Story inspired by the art of Kovacqs

She liked being spanked just as much as her husband of two years enjoyed spanking her firm, rounded bottom and since their marriage it had become a frequent and highly pleasurable prelude to their love-making. It was particularly exciting for her when he began tying her wrists and ankles before putting her over his knee, for her helplessness and inability to resist added hugely to her sexual arousal while he imposed his will upon her.

Thanks to his well-paid job, she didn’t need to work and so devoted her days to keeping herself and their home immaculate; ensuring that there was always a delicious meal ready when he came in from work ... unless she was in a playful mood and actually wanted him to spank her, in which case she would deliberately leave clutter lying about, or “forget” to cook. It didn’t take her husband very long to get the message and from then on, he was meticulous in checking her housework and woe betide her bottom if he managed to find even a speck of dust or anything even slightly out of place.

It soon became a game between them, he trying to find something she had missed to give him an excuse and she thinking of tiny, subtle “errors” to make that would challenge his powers of observation, their unspoken agreement being that if he failed to spot them, then she had won and wouldn’t be spanked. Not that she really wanted to win, but that was rarely a problem, because he hardly ever missed her deliberate “mistakes.” The only minor flaw in their otherwise idyllic partnership was her weakness for expensive shoes. She just couldn’t resist them and although money was not an issue and they could easily afford to indulge her little foible, she did occasionally get carried away and spend far too much. When that happened, she had to pay for her excesses ...

The designer shoes were pale blue, strappy sandals with four-inch heels and there was no doubt that they looked good and set off her neat ankles and long, slender legs very well. Her husband liked them a lot ... until he found out what they had cost ... and when she finally admitted how much she had paid for them, he frowned and rubbed his chin thoughtfully before telling her that she had been very, very naughty. She would have to be punished and she nodded ruefully, then grinned when he chuckled and told her that he hoped the new shoes were comfortable, because when he’d finished with her bottom, she wasn’t going to be doing much sitting down for a while.

Not too concerned by the threat of a punishment she fully expected to enjoy, she shrugged and took off her dress as he went to fetch the soft nylon cords he always used to tie her up, then sat down on the carpet and let him bind her. Unusually, he tied her wrists in front of her and after securing her ankles, made her bend forward and used a third cord to lash her limbs together so that her arms were between her legs. It was a new position for her and one that gave her no chance of escape or protecting herself and as she realised that if he rolled her over onto her knees, her bottom would be raised high and in a perfect position to be spanked, she giggled in delight at his ingenuity.

Then he produced a large rubber ball attached to a leather strap. It wasn’t hard to guess what that was for and she shook her head firmly, not wanting to be gagged but, she was in no position to resist though and as he overrode her wishes and held the gag to her lips, she gave in and opened her mouth. With her jaws wedged open, she could no longer argue or protest when he lifted her in his arms and carried her into the large double-garage, but when he knotted a much thicker rope around her waist, led it through between her legs and bound wrists and up to the hook of the electric hoist bolted to the rafters high above, she stared anxiously at his smiling face, her eyes wide with alarm and dismay.

A casual stab of his finger set the hoist running and she gave a muffled squeal when the rope tightened and sank into the deep cleft between her buttocks, then lifted her clear of the floor. Suspended some three or four feet above the garage floor and unable to overcome the weight of her own body, she jerked and wriggled like a hooked fish, her struggles only succeeding in setting her folded body to revolving slowly and swaying back and forth a few inches.

There was nothing she could do as she spun gently in front of him, unwittingly giving him a perfect view of her offered bottom with each slow revolution and as his hands stopped her and fondled her defenceless buttocks, she gulped in delicious fright, knowing that she was completely vulnerable. Her belly fluttered to a wave of sexual heat and she felt her nipples stiffen when he placed his left hand on her stomach with his extended finger resting directly on her pantie-covered clitoris. When his right hand rose to hover over her taut bottom, she gasped as flaring need surged through her body. Lifting her head, she stared upwards at her new shoes, wondering just how hard and how often she was going to be spanked for spending too much of her husband’s money on them ... and visualising all the lovely, sexy things he would do to her when he finally decided she had paid for her extravagance and took her to bed.

In the last moments before his hand descended to ignite the stinging, smarting fire that she loved so much, she thought back to the shop where she had bought the shoes ... remembering that there had been a stunning pair of vivid scarlet knee-high boots with needle-thin, six-inch stiletto heels in the window.

Perhaps she ought to go back and try them on ...

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