Part - IV




Gabrielle had no idea how long she had been walking, or how many times she had completed a circuit of the peat track that unrolled endlessly beneath her spike-heeled boots. She only knew that her feet and legs ached relentlessly, competing with her pinioned arms and the bit-gag wedged between her jaws to give her the greatest discomfort and misery. The only bright spot in her situation was that her performance had improved markedly and reduced the number of times the coach-whip had snaked out to crack across her buttocks and thighs to enforce her Master’s instructions. Reduced, but not eliminated completely, as the mesh of pink and red stripes adorning her pale skin confirmed. On their own, none had been unbearably painful, but added together they smarted and burned at a level that could not be ignored or disregarded, but only accepted and endured along with her other tribulations.

Worse than any of these, though, was her embarrassment and humiliation at finding that she was unable to suppress distinct and persistent feelings of unmistakable pleasure at the way she was being controlled and made to obey by Matthew. His total domination and determination to impose his will upon her, sent waves of thrilling and shamefully submissive excitement rippling through her belly and as his whip disciplined her and forced her to display her body exactly as he commanded, she was intensely aware that her breasts and nipples remained taut and rigidly erect and that between her thighs, a slow trickle of her juices oozed from her sex.

Focused on her performance, the command, “Halt,” caught her by surprise and she stumbled on for two paces before stopping.

“Pay attention, pony-girl,” her Master snapped, “When you’re told to halt, you do it immediately, not two paces later. And you go straight into the display position to await instructions the moment you stop. Got it?”

Gabrielle shivered at his harsh tone and jerked her shoulders back, simultaneously spreading her legs as far as she could, her eyes wide with fright in anticipation of a punishment. It didn’t come and she sighed in relief as he laid down the coach-whip and walked towards her. Until she remembered that her breasts and sex were completely exposed and he couldn’t fail to see the betraying evidence of her shameful arousal. She blushed furiously, wishing the floor would open up and swallow her, but dared not close her legs and as he reached her and his eyes went immediately to the wet, glistening stains on her thighs and belly, she groaned in anguish.

“Be quiet, pony-girl,” he ordered, “You are to remain silent while you are harnessed or in display position. And you keep still, no matter what is done to you.” He didn’t say that she would be punished if she broke the new rules, but he didn’t need to and Gabrielle understood the unspoken threat perfectly.
Her freedom had already been taken from her and now, his rules were to remove her only means of communication or protest.

Like a real pony, she was to become a dumb animal, trained to respond obediently to her Master’s commands and his whip….and as her belly kicked violently to a vivid mental image of herself trotting around the grassy paddock, fully harnessed and powerless to resist, her sex pulsed to release a fresh trickle of her juices.

“My, my, Gabrielle,” he smiled coldly, “You are a hot little filly, aren’t you? It seems you rather like being trained and disciplined. And the stricter the better, it appears. That’s very good. Very good indeed. In fact, pony-girl, you’ve earned a small reward.”

Her eyes almost bulged from their sockets and her lips drew back from the bit-gag in a silent scream of shocked disbelief as the fingers of his left hand caressed the swollen, wet, exquisitely sensitive folds of her labia and his thumb circled and pressed gently on the engorged nubbin of her prominent clitoris. For endless seconds, she shuddered wildly, her breasts jiggling as every touch sent jolts of devastating arousal storming through her body….until, almost at the climax that boiled and churned in her belly, she screamed and bent forward, her thighs coming together in an effort to trap his fingers and draw them deeper into her quivering sex.

Her Master had anticipated her response and was quicker, instantly stepping back and removing his left hand while his right, gripping the crop, swung backhand and then forehand to burn two lines of searing heat into her flanks. Gabrielle wailed in pain and dreadful loss as she was ruthlessly punished and deprived of the sexual release she had so nearly achieved, but as she jerked her head up to gaze imploringly at her Master, begging him to have pity on her and let her come, he repeated flatly.

