Inspired by the work of the late Bob Bishop

For avid devotees of extreme bondage, nothing compares to the security, feel and visual impact of steel, especially when contrasted to the soft, smooth skin of a willing captive restrained in its tight embrace.

Happy to share her husband’s passions and with no money worries to concern her thanks to his business success, she decided to mark his birthday with a special gift that would not only take their shared fantasies to a new and higher level than ever before, but also provide him with a helpless, mute sex-toy for his enjoyment and use when he returned from his regular trips to his customers.

Careful to keep her plans a secret from him, she scoured the Internet and found a site that supplied high quality, made-to-measure control and restraint devices, then arranged for a representative to call while her husband was away and take all the necessary details to ensure a perfect fit.

It was a lengthy and rather embarrassing process, particularly the measurements required for the internal “Stimulation and Discipline Device” she specified as part of her order, but it was necessary and important, and so she was able to endure the humiliation of the deeply-intimate inspection; consoling herself with the thought of her husband’s delight and pleasure when he discovered what she had done for him.

Four hours before her husband was due back and two days before his actual birthday, the finished device was delivered by the same representative of the supplier. When he had bolted a strong hook through one of the massive roof-joists in the bedroom and attached the manual mini-hoist as she had requested at their first meeting, he began the process of securing her in the harness.

The collar and hip belt were both three inches wide and a quarter-inch thick, the heavy steel appliances fitting so snugly that she could barely get the tip of her finger between the metal and her flesh. Each was secured with a large padlock and therefore irremovable without the master-key.

From wide flanges on either side of the collar, steel bars curved down over her shoulders to mate into sockets on the belt and with these in place, her torso was held stiffly erect. Her wrists were locked into rigid cuffs welded to the rear of the belt, pulling her shoulders back, tautening her firm breasts and when her ankles were crossed and bound in their matching cuffs, she was no longer able to close her thighs or straighten her legs.

This made it simple for the supplier to fit the “Stimulation and Discipline Device” and although she gasped and protested when the long, thick shaft was carefully inserted into her sex, she could not actually prevent its entry nor stop its inexorable progress. Thoroughly plugged and filled, she could only gulp when the curved steel plate to which it was attached cupped her belly and the steel straps were padlocked to eyes on her belt, ensuring it could not be removed except by using the master-key.

The final stage of her preparation was the fitting of the lifting attachments and when these were hooked to the hoist and he began to pull, she was lifted from the ground, her weight evenly spread by the bars linking her collar and hips ... and the straps to the plate of her “Stimulation and Discipline Device” ... thus driving the thick shaft even deeper into her belly! Shocked by the merciless penetration, she tried to persuade the supplier to take it out, but as he reminded her, she was the customer and had specified and paid for it, so he was obliged to stand by the contract and fit it exactly as she had ordered ... whether she now wanted it, or not!

When she continued to argue, he simply forced her mouth open and silenced her with the ball-gag she had also specified and paid for, leaving her with no effective means of continuing the dispute.

Utterly helpless, she could only stare pleadingly at him when he connected her ankle cuffs to the protruding ring of the shaft in her belly with a thick chain, her eyes widening in appalled horror when he reminded her that when the device was switched on, excess tension on the linking chain would cause it to operate randomly, either vibrating to send pulses of arousal into her belly, or transmitting an electric shock to the surrounding flesh ... Again, exactly as she had specified.

So, perhaps, he suggested, it might be best if she didn’t allow her crossed ankles to apply too much tension to the chain ...

Hoisting her some three feet into the air, he locked the hoist and smiled at her, then gave her shoulder a gentle push. She couldn’t stop her body from revolving slowly before his eyes and while he gazed boldly at her breasts and buttocks, she blushed a vivid scarlet, her nipples stiffening shamefully to the knowledge that she was hugely aroused by being so exposed and vulnerable. Embarrassed, she forgot about the need to keep the chain to her ankles a little slack ... but was reminded sharply when an unexpected tingling jolt of electricity shot through her sex, bringing a shrill squeal from her gagged lips.

The supplier grinned, then took the set of master-keys and the remote-control unit for the “Stimulation and Discipline Device” from his pocket and laid them on a nearby table in plain view, only a few feet from her. He checked his watch and told her that her husband shouldn’t be more than a couple of hours, then wished her a pleasant afternoon and walked out the door, locking it behind him when he left.

Two hours can be a very long time in stringent bondage, in sexual need and at the mercy of random pulses of devastating arousal and sharp electric shocks, even when the plight is one that has been arranged and anticipated with keen excitement.

However, now she had no choice; her careful plans ensuring that she must endure the results of her self-imposed torment until her husband returned and used the master keys to release her ... or perhaps for rather longer. She knew that although he would be thrilled and aroused by his surprise birthday gift, his pleasure at finding her so thoroughly restrained and delightfully helpless might lead him to delay unwrapping his present in favour of exploring the many possibilities offered by her bound body and the remote-control unit before he decided to set her free.

The choice would be his, regardless of her wishes and needs. She would be his, to use in any way he desired ... for as long as he desired.

From careful hints that she had ‘accidentally’ let slip, she knew that he was expecting a new wrist-watch.

She hoped he wouldn’t be too disappointed ...

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