The heavy iron manacles were only secured by a simple pin and if she had had the use of even one hand, she could have freed herself in seconds. Except that her arms were bound across her back in tight, coarse rope and despite her frantic efforts, her clawing fingers couldn’t get anywhere near the pins.

She had been working with other members of her village in the fields near her home when she had unwisely wandered off to the nearby stream for a drink of water and that had been when the slavers had struck. Their wild shouts and the thunder of their horses’ hooves had struck terror into her heart and for several seconds she had been paralysed, rooted to the spot and unable to move.

By the time she had recovered and raced for the safety of the village, it had been too late, the slavers between her and refuge. Twisting and turning, screaming for help that was too far away, she had managed to evade the first ropes that spun towards her, but when one jerked tight around her left leg and threw her to the ground, her efforts to escape came to an abrupt end in a cloud of dust.

Seized by strong male hands, she was quickly bound and stripped of her clothing, then laid belly-down over the neck of one of her captors’ horses and carried off into captivity before the villagers and her family could mount a rescue party. Bound on her knees with a temporary collar around her neck and her thighs held wide by heavy chains, she knew only too well what fate awaited her as the slavers inspected her nude body and discussed the price she would bring at auction. When they left her to fetch the slave-manacles that would be welded on her limbs and throat and the branding-iron that would mark her forever as a slave, she wept in anguished misery, knowing that her freedom was at its end.

She would be sold to whoever made the highest bid for her and would be forced to serve her new Master…or Mistress…in whatever manner they desired, her tightly-fettered body used for either work or pleasure as they chose, with no hope of escape or ability to refuse the demands made of her and subject always to the painful discipline of a whip biting into her helpless flesh.

Gazing down at her firm breasts and pink-lipped sex, she shuddered in despair, fearing that her new owner would find her sexually attractive, yet knowing that if she was not considered pleasing, her life would be harder and more painful than she dared to imagine.

As a young and pretty female slave, she would be forced to provide any and all sexual services to him or her…and to any other free man or woman to whom her body was offered…and as she faced the inevitability of the total, unhesitating obedience and submission she would have to give, she could only pray for the strength to accept and endure the trials and torments that would be imposed upon her.

For she was a slave and no longer had any choice…………………………

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