“You are to remain silent while harnessed or in display position and you keep still, no matter what is done to you.”

An icy chill of apprehension cooled the fire of her arousal when she heard his uncompromising words and as he slowly raised the crop, she fought down her growing horror and forced her body back into the display position, trembling in fear of the consequences of her disobedience.

“That’s more like it, pony-girl,” he told her sternly, “A trained pony would be severely disciplined for breaking position as you have just done. But as you are new, I shall be lenient on this occasion and overlook your error. I strongly suggest you do not let it happen again. You may nod to confirm that you understand.”

She bobbed her head quickly, then resumed her pose and he lowered his whip, “I hope you do, pony-girl, or your training will be hard and quite painful for you. Now we will continue with the trot. As a lover of horses, I am sure you know what that is, but I shall tell you anyway. It’s quite simple. Same high-stepping, only twice as fast and I want a nice, even pace. And for variety, you’ll do this exercise clockwise. Begin on my word of command.”

Without another word, he strode away towards the central post, leaving her to turn around and try to prepare herself.

Waiting to commence the next stage of her training, Gabrielle was furious with him for treating her so cruelly and denying her the orgasm she had expected and thought she deserved, but her anger was tinged with more than a little fearful anxiety because she knew he was annoyed with her. He had told her quite clearly that he expected her to keep still and not make a sound and she had disobeyed both instructions. She truly believed it hadn’t been her fault….surely, nobody could have resisted the incredible arousal he imposed on her and she had really tried to obey….but he had punished her anyway and she had a horrible, growing certainty that wasn’t going to accept any excuses, no matter how well-justified, if she failed a second time.

As she almost inevitably would when he caressed her, for despite her punishment and her fears, she knew that a single touch of his hand would instantly re-ignite the temporarily dormant embers of overwhelming need still glowing fiercely in her belly. It would be just about impossible to resist. If she couldn’t, he would punish her. Again. As often as it took to force her to obey.

Appalled by her conclusions, Gabrielle shuddered in terror, seeing only one way out of her awful plight. No matter how difficult, or uncomfortable, or humiliating it might be, she must strive to be absolutely perfect and give him no cause to be dissatisfied with her, or feel that she required more painful discipline…………….

Perfection was her only defence, but when he ordered, “Trot on, pony-girl,” and the coach-whip hissed out to curl across her naked flank, Gabrielle found that it was one thing to want and try to be perfect….and quite another to actually achieve it. Trotting was much harder than walking, the increased speed making her breasts jiggle embarrassingly and her arms bump against her buttocks, while the hobble-chain between her knees tended to snap taut unexpectedly, throwing her off balance and distracting her so that it was difficult to maintain a steady pace, in spite of her best efforts.

Just as she had dreaded, Matthew, her Master, was pitiless, his voice and his whip driving her on relentlessly and punishing her every stumble and hesitation until her bottom and thighs were a stinging, burning inferno of blistering heat and tears poured from her frantic eyes as she wept and sobbed in despair and misery, fearing that she would never be able to satisfy his demands or reach the impossibly high standards he required of her and she would be forced on and on until she collapsed from sheer exhaustion.

At some point, without knowing how or when it had happened, Gabrielle realised that she was trotting around the track with a smooth, coordinated grace that astounded her. Even the whip had ceased to torment her and when she stole a glance to her right, she saw that her Master was watching her with a smile of unmistakable pleasure on his lips. A soft glow of pride warmed her belly as she understood that it was her submission and obedience that had pleased him and as he met her eyes and nodded, she pulled her shoulders back as far as she could to accentuate her breasts and trotted on, accepting his Mastery of her and enjoying the delightful sensations of the air currents flowing past her own body, gradually soothing the smarting of her whipped bottom.

When he finally ordered her to halt, she immediately arched her body into the display position and stood still, looking straight ahead as her walked up to her.

“You did very well, pony-girl,” he told her approvingly, “I’m impressed. Provided you keep working hard every day, it shouldn’t take more than a few weeks to complete your training.”

