Part - V




Gabrielle stared at the black leather open-face hood with its tall plume of purple ostrich feathers and her eyes shone with delight as she visualised herself wearing the lovely and clearly expensive present that her Master had provided for her. It was exactly like the ones that she had seen adorning horses on the final evening of the International Horse Show when all the riders decorated their animals for the closing ceremony and she had always thought how beautiful and proud the horses looked with plumes nodding at every step.

Now, she was to display the same adornment as a pony-girl and she made herself control the immediate arousal that warmed her belly and stand perfectly still as her Master fitted the soft hood over her head and tightened the laces. She hadn’t noticed the attached blinkers that restricted her view until then, but harnessed and leashed as she already was, there was nothing she could do about them and consoled herself with thoughts of how good she would look with the purple feathers adding another foot or more to her height. Her Master reached into the box again and lifted out a second present and as Gabrielle saw that he held a long, silky mane of purple-dyed hair, she snorted through her bit in astonished amusement at the thought that he’d actually bought her a tail ... but only until she noticed that the tail was attached to a fairly small, lozenge-shaped rubber plug ... and realised just how the tail was going to be fitted!

Backing away until the leash to her collar drew taut, she stared pleadingly at his smiling face, already knowing that her gag-distorted protests would be ignored and that she was going to have to accept the humiliating addition to her pony-girl costume whether she liked it or not. As he calmly instructed her to bend over and spread her legs, she trembled to a scorching burst of heat that raced through her belly when he applied a thin film of lubricant to the plug and pressed its rounded tip against the puckered ring of her anal passage. The automatic tightening of her muscles resisted its entry for several seconds, but her Master chuckled and told her that if she relaxed, it would make the insertion a lot less uncomfortable. Gabrielle forced herself to overcome her natural instincts and submit to his will.
Taking his time, he slowly pushed the plug into her body, allowing her time to get used to the unfamiliar sensations while her anal ring stretched to accommodate the thickest part of the device, then contracted around the narrower neck to form a tight seal and hold the rubber plug firmly inside her. To Gabrielle’s immense relief, it was nothing like as uncomfortable as she had feared, creating a feeling of fullness in her lower belly that was actually quite pleasurable and even mildly arousing. The design of the tail was such that it had a short plate attached to the exterior and this rose to the base of her spine, and that was where the base of the tail projected from, looking as though it was most natural!

There was no way for her to remove it from herself without the use of her hands, which were, as usual, immovably strapped up behind her back and useless.

With the leash untied, her Master slapped the reins lightly across her shoulder-blades in the signal for her to walk and she automatically slipped into the high-stepping gait of a pony-girl while he guided her out to the paddock, the plumes on her hood nodding and her silky tail swishing back and forth against her thighs while the plug in her bottom shifted at every step.

At first, Gabrielle found the sensation deeply embarrassing, but as her body adapted to the presence of the rubber lozenge and she became accustomed to its movements inside her, she was able to relax and began to enjoy the low-level arousal it created ...a level that increased markedly when she responded to the reins’ instruction to trot, making the plug jiggle faster and more erratically at the higher pace. When, after several minutes of trotting, her Master brought her to a halt, then calmly informed her that she was now fit enough to handle cantering, she gazed at him anxiously, immediately realising the effect the plug would have when she had to run. As ever, she had no way to object or argue and when he added that he was quite sure she could cope and reattached the lunge-rein to her bit, she knew that she would have to obey.

“Walk on.” he ordered, then, “Trot now!” and a minute later, “Canter, pony-girl!” and when he flicked the whip across her buttocks, Gabrielle surged forward, her hobble-chain jingling and legs pumping.
It wasn’t a flat-out run, but it was considerably faster than the trot and when the plug made its presence felt by sliding back and forth in her bottom in time with the rapid swaying of her hips, her eyes opened wide in dismay and she stumbled, losing the smooth, even pace required.

“Steady, pony-girl!” he called sharply. “Concentrate! And keep those knees up!” The order was accompanied by a stinging lash that brought a shrill squeal from her bit-gagged lips as a red stripe bloomed across her right buttock.

Gabrielle wanted to protest, to tell him that cantering was too hard and that she couldn’t possibly do what he wanted with the plug causing merciless havoc in her belly, but of course, she couldn’t and when the whip hissed out again, then again, and again, she was forced to abandon her objections and devote her every thought and effort to perfecting her performance. Now she wanted to avoid at all costs having yet more burning stripes added to the web of scarlet lines that cris-crossed her flexing bottom.

Humiliated, aroused and just a little bit frightened by how ruthlessly and easily she had been controlled and made to submit to his will yet again, Gabrielle slowed to a halt and stood still; breasts heaving and legs quivering from her exertions while her Master walked up to her, unclipped the lunge-rein and casually knotted her reins to the top rail of the fence that surrounded the paddock.

“Well done, Gabrielle!” he smiled warmly. “That was really quite good and you look terrific with your pony-plumes and tail. I could see that it was difficult to get used to, but knew you wouldn’t let me down. A little reward and a rest, I think, before we start the next stage of your training.”

