Ever since junior school, April had known that Mark was the man she would eventually marry and when, on her 19th birthday, he proposed to her, she accepted willingly and joyfully, knowing that his feelings for her were as strong and deep as her own for him.

With the wedding date set for fifteen months ahead, she moved into the country house left to him by his deceased parents and it was only then, as for the first time they shared a bed and discovered the pleasures of loving sex, that he introduced her to bondage by tying her wrists with a nylon stocking and blindfolding her. At first alarmed and rather frightened at being bound and unable to see, she quickly became addicted to the thrill of helplessness and the delicious sensations of being aroused and taken while unable to resist, and, as her desire to submit grew ever stronger, his desire to impose his erotic dominance over her kept pace, leading them to experiment with ropes, then leather straps and eventually progressing to handcuffs.

The knowledge that these were completely inescapable was a massive turn-on for them both and one evening some six months before their wedding, as she lay cradled in his arms after a lengthy session of energetic, handcuffed love-making, he joked that when they were married, he ought to keep her permanently chained as his slave-wife. Her immediate and unthinking response that it was something she had often fantasised about, surprised her even more than it did him. Neither had seriously considered long-term bondage as a way of life, but as they discussed the idea over the next few weeks, Mark’s infectious enthusiasm, combined with her own newly-awoken submissive tendencies and feminine curiosity about what life as his slave might be like, gradually overcame her understandable concerns.

Excited and intrigued by the prospect of surrendering all control over her body and daily life to her soon-to-be husband, April became his willing and eager partner, taking a full and equal part in the design of the restraints that she would wear and even suggesting several modifications to her proposed ‘slave chains’.

Delighted by her cooperation and encouragement, Mark took careful and precise measurements, then contacted a company specialising in top-quality, stainless steel bondage equipment and placed an order, for delivery to his home exactly two weeks after the date of their marriage.

Assured that there would be no problem in meeting the specifications and time-scale for the devices, he paused and gazed questioningly at April when the company representative asked if he wished the locks to be the standard, key-opening versions, or the ultra-secure, one-time-only locking mechanisms? They were told, of course, that as the name indicated, the restraints could not be released once locked. The only way they could be removed was by cutting with a specialised diamond grinding disk, or by burning with a hi-tech, argon laser torch. Of course, neither of these were exactly common DIY tools and required skilled handling if the wearer of the devices to be removed was to avoid serious injury.

Asking the man to wait, Mark switched off the speaker phone and while April swallowed nervously, assured her that it was her choice and that he had not even known there was an option to make the locks unopenable. It was entirely up to her and he would be more than happy to accept whatever she decided. She gave a weak smile of gratitude for his consideration, her mind racing at the stunning implications of the choice she must make and when she imagined herself bound in chains with locks that even he would not be able to open, she felt her belly swirl with ferocious power and heat.

To be held captive with absolutely no hope of escape or release, regardless of her own, or even Mark’s wishes, was surely the ultimate in slavery. After 20 long seconds of silently holding his anxious eyes with her own, she took a deep breath and pretending a casualness she certainly didn’t feel, replied with the suggestion that as she really and truly wanted to be his slave-wife and wear his chains forever, would it not be more fitting that they be irremovable?

The first two weeks of April’s married life had been idyllic. The luxurious five-star cabin was set on a beach of perfect white sand shaded by coconut palms, with the warm blue waters of a tropical ocean lapping almost at their door and their every need being attended to by discreet, perfectly-trained staff.

It had been Heaven, made better by love-making even more intense and satisfying than they had ever shared before, with Mark going to great lengths to ensure April’s total satisfaction and pleasure. In return, she had responded more strongly and deeply, her climaxes immensely powerful and long lasting as she surrendered herself utterly to the physical ecstasy of pleasuring and being pleasured by him, holding nothing back and showing the full extent of her love and desire. Both of them knew that with each passing day, they drew closer to the moment when April’s freedom would come to its end and she would begin service as his slave-wife. Her only duties would be those of instant and unquestioning obedience and submission to his will. On the final night of their honeymoon ... the last when April would be the equal partner of her husband ... they lay cuddled together on the warm sand in the pale silver glow of a full moon, relaxed in the aftermath of hours of love-making that had drained them both. When Mark gazed down at her and asked if she was ready, April flushed pinkly and nodded, well aware of what he meant and what awaited her when they returned home.