Gabrielle flushed with pleasure at the compliment, then realised what he had actually said. A few more weeks of training? He had agreed that she would have to go back to work on Monday... hadn’t he? She thought back, trying to remember his exact words and it suddenly dawned on her that he hadn’t agreed to any such thing and had only said that they didn’t need to think about her job until then. She had simply assumed that he would free her….but what if he didn’t?

It wouldn’t be difficult to arrange her disappearance, a couple of phone calls and nobody would even question it or think to investigate. She gulped, aware of the heat in her belly as she realised that he could easily hold her captive for as long as he wanted and as he casually unclipped the lunge-rein from her collar, she shivered in helpless arousal to the touch of his hands on her skin.

“Steady, pony-girl,” he chuckled, “You’ll get your reward when you’re back in your stable, so you’ll just have to learn to be patient, won’t you. Walk on.”

As he strolled behind her, drinking in the erotic sight of her naked buttocks and tightly harnessed body as she high-stepped her way from the barn back to the house with her hobble-chain jingling and clinking musically, Gabrielle chewed on the rubber-coated bit in her jaws, her arousal burning like a bright, hot flame as she exhibited her submission and obedience and anticipated the moment when she would be given her long-awaited reward. Back in her loose-box, her body in display position, he padlocked the chain directly to her posture-collar, grinning as she flinched when the cold links met her flesh, then moved to stand in front of her.

“Reward time, pony-girl,” he told her calmly and Gabrielle tensed, determined not to repeat the error which had cost her so dearly in the barn.

Slowly, he reached out to let the backs of his hands brush across her taut breasts and erect nipples and as his touch brought an explosive gasp from her and her eyes widened in helpless response to the irresistible arousal that instantly shot through her body, she fought a titanic, silent battle not to move. It took every ounce of will she possessed to stay still as he toyed with her breasts for two endless minutes and when he finally ordered, “Down on the straw, pony-girl. On your back,” she shuddered in relief and overwhelmingly submissive excitement, uncaring of what her obedience said about her as she lay down and spread her legs to the limit of her hobble-chain. Gripping her ankles, he stretched her out until the chain to her collar drew taut, but then, to her confusion, he took another length of chain from his pocket, clipped it to the centre of her hobble and pulled until her legs were straight and her ankles side-by-side, her body fully extended.

When he locked the chain to the bars of her stable, then gazed down at her and chuckled, her eyes filled with horrified despair to the dreadful knowledge that he wasn’t going to take her. She tried to struggle, but with her body still harnessed and tight chains holding her flat, she could barely move and was afraid to try to voice her anger and frustration in case he punished her. There was nothing she could do and as he bent down and casually rolled her nipples with one hand while the other burrowed between her thighs to find the swollen, exquisitely sensitive button of her clitoris, she trembled wildly and squealed into her bit-gag as bolts of electric arousal speared through her belly and breasts, triggering a mini-climax.

Unfortunately, only a small one….nowhere near enough to satisfy the raging inferno of her need….and only serving to intensify and accentuate her feelings of total helplessness and subjugation. Removing his hands, her Master smiled down into her pleading eyes and shook his head.

“Oh no, pony-girl. I know you want more, but that’s all you get for tonight. Perhaps if you perform exceptionally well tomorrow, I may let you have a proper climax. It’s up to you, you know. So why don’t you sleep on it and I’ll be back to feed you in the morning and get you ready for more training.”

Gabrielle stared numbly at him, desperately hoping that he would relent and take her, but as he strode from her stable and the door clanged shut to lock her in, she understood that she was going to have to endure her strict bondage and the ferocious heat of her unsatisfied sexual passion until he chose to grant her release. Which, she feared, would not be until after the next day’s training session….and only then if she obeyed him perfectly and proved what an outstanding pony-girl she could be. Her eyes widened at the memory of how firmly he had controlled her and made her obey his commands and as ripples of deliciously-frustrating arousal spread through her belly and breasts, Gabrielle shivered to a mixture of excitement and apprehension, knowing that he would demand not only perfection from her, but would not hesitate to enforce his wishes with the coach-whip.