His hands fondled her reddened buttocks, then moved lower, past her tail to the moist lips of her sex and as his touch instantly ignited a blaze of heat in her belly, she gasped and pressed backwards against his hand, her hips undulating in shamelessly erotic invitation. He chuckled softly, enjoying her obvious need and let his fingers explore the slick velvet of her belly until she quivered and whimpered in almost unbearable pleasure and frustration, but then he took his fingers away.

“Not yet, pony-girl. You still have work to do. Wait here and I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Gabrielle gave a low moan and tried to turn towards him, her eyes filled with helpless longing, but her reins snapped taut and she heard him walk away in the direction of the barn. Her belly kicked strongly against its tight cinch and she was forced to accept that she wasn’t going to be allowed to climax until he decided she had earned it. As it dawned on her that she was alone in the paddock, fully-harnessed, tethered, gagged and virtually naked, Gabrielle stared anxiously around at the encircling woods, intensely aware of how helpless and vulnerable she was if anyone should happen to stumble across her in her Master’s absence. Realistically, she knew that was highly unlikely ... after all, she hadn’t seen a soul other than him in weeks ... but that didn’t mean it was impossible.

After several seemingly-endless minutes, her nerve cracked and she jerked her head frantically against the reins in an effort to free herself, but all that achieved was to tighten the knot, making escape even more impossible and bringing a groan from her. Gabrielle realised that she had only made the situation worse. Her Master could hardly fail to see that she had tried to escape and would punish her for it. She should have trusted him to ensure that no harm came to her and waited patiently for his return, but she had panicked. It was a reason, but not an excuse, and when Gabrielle understood that she had failed him and thought of his disappointment when he saw the evidence of her lack of trust, she groaned and felt her face redden in shame. But what was done was done and although she was annoyed with herself for being so weak and foolish, it was not too late to make amends.

If he punished her ... well, perhaps she deserved it, but when it was over, she would show him just how good a pony-girl she could be. Just for a moment, Gabrielle frowned, wondering why she was so concerned about pleasing and impressing Matthew when he was the one who had tricked her into becoming a pony-girl and taken away her freedom? Then, surprising even herself with her own calmness, she shrugged and decided not to waste time and energy on pointless speculation that no longer mattered. Whatever the rights and wrongs of her situation, she was a pony-girl and he was her Master. He wasn’t about to let her go and if truth be told, she didn’t actually want him to.

Not any more.

During her weeks of training, she had come to love being a pony-girl, to enjoy being harnessed and having to obey the commanding tug of the reins at her bit, to relish the feel of sunshine and cooling breezes on her naked flesh, even to find a certain guilty excitement in the stinging bite of a whip across her buttocks, urging her on to greater efforts ... but above all else, the touch of her Master’s hands and lips on her body, rewarding her with overwhelming pleasure, eclipsed only by the soaring, undreamed-of ecstasy of a full climax when she was taken by him.

Her life had changed out of all recognition since their first meeting at the International Horse Show and as Gabrielle tried to imagine returning to the dull, boring routine that had once filled her days, her eyes gleamed with amusement. Even if she was given the opportunity, which seemed highly unlikely, she knew she wouldn’t even consider it and as the door of the barn shut with a thud behind her, she straightened her spine and thrust out her breasts to display her body for her Master and prepared to resume her training. His footsteps approached and she heard an odd rustling sound, but couldn’t turn to look and even as she tried to guess what was causing it, it stopped and her Master came into her view, reaching out to untie her reins from the rail.

“Hmm!” he said, tugging at the knot, “Been pulling, have you? Well, it’s never too early to start practising, I suppose.”

She didn’t understand what he meant and was just relieved that he didn’t seem upset, but as the reins came loose and he turned her around, his words suddenly made perfect sense. Standing on the grass was a miniature carriage, its two spoked wheels supporting a tubular frame with a single canvas seat, a pair of long shafts projecting from the front ...

The rubber-covered bit between her teeth and covering her tongue prevented her from actually laughing, but her mind instantly flew back to the last night of the Horse Show and she remembered how intrigued she had been by Matthew’s suggestion that she try being a pony-girl. She gave a snort of half-delighted, half-apprehensive surprise, realising that even then, he must have had this very moment in mind. Just like an angler, he had baited his line and she, the unsuspecting fish, had swallowed it, hook, line and sinker. Now she was about to find out whether being harnessed to a carriage and having to pull him around wherever he chose to drive her, would really be as much fun and as exciting as she had thought at the time. With a firm tug on her reins, he led her over to the carriage and let her have a good look.

“It’s an aluminium frame and those are bicycle wheels, so it weighs very little.” he explained calmly. “You go between the shafts, of course, and once they’re attached to your cinch and I’m in the seat, we’ll be all set for a nice little trot to get you used to pulling. So, turn around and back in between the shafts and I’ll get you ready.”

His air of confident authority sent a ripple of arousal through her belly and although she tried to pretend to be reluctant, her heart wasn’t in it and after a brief hesitation, she stepped backwards and let him fit a wide leather belt around her already-corseted waist.

