ART BY: DeHaro

Gino Mantegna was tall, dark, handsome and rich, with a penchant for fast, expensive cars and even faster, even more expensive women. He only dated slim, good-looking brunettes and his well-earned reputation of being generous to his ex-girlfriends meant that he always parted from them on good terms and they never tried to sell a “kiss and tell” story to the newspapers. Or at least none had until Kendra made the mistake of trying to cash in on her relationship with him.

She was only with him for a few months and in that time it never occurred to her to question the source of his wealth. Kendra simply accepted his vague explanation that he was in the entertainment business and was too busy enjoying the lavish lifestyle of exclusive restaurants, designer clothes and jewellery shopping he introduced her to, so she didn’t give a thought to where the money came from and was more than happy to share his bed in return.

Pleased to find that he was a fit, energetic and very skilled lover, Kendra didn’t mind when she found out that he had a kinky side and preferred to tie her up and drive her wild by toying with her body until she was desperate to come, before finally taking her. In fact, to her surprise and his evident pleasure, she discovered that she really liked being helpless and at his mercy. So much so, that she was actually disappointed and her climaxes weren’t as strong when he didn’t tie and torment her.

She was aware of his womanising of course and had heard rumours that he wasn’t quite as nice as he seemed. She heard rumours that his wealth came from business dealings which were less than squeaky clean and entirely legal, but as he was always charming and considerate to her in public although to her secret delight much less so in the bedroom, she dismissed such unsubstantiated gossip as nothing more than the jealousy that success invariably attracts.

If she had listened more carefully, the stories might have rung alarm bells, or at least made her think twice about her involvement with him, but unfortunately for Kendra, she had begun to develop feelings for Gino that, for the first time led her to wonder if he might just be the man she could love and spend the rest of her life with. Despite the fact that he gave her no encouragement to believe that he felt the same way, it came as a terrible shock when, after almost three months, he took her out to dinner, gave her a gorgeous diamond bracelet and told her that their time together was over.

She wouldn’t accept it, arguing and protesting that she loved him and making such a scene that he finally lost his temper and stormed out of the restaurant, leaving her distraught and humiliated. Two days later, enraged by his refusal to even answer her calls, Kendra went to the offices of the most scurrilous, muck-raking, unprincipled newspaper in the city and offered to sell the whole story of her time with Gino, tempting the editor with hints about kinky games and sex in bondage.

To her frustration, he didn’t seem as keen to expose Gino as she assumed he would be and she had no choice but to accept his insistence on a few days delay to allow him to clear the story with the paper’s legal advisors before he would publish it. Controlling her irritation at what she saw as his timidity, she agreed to return in three days and left his office, unaware that as soon as the door closed behind her, he had picked up the phone and called Gino to report what had happened.

Unlike Kendra, the editor knew that the rumours about Gino’s business activities were all true and he was the head of a crime syndicate involved in illegal gambling and prostitution throughout the city. His contacts and payoffs ranged from street level to the highest officials, including the editor himself, who was sure that Gino would reward him for revealing what Kendra had in mind and making sure that her story was never printed.

Coldly angered by Kendra’s betrayal, Gino thanked the editor and assured him a bonus would be sent, then put down the phone and began to plan what to do about his ex-lover. In many ways, he was sorry she had been so foolish, because he had genuinely liked her and enjoyed her enthusiasm for the bondage games they’d played, but he was certainly not prepared to allow her to reveal these secrets and perhaps draw unwanted attention to his lifestyle from officials who might want to know how he paid for it.

It wasn’t enough to have suppressed her story locally as there were other papers he couldn’t control and so he had to be quite certain that she never had the opportunity to damage either his reputation or his business. In the days of Al Capone, he could simply have had her liquidated, but times had changed, and in any case he was a businessman, not a gangster.

There was another way to ensure that no one would ever take her story seriously and it had the double advantage of earning a nice profit for one of his enterprises while at the same time giving him the opportunity to continue to enjoy her body whenever he chose. Summoning one of his subordinates, he outlined what he wanted and gave the orders.

Kendra never did find out exactly how it happened.
On the second night after seeing the editor, she went to bed as usual and woke up to find herself gagged, blindfolded, nipple-clamped and tightly bound with her naked body helplessly arched and displayed against a heavy wooden frame bolted to the floor! No matter how she struggled, the ropes on her limbs refused to loosen and although she screamed as loudly as she could through the huge rubber ball wedged deep between her stretched jaws, nobody came to release her. She was forced to endure to endure the torment of her clamped nipples, but not only that, she had no idea where she was or who had kidnapped her, then when someone suddenly spoke, she squealed in fright and froze. Kendra recognised the voice as Gino’s.

“Hi, babe. Guess you must be wondering what’s going on, huh?”

Of course she couldn’t reply, but gave a muffled grunt of relief, her spirits zooming in anticipation of him releasing her. Instead, hands cupped her breasts, then flicked the clamps on her nipples, bringing a breathy gasp from her when a mixture of pain and arousal jolted through her body.
“I’ve been hearing some worrying things about you, honey.” Gino said coolly, “A friend t

ells me that you were planning to sell a story about our little bondage games to a newspaper.”

Kendra gulped and shook her head as if to deny it, but when he chuckled and told her that he knew all about her meeting with the editor, a shiver of alarm rippled up her spine and it intensified to a growing sense of horror.

“That was a really bad mistake, babe.” he added flatly. “Really bad, because I can’t afford to have you shooting your mouth off like that. I had you drugged and brought here to make sure you don’t. Not now and not ever.”

Wrenching at her bonds, Kendra screamed into her gag and fought to escape, her brain reeling when the clamps on her nipples were twisted sharply and pain pulsed through her breasts. Resistance was impossible and when his hands dropped to the joint of her parted thighs to fondle her clitoris and explore the moist valley of her sex, she was unable to hide her uncontrollable response to the devastating arousal his touch sent raging through her belly.

Her recently-discovered liking for the bondage games he had introduced her to was Kendra’s undoing, for even though he’d had her kidnapped and she was still frightened of what he was going to do with her, the sexual excitement of being bound and helpless while he used her body for his pleasure was far stronger. She couldn’t help but writhe and twist against his hands in a frantic bid to reach the climax that swirled and seethed in her belly, wailing in frustration when he took his hands from her body. Her passionate longing to submit and achieve an orgasm redoubled to the knowledge that she couldn’t unless he chose to let her.

“I’m glad to see you still get turned-on by being tied up, babe.” Gino said with another chuckle, “You’re going to need that. This cellar you’re in is underneath one of my clubs, you see. It’s a very special, very exclusive, very profitable club for people who can afford pretty much anything they like: politicians, top businessmen, senior cops, people like that. I give them what they want and they make sure my businesses are left alone and nobody asks any awkward questions. You’re going to be working down here from now on and your speciality is going to be bondage and discipline. Lots of my clients like to spank or whip a bound woman before they take her, and I’m ...”

Kendra’s high-pitched squeals of despair interrupted him when she learned what her fate was to be, but he simply waited until she was reduced to soft moan and sobs before continuing.

“Like I said, you’re going to be working here and I reckon you’re going to be really popular. Not least with me, babe, because I know what a hot little slut you can be when you’re helpless and horny. I’m going to come visit you a lot.”

His voice took on a hard, cold edge and Kendra shuddered while he hammered the final nail into the coffin of her hopes of freedom.

“You see, babe, if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s an ungrateful bitch who tries to make money by betraying me. My organisation can always find a profitable use for a sexy little whore like you who’s into seriously heavy bondage and exceptionally strict discipline ... and even if you’re not already, I can absolutely guarantee that you soon will be ...”

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