The next day, Sunday, after a long, restless night disturbed by the discomfort of her harnessed limbs and the refusal of her belly to calm from its sexual arousal and excitement, she made herself accept the humiliations of having to use the loo while her Master watched and waited patiently, then being made to eat her breakfast from the dog-bowl while she knelt at his feet. Then, as the ground was still wet, it was back to the barn for more training and a fresh crop of stinging whip-marks on her flanks and bottom as the exercises of the previous day were repeated over and over until he was satisfied with her performance of both the walk and the trot.

She nearly rebelled several times, her temper almost getting the better of her as the whip flicked out and his voice reprimanded her for not lifting her knees high enough, or failing to keep an even pace….but on each occasion, her inability to voice a complaint or think of any way to make an effective protest that wouldn’t simply result in more lashes from the whip, forced her to suppress her annoyance and work even harder to obey his commands perfectly. The harder she tried, the more aroused she became and the deeper her sense of submission and of being controlled grew, until, finally, she gave up trying to resist and simply accepted the reality of his, power over her. Trotting around the track, her heat in her belly rose higher, her nipples hard and aching and her sex oozing damply as she surrendered to the eroticism of her helpless plight.

She was a harnessed pony-girl, being trained by her Master and while she was tethered by her lunge-rein, she had no choice but to respond to his orders instantly and precisely and try as best she could to be pleasing. Just as he had told her the previous day, it was in her best interests to do so, because a pleasing pony-girl could earn herself rewards….and Gabrielle really, really wanted to be permitted the climax that seethed in her belly. After the night-long frustration she had endured and the arousal she was still experiencing, she needed it and longed for it with a fervour that far outweighed any other concerns of modesty or embarrassment about how she was having to earn it.

That was no longer relevant or important and as her Master ordered her to halt, Gabrielle stopped and instantly displayed her body as she had been taught, remaining silent and immobile as he walked to her and calmly inspected her posed nudity.

“I am impressed, pony-girl,” he said at length, unclipping the rein from her collar, “That was a most satisfactory training session. You are beginning to show real improvement and as I promised you, good performance deserves to be rewarded.”

Gabrielle’s arousal notched higher in anticipation of being allowed to come and as he told her to go the post in the centre of the arena, she walked gracefully across the peat floor, keeping her head up, her back slightly hollowed and her knees lifted high at every step to give him absolutely no cause to change his mind and deprive her of the sexual pleasure she had worked so hard to earn. Reaching the tall post, she stopped and stood perfectly still as he bent to remove the hobble-chain from between her knees, but then, to her dismay he clipped one end to the front ring of her collar and ordered her to bend forward from the waist. She didn’t want to obey, but knew that if she refused or even hesitated, she would lose her reward….and Gabrielle wanted her climax.

Careful not to lose her balance, she leaned forward and put her head down until her torso was parallel to the ground, but as her Master reached below her to grip the chain and pull it lower, she had no choice but to bend even further until she was completely doubled-over with her head level with her spread knees. When he clipped the free end of the chain to a ring at the base of the post, she gasped in alarm and humiliation, realising that she was incapable of straightening up….or of closing her gaping thighs without destroying her precarious balance. With her buttocks raised high and her sex and anus shamefully exposed, she was utterly helpless and vulnerable and as she visualised how easy it would be for her Master to take her or whip her, she felt a trickle of hot juices ooze from her belly at the thought of the erotic picture she must present to his eyes.

“Well now, my hot little pony-girl,” his cheerful voice came from above her bowed head, “You are quite clearly ready to claim your reward, I see. As ready as I am to have you serve me, by the look of it.”