It would be the life she had chosen for herself and while he smiled at her embarrassment, then told her that he was sure she would make a superb slave that any Master would be proud to own, she shivered in delicious fright and arousal at the thought that she would belong to him just as much as any of his other possessions. Slowly, keeping her eyes fixed on his, she rose to her knees, letting her thighs part, arching her back and crossing her wrists behind her back to display her whole body to him, trying not to let her voice tremble when she replied that she would try hard not to let him down and do her very best to be a pleasing slave for him, her Master.

He chuckled and cautioned her that a slave who was not fully pleasing might well find that her Master had many ways of encouraging her to improve and she gulped in anxious alarm remembering just how helpless she would be in her slave-chains. She visualized how simple it would be for him to do anything he chose to her, including the administration of whatever punishment or discipline he considered necessary and appropriate. However, she had already made her decision and knew that she was not going to change her mind. She was committed and in less than 24 hours, would be a permanent, full-time slave.

Having rested and slept for much of the flight back from their island honeymoon, there was no reason to delay the commencement of April’s entry into slavery. The moment the front door of their large, secluded home closed, Mark wasted no time in ordering her to strip to receive her slave-chains. His firm, commanding tone left no room for argument, even if April had wanted to. She obeyed meekly and her nipples stiffened and her sex grew damp while she removed every stitch of clothing in response to his terse order. Standing naked before him, wearing only the high-heeled shoes he loved her to wear, she clasped her fingers behind her back while he fetched the thick leather tube of a single-glove and worked it over her hands and wrists, then tugged it up past her elbows, almost to her armpits.

She’d never worn one of these restraints before, but had seen them on the Internet and had long wanted to try one out to see if it would be as restrictive and secure as it appeared. It was; even more so than she had imagined, for as Mark slid up the long metal zip, she was forced to pull her shoulders back as far as she possibly could and squeeze her forearms and elbows tightly together in order to enable him to complete the closure. There was a click when he threaded and locked a small padlock through the zip’s tab to ensure the glove could not slip down.

Thankfully, her arms were sufficiently flexible and supple that having her elbows touching was not too uncomfortable, but even so, the strain on her shoulders was unrelenting and she knew that she would never be able to forget that her arms were inescapably bound and no longer of any practical use to her. She was already his prisoner, but there was much more to come. He hurried away to fetch the first portion of her slave chain ensemble and she gazed down at her out-thrust breasts and hardened nipples; her belly swirling with arousal at the thought of the devastating havoc his hands could and would wreak on her when he chose to caress and toy with the tautly-offered globes.

When he returned, he carried her wrist-cuffs and as she looked at the thick, heavy, stainless steel circlets and remembered that, at her request, they were fitted with one-time-only locks, her arousal intensified and she licked her lips nervously, wondering if suggesting the special, high-security locks had really been such a good idea. He moved quickly behind her and before she could give voice to her sudden doubts, each of her wrists was encircled by hard, uncompromising steel and a series of solid clicks ended any opportunity for her to change her mind.

Fitted over the single-glove, her arms were now doubly-restrained by both steel and leather and when she attempted to test the limits of her freedom, April was dismayed to discover that she could do nothing more than waggle her pinioned limbs an inch or two from side to side, She could no longer even unclasp her fingers inside the reinforced bag at the lower end of the glove!

For a moment, while Mark paused to admire her partially-chained body before continuing his handiwork, she was tempted to tell him that she’d had enough and didn’t want to be fitted with the rest of the restraints, until she saw the gleam of pleasure and excited anticipation in his eyes when he stared boldly at her. She knew that she would never be able to forgive herself if she allowed her nameless fears to overcome and destroy their shared dream of transforming her into his slave-wife. It was their fantasy, not his or hers alone, discussed and agreed over many long hours. Her chains would be the outward symbols of their love and desire for each other and as he smiled and turned away, April crushed back her concerns. She accepted the fate that filled her belly with scorching heat and her mind with images of herself as a helpless captive serving her adored Master with all the fervour and passion of the willingly-obedient and deeply-submissive slave that she truly longed to become.

In minutes, her ankles bore matching, locked cuffs linked together by eighteen inches of thick, gleaming chain. When he padlocked a heavy iron ball at its mid-point, she could only wonder whatever had possessed her to suggest that its addition would be a fun way of restricting her mobility still further and reminding her that she was his prisoner. As if she would need reminding, given her other bonds, but fun or not, now she would have to drag it behind her for as long as he chose.

The waist-cinching corset that he brought out next, however, had not been her idea and it had taken hours of cajoling and persuasion on his part to get her to accept it, but eventually she had, albeit reluctantly and with considerable misgivings, realising that it was something he really wanted her to wear. The corset, a vice of stainless steel, was extremely tight and unforgiving, compressing her waist by a full four inches. It left her midriff bare, then encircled her torso beneath her breasts and formed a wide brace over her spine, forcing her to hold herself rigidly erect. Two bands clamped her arms above and below her elbows to eliminate any possible movement and a further pair descending from a point just below her navel, around her hips and under the rounded curves of her buttocks before rising to meet the brace once more.

