disappoint the little lady! She wants you to win, because the more winners there are, the more fun she gets! So, come on, ladies and gents! You know you want to, and who can resist the opportunity to win such a succulent and tasty prize as this?”

A long queue quickly formed; everyone in it eager to part with their money for the chance to enjoy her helplessly displayed and offered charms and she gulped in dismay, intensely aware that she was going to submit and climax whenever the first “winner” ... male or female, claimed her as their prize.
The first ... and the second ... and the third ...

It was going to be a very, very long afternoon ...

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