Gabrielle gave a soft whimper and shuddered, her belly churning with overwhelming need and as she gazed upwards at the glistening pink folds of her defenceless sex, he sent his hands between her wide-spread thighs. Unable to resist or protect herself in any way, she gave a shrill squeal of unbearable ecstasy as his fingers caressed her labia and fondled the prominent button of her clitoris, then sank into the tight cleft of her sex and as his touch sent jolt after jolt of shattering arousal raging through her body, she climaxed with immense power.

Massive convulsions ripped through her pounding belly, triggering foaming waves of scalding love juices to deluge his probing fingers as she surrendered utterly to the exquisite pleasure of her long-delayed orgasm and exhibited the full, awesome depth of her capacity to submit to his ruthless dominance, her buttocks flexing madly and her internal muscles squeezing his embedded fingers as if to pull them deeper into her body.

Far beyond any hope of self-control. Gabrielle moaned in loss as he took his fingers from her, then gave a full-blooded scream as his thick, rigid shaft thrust remorselessly into her sex, impaling her and driving to the pit of her seething belly while his hands snaked around her waist, capturing her dangling breasts to roll and squeeze her erect, achingly-hard nipples.

Her passion redoubled instantly and as he began to take her with hard, fast lunges, she gasped and panted in fearful disbelief as her body responded fiercely and another flood of heated juices poured into her flooded belly as she was propelled into a second climax before her first had even begun to wane. She could do nothing but submit to the inferno of sexual heat and lust that engulfed her as her Master used her as a full pony-slave and as he reached his peak and his buried shaft pulsed mightily to send his spend jetting into the bubbling cauldron of her belly, Gabrielle shrieked in ecstasy as his release set a long series of explosive mini-orgasms raging through her shuddering body.

For several minutes, she was oblivious to everything but the incredible fury and pleasure of the spasms racking her belly and was no longer even conscious of her situation as a harnessed, tethered captive…..until her Master eventually allowed his drained shaft to slip from her belly and stepped back to dress himself.

With no choice but to wait until he chose to release her, Gabrielle flushed as she saw a mixture of his seed and her own juices trickle from her sex and slide slowly down her thighs and as her belly kicked strongly at the sight, she gulped to the realisation that it would take only a very little arousal to re-ignite the fire of her passion and send her racing towards yet another irresistible orgasm.

Bound and at his mercy, she had no control over her body or what he pleased to do with it and knew that her enforced responses had been far more powerful and intense than anything she had ever known.
Stronger than the day before, or the day before that….but not, she suspected with a shiver of half-delicious fear, as strong as tomorrow and the days and weeks that would follow if her Master carried out his intention to train her as his full pony-girl and slave………………


Monday had come and gone and Gabrielle had not been freed to return to her job at the Bank. She had tried to reason with her Master, pointing out that she had a career and a life and an apartment of her own, all of which required her attention if she was to earn the money to pay her rent and bills. He simply nodded at everything she said, then told her that all she had to do was concentrate on her new career as his pony-girl, because that was her life from now on and he would take care of everything else.

She couldn’t sway him and when he reminded her cheerfully that she had agreed to become his pony-girl and signed a Bill of Sale transferring ownership of her to him, she unwisely protested that it was only a silly piece of paper that had no legal status and didn’t really mean anything. Technically, of course, she was right, but as he frowned and snapped that whether it was legal or not, it meant exactly what it said and that as far as he was concerned, she was his until she paid back her purchase price, Gabrielle understood that he had no intention of letting her go.

The one-pound coin she had jokingly accepted as the price of her “sale” to him, was presumably still in his pocket and with her purse at his apartment, she had no means of buying back her freedom………and before her whirling brain could come up with a way out of her situation, her Master decided that he had heard enough and ended the matter by buckling the bit-gag into her mouth.
Reduced to impotent silence, she could only follow helplessly as he leashed her and took her out to the barn to continue her training, her anxious eyes mirroring the turmoil of her thoughts as she was forced to accept that her job and apartment and normal, safe, everyday routine were gone and would never return. She was the collared, harnessed pony-girl of her determined and demanding Master and for as long as he chose to keep her, she knew she would have no choice but to obey and serve him as perfectly as she could, submitting fully to his wishes and orders and striving to please him in whatever manner he required of her.

