She had been a slave for several months and knew that the steel manacles padlocked on her wrists and ankles were completely escape-proof. The same applied to the collar around her throat and, most frustratingly of all, the chastity-belt cupping her sex.

Not that she hadn’t tried to free herself numerous times, but even on the rare occasions when she had been allowed to have her hands free, the tight-fitting cuffs and had easily defeated her attempts to slip them off over her wrists and the belt had easily defied her efforts to insert even one finger inside the shaped cover over her belly to give herself some relief from the build-up of sexual tension caused by her plight.

It was infuriating, but she was well aware that her Master wanted it that way and had deliberately deprived her of the means to pleasure herself, in order that when he did release her from its imprisonment, she was so grateful and desperate to come that she would serve him in any way he demanded, just to obtain the sexual release she craved.Of course, it was her own fault that she was in this situation, but when she had suggested to him that she thought it would be fun to be a slave like the ones in the erotic fantasy books he wrote, she hadn’t really expected him to take her up on her offer quite so literally.

Unfortunately, once she moved in with him and the cuffs were on her limbs, it had been too late to change her mind and explain that she’d only meant for her slavery to be a game and means of providing inspiration for his writing. There was no doubt that it had worked, only not quite how she had anticipated, inspiring him not only to write, but to keep her as a real, full-time slave!

She knew he was in his study at this very moment, busy on his computer, typing-up the first chapter of a new book in which his heroine was chained to a tree by her collar, legs spread by a bar, naked, gagged and cuffed to await the arrival of her new owner and first sexual submission as a slave. If she could have, she would happily have traded places with that fictional heroine ... at least the girl would get to have sex with her new owner ... but as it was, she would have to stay chained to her tree until her Master finished the chapter.

The trouble was, that could take hours, with no guarantee that after poring over his computer he wouldn’t be too tired or distracted by his efforts to want sex with her ... Thankfully, that had only happened very occasionally and he was usually so turned-on by his own stories that she would spend the whole night chained in his bed, pleasuring and being pleasured by him.

Actually, it was exciting and a source of great pride to her that she was his inspiration, but did he really have to make her live-out all of his slave-girl fantasies? On the other hand, though, he had told her that in his latest book, the heroine didn’t wear a chastity-belt and had to undergo lengthy training in order to become “the ultimate sex-slave” ....

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