While it was certainly true that Natalie had worked incredibly hard to secure the biggest contract their company had ever bid for and had put in so many hours that she simply hadn’t had time to think of what to buy her husband for his birthday, it never occurred to her that telling him to choose whatever he wanted and charge it to her top-of-the-range credit card, was just asking for trouble.

She hadn’t even known that there was a privately-owned dungeon, run by a professional dominatrix, in their area, so when she drove up to the large detached house and knocked on the door in response to his phone call asking her to meet him there on Friday evening, she had no idea what she was letting herself in for.

The tall, rather severe-looking older woman who met her at the front door, greeted her by name and ushered her inside, then informed her that Michael had just called to say that he had been delayed and wouldn’t be arriving for a couple of hours, but had asked her to carry on and prepare everything in his absence. Natalie, of course, didn’t know what ‘preparations’ the woman was talking about and when she asked, was dumbfounded to be told that she had been booked-in for a weekend of intensive slave-training.
Thinking that she must be the victim of some stupid mix-up, Natalie replied that the woman must be mistaken. Her husband had arranged to meet her at the house, but it was certainly not for the sort of kinky games that the woman seemed to think and she had no intention of staying for the weekend, or of allowing herself to be trained as a slave.

The woman shrugged, then smiled apologetically and said that it was up to Natalie whether she stayed, but that the booking had already been confirmed and paid for and she operated on a “no refunds” policy. If Natalie chose to leave, the money would be forfeit. When Natalie insisted on seeing proof, she produced a copy of the credit card invoice and invited her to check. Sure enough, the card details were Natalie’s and faced with such incontrovertible evidence, she was forced to accept that Michael had arranged the whole thing ... and paid for it with her card.

She was shocked, but also curious, intrigued despite herself by what he had set her up for and why he had chosen such a unique and, to her way of thinking, totally weird way to celebrate his birthday. Whatever had made him imagine she would agree be a slave ... and why would he want one? Their sex-life was pretty good, but perhaps just the teeniest bit boring after five years of marriage, although he’d never complained and neither had she.

Would having her trained as a slave make things better and bring back the spark that it seemed he was missing? She didn’t know, but as she looked at the invoice again and took in the size of the fee he’d paid ... or rather, she’d paid, she couldn’t help thinking that if he was willing to spend that much for a weekend, then he must be pretty sure that the results would be worth it. After all, it was his birthday, so if this was the present he wanted, then she supposed she ought to at least try it. Anyway, how did one train to be a slave and what did it involve? Turning back to the patiently waiting woman, Natalie spread her hands, palms up, in a gesture of acquiescence and gave a weak smile.

“Well, as he’s gone to so much trouble and expense to arrange all this, I guess I’d better play along. What do I have to do?”

The woman nodded.

“You’ve made the right decision, my dear, “and I’m sure your husband will be delighted. Now, if you’ll just follow me, we’ll get you dressed. Just try to relax and don’t worry. I know exactly what I’m doing and you’ll have a wonderful time.”

Half an hour later, as she gazed at her reflection in the full-length mirror, Natalie couldn’t decide which of the two reactions battling in her brain was the stronger. Natalie’s waist was compressed by a bright red corset laced so tightly that she couldn’t take a deep breath and she wore shoulder-length scarlet gloves on her arms. As well, her legs were sheathed in tight rubber stockings and her feet shod in a pair of boots with heels so high that she could only stand up by keeping her legs completely straight. With her spine slightly hollowed and her shoulders pulled back, the image she presented was incredibly erotic and exciting and she knew Michael would love it.

On the other hand, her breasts, sex and buttocks were all completely exposed and embarrassingly displayed by the way she was forced to stand in order to stay upright. She knew she looked incredibly alluring and sexier than she had ever imagined she could, but at the same time, couldn’t help but feel that she really shouldn’t have allowed herself to be dressed in such a way. She looked like a hooker on the prowl for a client!

Not than she imagined that even one of those ladies would be bold enough to be quite so blatant and shamefully obvious. Seeking reassurance, she turned to the older woman and asked her if it was really necessary for her to wear such a revealing costume. The woman smiled.

“You look absolutely gorgeous, Natalie dear. You have a lovely body and it’s only right that you should show it off for the pleasure of your Master. Remember, dear, you are here to be trained as a slave and he will want to see and enjoy his property.”

Natalie gulped and her eyes widened as a wave of heat rippled through her belly. She had never thought of her husband as a Master and certainly never of herself as his property. It was a ridiculous, outlandish idea ... but not really any more so than having her trained as a slave ... and she had already decided to go ahead with that.

“Right then, dear!” the woman added, “Now that you’re properly dressed, you just wait here and I’ll go and get your restraints. As it’s your first time, we’ll start with some nice, soft leather straps.”

Natalie’s jaw dropped, but before she could recover, the woman was gone.

‘Restraints?’ Natalie thought, her mind spinning. ‘Leather straps? She was going to be tied up?’

She definitely hadn’t anticipated that and felt a tingle of fear race up her spine at the thought of being bound. Just how far was this slave training going to go? If she let herself be tied, there would be no way for her to protect herself. She would be helpless and quite unable to stop Michael ... or even the woman ... from taking advantage of her and doing whatever they wanted.

