Story inspired by the art of Tealdo

Six months after moving into his luxurious home, he had finally agreed to Tanya’s persistent suggestions that he have her pierced and ringed as an outward sign of her willing acceptance of her slavery to his permanent Mastery. It had always been her deepest, most sexually exciting fantasy and given her strongly submissive and masochistic nature and his equally powerful desire to dominate her and impose absolute control over every aspect of her life as his slave, his eventual acceptance of her wishes was perhaps, inevitable.

The end result of her decision was far more extreme and humiliating than even Tanya had ever envisaged in her wildest dreams. She had expected her new “slave jewellery” to be something light and delicate and above all, discreet ... but when she awoke from the anaesthetic, it was to discover that her newest adornments were anything but ...

All were manufactured of polished, heavy-gauge, super-hardened stainless steel and the thick rings were more than an inch in diameter. She stared numbly at the metal gleaming in her breasts and sex and moaned in anguished disbelief. Her Master calmly informed her that there was no way to release the internal locks and that she would have to bear the all-too-obvious symbols of her subjugation for the rest of her life. Never again would she be able to wear the light, flimsy blouses and shirts she loved ... never again be able to sunbathe in skimpy bikinis. The rings would show without a doubt and reveal her humiliation to anyone who cared to look.

The full extent of the error in urging her lover to agree to her wishes became shockingly clear when Tanya shook her head in appalled denial for it was then that the ring transfixing her septum swung and bumped against her upper lip, bringing a gasp of horror. Now, it dawned on her that even if she wore clothes heavy enough to conceal her other piercings, that one could never be hidden or disguised and would broadcast her state of slavery no matter what she did or where she went!

For a full month, while her piercings healed, Tanya argued and begged with her lover, beseeching him to at least try to have the rings removed. Her begging was to no avail and his flat refusal to even consider her increasingly-desperate entreaties together with his obvious pleasure at her plight, made it quite clear that he liked seeing her so obviously and embarrassingly displayed as a slave. He had no intention of changing his mind.

In a last-ditch effort to persuade him, Tanya threatened to leave, only to be told that although he wanted her to stay and would be disappointed if she was to leave him, he would not attempt to hold her prisoner against her will. She was free to go and it was her choice what to do ... but if she was to stay as he wished her to, it would only be as his full slave, subject to whatever demands he cared to make of her and with no prospect or hope of freedom ever again ...

Whatever she decided, he reminded her coolly, the rings she bore in her body had been designed to be permanent. So, unless she was prepared to accept the pain and disfigurement that would inevitably result from the burning or grinding that was the only way of removing them, she would have to live with their presence whether she stayed or not.

She was left with very little choice ...

In the days and weeks that followed, Tanya slowly came to accept her humiliating new jewellery and even to feel a degree of pride in the depth of submission to her Master that they showed so clearly. Her rings though, were not merely decorative. She quickly learned that they could be used to provide convenient and extremely strong securing points and her masochistic desire for extreme subjugation grew ever more intense ... as did her Master’s determination to exert and extend his absolute control. Finding that the ring through her clitoris was inadequate for heavy restraint, he immediately had three more inserted through the thicker flesh of each of her outer labia.

His liking for rubber soon saw her encased in a skin-tight suit that left only her head, breasts, sex and buttocks exposed while the built-in ballet boots with eight-inch heels forced her onto the tips of her toes. As well, near-total silence was almost soon imposed when he fitted her with a combined posture-collar and gag-harness. Its rigid, steel neck and mouth cover immobilised her head and the massive, built-in penis-gag easily reduced her muffled protests to only faint moans and whimpers.

The next step of her increasing helplessness came when, with much discomfort and anguish, her arms were eventually forced into a reverse-prayer behind her back. Once this had been fully accomplished, her steel-cuffed wrists linked directly to the rear of her collar and her elbows clamped together with a second pair of that dragged her shoulders back relentlessly and thrust her breasts into even greater prominence.

