Part - VI




Fifty yards down the paddock, Amanda lifted the coach-whip.

“Right, you little bitch! Payback time!” and flicked her wrist sharply.
To her delight, she had judged it perfectly and as the leather landed with a loud “crack” Gabrielle gave a high-pitched squeal and a thin, bright-pink stripe blossomed as if by magic across her right buttock. Encouraged by her success, she repeated her action and as a second line intersected the first, she giggled with cruel pleasure.

“How do you like that, pony-girl? Not so full of yourself now, are you?”

With stinging heat raging through her bottom from the two worryingly-expert lashes, Gabrielle was no longer quite so sure that it had been a good idea to make Amanda look bad to her Master, but it was too late to have second thoughts and whether she liked it or not, the brunette was in control and unless she made the mistake of dropping the reins again, would have her revenge.

Only Amanda didn’t drop the reins and over the course of the following half-hour, became far too proficient with the whip for Gabrielle’s liking or comfort.

Trotting around and around the paddock at varying speeds set by the brunette, Gabrielle passed and re-passed the gate and her watching Master and each time, she shot him a pleading glance that begged him to call a halt to her reluctant demonstration. Each time, he took no notice and she was forced to continue for another lap, her bottom glowing ever more brightly as she received additional lashes to add to her misery and despair. Until, after a final two circuits, completed at top speed under the compulsion of the whip wielded by Amanda’s strong right arm, he stepped out and waved her to a halt.

Shifting from foot to foot in a vain bid to alleviate the relentless smarting of her chastised buttocks, Gabrielle panted for breath while Amanda stepped down from the carriage and in a tone of deep satisfaction, spoke to him.

“Thank you, Matthew. That was absolutely great. I haven’t had that much fun for ages!”

“Well, you certainly gave the impression that you were enjoying yourself, Amanda.”

“Oh, I was. I could have kept that up for hours if you hadn’t stopped me.”

“Mm, I’m sure you could, but I think Gabrielle has just about had enough.”

“Possibly. Oh well, perhaps you’re right. She does look as though she could do with a rest.”

“Yes, she does. After all, you did push her rather hard.”

“Not too hard, I hope? You said she was fit and well-used to pulling the carriage, so I assumed it was all right.”

“It is. She’ll be fine after a little break. So you had a good time, then?”

“I loved it! In fact, I’d like to do it again sometime, if you’d care to invite me back.”

“I’m pleased you had fun, but I wasn’t planning to share Gabrielle, so I’ll have to give that some thought. Perhaps I’ll talk it over with her and see what she thinks.”

“Ah. Probably not then. I don’t think Gabrielle is too keen on me at the moment.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t give up hope quite yet. You might just be surprised. She’s a lot tougher and more resilient than she looks and enjoys a good, hard workout. It usually turns her on, in fact.”

“I wondered about that. She seemed to lose concentration a couple of times out in the paddock, but I just thought she’d stumbled or something.”

“Well, it could be that, but it’s easy to check. Let’s take a look.”

Gabrielle felt her face redden to match her bottom as she heard her Master reveal that she became sexually aroused by being exercised as a pony-girl.

Not that it wasn’t true, but she certainly hadn’t wanted Amanda to know it. Unfortunately, now she did and as she and Matthew walked over to where Gabrielle stood between the shafts of the carriage, the pony-girl knew what they would find. She had come a total of three times while she was trotting and being disciplined and the evidence was spattered all over her belly and thighs.

“Wow! Look at that. You were right,” Amanda was delighted as she gazed at the betraying stains. “That’s amazing!”

Matthew shook his head.

“Not for my pony-girl.” he replied softly, reaching out to stroke Gabrielle’s cheek. “That heat and passion and desire to please are just some of the reasons why I won’t ever free Gabrielle.”

As he caressed her, Gabrielle inclined her head to rub her cheek against his fingers, gazing up into his eyes and as she nodded acceptance of his words, Amanda realized that they were not only Master and pony-girl, but true soul-mates and deeply in love. She felt a sharp stab of jealousy, wishing that she had a partner to share such an intense and intimate relationship ... then remembered that, willing and content as Gabrielle obviously was, she was still Matthew’s prisoner and had no choice but to submit to his will and obey any commands he gave her.

