None of the regulars at the newly-opened fetish club knew who she was or where she came from, but every month she was the first sight to greet their eyes when the doors opened. From the opening night party, when she had made her first appearance in her skin-tight black rubber suit, anonymous behind a featureless rubber hood and with her wrists handcuffed behind her to a ring bolted to the wall, nobody had ever heard her speak or seen her even try to resist as her body was caressed, fondled, pinched, spanked and even whipped by whoever cared to amuse themselves by arousing or tormenting her.

In each succeeding month, her bondage and subjugation became more extreme and it became a familiar topic of conversation as to what the next addition to her costume might be. At the second meeting, her handcuffs had been replaced by a one-piece, rigid steel manacle that had apparently been welded around her wrists, its seamless, polished surface having no keyhole or other obvious means of release. The third saw her in knee boots with eight-inch stiletto heels, held on and made irremovable by welded steel cuffs at each ankle, joined with a single thick link that restricted her steps to no more than three inches. While by the fourth, her already-slender waist had been compressed to a twenty-inch span by a wide, incredibly tight steel waist-cincher, also seamlessly welded in place and with a rear ring from which a short chain connected to her wrists and a longer one descended through between her legs and then rose to the front ring, drawn so taut that the links were deeply sunk into the cleft of her buttocks and sex.

For meeting five, her upper arms had been fitted with manacles and locked together with another single link, clamping her arms together as a single unit from wrists to elbows and straining her shoulders backwards so that her breasts were thrust into even greater prominence.

At the half-year point, her mouth was made available to any who wished to use it, a welded steel half-mask with a built-in, two-inch ring-gag stretching her lips wide, covering her throat, chin and lower face over her rubber hood, but giving unhindered access for anything to be pushed into the inviting orifice. And for this meeting, the seventh and most recent, she had been fitted with the final and arguably the most important outward symbol of what every member of the club already understood and had been anticipating for months. Around her neck, permanently welded, a gleaming three-inch tall slave-collar, its presence proclaiming her state of total subjugation and servitude.

Tethered by heavy chains beneath a sign inviting her use by members of the club, she was at the mercy of all and who would have guessed that the slave who submitted so completely and served anyone who cared to use her for their pleasure, was the beautiful young wife of the millionaire owner of the club and the instigator and architect of her own absolute surrender to her long-held desires to be dominated, controlled and enslaved?

For almost a year after falling in love and marrying her wealthy husband, she had kept her erotic fantasies of bondage and slavery from him, fearing that he would be shocked and appalled by her secret longings, but eventually, they had become too strong and persistent to resist and she had given in. At first, he hadn’t understood her embarrassed revelations of what she wanted and needed, but as she explained and he realised how serious she was, he began to accept the situation and see the advantages and possibilities of such an arrangement.

Caring deeply for her and willing to do anything to please her and strengthen their otherwise perfect marriage, he told her that if she truly wanted to be a slave, he would agree to become her Master, but only on the clear and unequivocal understanding that her sex would remain solely for his use, that her true identity must never become known and that she accepted his authority without limits or preconditions.

So it was that she became his full-time slave as well as his wife, beginning the long, arduous, intensely pleasurable and satisfying journey that brought her ultimately to the fetish club that he financed and set up solely to provide her with the means to realise her deepest and most extreme desires and fantasies, discovering, as month by month he increased the stringency of her bondage and watched her become a true slave who submitted utterly to both male and female members of the club, an unexpected degree of pleasure in his ruthless and ever-increasing dominance over her and a corresponding increase in her desire and willingness to serve him sexually in any manner he commanded.

For one night every month, she lived out her fantasies……but on every other night and every day, she was his slave to enjoy and it was an easy decision never to release her. Their marriage would be for life and so would her submission and service.

Both as the club slave and in the arms and chains and bed of her loved and loving Master………….

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