Until she agreed to let him tie her up, Rhianna had no idea that her boyfriend and lover of almost six months was such an expert. Perhaps the sight of numerous hanks of rope, all neatly coiled and set out on the table alongside his king-sized bed should have warned her of what she was getting into, but she really liked him and didn’t want to spoil his obvious enjoyment and anticipation.
Anyway, she had never been tied up before and was curious to see how he would tie her and what it would feel like to be helpless and unable to get free. Wearing only a see-through leotard and sheer stockings that concealed nothing and displayed her slim body to best advantage, she lay face down on the black silk sheet and obediently followed his request to bend her knees and bring her ankles up to her buttocks.

Not knowing what to expect, she was surprised and rather disappointed when several turns of rope encircled her thighs and shins so loosely that she knew she could easily wriggle free. Voicing her doubts made her boyfriend chuckle and when he told her that he hadn’t yet cinched the ropes. They would soon tighten up he said and she accepted his assurances without a qualm.

He was quite right! As he applied the cinches, she found her legs clamped together and totally immobilised. It was a new and exciting sensation that she thoroughly enjoyed, so when he asked her to arch her back and stretch her arms as far down her legs as possible, she complied willingly. More loops of rope gripped each of her wrists firmly and when these ropes were knotted to the cinches, she was held in her arched position, quite unable to relax the hollow of her spine or free herself.
Only then did it begin to dawn on Rhianna that with her legs tied separately, it would be a simple matter for him to spread her thighs and gain full access to her sex, even if she tried to stop him! Not that she wanted to stop him, or would even object to him toying with her and arousing her, but the fact that she couldn’t, was a realisation that sent a ripple of fright through her, even as she warmed to the idea of being so defenceless and vulnerable.

When yet more rope was looped and cinched around her elbows and feet to restrain her even more helplessly, thus removing ANY possibility of her getting loose, she gulped nervously, wondering just how far he was going to go and how much more rope he was going to use. She would have asked him, but while she was still thinking of the best way to frame her questions, his hands wedged a bright red rubber ball against her soft lips and she was instructed to open her mouth.

Definitely not wanting to be gagged, she tried to argue, but as soon as she attempted to speak, he pressed the ball firmly back between her parted teeth, forcing her to stretch her jaws wide. He immediately buckled the leather straps under her chin and behind her neck to prevent her from attempting to spit it out. Alarmed by being deprived of speech, she fought to break her bonds, but it was utterly impossible! While he bound her upper arms, she could only gaze imploringly up at him and shake her head from side-to-side in futile efforts to express her despair and gain release.

It was all she could do, but instead of achieving the desired result, it only gave him the idea to knot a final length of rope around her hair and tension it back to her upper arm bondage! She could no longer shake or even lower her head and escape was out of the question, When her boyfriend grinned down at her, Rhianna shivered with the sexual heat that began to swirl through her belly, knowing that she was at his mercy for as long as he chose to keep her tied up. She couldn’t resist or protest, no matter what he did to her and she was well aware that the flimsy leotard she wore was no protection and wouldn’t delay him for more than a few seconds if he decided to strip her.

He was in complete control and she had no choice but to accept the situation and the consequences of agreeing to let him bind her. Mind you, when he did let her go, she was going to let him know just what she thought of him and his kinky games. After all, they’d been together for quite a while now and she wanted an explanation of just why he’d kept something that was so exciting and so much fun, a secret from her for so long!

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