Circling the post in the barn with her body beautifully presented and her knees lifting high in the graceful, sensual display of her obedience to the commands and whip of her Master, Gabrielle shivered as her nipples stiffened and her sex grew moist to the thrillingly erotic knowledge that she was no longer merely playing the part, but had actually become a true…and permanent…pony-girl. For, even though she still found it hard to believe that any man would go to such lengths to possess a woman as ordinary and unremarkable as she had always considered herself to be, there was no denying the flattering truth that Matthew had wanted her so much that he had been prepared to risk everything to have her for himself, regardless of the dangers or even of her own preferences in the matter.

Whether she wished it or not, he had made her his and as her belly churned with fierce heat, Gabrielle knew that she was. For good or ill, she had accepted her fate and as she welcomed the delicious pleasure that her willing surrender sent rippling through her body and mind, she fervently hoped and believed that the incredible sexual rewards her obedience and submission would bring her, would compensate for the discomfort, humiliation and strict discipline that she would have to endure.

In the days that followed, neither she nor her Master referred to the brief argument and her training continued exactly as if nothing had happened, her skills improving rapidly under the twin stimuli of his whip and her own determined efforts to prove to him that she was capable of reaching the standards he set. Obviously pleased by her willingness and hard work, he kept his promise and rewarded her efforts with frequent stimulation of her breasts and belly and as Gabrielle became conditioned to associate unquestioning obedience with the devastating arousal his touch brought her, she thought less and less often of her former life and simply accepted her new role.

When the weather finally improved enough to dry out the paddock, her training was moved outdoors for the first time. To begin with, Gabrielle found the change not to her liking, for although the fresh air was invigorating and the warm sunshine a welcome improvement, she could not help but be intensely conscious of her naked breasts and belly and buttocks. Inside the house and barn she had grown used to being displayed in her harness, but to be outside where strangers might see her, was deeply unsettling and affected her concentration. For a short while, her Master made allowances for her concerns, assuring her that the paddock was totally private and that she need not worry about being seen, but despite his assertions and encouragement, Gabrielle’s performance remained well below his required standard.

After several circuits of the paddock with no improvement, he ordered her to halt, then walked over to her and delivered an ultimatum. Holding her anxious eyes with a hard, flat stare, he told her that although he understood her fears and knew how difficult it was for her to keep her mind on her work, she was a pony-girl under training and no matter what distractions might be going on around her, or how nervous or worried she might be about being seen by other people, such things were not her concern. As her Master, he and he alone would decide whether to put her on public display and when and if he did, she would be given no choice in the matter. All she needed to worry about was satisfying him and at the moment, she was failing and his patience was wearing dangerously thin.

So she had best start paying attention, or it was going to be a very long and painful day for her. The warning was unmistakable and as Gabrielle understood that it was her last and that if she ignored its clear message, he would not hesitate to use the long coach-whip in his right hand, he turned and walked away and picked up the lunge-rein attached to her bit.

“Walk on,” he called and at the same time, sent the whip hissing through the air to land with a sharp “crack” on the smooth curve of her naked flank.

Considerably harder than the usual flicks she was accustomed to receiving, the lash burned a line of cruel heat into her flesh and as she winced and lifted her knees high in the smooth, even paces of the walk, the painful smarting told her more clearly than any words, that her Master was not going to be content with anything less than her perfect and unhesitating obedience.

“Into the trot…now,” the command was accompanied by a second, equally hard lash and as scorching heat blazed across her thigh, Gabrielle gasped in anguish and doubled her speed, her legs pumping, breasts bouncing and the hobble-chain between her knees jingling as she was forced to comply.