She had surrendered her freedom and independence and although Amanda envied what Gabrielle had, she was nowhere near ready to even think of giving herself so totally to any man. Even if the idea of allowing herself to be harnessed and controlled as a pony-girl was a thrilling and arousing one. Unless, perhaps, at the right time, with the right man ... ?

Maybe one who was as determined and dominant as Matthew ... ?

She filed the possibility away at the back of her mind, perhaps to be pulled out and considered at a later date, then spoke.

“Um. Well, I really should be going, Matthew. It’s been a wonderful afternoon and I’ve learned a lot. Thank you so much. And Gabrielle, of course. She makes a superb pony and I’m so pleased it all worked out for the two of you.”

He broke eye-contact with Gabrielle.

“I’m sorry about that, Amanda. I was miles away. Can’t you stay a little longer? I haven’t shown you Gabrielle’s stable yet. Why don’t we all go to the house for a drink and then I’ll give you the guided tour?”

Amanda hesitated, it somehow hadn’t occurred to her that Gabrielle might be kept as a pony-girl even when she wasn’t pulling the carriage and she was immediately curious to see more.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to outstay my welcome, or put you to any inconvenience.”

“It’s no bother. I need to unhitch Gabrielle anyway, so give me a hand and I’ll show you around.”

Gabrielle hadn’t anticipated her Master’s invitation, but there was nothing she could do about it and resigned herself to having to put up with the brunette’s presence for a while longer, standing passively while she was released from between the shafts of the carriage. She was pleased, if a little surprised, when the bit was eased from her jaws, but when he chuckled.

“Don’t you think you should thank Amanda, pony-girl? And as you’re in harness, perhaps you’d better call her Ma’am.” she knew he was being deliberately mischievous.

She also knew that if she didn’t obey, he was perfectly capable of replacing the bit and keeping her gagged.

“Yes, Master.” she replied resentfully, then blushed. “Thank you ... Ma’am.”
Amanda was equally ill at ease.

“Uh ... my pleasure. Gabrielle. It’s nice to ... uh ... meet you again.”

They looked at each other, neither knowing what else to say to cover the embarrassing difference in their situations. Matthew clipped a chain to Gabrielle’s collar and led her off to the house.

“Come along, ladies. I want that drink.”

Gabrielle was mortified and acutely conscious of the brunette’s eyes on her while she high-stepped her way inside, but that embarrassment paled to insignificance when Matthew poured drinks for himself and Amanda, then picked up her stainless steel bowl from the floor beside his chair, filled it with water and placed it on the small table beside his chair. Amanda gazed at the bowl as if she couldn’t believe her eyes.

“You’re going to make her drink from that? Like an animal?”

“Well, she IS a pony-girl, you know?” He chuckled, “You’d be surprised how quickly she learned to manage. Usually, I put it on the floor, but as you’re a guest and it’s been a rather ... ah ... testing day for her, I thought I’d let her join us.”

Gabrielle caught his emphasis on the word “testing” and immediately realized what he was doing. Earlier that day, before breakfast, he had told her that he was going to test how well-trained and obedient she was and this must be another part of that process. A rather undignified part, but compared to what she had already faced and overcome, hardly a major problem for her.

“Incredible.” Amanda shook her head, then picked up her glass. “I think you’re both crazy and I don’t understand how Gabrielle copes with all this, but she seems to, so ... well ... Cheers and good luck to you.”

“Why don’t you demonstrate for our guest, Gabrielle?” Matthew grinned, “You must be thirsty after your exertions, so drink up and then you can show Amanda your luxury, five star accommodation.”

“Huh. More like five bar.” Gabrielle muttered, just too softly for him to hear, then quickly added,

“Yes, Master.” and sank to her knees to lap delicately at the cool water.

Amanda did her best to pretend that she wasn’t consumed by curiosity, but after a few minutes she couldn’t restrain herself any longer.

“Um, Matthew, I don’t want to pry, but this is a pretty ... well ... unusual arrangement. Would you mind telling me how it all started? I mean, you know, the bondage and training and ... and how you managed to get Gabrielle to agree to all this? I know you said you’d never let her go, but you’ll have to eventually, won’t you? I mean, you can’t keep her tied up forever, can you? Even if she obviously enjoys playing these sorts of games.”