“This takes all the strain.” he chuckled, pulling all three buckles one notch tighter than she would have wished. “So it has to be a snug fit.”

Snug was hardly the word Gabrielle would have chosen to describe it and when he stood up, she glared at him in the only form of protest left to her. Unfortunately, he was fireproof and as his fingers captured her nipples and twirled the sensitive buds, she writhed and squealed in her harnessing, hobble-chains jingling as she danced from foot to foot, her body shot through with scorching arousal.

“Stand still, pony-girl!” he snapped and she froze, her eyes wide with alarm as he snatched up his whip and flicked it lightly across her left breast. “You should know better than to break position when you are in harness! Clearly, you need to be reminded of that. Display position! Now!”

Faster than conscious thought, Gabrielle jerked her shoulders back and spread her legs to the limit of her hobble, presenting her body as she had been trained her throat working as she gulped nervously.

“Better.” he said coldly and he flicked each of her rigid nipples in turn five or six times, then switched his attentions to the stiff button of her clitoris and tapped it firmly with the tip of his crop. Gabrielle fought desperately not to give in to the savage jolts of electrifying arousal that speared into her belly. It was torture of the most deliciously cruel and incredibly erotic kind but he finally lowered his crop.

“Much better, pony-girl.” He said flatly. “That is the standard of obedience and discipline I expect of you and which you will give from now on.”

Gabrielle shuddered helplessly, her whole body aflame with need and her mind reeling to the appalling realisation that if his whip had continued for even a few moments longer, she would have been unable to hold back the climax that seethed and churned in her belly. Stunned by her own responses to the ruthless subjugation imposed on her, she stood passively as the shafts of the carriage were lifted and clipped to the side rings of her cinch, only snapping out of her shock when she felt pressure at the belt when he climbed into the seat behind her. The reins slapped across her shoulders, accompanied by a stinging lash to her buttocks from his whip and Gabrielle yelped then lunged forward, the carriage jerking into motion.

“Whoa!” he shouted, pulling back hard on the reins and as she came to a halt, he gave a heavy sigh. “That was terrible, pony-girl. It’s supposed to be nice and smooth, not a fairground ride. So, we’ll start again and this time, do it properly, or we’ll keep at it until you get it right. I’m in no hurry and my whip has got all day. OK, off we go then.”

Once again, the reins and whip sent their clear message, but this time Gabrielle was better prepared and instead of jerking away from the hot stripe on her bottom, she made herself accept the smarting pain and leaned into her waist-belt until she felt the carriage begin to roll forward, before lifting her legs into a high-stepping walk. To her surprise, the carriage was much lighter than she had feared and so well balanced that most of her Master’s weight was taken by the wheels, but the relief she felt at discovering that she was equal to the task of pulling him, couldn’t compensate for the alarming fact that she was still humiliatingly aroused. The aching of her engorged nipples and the relentless throbbing of her clitoris refused to go away, combining with the jiggling of the plug holding her new tail in her bottom to keep her teetering on the brink of orgasm, but not quite able to achieve release.

Horribly frustrated and in need, Gabrielle groaned in anguish as the reins gave the signal for her to trot and as she increased speed in obedient response, she felt a trickle of her juices ooze from her sex and slide down her thighs to betray the havoc raging through her belly. Behind, a deep chuckle told her that her Master had seen the proof of her sexual heat, but even as she reddened in shame, Gabrielle couldn’t help but feel a thrill of pride and excitement at the thought of how he must be enjoying the sight of her flexing bottom and thighs and revelling in her submission to his will ... knowing that with a casual tug of her reins or a lazy flick of his whip, he could exert total control over her and make her do his bidding.

He drove her around and around the paddock, turning her left and right as he chose and varying her speed from trot, to canter, to walk and back again, then giving her a little time to recover before beginning again. Gabrielle surrendered willing and totally to her plight, her passion and desire to serve and please her Master burning like a bright, hot flame in her belly ... a flame she knew would never be fully extinguished and which made her the true pony-girl she was and would always be.

Brought at last to a halt, she immediately displayed her body and stood perfectly still while her Master got down from the carriage and inspected her, smiling at the beads of sweat that proved how hard she had worked and the tell-tale silvery trails on her thighs that marked the extent of her need.

“Good work, Gabrielle.” he told her approvingly, “You’re a natural and after the first little hiccup, you made it look as though you’d been a trained pony-girl and pulling carriages your whole life instead of just a few weeks. I’m impressed, so let’s get you unhitched and then I’ll give you a nice reward.”

Releasing her from between the shafts, he led her over to the fence and tied her reins to the top rail once more, then shortened the leash so that she was forced to bend forward until her torso was parallel to the ground and her nose only an inch from the heavy wood. Unable to see downwards past the rail, Gabrielle was intensely aware that her breasts dangled invitingly and as his crop tapped her thighs, she obeyed the unspoken order and spread her ankles as far as her hobble-chain would permit, exposing the glistening folds of her sex under her purple tail.

