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From the upper floor of her large detached home, ‘A’ could see the comings and goings of her neighbours while they went about all of the normal, routine tasks and activities that she could no longer share. Sometimes, she wished that she could just go outside and talk to them, or invite them in for a coffee and a chat, just to re-live the simple, everyday pleasures of being a normal, unremarkable woman and housewife. That was out of the question though, for they would never understand or accept the life she had chosen for herself and would be appalled and horrified to discover that she had asked to become the slave of her husband and Master.

‘A’ was a woman who they would not understand. She was always clad from top to toe in the skin-tight, polished black rubber she adored, being required to wear it at all times ... kept anonymous beneath the tight, thick, all-over hood and silenced by its built-in gag.

Her feet and long legs were confined in tight, rigid ballet-boots with heels so high that she was permanently en-pointe and her limbs were nearly always confined by heavy steel cuffs linked by extremely short chains. Her throat bore a wide, gleaming steel collar that was the symbol of her slavery and so ‘A’s’ request had been granted. However, she was still required to carry out her domestic duties, and so she had learned to adapt and although hampered and slowed by her bonds, ‘A’ maintained the house in immaculate order ... fully aware that if she did not, her Master would discipline her if his keen eye spotted a flaw in her efforts.

Nor did his demand for perfection apply only to the housework, for he was equally insistent that she exhibit her submission by greeting him on her knees at the front door every day when he returned from work and obeying his orders without hesitation. ‘A’ had not liked this aspect of his Mastery at first, but he had refused to compromise and when she had unwisely attempted to defy him, his response had revealed a side to his personality that she found both alarming and unexpectedly pleasurable.

Pulling her belly-down over his knees, he’d spanked her until she squealed into her oppressive gag with the stinging fire that raged through her buttocks and then ... the equally ferocious heat of sexual arousal swirling in her belly. Her wordless howls of rebellion soon changed to those of begging to be allowed to submit and obey him in whatever way he commanded and he relented then carried her to the bed and ravaged her unmercifully. ‘A’s’ climaxes were immense and revealed more about her than she might have wished. He could hardly miss the intensity of her surrender and quickly made the connection between his punishment and her sexual response.

It was a demonstration of her submissive nature that he had never forgotten and had never hesitated to use against her again whenever he felt it necessary to remind her of her duties. For ‘A’ too it was a salutary lesson and she had never openly defied him since ... but an occasional “mistake” on her part that earned a lighter punishment was not always unwelcome ...

In the year since her enslavement, her cuffs and collar had seldom been removed and her cloying rubber suit only for short periods to allow for essential hygiene purposes, forcing her to become accustomed to her lack of freedom and the restricted movement imposed on her by her restraints. It took three months for her to reach the point where the rubber and chains she wore became so familiar that she was no longer truly conscious of their presence, but a further three passed before the obedience her Master demanded of her became automatic and unthinking.

Leaving the house only at night, strapped tightly into the rear seat of his four-by-four, she would be driven to her favourite beach where, with a spring-loaded leash clipped to her collar’s ring and her ankle-hobble replaced with a longer chain, she would be exercised and allowed to stretch her legs while still remaining firmly under his control. These were times she relished, for they were her only brief tastes of the freedom she had once known and which she had voluntarily relinquished to become his slave. Never gratuitously cruel, but always strict, her Master permitted ‘A’ no laxity in the performance of whatever duties he required, recognising her deep need to submit to his domination as the priceless gift it was. In order to serve him, she had given up her liberty, independence and destiny, placing herself entirely in his power to do with as he wished and trusting him not to abuse her faith.

Inspired and humbled by her devotion, he spared no effort or expense in bringing her dreams to life and as the weeks and months passed, his determination to extend and enforce his Mastery grew to equal her own fervent desire to submit ever more fully. Reinforced every day by her bondage and the servitude she was required to give, ‘A’s’ sexual passion blossomed when her inhibitions faded away, delighting her Master with eager and enthusiastic love-making and willingness to pleasure him however he wished ... especially when he chose to bind her into helpless immobility and arouse her to a frenzy of desperate lust before taking her ...

With no way to resist or even influence the level of arousal imposed, ‘A was forced to endure the incredible havoc that stormed through her defenceless body when he exerted his authority to toy with her breasts and sex until she jerked and writhed to his every touch and squealed wordless pleas for mercy into her gag ... pleas that were sometimes answered with a shattering climax ... but sometimes were not, depending on whether he was feeling playful, or considered that her subjugation was not yet quite as absolute as it could be ...

On these occasions, the sheer intensity of her eventual surrenders to his ruthless masculine power was so overwhelming that she was invariably reduced to a mindless, whimpering package of convulsing feminine sexuality, unable to retain even the slightest vestige of control over her body and its responses. Even hours later, the memory of her ecstatic passion was so powerful that the mere sight of her Master or the sound of his voice was enough to bring a flush to her hooded cheeks when her nipples stiffened and her sex grew damp.

With each submission eroding her ability and a growing lack of willingness to slow, let alone reverse the increasing speed of her descent into total slavery, ‘A’s’ will-power ebbed away and by the ninth month of her service to her Master, she had no defences left and reached her personal point of no return. Fearing that she could not trust herself to explain what was in her heart without adding caveats and conditions that would confuse and undermine the simple truth of what she wanted to say, ‘A’ drafted and re-drafted a letter over several days until it left no possible room for doubt.

First declaring her deep and abiding love for him, the letter went on to explain that she now understood and accepted that she was and always would be, his full and permanent slave, without reservations of any sort, then she expressed her hopes that he would never release her from her chains or the submission that brought her such joy and fulfilment. He was her lover and her husband, but above all, her Master, and if he would permit her, she would obey him, serve him and strive to please him in any way he commanded for the rest of her life.

Signing it as “slave A” she placed it in a sealed envelope addressed to, “My true Master” and held it delicately in the upturned palms of her hands when she took up her familiar, ordered position on her knees at the front door, in readiness to greet him on his return from work.

The sight of his chained, rubber-clad slave-wife offering her submission never failed to bring a smile to the lips of ‘A’s’ Master, but his smile faltered when he saw the envelope resting on her palms. Taking it from her, he opened it and read her letter, then slowly folded the paper and put it carefully back into the envelope and only then did he speak. When she heard her fate, ‘A’s’ belly churned with savage heat ... as befitted the lifelong slave ... one who might sometimes wish to be free for just a very short time, but who would never willingly trade the life of obedience, discipline and submission that rewarded her with the love of her life.

Why would she trade such exquisite sexual pleasure, for something that offered so much less?

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