Denise lived in the North, her twin sister Dana in the South, but apart from Dana's tan and the fact that she dyed her hair blonde while Denise remained brunette, there was little to distinguish one from the other.

Their physical appearance was not the only similarity between the two sisters, for they shared a deep desire for strict, inescapable bondage and extreme subjugation that had led them to first submit to, then marry men who were more than happy to dominate them and encourage their strongly submissive natures.

They kept in frequent contact by Internet web cam with Rick and Ted being enthusiastic collaborators in deepening and extending their wives’ voluntary subjugation and it became a regular event for them to chat together for long periods. Denise and Dana could only watch and listen in mute helplessness of whatever exposed and utterly vulnerable position they had been bound into to await their husbands’ pleasure. Generously acquiescing to the humble requests of both women, that they to be allowed to talk together, the men came up with an idea that met their wishes and at the same time, satisfied their own preferences for keeping their partners under firm and all-pervasive control.


Denise and Dana were restrained in light, immensely strong alloy, frames, waist-belts and restraints, kept standing in a wide straddle, centered between the uprights and unable to close their legs, alter their position, or prevent the height-adjustable dildo-poles from invading their gaping sexes, if that was what their husbands wished to happen. To enhance their feelings of captivity they wore only transparent mini-dresses, with their necks and wrists locked into rigid triple-cuffs so that there was no escape and no way to conceal any part of their bodies from the all-seeing eyes of the web cams trained on them ... or from the eyes of her sister and her sister’s husband ...

They could talk, but unsurprisingly, it was quite some time before each grew accustomed to having a sisterly chat while gazing at her twin in identical bondage to her own and impaled on a large dildo. ... especially when the men came up with a new twist to make their wives’ get-togethers even more interesting.

The idea their husbands came up with a diabolical concept; perching them atop blocks of ice, sometimes already impaled on the dildo-poles and at others with the dildos’ bulbous heads positioned a frustrating half-inch or so from their eagerly-waiting sexes. Each woman was helpless to avoid the inevitable, slow plundering of their bellies when the ice melted and they sank ever further onto the rigid, waiting vertical shafts.

The dildos were not just lifeless devices though! Each husband had added a wireless-operated, remotely-controlled vibrating head to the dildo that awaited his wife and these enabled either man to tease and torment the hapless sisters either individually, or, if desired, both at the same time. When blindfolded, they could never be sure whether the irresistible arousal imposed upon them and the inevitable orgasmic surrender they were forced to display was at the hand of their own partners, or their brother-in-law.

Given their submissive natures, it really made no difference to the end result. Both submitted utterly to their bondage and the powerful stimulation, wailing with squeals and pleas while the jiggling of their full breasts and the fluttering of their bellies as they were propelled towards climax provided an erotic background to their husband’s regular long chats.

The considerable benefit was that when Rick and Ted finally signed off, Dana and Denise were thoroughly prepared and more than eager to be taken to bed, where, with their wrists and necks still locked in triple-cuffs, their bodies were easily available for whatever use was required of them.

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