“Walk in place!” he commanded and her face flamed a vivid scarlet as she lifted each leg in turn and felt her tail swish across the backs of her thighs, every step providing a momentary glimpse of her moist, pink sex-cleft when her buttocks swayed from side to side. From behind her came the unmistakable rasp of a zip being opened and as her tail was brushed aside and his thick, hard shaft nudged at the entry to her belly, Gabrielle gasped and faltered. Strong fingers snaked around her bent body, capturing her stiff nipples and giving a cruel pinch to the sensitive buds.

“Keep the pace, pony-girl!” she shuddered in ferocious arousal, the sharp twinges of pain only adding to the inferno in her belly as she was forced to continue.

At each step his shaft sank a fraction deeper, the movement of her hips massaging his rigid flesh and the flexing of her buttocks slowly and automatically drawing it further into her body as she pranced from foot to foot. There was nothing she could do to stop it and as her own actions assisted him to penetrate her, Gabrielle quivered and whimpered while he inched forward until his full length was solidly embedded, impaling and filling her with his iron-hard maleness.

“Trot!!” he snapped, pinching her nipples a second time, harder, and as she squealed and doubled her speed, the amazing sensation of her internal muscles clenching and releasing as she rose and fell on his rigid shaft…and the realisation that she was being forced to ravage herself while he simply stood still and made her do all the work was too much for her to resist. From deep down in her belly, a giant orgasm raged upwards and as a flood of her juices burst into her sex and over his shaft, Gabrielle climaxed massively to the thrilling ecstasy of total submission to her Master and the overwhelming pleasure that her willing service and subjugation sent racing through her body and mind. Bathed in the wet heat of her spasms, her Master clamped his hands on her breasts, rolling and squeezing her nipples while his own passion neared its peak and as his spend jetted into her juddering belly, Gabrielle screamed her desire and surrender into her bit-gag and hurtled into a second climax even more intense than her first.

For endless minutes, Master and pony-girl shared the rapture of simultaneous orgasm, their bodies locked together until both were sated and her frenzied contractions began to abate. Stepping back, he pulled his drained shaft from her quivering sex and smiled as he realised that in spite of her immense climaxes, her booted feet still tramped up and down in the rhythm of the trot he had ordered her to maintain, proving beyond any doubt the depth and effectiveness of the ingrained training he had imposed upon her.

“Halt!” he told her and as she instantly stopped and he heard her give a soft gasp as she understood just how thoroughly she had been conditioned to carry out his commands, he chuckled in satisfaction, knowing that she would be both embarrassed and hopelessly excited by such unmistakable proof of the success of his efforts to transform her into his obedient pony-girl ... a task which was well on the way to being completed ...

Like her Master, Gabrielle was only too well aware of how far she had come since the fateful evening when she had first heard his astonishing suggestion that she should become his pony-girl. At the time, she had had no idea that it would be anything more than a sexy game and it had only been later, after she had signed the Bill of Sale and accepted the solitary pound coin she had agreed on as the price of her purchase, that she had learned just how serious and determined Matthew was.

Of course, she had tried to object and argue, but all to no avail and as she had realised that he was not going to let her go, or permit her to defy his wishes, her will-power and self-control had been undermined and fatally weakened by a combination of a deep vein of submissiveness she had not even known was in her nature and an irresistible curiosity to find out just how far he would go to make her his. With a potent and addictive blend of bondage, helplessness, strict discipline and devastating sexual pleasure added into the mixture, she had been drawn in so fast and so far that by the time she had finally recognised what had happened, it was already too late to turn back.

Because she no longer wanted to.

As her Master untied her reins from the fence and turned her to face him, Gabrielle arched her spine to display her body, her belly swirling with heat and he smiled.

“Thank you, Gabrielle. I am so pleased and proud of you, you know? You are quite superb and I shall never free you. You are mine, my pony-girl and that is what you will always be. So, one more hour of training, then you can rest.”

She gazed into his eyes and shivered in delicious fright, knowing that he meant every word. Tired though she was and although she would have much preferred to be taken back to her stable and allowed to recover from her exertions, she was a harnessed pony-girl and it was not for a pony to defy the wishes of her owner and Master. If he required her to train for a further hour, then a further hour of training it would be and as she was led back to the cart and fastened between the shafts, Gabrielle took a deep breath, forcing herself to ignore the swirling heat in her belly and concentrate on the perfection of her responses to the reins and whip. She could do it ... she would do it ... and as the bit in her mouth tugged firmly, she moved smoothly forward in the elegant, graceful rhythm of the trot, her knees lifting high, the plumes atop her hood nodding and the tail emerging from her plugged anus swishing gaily at every step.


The weather continued warm and dry and each day Gabrielle spent several hours out in the paddock with her Master, honing her skills and improving her stamina until she was able to pull him for longer and longer periods before needing a rest. Her obedience became second nature, and too, an automatic and quite instinctive submission to his will that she no longer resented or even considered, merely accepting it as the normal, unremarkable daily routine of her life as his pony-girl.

She was cared for, looked after and loved by the man she had chosen ... and even if he insisted on keeping her at least partially bound or tethered in some way at all times, demanding her unquestioning obedience to his Mastery, it was a price she was happy to pay in return for the joy and delight she found in her willing subjugation and sexual service to him.

