Story inspired by the art of Bishop

When she confided to her lover that she had always been secretly aroused by the thought of being kidnapped and carried off as a bound and gagged captive, she hadn’t really ever thought that he might actually do anything to make it come true ... until the day she came home from work and walked into her bedroom. A strong arm instantly encircled her waist, trapping her arms at her sides and a thick pad of drug-soaked cloth was clamped over her mouth and nose. Taken completely by surprise, she sucked in air to scream and was unconscious in seconds when her lungs filled with anaesthetic ...

Waking some time later, she found herself utterly helpless with her arms tightly strapped behind her back in a leather sheath, her legs bound at ankles, knees and thighs, and her head encased in a thick leather hood whose inbuilt pads and gag deprived her of sight, hearing and speech. There were only two small holes at her nostrils to breathe through.

The thought that her lover had gone to such lengths to enact her fantasy sent a surging wave of delicious arousal racing through her body and while she struggled in vain to find even the smallest fraction of slack in her bonds, she gasped and panted in overwhelming excitement to the discovery that she couldn’t make the slightest impression on her restraints. The realisation that she was completely at his mercy with no possible way to free herself or even beg him to release her added even more to her frenzied thoughts.

With her hands trapped in a tiny bag at the lower end of the sheath, she couldn’t even flutter her fingers and with the sheath its self secured with straps around her body and between her thighs, her arms were as totally immobilised and useless to her as her legs. She gave a breathy squeal as she was lifted and placed belly-down over his shoulder, a strong hand gripping her calf to hold her in position with her head and legs dangling as she felt him begin to walk forward. A savage jolt of devastating arousal set her trembling when she felt warm sunshine and realised that he had carried her outside! Her helplessly bound and hooded body must be visible to any passers-by, but there was absolutely nothing she could do to prevent it and her belly shivered and kicked uncontrollably at the thought of being seen in such a humiliating predicament.

Undeniably thrilling and sexually exciting as it was, she knew she would have to forbid him from ever, ever subjecting her to such an indignity again, but in the meantime, until she was released, all she could do was enjoy it ??? Forcing herself to relax as much as she could, she began to fantasise about where he might be taking her and what deliciously-merciless torments he meant to inflict on her when they arrived.

She couldn’t possibly resist him and felt herself get wet with arousal while she imagined him caressing and toying with her defenceless breasts and sex for as long as he chose, driving her wild with lust and need before taking her and forcing her to surrender to his absolute power. Anticipating the ecstasy to come, she felt him stop and it was only when the unmistakable aroma of cigarette smoke drifted into her nostrils that the awful truth of her situation crashed into her reeling brain.

Her lover didn’t smoke ...

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