Artist Unknown

It was impossible to tell what the occupant of the gleaming stainless steel suit thought of her plight ... but as she would never be asked her opinion and could not have heard the question or given an answer in any case, the subject was irrelevant.

Encased from head to toe in her metal carapace she was completely anonymous, only the hugely-elongated spherical cones projecting from her chest indicated that beneath the steel there was a living, breathing, human female. The smooth, polished ovoid of her head was marred only by a pair of thin wires leading to connections positioned over her eyes and a two-inch, perfectly-machined plug directly over her ring-gagged mouth. The lower curve of the helmet mated seamlessly to a tall, rigid collar supporting and immobilising her head.

Below the collar, her torso and arms formed a single entity; her hands and forearms locked horizontally behind her back by the same unrelenting steel that trapped and shaped her breasts into an exaggerated parody of femininity. The carapace then swept down to vanish beneath a V-shaped panel covering her lower belly, sex and rear passage, re-emerging to sheath her buttocks and legs.

At her ankles, reinforced plates arched her feet into an extreme en-pointe position, crushing them into the reinforced ballet-toed shoes that were the sole means of supporting her body’s entire weight; forcing her to balance on the very tips of her toes with no means of alleviating the relentless torment.

Led by a chain fastened to a ring over her navel: blind, mute, deaf and utterly incapable of any form of resistance, she could only totter forward in helpless obedience to the commanding tension of her leash, not knowing where she was being taken, or even whose hand controlled her tether. Not that it mattered, for when the plug over her mouth, or the panel concealing her lower openings was removed, she would have no option but to provide whatever sexual services were required of her.

Should she fail to be fully pleasing or show any sign of hesitation or reluctance to obey, retribution would come in the form of cruel tugs on the rings transfixing her nipples at the tips of her painfully-stretched, steel-sheathed breasts.

Like her bondage, her servitude was inescapable. She could only submit to who ever cared to use her body for their pleasure and amusement, man or woman, considerate or demanding, gentle or merciless ... she had no choice but to serve them all perfectly. She had no choice but to display the full extent of her absolute subjugation by the awesome depth and power of her surrenders to the explosive climaxes wrung from her plundered belly.

At one time, in a different life far behind, she had been rich and powerful, even feared by her competitors for her ruthless, hard-headed business acumen and ability to find a profit in even the most unpromising circumstances. Her asset-stripping of companies unfortunate enough be forced into making deals with her resulted in major job-losses and bankruptcy while she had made huge amounts of money. Of course she’d also acquired more than a few bitter enemies; most of who swore to have their revenge, but who she scornfully ignored them all, supremely confident that they would never do anything more than make threats.

In the main, her assessment was correct, but in her certainty that she was beyond retaliation, she failed to realise that there were a small number who were determined to bring her down. They were prepared to act, even at the risk of discovery, prosecution, possible imprisonment and the consequent loss of their respected places in society. It was this group that had schemed and plotted in secret against her, making and refining their plans over and over again until they were certain of success.

Suspecting nothing and oblivious to her fast-approaching doom, she had no reason to take special precautions and it proved ridiculously easy to introduce a slow-acting drug into her champagne at a party to celebrate her latest corporate acquisition. That night, she went to bed as a free, high-powered businesswoman ... and woke as an anonymous, nipple-pierced, steel-encased sex-slave ...

Deprived of speech, hearing and sight by the oppressive steel helmet, her arms rigidly restrained behind her and in constant, severe discomfort from the steel ballet-toed shoes, she fought her confinements frantically while gabbling frantic protests and pleas to be released. She strained every muscle in desperate bids to free herself and jerked madly at the chain tethering her to an anchorage she could not see, but which kept her within a small, strictly-limited area.

After unknown hours of fruitless struggle, ever-increasing despair and terrified anticipation, she learned what her fate was to be. If words were spoken, she never heard them, but they were not necessary, for as her ring-gagged mouth, sex and anus were repeatedly violated by hardened male shafts. Her belly convulsed in shattering, enforced orgasms that she did not want, but was helpless to resist and it was only too horribly clear to her that she was the prisoner of an unknown number of powerful, ruthless men. Men who had, and would, take whatever they wanted from her ... and would continue to do so for as long as they wished to keep her chained.

Now, her wealth and status counted for nothing and could not help her against them. She had no way to use them and when pain jolted through her aching breasts as her nipple-rings were tugged, she shuddered in horrified anguish, realising the dreadful potential for controlling and forcing her to obey that the piercings gave to her captors. She didn’t know who they were, why she had been chosen, where she was, or how long she would have to endure her captivity. Yet more rigid shafts drove into her mouth and sex to pump hot jets of their salty spend into her throat and belly and she knew that while she remained encased in her steel suit and at their mercy, she had become nothing more nor less than their helplessly-subservient sex-slave.

To her horror she realized that she had become a sex-slave who would never be able to escape, or be permitted to deny them anything demanded of her.

For the group of businessmen who had arranged her kidnap, the subjugation of their most-successful competitor was sweet revenge for the humiliating financial losses she had caused. The fact that her mouth and belly were available to them at any time for their sexual gratification was simply an additional bonus. All of them had known her in her former life and that, too, added a highly-pleasurable twist to her servitude, reinforcing their determination to impose the most extreme and irrevocable slavery upon her. If she were ever to regain her freedom and go to the authorities, the inevitable result would be catastrophic. Their comfort and security depended on her continued captivity and so they had no intention of taking even the smallest risk of their actions becoming known.

It was for this reason that they had commissioned the custom-designed helmet, thereby guaranteeing that her beautiful face would never be seen and recognised from the many pictures that had been featured on the front pages of numerous magazines that had covered her spectacular career. Not even her closest colleagues ... and there were very few of those, and none who would ever meet her again ... would suspect that beneath the gleaming steel costume of a woman so obviously a slave was their silenced, helpless, former employer, now desperately praying for someone to release and save her from her endless torment.

It was her only, frail hope ... but she could not know that it would never be fulfilled. She had been condemned to remain immured in her shining metal prison for the remainder of her life.
A stainless steel sex-slave ... forever ...

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