Laying on the straw in her loose-box where she had spent every night, Gabrielle rolled instantly to her knees and displayed her body with her wrists behind her back and thighs spread wide when she heard the bolts on the door to the stable slide back. It was how she was required to show her submission and, like her obedience, was unthinking and no longer embarrassed her with its obvious symbolism. Her Master wished it to be so and she had come to enjoy offering her body to him so humbly, for the action invariably ignited a hot glow of warmth in her belly as she knelt before him.

“Good morning, pony-girl. Did you sleep well?”

“Good morning, my Master. Yes, thank you, Master.”

“I hope so,” he said cheerfully, “because today is going to be different.”

She waited for him to explain further, but when he didn’t, she realised he was waiting for her to ask why.

“Different, Master?” she obliged and he nodded calmly.

“Oh, yes, pony-girl. Today, we are both going to find out just how obedient and well-trained you really are. A little test for you.”

“I see, Master.” she replied nervously.

“No, you don’t!” he chuckled, “But after breakfast you will. I’m sure you’ll do well and make me even prouder of you.”

“I-I hope so, Master.” she stammered, “I’ll tr-try my best, Master.”

“I know you will, Gabrielle.” he agreed warmly, “You have never disappointed me since the very first day we met and I know you won’t let me down now. So let’s eat and then get you ready.”

Gabrielle wanted to know more, but her curiosity remained unsatisfied as her Master shook his head, refusing to elaborate while he fed her breakfast, then restrained her arms in the familiar single-glove and fitted her ankle-hobble in preparation for whatever was to come. Already excited by the delicious feelings of helplessness that had become second nature to her as she submitted to being harnessed, Gabrielle barely hesitated when he ordered her to bend over. When the plug sank into her anus to attach her tail, she shivered in pleasure, savouring the sensation of fullness that sent ripples of arousal through her belly as she straightened up. The hood with its pony-plumes followed and Gabrielle opened her mouth, accepting the oppressive bit-gag that completed her harnessing, but as she stood before him with her body perfectly displayed, he reached into his pocket and took out a length of thin, silver chain ... a chain with a glittering one-pound coin attached at its centre. Her blue eyes widened in recognition as he held it for her to see.

“That’s right, pony-girl. This is the pound that I paid for you. I told you right back at the start that I’d keep it safe in case you ever wanted to buy yourself back from me. Well, here it is, but there’s a problem. You see, now that you’re fully trained and have accepted me as your Master, you’re worth far, far more than that and I couldn’t possibly consider selling you for so little. In fact, I can’t imagine giving you up for any amount of money. So, as you’re going to be staying with me for the rest of your life, I decided to have it turned into a necklace, to remind us both that you belong to me. Now ... and forever.”

Clipped around her neck, the coin was centred perfectly between the rounded slopes of her proffered breasts and as he stepped back to allow her to see her reflection in the tall mirror, Gabrielle gazed at the gleaming, golden disk, knowing what it signified. By accepting it and light-heartedly signing the Bill of Sale that had transferred her ownership from her to him, she had unwittingly and ironically, considering his plans for her, given him free rein to control and transform her into his pony-girl.

Now that her training was complete, she knew he was right. She was worth vastly more than the solitary pound he had paid because not only was she an obedient, docile pony-girl, she was also his responsive, enthusiastic lover and willingly-submissive participant in her own ever-deepening subjugation to his thrilling dominance. Loving and needing his Mastery, Gabrielle quivered in arousal, understanding that he would never release her and that she would never want to be freed and as she met his calm, steady eyes and recognised that he wanted and desired her equally as much as she longed for him, her belly fluttered and rippled with fierce heat to the knowledge that she would spend her life serving him and obeying his commands ... living the erotic fantasy that he had made her everyday reality ... so that when the leash to her collar tightened and she was led out into the warm morning sunshine, Gabrielle high-stepped gracefully behind her Master, adapting without conscious though to the limits placed on her by her restraints and ankle-hobble. She tried to imagine what sort of test he had in mind for her.

The carriage was ready and waiting outside the barn and after she was soon harnessed between the shafts. When he’d taken his seat, she walked smoothly forward in response to the slap of reins against her shoulders, across the yard towards the gate into the paddock. Then, to her consternation, she was kept on the path, straight on past it, rather than the usual turn into the grassy field. Gabrielle had never really taken much notice of the track leading up to her Master’s house, with other things on her mind and never having seen or heard anyone using it, she had simply assumed that it was private and ignored where it might lead, until, as he steered her down the centre of the lane and around a bend that took her out of sight of his home and barn, she realised that she had no idea where he was driving her, or whether the track led to other houses or a public road.