Matching steel cuffs at her ankles were connected by a telescoping rigid bar that was adjustable in length from nine inches to a massive spread of over four feet, and this acted to expose her utterly; giving him total access to her gaping sex.

The final, and to her, the greatest humiliation of all came when he had every trace of hair permanently removed from her head and belly to leave her totally bald and without even the illusory concealment of a thatch of pubic hair.

Enslaved far more fully than in her fantasies, Tanya was incapable of any form of resistance. Escape was totally out of the question, but that did not stop her Master from chaining at least one of her rings to any of the numerous steel eye-bolts placed in every room of the house whenever he was not actually with her. Even when he was, Tanya never lacked a leash from her either nose, nipples or clitoris, and sometimes all three, always leading to his controlling hand.

And so, for 24 hours a day, every day, she was not only helplessly bound, but also tethered. Every day, Tanya’s body was aroused, toyed with and tormented by her Master until her breasts throbbed and her sex oozed with the juices of a need that she was powerless to satisfy.

Sometimes, he would permit her to climax ... but many he would not and if he felt the need to take her, he would, using her sex or anus at his whim. Often, if he was a little tired or felt particularly cruel, or simply decided to deny her release, he would just walk away, leaving her chained and in need, to endure the frustration of her unsatisfied sexual arousal.

Her subjugation was absolute and as she became the total slave she had dreamed of becoming so often, it never occurred to Tanya that her Master might eventually begin to feel that he had taken her as far as he cared to, or that it was time for him to move on and use the techniques and expertise he had garnered from her enslavement and repeat the highly enjoyable process of transforming another willing submissive into his steel-bound sex-slave.

This of course raised the small difficulty of what to do with her?

He knew it would be easy to sell her, for she was young, deeply submissive and no longer able to control the sexual passion contained within her body and mind. Nor would her baldness or the steel she wore in her flesh be problems. For a dominant Mistress or like himself, such things would only add to her allure and attractiveness by confirming the extent of her slavery. She would fetch a high price, but he had no need of money and still retained a mild fondness for her, so after much consideration, he decided to keep her for the time being and use her as his inspiration to invent and develop yet more extreme and stringent methods of restraint ... and as the ideal subject on which to test his ideas before applying them to his next slave. Besides which, she would provide a living demonstration of his requirements to any submissive thinking of offering herself to him as a slave.

The reaction of any prospective candidate to seeing her plight would provide him with valuable insights into their nature and suitability, for in her they would see a foretaste of their own possible future. That would either send them fleeing for their lives, or prove that he had chosen wisely and was about to acquire a second slave. In the meantime, of course, she would also be available to service his sexual desires whenever he felt the need.

So it was that Tanya found herself standing in the hallway of her Master’s home, her body festooned with a selection of coat hangers, a brush-holder dangling from her clitoris, a mirror from her nipples and an umbrella bucket and decorative lamp from her mittened hands.

Held rigidly erect by tight chains to the crown of her harnessed head and steel-cuffed ankles, Tanya was incapable of movement and could only stand in silent despair atop her enormous heels when a key grated in the lock of the front door and her Master ushered in his latest companion, the second to witness her embarrassing servitude as the humble item of domestic furniture she had become.

Like the first, the girl accompanying her Master was extremely attractive. Her pretty face, long blonde hair, superb figure and long, slender legs sent a pang of envy through Tanya when she was reminded of what she herself had once been, but was no more. However, in sharp contrast to her predecessor, this girl was not shocked by the sight which met her eyes. She simply walked over to the miserable slave and subjected her to a close inspection that included every detail of her bondage and the gleaming rings transfixing her breasts, nose and belly. Tanya shuddered in anguish, realising that this might be the one who would supplant her in the affections of her Master. Although he had told her nothing of his plans to recruit a second slave, she could hardly be unaware that her descent from lover, to slave, to household chattel, was clear evidence that her status in her Master’s eyes had reduced dramatically.