Just as in the barn, she trotted in a wide circle with her Master at its centre…but not so wide that she was ever out of range of his whip…and as she was instantly punished for every tiny error or hesitation she made, the absolute necessity for her to devote her entire attention and effort to maintaining the perfectly smooth and even gait he demanded, drove out all her fears and anxieties about whether she was being watched by strangers. If she was, there was nothing she could do about it and in any case, her Master’s displeasure was a far more immediate and painful threat. Focused solely on her own performance, she trotted around and around the paddock in the graceful, high-stepping rhythm she had been trained to achieve and as her Master lowered his whip and nodded in satisfaction, Gabrielle found that she was really beginning to enjoy herself.

The warm sun on her body, the delicate scent of trees and wild flowers in her nostrils, the rustle of grass under her feet, all combined with the familiar and comforting tightness of her harness and corset to give her a sense of well-being and security that was delightfully relaxing. She was a pony-girl being trained by her Master and all she had to do was obey. No decisions to make, no choices to consider, no bills to pay or deadlines to meet, no more pretending that she was something she was not in order to gain advantage or promotion ahead of her rivals at the Bank…and best of all, no need any longer to hide her deepest physical needs and desires…………..

Delicious warmth percolated through her belly in anticipation of the moment when she would be rewarded for her efforts and as she visualised the instant and uncontrollable passion that his touch would send raging through her body, Gabrielle shivered in fierce need.
Knowing that her desires enslaved her even more effectively than the straps and chains of her Master’s bondage and that when he chose to take her, she would surrender and serve him deeply and fully, her submission to his thrilling dominance and power over her, that of a true and willing pony-slave……………..

During her second week of captivity and training, the lunge-rein she was accustomed to was replaced by a pair of normal reins clipped to the rings of her bit and instead of circling around her Master, Gabrielle was required to walk and trot ahead of him, her speed and direction indicated by the pressure of the reins at her mouth.

It was a strange sensation, for with her head and neck immobilised by her posture collar, she could only look directly ahead and was unable to see him or anticipate his wishes, her instructions coming only in the form of the uncomfortable dragging of her bit across her tongue and at the corners of her soft lips. As she soon discovered, the tugging of the reins was not only uncomfortable, but quite irresistible, for if she was slow to understand or act on their commands, a sharp tug by her Master was enough to turn discomfort to a painful sawing of the bit at her lips and tongue, compelling her obedience. With, as ever, the ultimate sanction of his whip if she was foolish enough to persist……………

To Gabrielle, the worst part of her new training sessions was her Master’s silence, for after the first, when he accompanied the reins’ instructions with verbal confirmation, he didn’t speak to her and made her turn left and right and vary her speed with separate and thankfully, simple variations of pressure and angle. She found it highly embarrassing, for instead of even the doubtful courtesy of a one-way conversation, she was forced to respond just as a real pony would, her actions directed by the bit and reins she wore and the whip she could not evade. Just like a real pony, she had no choice but to learn to interpret the silent signals and act on them, whether she liked it or not. It was not particularly difficult because her Master’s signals were quite clear, but his refusal to talk to her intensified her feelings of helplessness as she understood that he was quite deliberately teaching her to obey as any mute, harnessed farm animal or domestic pet would. With the added incentive of a reward after each session as her offered breasts and sex were caressed and stimulated until her belly swirled with deliciously erotic heat that only a full climax could assuage……………

Gabrielle was perfectly aware that her Master was conditioning her to accept his authority and that each time she submitted to his will, it reinforced his determination…but knowing it and combating it were two very different things, for as his power over her increased, her ability and desire to resist grew weaker as she became accustomed to the undeniable pleasures her situation forced upon her.

Harnessed by day and chained in her stable by night, she had no choice and as her Master aroused her, took her and sent her hurtling into the explosive orgasms of a genuine pony-slave, the last remnants of Gabrielle’s defiance were consumed in the raging fires of her passion and she screamed an ecstatic welcome to the fate she could no longer escape…………even if she wanted to…………………

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