Either way, she had very little choice and when he gave her the signal to trot and reinforced the order with a flick of the coach-whip across her naked buttocks, a thrill of alarm and arousal rippled through her body as she obeyed. With her booted feet thumping against the packed earth and hobble-chain jingling merrily to announce her approach, anyone walking along the track would be sure to hear her approaching. She imagined hikers or bird-watchers gaping at her semi-nude, harnessed body while she trotted past pulling her Master and felt her nipples stiffen and her sex ooze wetly at the thought of how incredibly desirable and helplessly provocative she would look to their eyes. Any man who saw her would want to take her for himself. Any woman would surely envy her for having such a strong and dominant Master, but she belonged only to him and although others might look and dream of possessing her, the collar around her throat and the coin sparkling and bouncing between the twin globes of her breasts proclaimed that she was his alone. She knew he would protect her and keep her safe.

There was not even the tiniest shred of doubt in her mind and as Gabrielle realised that the extent and certainty of her absolute trust in her Master was the final proof of her willing and joyful submission, hot torrents of her juices thundered into her belly as she climaxed to the knowledge that she had truly and irrevocably become his pony-girl. She stumbled and lost her smooth, even pace as spasms racked her belly and was instantly punished, the coach-whip hissing out to brand lines of smarting heat into her flanks and her Master snapping commandingly.

“Steady, pony-girl! Keep the rhythm and lift your knees as you have been trained.”

Gabrielle squealed in anguish, her bottom stinging with fire, longing to explain the reason for her mistake and tell him of her final capitulation, but she was only a harnessed, bitted pony-girl, and a pony-girl’s errors, no matter how well-justified or understandable, were never excused or overlooked. When the coach-whip cracked down a third time, she was forced to obey her Master and endure the devastating havoc churning in her flooded belly while she trotted on along the narrow track with glistening silver rivulets trickling slowly down her pumping thighs to mark her surrender.

For several minutes she was driven onward, until the fierce heat in her buttocks died to a not-unpleasant tingling and the contractions of her belly slowly eased to leave her only half-satisfied and deliciously aware that it would require only a brief, casual touch of her Master’s hands or lips to bring her passion back to fever-pitch. Although she did not know it, Gabrielle’s test was about to begin. When she negotiated a sharp bend in the track, Gabrielle gasped in fright when she saw a low, red, open-topped sports car parked some hundred yards ahead of her ... with someone sitting in the driver’s seat.

She hesitated momentarily, her eyes widening in humiliation when she realised that she would be in plain sight of the driver, but her Master commanded her!

“On, pony-girl!”

The coach-whip cracked menacingly over her head, she made herself overcome her embarrassment and lifted her head high, pulling her shoulders back to display her body as proudly and beautifully as she knew he would want. Looking straight ahead and lifting her knees high, she did her best to ignore the car and its occupant, pretending that she had not seen it and concentrating on the perfection of her trot as she approached the vehicle, until, level with the car, the reins tugged firmly at her bit.

“Whoa, pony-girl. Halt.”

She was brought to a stop, directly opposite the driver and her face flamed a vivid crimson, but she knew what she must do and immediately: spread her legs and display her body as she had been trained, her brain reeling in horrified dismay at the picture of obedience and submission she must present. She didn’t dare turn her head to look at the driver and as a soft, throaty gurgle of laughter reached her ears, her blush intensified as she learned that the driver was a woman.

“So, you really weren’t joking that evening then, Matthew? You actually were taking ... ah, yes ... Gabrielle isn’t it, away to be trained as a pony-girl.”

“Indeed I was, Amanda. And as you see, she is now fully trained.”

Gabrielle gave a low moan of horrified shame as she recognised the voice and realised that the woman was none other than Miss Harrison, the brunette who had ridden in the lift with her and Matthew on the very first night of her captivity ... the woman who had not even questioned the fact that Gabrielle had been tied up and gagged, with the marks of Matthew’s whip still clearly visible on her naked bottom and her thighs stained with the evidence of her enforced climaxes. Gabrielle had never dreamed that she would ever see her again, but now she was here.

“Be silent, pony-girl.” her Master ordered and Gabrielle shuddered, wondering why the brunette had turned up and fearing that it was no accident.

“She really is a pretty little thing and I must say she looks absolutely delicious standing there in her costume and harnessed to that carriage. I was very impressed watching her pull you. She must be stronger than she seems.”

“Not really. The carriage is very light and well-balanced, so it’s not as hard as you might think. And Gabrielle has had a lot of practice and encouragement.”

“Mmm. I can see the sort of encouragement she’s had. It’s in your hand and I can still see the results on her bottom.”

“True. Well, a pony-girl needs to be disciplined and obedient. And Gabrielle is.”

“I can see that. So, what now?”

“You asked me to let you know how Gabrielle’s training turned out and I thought you might want to see at first hand. So, I suggest we all go back to the house and I’ll show you how to drive a pony-girl. Then you can take her for a run. How does that sound?”

“I’d love to! Shall I follow you or what?”

“Oh, there’s no need for that. I used to have a car like yours and if I remember correctly, there’s a tow-ring under the back bumper. I’ll just attach Gabrielle to that and she can follow along behind.”

