Inspired by the art of Bishop

Since her big Lottery win, Angie had changed a great deal … and not for the better.

To her three girlfriends, she became condescending and supercilious; flaunting her expensive clothes and jewellery and sports car at every opportunity, mocking their inability to keep up with her lavish lifestyle and generally acting as if she was better than they were.

That was bad enough, but what was far worse and drove her friends to take reprisal action, was her behaviour towards their boyfriends and her callous dumping of her own former lover. Tall, blonde and slim, she had always been a bit of a flirt and a tease, but after paying to have her breasts, buttocks, nose and lips surgically enhanced to give her the sort of bimbo Hollywood starlet looks she wanted, Angie’s flirting became outrageously sexual and suggestive and a direct threat to her friends’ relationships. She had stepped over the line and when she scornfully ignored the warnings to back off, something had to be done ...

Naturally, she had moved away from the area to a large house in the country and jumped at the chance to show off her wealth when her friends suggested she host a party just for the four of them ... not suspecting that a plan had been hatched to teach her a lesson.

It was child’s play to spike her drinks with a mild sedative and as the concentration built up in her bloodstream, she became more and more relaxed and impressionable. In her docile, easily-swayed state, she giggled when they suggested that she strip herself naked to show off her newly-enhanced and extremely expensive body then once she was naked, she agreed to put on the slutty outfit they’d brought along. A few moments later she followed their lead up to the loft, tottering on the high-heeled boots included in the outfit.

Her brow furrowed as a tangle of leather straps was produced from a large bag, but they told her that it was a game and urged her not to be a spoilsport, so she shrugged and let them carry on. Her arms were soon encased in a long leather tube behind her back and she giggled again as she looked down to where her enlarged breasts stretched the flimsy material of her blouse almost to bursting point. Thigh-straps were attached to a bar that held her knees apart and as she was led across to the port-hole window where one of the girls had positioned a dangling strap with a large ring, the haze in her mind slowly began to clear. Something was wrong, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was, then while she was groping for the answer, more wide straps encircled her ankles and were secured so that her legs were drawn apart as far as the knee-bar would allow.

The discomfort of steadily increasing strain on her arms and shoulders as the leather tube was tightened cleared the lingering fog from her brain and her eyes widened in alarm and fear when she realised what had been done to her. It was far too late, for even as she tried to protest and demand to be released, a two-inch diameter steel ring stitched into a broad leather strap was pushed into her mouth and seated behind her front teeth! She tried to push it out with her tongue, but was too slow and when the gag-harness was buckled tightly around and over her head, she was reduced to ineffective whines and howls that were simply ignored. Then, to her horror, a limp rubber sack was inserted through the ring wedging her jaws open and one of her captors began to pump the ball on the other end of the tube dangling from the front of her face. The sack inflated rapidly until her cheeks bulged and her mouth was completely filled and Angie found that she couldn’t scream or even beg when her arms were clipped to the ring behind her then hoisted upwards, forcing her to bend forward and rise onto her toes. Her eyes filled with tears of anguish and despair.

She was utterly helpless to resist when a strap from the gag-harness to the ring pulled her head back leaving her no choice but to look straight ahead, while another to the wall behind kept her in position. Apart from a minuscule back-and-forth swaying of her torso, Angie was incapable of movement and when the three friends showed her a massive leather collar decorated with studs and a large steel ring, telling her with a chuckle that it was her slave-collar, she fought to shake her head in denial. Her protests were in vain for they placed the heavy thing around her neck and locked it with an over-sized padlock and she trembled in terror, fearing what they intended to do to her.

When they told her what was planned, she struggled frantically against her bonds, knowing it was useless, but desperate to escape the fate that had been indicated for her. Each of them had booked two weeks leave from work, one after the other, so for the next six weeks, Angie was going to remain in stringent bondage as their slave, serving them in any way they required ... including sexually. That wasn’t the end though ... not only them, but also their boyfriends and her ex-boyfriend ...

She had had her body modified to look like a slut ... she had behaved like a slut ... and so now she was going to be a slut, whether she liked it or not. Perhaps, after six weeks of obedience and bondage, she would have learned not to be such a bitch and they could all go back to being the friends they used to be before her Lottery win.

They really hoped so, but just in case her “attitude adjustment” didn’t work, they were going to keep a video record of everything she was going to be made to do and that way, there would be no question of her trying to get revenge, would there? Angie looked at each of their faces in turn and when she recognised their determination and genuine concern for her and desire to put things back to the way they had been, she knew they were totally serious and committed to their plan. She was going to have to obey and be a genuine slave for six weeks and when she visualised being forced to serve and satisfy all seven of them, including the boyfriend she had dumped, her belly began to swirl with sexual heat.

It was going to be a long, long six weeks, but despite the prospect of her enforced servitude, she couldn’t help feeling a surprisingly powerful thrill of arousal at the thought of becoming a bondage-slave and sex-toy. She did like sex ... she liked it a lot, and it looked as though she was going to have plenty to keep her occupied, even if it was against her will. Perhaps being transformed into a slave wouldn’t be so bad after all, she thought to herself and felt her groin dampen embarrassingly in anticipation of the sexual pleasure she would be made to provide to ... and, hopefully, receive from ... her friends and their male partners.

Helpless in her bonds and unable to free herself, Angie gave a breathy squeal when knowing, female hands caressed her taut breasts and firm buttocks through her scanty clothing ... calmly and unhurriedly sensitising her body without ever straying to her nipples or sex, until she quivered in growing need and whimpered frustrated pleas for more into her gag. It was her first taste of the total subjugation that could be imposed on her and when Angie began to understand just how easily she could be controlled and made to respond to anyone who had access to her defenceless body, her belly burned and seethed with ferocious heat to the stunning knowledge. She could no longer choose or even influence her own future!

Those decisions were for her captors to make and as the slave she had become, she could only accept their will and submit to their power over her. Male or female, friend or ex-lover, she must and would be made to surrender to them all! When fingers slipped into her blouse and hot-pants to capture her rigidly-erect nipples, pinkly-engorged sex-lips and swollen clitoris, Angie screamed in ecstatic despair and hurtled into the first gigantic orgasm of her new slavery. Through the explosive devastation unleashed with her shuddering body, she saw her friends nod and grin while they witnessed her instantaneous, intense and deeply-humiliating submission and as her face flushed a vivid scarlet, they told her how much they had enjoyed her performance ... but that, unfortunately, they had neglected to bring the video-camera up to the loft with them.

She needn’t worry though, because they would just go downstairs to fetch it and then Angie could repeat the whole show for the benefit of the tape ... and while they were downstairs, they might as well phone the men and invite them over to enjoy the fun as well ...

The door clicked closed and Angie was alone, hopelessly bound, gagged, pulsating in the aftermath of her immense climax ... mind reeling in a confused turmoil of lust, fear and awful anticipation. It wouldn’t take long for the men to drive to her house and when they saw her plight and watched her being forced into a second giant climax, there could only be one possible outcome ...

There was no escape and while Angie faced the inevitability of being used and tormented and taken, her belly kicked and another stream of hot juices flooded into her sex when she accepted her fate. She must simply endure the next six weeks as best she could to win back her freedom and when she had, she would never, ever, flaunt her wealth or flirt with her friends’ partners again. By then, she would have learned her lesson and wouldn’t dare risk finding herself in the same situation a second time.

Unless ... and Angie’s eyes widened in horrified dismay as she realised the potentially fatal flaw in her plan ... unless they enjoyed having her as their helpless bondage-slave so much that they decided to use the videos of her abject subjugation to blackmail her into permanent slavery ...

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