“I’m afraid,” he smiled lazily, “you don’t understand how it really is between Gabrielle and me. I could explain, but you probably wouldn’t take my word for it, so I think it best if you hear it from her point of view. Would you mind, pony-girl?”

Gabrielle lifted her head and gave her Master a dazzling smile

“Of course, Master.” and as she began to tell of her transformation into the loving, obedient and submissive pony-girl she had become, Amanda’s eyes grew round and she sat forward, transfixed in her chair as she heard the full story and understood that she had totally underestimated the commitment that both Matthew and Gabrielle gave to what was no game, but their shared life together.

“... so you see, Ma’am, I love what I am and I love my Master so much that I never want to be free again. I’m his pony-girl, Ma’am, and I hope and pray I always will be, because I’ve never been happier or more content.”

Her sparkling eyes and absolute sincerity of her tone of voice were so convincing that Amanda knew that every word was true. Gabrielle was Matthew’s pony-girl because she had to be ... because she wanted and needed and longed to be, with her whole heart and mind and body ... and wanted nothing more than to serve and please him for the rest of her life, even at the cost of her freedom and permanent submission to her Master’s will and erotic domination.

Or, as Amanda realized with a thrill of intense arousal as her own belly swirled with delicious warmth, because of it ...

“Th-Thank you, Gabrielle. That was most-most enlightening and-and interesting!” she stammered as the pony-girl ended her story. “I see and-and think I understand now. You are very ... lucky ... to have found your ... uh ... Master.”

“I know, Ma’am!” Gabrielle replied warmly. “I never even suspected that there were men like my Master, or that I was submissive, until it was too late.” She paused and grinned, “Fortunately though, he knew even if I didn’t, so here I am.”

“You don’t have any regrets?”

“Only that he didn’t find me earlier.”

Amanda didn’t reply, her eyes unfocused and gazing at something only she could see, until Gabrielle asked softly.

“May I ask you something, Ma’am?”

“What? Oh, yes. Yes, of course. I’m sorry, I was ... thinking.”

“It’s just that, when you were driving me today, it seemed to me that you would have rather liked to-to change places with me, Ma’am.”

“Wh-What? No, no I didn’t.” Amanda’s denial lacked conviction, even to her own ears and when Gabrielle remained silent, she hesitated and flushed pinkly. “Well ... yes ... maybe ... just for a little while, perhaps. To see how it felt.”

Gabrielle nodded slowly.

“I think you would have enjoyed it Ma’am.” she told the blushing brunette. “And I’m sure you would make a lovely pony-girl for a Master if you did.”

Amanda swallowed nervously.

“Do you ... Do you really think so?”

“Oh yes, Ma’am! You’re very pretty and would look terrific harnessed between the shafts of a carriage.”

“Gabrielle is quite right you know, Amanda.” Matthew confirmed. “I’ve been thinking the same thing myself and if you’d like to give it a try, I’d be more than happy to lend you all the tack and let you use our carriage.”

It was obvious that Amanda was tempted, but equally as obvious that she couldn’t quite bring herself to say yes ... at least, not at that point ... and Matthew recognized it.

“Why don’t you think it over when you get home.” he suggested calmly. “The offer’s there if you decide to take it up and all you have to do is give me a call and I’ll set it up for you. There’s no rush so take as much time as you like. But speaking of time, if you want to get back before dark, we’d better go and check out Gabrielle’s quarters. Up, pony-girl!”

Gabrielle rose gracefully from her knees and while her Master escorted Amanda through the tack-room and on into the stables, she felt her belly coil with liquid heat at the thought that the brunette would soon drive away and leave her alone with her Master.

After the long day of seeing her exercised by Amanda, she knew he must be just as aroused as she was by her enforced obedience and submission ... and when her Master was aroused, the outcome was inevitable ... and more than welcome. Even so, she still had to wait a little longer and endure one final humiliation when he ordered her into her stable, then removed her harness and bonds to leave her completely naked. He padlocked the heavy leather collar around her throat and explained to Amanda that she slept in it every night.

