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Carrie was taller, heavier and stronger than her diminutive Asian captors, but none of those advantages were of any practical help because none of them could be used to any effect.

As a first-time visitor to the Far East, unable to speak the language and completely ignorant of the customs and culture, Carrie had been grateful to be “adopted” by two tiny Japanese girls she’d met on the flight and happy to let them take on the lengthy and frustrating task of acquiring all the necessary paperwork and visas that enabled the American girl to get temporary residency and allowed her to work and set up a bank account.

Reiko and Akira had even offered to share their home with Carrie until she sorted out her own accommodation and the three young women had quickly become great friends.

Unused to such things, Carrie had at first been embarrassed and rather shocked by her new friends’ casual attitude towards nudity in the home and the first time she walked in on Reiko and Akira doing their morning yoga exercises stark naked, she had blushed and stammered an apology, but they had simply smiled and told her that it was quite usual for both men and women in her country to practise yoga in the home without clothes and that there was no need for her to feel awkward.

Relieved by the assurance, Carrie had been astonished by what seemed to her to be the extreme difficulty of the positions that they adopted with apparent ease, but when the girls told her that it was only a matter of training and that when achieved, there was no discomfort and the mind was freed to meditate and reach a state of perfect peace and relaxation, Carrie asked if she could try and was pleased when they agreed enthusiastically.

For the next several weeks, the trio exercised together, but Carrie found it extremely hard, her body lacking the suppleness and flexibility of her companions and her mind the strength of will to endure and overcome the protests of her aching muscles and joints.

Almost on the point of giving up, Carrie was intrigued when they hesitantly suggested that there was a traditional, time-honoured way to resolve the problem, but that they doubted whether Carrie would be prepared to submit herself to it. It involved restraining a novice’s limbs until they became accustomed to the positions required of them so that effectively, Carrie would be put in bondage and given no choice but to accept the initial discomfort.

Surprised by the suggestion, Carrie was naturally hesitant at the thought of being tied up and unable to move, her instinctive reluctance prompting them to apologise for suggesting it and tell her that they understood how hard yoga could be. There was no disgrace in being unable to handle the demands it made on the body and mind of a foreigner who had not been brought up with it.

Stung by the unspoken implication of weakness, Carrie reacted without thinking it through, rashly assuring her companions that if generations of their countrywomen had been able to cope with the technique, then so could she ... insisting, against their obvious doubts, that she would be perfectly fine and was not only willing, but actually looking forward to proving that a Westerner, untrained or not, was more than equal to the challenge.

Smiling and shrugging their shoulders, the girls gave in and said they would make the arrangements to collect the equipment they would need and it was only after the smaller women left that Carrie began to wonder just what she had let herself in for?
Some days later, she found out ...

The sight of the equipment she was soon to wear sent tremors of unease rippling through Carrie’s naked body, but they were nothing compared to the dismay she felt after she’d allowed Akira and Reiko to work a long tube of heavy leather up her arms then zip and buckle it securely, confining her limbs in a solid, immobilised column behind her back. They finished it off by passing attached straps over her shoulders and under her arms to hold the tube in place.

She couldn’t even wiggle her fingers and as the unrelenting tension pulled her shoulders back and tautened her breasts, she gasped in discomfort and embarrassment at how exposed and shamefully prominent her firm globes and tawny nipples had become, but that was only the beginning ...

Her legs were next. Tight leather leggings were laced from thighs to ankles with stirrups under her feet to hold them in place and when she was helped to her knees and thick straps buckled around her calves and thighs, she was unable to get back to her feet.

Gazing up at Akira and Reiko, she giggled nervously at her own plight and explained that she hadn’t realised quite how helpless she was going to be. The two women looked at each other, then broke into peals of laughter and as Carrie’s eyes opened wide in shocked disbelief, she was told her that they had only just started to tie her!

Carrie tried to resist and argue, but strong straps were fitted through loops on the tube and buckled right around her body. Even wider, heavier bands bound her wrists and elbows so tightly that her protests changed to moans of anguish and pleas for them to be loosened and Carrie realised that she had no idea how long she was going to have to endure the stringent bondage.

Trying to conceal her growing fears, she began ask a question, but before she could complete it, a thick leather helmet descended over her head and was pulled tight against her face. Within it, a massive, formed leather pad on the inside forced its way past her parted lips and deep into her mouth, gagging her.

Squealing in horror, she tried to eject the horrible mass, but as buckles on the rear of the helmet tightened, the gag sank deeper, utterly foiling her frantic efforts to expel it.

Unable to breathe through her mouth, Carrie was forced to draw air through holes in the leather under her nose and as she gasped and her breasts heaved, she was in no condition to resist as a five-inch collar of hard, rigid leather that was fastened around her throat, forcing her to keep her head up.