Already stunned by the casual way her Master had invited the brunette to use her as a pony-girl Gabrielle froze when he took a long length of chain from under the carriage seat, and after clipping it to her collar and tow-ring, took his place in the car alongside his guest. When Miss Harrison started the engine and drove slowly forward, the chain tightened to tug irresistibly at her collar and she was forced into motion. She wanted to refuse and protest, but there was nothing she could do and her Master half-turned to keep his eye on her.

“Lift your knees, pony-girl. Don’t let me down!”

She had no option but to obey, being tethered to the car, and so began to trot as the speed increased, her breasts bouncing and the tail-dildo pumping into her anus. She responded helplessly, her eyes filling with horror to the unwanted, unstoppable arousal that surged through her belly while she retraced her steps along the track towards her Master’s home, knowing that by the time she reached it, it would be impossible for her to hide her sexual heat from him and the brunette.

If her Master had been alone she might well have enjoyed the novelty of her enforced display of obedient subjugation, but she saw Miss Harrison’s eyes in the rear-view mirror, drinking in her jiggling breasts and flexing thighs, and groaned into her bit-gag, intensely conscious that when the car stopped, she would have to demonstrate her carriage-pulling skills with the brunette in the driving-seat.

Amanda Harrison braked to a halt outside the large barn and as she got out, her gaze went immediately to the figure of the harnessed blonde standing between the shafts of the carriage with her eyes fixed on Matthew Torrance. It was obvious that Gabrielle was embarrassed, but there were also clear signs of nervous excitement and sexual arousal in her flushed face and as Matthew went to the back of the car, Amanda saw Gabrielle hollow her spine and present her body as he stood up and smiled at her.

“Well done, pony-girl. You looked quite lovely trotting behind us. I enjoyed it and I’m sure Amanda did too, so I want you to be an obedient little pony and give her a nice, smooth ride around the paddock. OK?”

It was the last thing Gabrielle wanted to do, but as he gazed into her eyes and she saw how pleased and proud of her he was, her humiliation faded away and was replaced with a blend of curiosity, excitement and acceptance. She was a pony-girl and if it was her owner and Master’s wish for her to demonstrate her skills, then she would obey as perfectly as she could and show the brunette just how well trained she was. Meeting his calm stare, Gabrielle nodded her head and as he smiled again and patted her gagged cheek, then she took a deep breath and stood motionless while he unclipped the chain from her collar and stowed it under the seat of the carriage.

“Right, Amanda,” he said cheerfully, “I’ll just give you a quick run-through of the basics, then you can try it yourself. It’s pretty simple, really.”

Gabrielle looked straight ahead, avoiding eye-contact while her Master showed the brunette her harnessed body and explained how the reins worked, then, as Amanda tried them for herself, turned her head left and right in response to the tug of the bit between her jaws.

“…..and if you want her to go faster, just use the reins like this.”

“Yes, I see. But what if she doesn’t obey?”

“Oh, don’t worry. She will. But, if necessary, that’s what the coach-whip is for. Not too hard, a smart flick with plenty of wrist across her buttocks and she’ll soon get the message.”
Amanda gave a tinkling laugh.

“I’m sure she will, Matthew!” she agreed smilingly. “I know I certainly would. But, isn’t that a bit ... well ... tough on her?”

“I would never do anything to harm Gabrielle,” he replied flatly, “or cause her real pain. She knows that and trusts me, but a pony-girl has to be disciplined to obey the reins and a touch of the whip makes quite sure that she doesn’t forget it or become slack. But don’t take my word for it. Ask Gabrielle.”
The brunette hesitated, then shrugged and giggled.

“OK. I will. So, how about it, pony-girl? Is he right? Do you need a bit of encouragement now and again to keep you up to scratch?”

Embarrassed by her helplessness and inability to answer because of the bit, Gabrielle refused to respond or look at the brunette, making it as clear as she could that although she might be harnessed as a pony-girl, she still had her pride and spirit. It was a brave attempt to assert her independence and show that she didn’t consider Amanda to have any real authority over her, but it didn’t work and as the reins jerked sharply and the bit sawed at Gabrielle’s lips and tongue, she was forced to turn her head and meet the brunette’s hard stare.

“I asked whether you need to be whipped occasionally to remind you of your place.” Amanda said coolly, “But it’s quite clear to me that you do. So let’s get one thing straight right now, pony-girl. When I’m sitting on that carriage, you do what I say, when I say, or you get whipped. Understand?”

Gabrielle gulped and shot a glance at her Master, hoping he would step in to remind Amanda that she was only a visitor and had no right to talk to her like this, but as his forehead creased in a momentary frown, she saw that he had no intention of intervening. For the time being, at least, he was going to let Amanda take charge of her and as Gabrielle realised how foolish it would be to antagonise her…and more importantly him ... she suppressed her annoyance and forced herself to nod. As her head bobbed, the pound coin around her neck flashed in the sun and caught Amanda’s attention.

“What’s this, Matthew?” she asked, reaching forward to examine it and as the tips of her fingers brushed the upper slopes of Gabrielle’s breasts, the pony-girl gasped to the fierce jolt of tingling arousal that shot through her body.