Outside the stall: its door now securely locked, the brunette gazed down at Gabrielle lying exposed on her bed of clean, fresh straw with her collar chained to the wall-ring, then looked at the thick iron bars forming the walls of her stall.

“Why do you need to collar her?” she asked curiously. “Once you lock her in there, she can’t possibly get out.”

“I know,” Matthew replied, “but I don’t do it to prevent her escape.”

His answer surprised Gabrielle as much as it did Amanda and as the brunette frowned.

“Then why do it?” the pony-girl looked up at her Master with a puzzled expression on her face, because she had always assumed that was the reason.

“I do it,” he said coolly, “because Gabrielle is my pony-girl and I have decided that she will never be without some form of restraint to remind her of the fact that she is owned, by me, and has no freedom or control over her service to me. The collar is a symbol of her submission and shows that even when she’s sleeping, she is still subject to my dominance and will. And besides, I happen to like seeing her chained.”
His brief explanation was a crystal-clear summary of Gabrielle’s position and explained everything that had happened to her since she had signed the Bill of Sale and as her arousal intensified at this further proof of his determination to impose his total and permanent Mastery over her, she trembled in delicious fright. Amanda shrugged, pretending nonchalance.

“Well, if it’s what you want, I guess. I don’t hear Gabrielle complaining, anyway.” then she took a deep breath. “But, tell me, Matthew. Why two stalls instead of one?”

He stared calmly at her, holding her gaze until her eyes flickered and dropped away.

“I believe it pays to be prepared.” he replied. “The second one is in case another young woman decides to join Gabrielle and volunteer her services as a pony-girl. It has not happened yet, but who knows what the future may hold. Perhaps, one day, it might even be you, Amanda.”

The brunette gasped and gave a little shudder, then whispered.

“But I don’t ... don’t have a-a Master.”

“Not yet. But a few months ago, neither did Gabrielle. Now, she does and maybe you will, too. If you do, the stable will be waiting.”

Amanda’s cheeks flushed redly.

“Y-Yes. Th-Thank you.” she stammered weakly, then tried to cover her discomfiture by pretending to check her watch. “Oh. It-It’s late. I didn’t realize. I have to go. The traffic, you know. Well, goodbye Matthew. Gabrielle. It’s been great f-fun. Thank you so much.” and almost ran from the stable when he held open the door.

Gabrielle waited a few seconds, then let out the laughter that welled up in her at Amanda’s embarrassed and extremely rapid departure and when her Master returned some minutes later, she was still giggling.

“I know. I know.” he grinned. “Poor Amanda couldn’t get out fast enough, could she? I think today gave her quite a bit more than she bargained for. And you were rather naughty, suggesting that she’d make a good pony-girl.”

“Well, I think she would, Master. Don’t you?”

“Actually, I do, Gabrielle.” he agreed, chuckling. “Not as good as you, though.”

“No, Master?” she asked coyly, clearly pleased, “May I know why not?”

He gazed at her through the bars of her stall, lying naked on the straw and tethered by her collar and chain.

“Because she is not as naturally submissive as you, pony-girl.” he explained flatly, “Nor is she as deeply passionate, or have your powerful desire to obey and be controlled and submit to forces stronger than yourself.

“She likes the idea of having a Master, but doesn’t possess your absolute need to have one who will take away her freedom and independence and give her no choice but to be what he requires her to be. You do. And that, pony-girl is what makes the difference.”

Gabrielle listened intently, then smiled happily.

“You’re right, Master. I’m your pony-girl and I love what I am. I never want to be anything else.”

“That is not something you need to worry about. I have no intention of letting you be anything else.”

“Good. And thank you, Master. So I passed all your tests, then?”

“I knew you’d work it out. Yes, you passed and I’m very pleased with how you performed today. Did you enjoy it?”

“Most of it, Master. I was really embarrassed when we first met Amanda and she did whip me pretty hard when I was pulling her around the paddock.”

“Ah, yes. Well you deserved that after bolting with her.”

“Yes, I probably did.” She giggled. “But it was funny, wasn’t it?”

“It certainly was, even if Amanda didn’t seem to think so. I did warn you she was mad at you.”

“It was worth it and anyway, you whip me much harder.”

“And I will again if you try anything like that with me.”

