Inspired By the Art of Kovacs



Born less than five minutes before her twin, sweet, innocent Princess Pamela had spent her entire life preparing to ascend to the throne as Queen on the death of her father and had never questioned herfuture role or the accident of timing that had elevated her above her sister.

Thinking only of her duty and responsibility to her people, she did her best not to allow the resentment that her sister, Lady Paula, clearly felt to sour their relationship, but the loss of the Crown by such a cruelly-small margin caused a great deal of friction between them. So much so that by the time their father fell ill and died, they were barely on speaking terms and Princess Pamela had no inkling that her sister had hatched a plot to deprive her of her rightful inheritance.

Drugged by a servant in the pay of her twin, Pamela awoke to find herself alone, naked and tightly chained in a dungeon deep beneath her sister’s Palace, her wrists bound in heavy iron manacles to a ring above her head, breasts shamefully presented and offered by a rivetted harness, ankles and calves clamped immovably by iron hoops to the wooden dais on which she knelt, her thighs spread wide and unable to close ... and her sex imprisoned behind the thick metal plate of a securely-locked chastity belt ...

Appalled and terrified by her abrupt and seemingly-inexplicable transition from honoured, respected and pampered royal Princess to defenceless and vulnerable captive, Pamela screamed and begged with tears streaming down her cheeks for someone to come and rescue her, even at the cost of the dreadful public humiliation and loss of dignity that would inevitably follow her discovery in such an exposed and helpless plight.

When the heavy door creaked open, however, it was not a concerned rescuer who entered her dungeon, but her own sister…and as Pamela saw the gleam of pleasure in her eyes and the cruel smile on her red lips, her cries of relief and welcome faded away to an ominously foreboding silence ... soon broken by Paula’s laughter as she walked across the dungeon to gaze down at her chained sister, then grinned mockingly down into her anguished face and showed her a large iron key and an evil-looking multi-tailed whip ...

“So, my dear sister, it seems that although you are the first-born, it is not you, but I who will wear the Crown and rule over our land and everyone in it. Including you. I do hope you like the new “regalia” I had made for you, my dear, because you will be wearing it for a very long time. Of course, it’s not what you’re used to as a royal Princess, but it’s perfectly adequate for a lowly slave such as you are to become and I’m sure my Palace Guards won’t care when they make good use of this key to the “treasure” between your legs. And just in case you are foolish enough to imagine that such a role is beneath your royal dignity and some encouragement is needed to encourage you to serve my loyal subjects to the absolute best of your ability, I shall leave this whip, too.”

Pamela shuddered and shook her head frantically as the full horror of what her twin planned for her became terrifyingly clear, her long, dark hair flying from side to side as she pleaded and begged her sister not to condemn her to the lifetime of torment and sexual servitude that she faced as a chained slave at the mercy of the Palace Guards. In vain, for Paula would be Queen and the only obstacle to her ambition was Pamela ... and that impediment was easily overcome, for no slave could ever hope to sit on a royal throne or rule over a free people. As Paula placed the key and whip in front of the dais on which her sister knelt as a slave, she sneered.

“And now, my sweet sister, your Queen must leave you, for I have duties of State to attend, while you have duties of slut to learn. So I shall bid you farewell, little Princess of Pain and Pleasure, for we shall not meet again!”

Pamela whimpered in dreadful anguish and misery, knowing that her Crown was gone and her fate sealed. She was doomed to serve as the sexual plaything and whipping-toy of an endless stream of soldiers bent on satisfying their basest needs and desires, her body merely the vehicle for their cruel pleasures, to be used and taken and punished as they chose.

For Pamela, who was once a Princess and had so nearly become a Queen, would be, forever, a slave ...


The sex-slave who had once been Princess Pamela had been imprisoned in the deepest dungeon beneath the palace ever since her younger twin sister, Lady Paula, had had her drugged and kidnapped in order to usurp her throne and take her place as Queen. Awakening to find herself naked and heavily chained, Pamela had learned from her grinning sister that she was to become the sexual toy of the Palace Guards, never to be released or permitted to deny them any and every cruel or perverted desire they cared to demand from her.

She had begged for mercy then, unable to believe that her sister could be so ruthless and inflict such a terrible fate upon her, but her protestations were to no avail and when her twin ignored her pleas and walked away, abandoning her to her fate, Pamela was forced to confront the dreadful truth that she was condemned to a lifetime of enforced sexual servitude. In the days that followed, she soon found that the status and respect she had taken for granted as a royal Princess, was no defence against the lusts of her sister’s Palace Guards.

Men who would previously have given their lives to protect and serve her, now ordered her to pleasure them and fulfil every shameful and humiliating whim that took their fancy, enforcing their wishes with merciless whippings that striped her flesh with lines of searing fire until she begged to submit and give them whatever they desired. Her chains were inescapable, her helplessness absolute, her surrender total and as the days of her captivity turned to weeks and the weeks to months, Pamela was given no option but to become the sex-slave that her sister had plotted to make her.

With an iron collar bolted around her throat, her wrists and ankles confined in heavy manacles and her pierced, ringed nipples chained to ring-bolts in the wall, she was utterly at the mercy of any man who chose to enter her dungeon ... unable to resist or evade the stinging lashes of his whip. Her only hope of mercy lay in her unquestioning obedience and willingness to submit to any demand made of her, no matter how extreme. Her body was no longer hers to command, its use the sole preserve of her captors and as she was forced to perfect the skills of pleasuring the Palace Guards, she learned that no parts of her naked charms was safe from their depredations.

To her horrified shame, it was not only her sex and breasts that were the men’s targets, for despite her frantic protests and pleas, her anal channel and soft mouth were also required to play their part. Taken and used in ways that she had never dared even imagine, and cruelly punished for any hesitation or sign of reluctance on her part, she sank ever deeper into a slavery from which she feared she could never recover.

As her willpower weakened and her ability to retain control of her responses ebbed away to leave her defenceless against the relentless heat and fury of the sexual subjugation imposed upon her, Pamela was forced to accept that her sister’s victory was complete. Queen Paula need have no fear that her throne was in danger, for the rightful heir was a chained, whip-striped, permanent sex-slave in the dungeons below the royal Palace.

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