She could only assume that this lovely girl was his latest lover and her replacement and her eyes filled with tears when the girl turned to her Master and asked him if this was the surprise he had told her about. When he confirmed that it was, and that her name was Tanya, she simply nodded and replied that she was pleased to see that he obviously knew how to keep a slave in her rightful place. Shocked by the comment and the girl’s casual acceptance of her helpless plight, Tanya gave a soft moan, then gasped in pain when the girl instantly reached forward and tugged sharply at the tether-chain her Master had left dangling from her nose-ring, snapping that a slave should know better than to make a sound until given permission.

Her Master laughed cruelly when Tanya was disciplined and her eyes widened at the dreadful thought that the girl might move into the house as she had once done ... but as the dominant partner of her Master, rather than his slave ... and therefore become her Mistress with full authority over her!

To her helpless horror and shame, a powerful orgasm exploded into her belly as she climaxed to the stunning prospect of being forced to submit and serve them both. Unable to conceal the stream of glistening juices that sprayed from her sex as she came, Tanya shuddered and felt her face flush a vivid scarlet when her body betrayed the shameful depth of her need. The girl gave a tinkling laugh at Tanya’s instantaneous surrender, then complimented her Master on the speed of his slave’s responses and the obviously uncontrollable passion she had been trained to display. Smiling with amused pleasure, he confirmed that Tanya was indeed fully-trained, then added that as she had already been a natural submissive before he had even met her, it had actually been remarkably easy to transform her into the hot, needy, thoroughly-subjugated slave she now was.

Shamed by his casual words and their unarguable truth, Tanya’s eyes widened in shock when the girl stretched out a slim hand to scoop some of the juices of her climax from her thigh, then brought her wet fingers to her lips and with slow, sensual laps of her pink tongue, licked them clean with every sign of enjoyment ... It was an intensely erotic act and Tanya realised that the girl was no stranger to the pleasures of female lovemaking. Her belly convulsed a second time at the idea of being taken and used in a way that was completely alien to her and which she had never experienced.

As a slave, she would have no choice but to submit and when the girl looked deep into her shocked eyes and smiled Tanya knew it. Turning away, the girl agreed that Tanya was indeed a hot slave, but then to Tanya’s utter astonishment, claimed that she was even hotter!

Invited to prove it, the girl didn’t hesitate and as Tanya watched in frozen disbelief, quickly stripped naked, crossed her wrists behind her back and sank to her knees in front Tanya’s grinning Master. She then tugged down his zip with her teeth and took his thick, hard shaft into her mouth; her cheeks hollowing and tongue working busily while she sucked him to a climax then swallowed every drop of the spend which jetted into her throat when he did.

Drained and clearly delighted, Tanya’s Master stepped back, but when the girl remained on her knees before him and lowered her head, Tanya gasped in sudden understanding. The girl was not a dominant Mistress as she had imagined, but a submissive like herself!

When her Master fetched two pairs of handcuffs and locked them around the wrists and ankles of the kneeling girl, then calmly announced that her name was Amanda and that he had accepted her request to join his household as a slave, Tanya shivered in alarm, realising that she was no longer “the only game in town” and the object of her Master’s undivided attentions. Now she was simply one of his two slaves and would have to compete for his attention ... if she could. Until she was freed from her unwelcome duties in the hallway, she could not even try! Amanda was lifted to her feet and shuffled away in her cuffs towards her Master’s bedroom, and Tanya’s eyes filled with tears when she was left alone and helplessly chained with the miserable knowledge that her Master had a new toy to play with.
‘How long,’ she wondered, ‘how long until Amanda joins me as a shaven, chained, collared, pierced and immobilised sex-object, displayed as a piece of furniture?’

'And how long after that would it be until yet another girl made the mistake of walking through the front door and allowing herself to succumb to the seductive allure of the extreme bondage and subjugation her Master offered ... as she had and Amanda had ... and no doubt others would in the future ... ’

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