“I know that, Master and if I was that stupid, I’d deserve it.”

“Yes, you would. So, anything else?”

“Two things, if I may, Master. One offer and one question, really.”

“Go ahead.”

“She asked if she could come back for another exercise session, Master. If-if you wanted to, I wouldn’t ... wouldn’t mind.”

“Is that so, pony-girl? Then I may just do that. But if I do decide to let her exercise you again, I suggest you remember that whether you mind or not really doesn’t matter. I make those decisions, not you.”

The reminder wasn’t lost on Gabrielle and she immediately lowered her head submissively and replied.

“Yes, of course, Master. I only meant ...”

“I know what you meant.” he cut her off sharply. “I saw how wet you were and am well aware that you came more than once while you were being exercised and disciplined by Amanda. Now, what’s your question?”

She gulped and reddened, remembering her three climaxes in the paddock, but as he repeated; “The question, pony-girl,” she made herself ignore the jolt of scorching arousal that speared through her belly at the delicious memory of her enforced surrenders to the brunette.

“I was just ... just wondering, Master. The other stable? You mentioned ... maybe a second pony-girl? Perhaps even Ama-Amanda?”

“Yes. So?”

“But-but I’m your pony-girl, Master.”

“And you’re frightened that I might be getting bored with you and thinking of getting another pony, eh?”

“Yes, Master. If ... if I’ve done something to disappoint you, Master, I’ll make it up to you. I promise.”
He stared impassively at her anxious face for long, endless moments, until Gabrielle shivered.

“I am the Master here!” he snapped sharply and when she shuddered and instantly lowered her head in submission, her eyes moist with unshed tears, he added. “You forget yourself, pony-girl. It is not your place to question my decisions and if I choose to acquire a second pony-girl, then you will accept it.”

“Yes, Master,” she whispered humbly. “I am sorry, Master. Please forgive me.”

He stared down at her, then unlocked the door and knelt to take her into his arms.

“Gabrielle,” he told her firmly, “You are a superb pony-girl, but sometimes, like now, you make me wonder what I have to do to make you understand just how much you mean to me. Don’t you get it? I have kidnapped you, chained you, kept you prisoner, made you obey and serve me, trained you as a pony-girl, taken you and used you as a sex-slave and even whipped you. It’s taken months, cost me a fortune and put me in danger of going to jail. Those are huge risks, but I took them and will continue to take them, for the simple reason that you are the one and only woman I love and will ever love. I captured you because I wasn’t prepared to live without you and I will never let you go for the same reason. You are mine and you are going to stay mine and if you think I would permit a second pony-girl to spoil what I have ... what we have ... you’re crazy. If Amanda, or anyone, occupies that stable, it will never change that, or alter my feelings for you. You are and will always be my first love and my first pony-girl and if Amanda does ask to join us, we will train her together. I as the Master and you as senior pony-girl, with authority and disciplinary rights over her. Now, my love, does that answer your question?”

Cradled in his arms, Gabrielle gazed up into his eyes to read the truth in their depths and knew that the man she loved and who loved her, would be her true Master for the rest of her life. A great wave of joy and contentment washed over her as she welcomed and embraced her fate ... and the intriguing prospect of perhaps assisting him in training and disciplining Amanda.

“Yes, My Master.” she replied, her eyes sparkling. “I love you, Master and ask only to obey and serve you as the pony-girl you have made me. Take your pony-girl, Master. Please take her and let her prove her love and desire and passion for her Master. Your pony-girl is in need, Master and longs to submit fully to you.”

“Then she will, pony-girl!” he smiled and then ordered, “Wrists to ankles. Your Master requires your services for his pleasure!” Gabrielle rolled onto her back and grasped her ankles, hollowing her spine and spreading her thighs wide to display her body and offer herself for his use. Her belly churned with ferocious heat to the knowledge that she was to be taken by her Master and that if she failed to be totally satisfactory or broke the ordered position, or even attempted to speak, he would not hesitate to discipline her, for the only standard her Master would ever accept was perfection from the willing, adoring pony-girl he had trained to obey without question and submit without limit.

The pony-girl he had bought and paid for with the solitary one pound coin, glittered in the valley between her naked breasts ...

The End

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