Panting for each shallow, constricted breath, April gulped, feeling how her bottom-cheeks were separated and offered by the tight straps, knowing they were perfectly presented for a spanking ... or worse, if Mark decided that she required discipline. With her arms and hands completely immobilised, she now couldn’t even spread her fingers in an attempt to protect herself and when she now completely understood the full extent of her helplessness, April felt a trickle of hot juices ooze from her sex as her belly kicked to the erotic power of her plight.

She was most definitely his captive, but still not quite his slave, for he had not yet collared her and until he did, she was not, in her own mind at least a true full slave. To April, it was a minor, but nevertheless vital distinction, but one that lasted for only a few brief moments when her husband walked over to fetch the final pieces of her chain ensemble.

Her collar was two inches wide, highly polished and with large rings dangling at front and back. Looking deeply into her eyes Mark slowly closed the collar closed to a snug fit around her slim throat, then squeezed it firmly. The locks snapped shut for the first and only time, marking the end of her freedom and making April his slave forever.

It was as a slave that she was casually fitted with a breast-harness of thin chains running over, beneath and between her taut globes to the front ring of her slave collar and upper rear edge of her corset, then she was tethered by a heavier chain from the rear of her collar and corset to an overhead ring. Only then, with her now totally restrained and utterly at his mercy, exposed and vulnerable in the full complement of slave-chains that she would wear for the entire duration of her service ... her life-long service ... as his slave-wife, did he allow himself to relax and savour his power over her and the knowledge that her naked body was his to enjoy as and when he pleased, for as long as he pleased.

With a smile, he reached to her offered breasts, but at the first touch of his fingers she gave a squeal of protest and tottered backwards until the chain to her collar drew taut and brought her to a halt, her eyes wide with alarmed disbelief at the incredible arousal that had jolted through her body from his brief caress.

Pointing to the floor at his feet, he calmly ordered her to return to her previous position, but when she shook her head and refused, protesting that her breasts were too sensitive and begging him not to be so hard on her, his smile turned to a frown and he reminded her sharply that she was his slave. As her Master, he required her obedience and did not intend to argue with her or repeat his orders.

Unwisely, April continued to object, forgetting that she was no longer his equal and entitled to the consideration due to a wife and partner and so soon learned that the collar locked around her throat was no mere decoration! Seizing a gag and blindfold, Mark strode to where she stood and despite her squeals and futile efforts to resist, buckled the large rubber ball into her mouth and a blindfold over her pleading eyes, then pushed her back to her original position and added two tight leather straps around her knees and calves. The final thing he did was to shorten her tethering chain to keep her where he wanted her.

Ever since admitting to Mark that she had fantasised about being his slave, April had known that once they embarked on the project, he would not stop until she was completely helpless and incapable of resisting, but his ruthless demolition of her efforts to defy his orders and his flat refusal to allow her to even argue still came as an unwelcome shock. When he’d so easily deprived her of sight, speech and movement, April realised that she’d vastly under-estimated his determination to turn her into a real, full slave. It was the fantasy she had wanted and still wanted, but this was at a level and intensity far greater and more extreme than she had ever anticipated! His hands and lips roamed unchecked over every inch of her defenceless body and breasts and her belly quivered and shook with an undreamed-of arousal that raged through every fibre of her being! Climax after unstoppable climax exploded over her and rivers of juices poured from her pulsing sex and she screamed an abject submission into her gag, coming again and again to the overwhelming ecstasy of a slave’s enforced submission to her Master.

With no option but to surrender to the incredible sexual frenzy imposed on her, neither April’s mind nor body could even begin to retain the tiniest vestige of control over her responses and while she spiralled deeper and deeper down into a bottomless pit of slavery, she knew beyond any possible shadow of doubt that she would never be able or want to return to the life of a free woman.

Despite her chains, her gag, her blindfold, her helplessness and absolute subjugation, she had never felt so alive and fulfilled, or so certain that she had found the role that would make her complete and give her everything she would ever want or need. It was just as well, for when her tether and legs were finally released, she surrendered utterly and joyfully to the sweetest orgasms of all when her Master exerted his dominant authority over her, taking her in her chains. Thus it was that her enslavement was consummated and April became the full and permanent slave of the man she loved and would serve willingly and joyfully for the rest of her days.

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