To her red-faced humiliation, Natalie became aware that her nipples were alarmingly hard and as she reacted instinctively and clamped her hands over her breasts, was horrified to feel a jolt of fierce arousal shoot through her body at her own touch. Snatching her hands away, she stared numbly down at the erect nubbins and shivered as she visualised the devastating effect her husband’s fingers would have on her ... especially if she was bound and defenceless ...

Her nipples quivered at the thought and as the heat in her belly redoubled, Natalie gasped aloud, knowing that she hadn’t felt so powerfully aroused and turned-on for several years, beginning, then, to fully understand why Michael had chosen to have her trained as a slave for his birthday. Understand it ... and share his desire ...

“Here we are, dear. You’ll like these. Nice and soft, but still very secure. Turn around and put your arms behind your back and I’ll get started.”

Natalie stared at the black leather straps dangling from the woman’s hand and gulped, acutely aware of her stiff nipples and damp sex. If she wanted to change her mind and back out, the moment was now, because once those straps were buckled on her limbs and body, it would be too late. She would be a prisoner ... and a slave.

“Come along, dear. Your Master will be here soon and you don’t want to disappoint him, do you? He might decide to punish his slave and you wouldn’t want that, now would you?”

The possibility of being punished had never entered Natalie’s head. In five years of marriage, her husband hadn’t even raised his voice to her and she knew he would never dream of punishing her. The woman was just trying to set the scene for the weekend and build Michael up into some sort of ruthless, dominant Master that Natalie would have to serve whether she wanted to or not. She actually quite liked the idea, but didn’t believe that it would happen ... until straps tightened around her wrists and elbows and she found that being in bondage changed everything ...

Her arms were completely immobilised and although she was flexible enough that having her elbows pinned together wasn’t actually painful, it did pull her shoulders back quite severely and meant that she was incapable of any effective resistance when the woman produced a large rubber ball-gag and told her to open her mouth.

“But I don’t want to be gagged!” Natalie protested. “There’s no need for it, so take it away, please.”

The woman chuckled.

“So, you don’t want to be gagged, eh? Well, OK then, why don’t you try and stop me.”

Natalie gaped at her, and she quickly wedged the ball against her soft lips with one hand and used the other to apply a sharp pinch to Natalie’s right nipple. Shocked by the sudden twinge of pain, Natalie yelped in surprise and the instant her mouth opened, the ball-gag was pushed inside and strapped firmly in place, depriving her of speech.

“That’s more like it!” the woman said, smiling at the muffled sounds of Natalie’s futile complaints. “So let’s have no more of your nonsense about what you want or don’t want. You’re here to be taught to obey and it’s my job to make sure you do. I enjoy it and I’m very good at it, and as you’ve seen, I’m well paid for my expertise. So, unless you want me to show you how easily you can be forced to obey, I suggest you cooperate.”

Despite her smile, it was plain that the woman was perfectly serious and Natalie understood immediately that it would be the height of folly to attempt to defy her. Bound and gagged, she was in no position to resist or make demands and as the woman fetched a hood and laced it onto her head, then fitted a wide leather collar around her throat, Natalie stood passively, deciding to bide her time until Michael put in an appearance and she could appeal to him directly.

Unfortunately, that meant there was plenty of time for the woman to clip a leash to the ring on her collar and lead Natalie down to the cellars under the house, where more straps bound her ankles and thighs, securing her on her knees. That was not the end of Natalie’s trials, though, for as she spluttered in outrage and glared furiously at her captor, the woman fetched a large birthday cake, complete with lit candles and hung it on a tray suspended from a pulley by thin cords terminating in a pair of clamps that she attached to Natalie’s engorged and extremely sensitive nipples ...

The combination of pain, arousal and humiliation was simply devastating, for the slightest movement was enough to set the cake swinging and when it moved, the cords tugged unpredictably at Natalie’s stretched nipples, intensifying both her anguish and the unwanted, irresistible sexual heat that flared through her breasts and belly while she was forced to overcome her desire to struggle and scream and remain absolutely motionless.

Her predicament was hopeless, for any attempt to escape would only result in her tormenting herself even more cruelly ... yet if she didn’t, she must endure the double penalty of her tightly-clamped nipples and relentless arousal in silent immobility. It was a no-win situation for Natalie then the woman placed a card reading Happy Birthday on the floor, just in front of her. She chuckled that she was quite sure Michael would enjoy his present and that as he should arrive within a half-hour, she was going upstairs to wait for him. The hapless Natalie could only stare at her back when she walked out and closed the door, leaving her to come to terms with her stringent bondage plight as best she could.

Helpless, nervous and nakedly exhibited, there Natalie stayed, wondering what the rest of the weekend held in store; desperately hoping that Michael had accidentally underestimated quite how dominant the woman would turn out to be when he had arranged for Natalie to spend the weekend under her control. If he hadn’t and this was only the beginning of her training, she was in even more trouble than she feared and he was definitely about to receive the birthday present of a lifetime.

Natalie knew that if she couldn’t control the incredible heat of sexual arousal surging through her body at the delicious sensations of thrilling helpless that her bondage imposed on her, it might just turn out that it really would be the start of a lifetime of slavery for her ...

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