Apart from the soft whimpers and squeals that leaked past her gag, Carrie’s eyes were now her only means of communication and as her grinning captors ignored her pleading gaze and tightened yet another strap over her already gagged lips, she trembled in despair, knowing there was nothing she could do to persuade them to release her.

When her big toes were bound and attached to the finger-end of the tube confining her arms, she could no longer even bend forward to conceal her breasts, or the pink-lipped softness of her parted sex, nestling between the wide “V” of her spread thighs.

She was utterly, frighteningly helpless and Akira and Reiko stood in front of her, their eyes gleaming with pleasure while they watched the rapid rise and fall of her out thrust breasts and the fluttering of her belly as she strained vainly against her bonds. It suddenly dawned on Carrie that she knew almost nothing about them except that they were both young, pretty, lived together in the same house. In the weeks since her arrival, neither had dated a man, or even mentioned the name of one, nor had they chatted about boyfriends or lovers.

It had simply never occurred to her that there might be a very good reason for the somewhat unusual omission, but as the two Japanese girls embraced each other and their lips met in a long, passionate kiss, Carrie’s eyes grew round with shock ... the explanation became startlingly clear.

Breaking away from Akira at last, Reiko chuckled at the alarm in Carrie’s eyes, then nodded and cheerfully confirmed the helpless girl’s conclusions that they were lovers and not merely friends.

Nor was that the only surprise revelation. Akira calmly added that they had never really expected her to be taken in by the “yoga-training” story they had made up as a joke, or imagined that she would actually let them tie her up in the bondage equipment they had borrowed from a friend. Carrie felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment under the tight helmet when she realised how easily she had been fooled.

It was a rotten trick to play on her and how was she supposed to have known the story wasn’t true? It could have been and had sounded quite plausible, so she had taken their words at face value because they were friends and she trusted them. Not any more, though and as soon as they untied her, she was going to tell them exactly what she thought of them and pack her bags.

Only they didn’t untie her ...

Kneeling down on either side of her tightly restrained form, Akira and Reiko reached out their hands, their cool, slim fingers caressing her exposed breasts, toying with her nipples and sliding between her spread thighs to fondle and stroke the velvet softness of her sex-lips and clitoris.

For an instant Carrie was simply frozen, her eyes bulging in disbelief as devastating arousal shot through her entire body, then she squealed shrilly into her gag and wrenched wildly at her bonds in a frantic effort to evade their touch and escape the overwhelming assault. The heavy leather and straps held her easily and she remained perfectly positioned ... totally incapable of resistance. The two Japanese girls ignored her futile struggles and continued to toy with her, their eyes gleaming with excitement and lips curving into broad grins of cruel amusement as Carrie was forced to respond, her nipples stiffening to quivering rigidity and her sex glistening with the juices of a and completely unwanted arousal.

At the mercy of her captors and unable to hold back the scorching heat that raged through her helplessly bound body, Carrie could only gasp and shudder while her passion was built higher and higher ... willpower ebbing away under the overwhelming pleasure of her enforced submission until her flimsy defences crumbled. She hollowed her spine to offer her breasts and belly to the hands that created such incredibly delicious havoc within her.

When Akira sent her fingers deep into the tight, moist channel of Carrie’s sex and Reiko squeezed her nipples hard enough to cause twinges of exquisitely bitter-sweet pain to flash through her breasts, the captive American girl squealed in unbearable ecstasy and anguish when the additional stimulation sent her hurtling into a shattering orgasm.

From deep in her belly, scalding torrents of her juices raged upwards to deluge the fingers embedded in her sex and she convulsed in the massive spasms of release while her breasts jiggled madly. Carrie’s eyes filled with shocked disbelief at the sheer power of her climax, knowing that she had never, ever climaxed with such furious intensity.

Taking her glistening fingers from Carrie’s sex, Akira offered them to her lover and when Reiko had licked them clean with evident enjoyment, the hapless blonde trembled in anguish and whimpered into her gag while her captors laughed down into her horrified eyes, then told her that she no longer needed to worry about obtaining her residency visas and work permit.

The female “friend” who had lent them the bondage equipment Carrie wore was a senior official of the department responsible for issuing such documents and keeping track of temporary migrant workers. She would ensure that Carrie’s application was mislaid ... permanently and untraceably, leaving no record that she had even entered the country.

Of course, there was a price to be paid for circumventing the strict rules, but they were pretty sure that Carrie would be able to work-off the debt ... eventually. It would take quite a while, she was told, because slaves didn’t exactly earn much, but if she obeyed every order she was given and worked hard to please her three Mistresses, it was possible that she could be free in perhaps as little as ten years.

Which should give her plenty of time to rise to the challenge of perfecting her yoga technique ... along with all the other skills and services she would be required to provide as a full, long-term, bondage- and sex-slave ...

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