“That’s the pound I paid for Gabrielle.” Matthew chuckled and explained casually. “She sold herself to me and I had it made into a pendant for her.”

“What do you mean, she sold herself to you? You can’t buy another person.”

“Would you like to see the Bill of Sale she signed? It may not be entirely legal, of course, but both she and I abide by its terms and as you can see, our contract has proven to be perfectly enforceable.”

“But ... a pound? Surely, that’s pretty cheap for a pony-girl, isn’t it?” Amanda queried, her words mirroring almost exactly the point that Gabrielle had raised months before when she had unwittingly signed away her freedom.

“I prefer to think of Gabrielle’s purchase as the bargain of a lifetime.” he said and flashed Gabrielle a warm smile, “Wouldn’t you agree, Amanda?”

She let the coin drop,.

“Well, it certainly was for you!” she agreed, a trifle reluctantly. “And I have to admit that Gabrielle seems pretty happy about it, so I guess it’s all worked out, even if the whole thing doesn’t make much sense to me.”

“Maybe it will after you’ve taken Gabrielle for a trot around the paddock. Go on. I’ll wait by the gate in case you need any help. Enjoy yourself.”

A slight pressure on her cinch told Gabrielle that Amanda was in the seat and as the reins slapped across her shoulders, she walked smoothly forward, lifting her knees high towards and then through the gate leading into the paddock. Once safely inside, Amanda began to test her ability to control Gabrielle with the reins to her bit and as she discovered how easy it was to make her hapless beast of burden do exactly what she wanted, her confidence grew quickly. Still at walking pace, she drove Gabrielle in a series of shallow arcs to the far end of the paddock, feeling a delightful sense of power as the pony-girl curved left and right in response to her wishes and when she had completed the half-circle turn that left the carriage facing the opposite way and she saw Matthew leaning nonchalantly against the distant gate, she pulled back on the reins to bring Gabrielle to a halt.

“Very good, pony-girl.” she said, stealthily lifting the coach-whip from its holder. “I enjoyed that, so we’ll do it again. Only a lot faster!”

Gabrielle wasn’t surprised. She had expected it from the first moment her Master had offered the brunette the chance to drive her and known that it would only be a matter of time before Amanda would want to test her speed. Attempting to refuse would only get her whipped and annoy him, so there was little point in making a futile gesture. In any case, she was proud of her hard-earned fitness and knew her Master would enjoy seeing her run. Plus, she hoped, it would highlight how weak and out of condition Amanda was in comparison to her and rub the brunette’s nose in it. Not a very charitable thought, perhaps, but Gabrielle wasn’t feeling very charitable towards her and wished she had never turned up to spoil what had been a lovely day with her Master. Determined to show what a real pony-girl could do, Gabrielle tensed as the reins lifted, then surged forward powerfully when Amanda gave the signal.

“Giddyup, pony-girl. Go, go, go!”

A shrill squeal of alarm from behind her brought a gleam of amusement and satisfaction to Gabrielle’s eyes and as she felt the reins flap against her buttocks realised that the brunette had been caught unawares by the speed of her acceleration and had dropped them. Amanda had lost her means of control and Gabrielle wasn’t about to stop and let her recover them. Racing across the grass as fast as her jingling hobble-chain would permit, she headed straight for her Master, ignoring the brunette’s shouts for her to halt and enjoying her knowledge that all Amanda could do was hang on and wait for her to stop of her own accord.

“Halt, Gabrielle!” he shouted when she got a few feet from him, and as she instantly obeyed his command and came to a standstill, he grinned broadly, clearly understanding what had happened; having a very good idea why.

Reaching down, he scooped up the reins and handed them back to a shaken, red-faced Amanda.
“Sorry about that.” he said, chuckling. “Gabrielle’s a bit skittish today. Still, no harm done. Shall we call it a day, or would you like another go?”

Amanda’s eyes flashed angrily.

“That was deliberate. She did it on purpose, to make me look stupid.”

“Oh, I’m sure she didn’t, Amanda. Perhaps she didn’t realise you’d dropped the reins and couldn’t hear you telling her to stop.”

“She set me up,” the brunette hissed venomously, “And you know it, Matthew. She’s not going to get away with it. I want another try and this time I’ll show her who’s boss and teach her not to play games at my expense.”

“OK, Amanda.” He shrugged, “Fair enough. Just let me adjust her bit first.”

Moving to Gabrielle’s head, he pretended to fiddle with the bit and whispered softly to her.

“All right, pony-girl. You’ve had your fun and I hope it was worth it. Amanda is really teed-off at you, so you’d better behave this time, or you won’t be sitting down for a while.”

Gabrielle let her eyes open wide into such a picture of innocence that he had to cover his laughter with a hasty cough, then stepped back and waved his hand.

“All fixed, Amanda. Away you go.”

Then, as Amanda took a vice-like grip on the reins and gave the signal for the walk, he chuckled to himself and watched while the carriage moved away.

Gabrielle was going to suffer for her disobedience and humiliation of Amanda, but she obviously thought it was a price worth paying and he had to admire her spirit ... ss long as she wasn’t foolish enough try it with him.

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