She first met him at the monthly Fetish Fair, where he was exhibiting some of the leather restraints he made and sold as a profitable sideline to his main job. Despite being home-made, their quality was outstanding and she couldn’t resist going over and checking them out, even though she had no real intention of buying. He didn’t seem to mind and his enthusiasm for his products was so infectious that she spent over an hour revelling in the smell and feel of the thick, soft leather against her skin as he helped her try on several different styles of collars and cuffs.

It was the first time she had ever talked to a man who shared her love for polished black leather and although she had never actually been in bondage before, she was so thrilled and delighted by the pleasurable sensation of helplessness that it gave her when he buckled a collar around her slim neck and clipped her cuffed wrists together behind her back, that she told him much more about herself than she meant to. At the end of the day, she stayed to help him pack his samples away and when he invited her for a drink and something to eat, she accepted eagerly and was thrilled when he asked her if she would like to help him out at the next Fair by modelling some of his restraints.

Her enthusiasm brought a smile to his lips and after making arrangements for that, he asked her if she would be interested in seeing his workshop and perhaps having a look at a new training device he was working on? If she would like to come to his house on Saturday morning, he’d be delighted to show it to her and perhaps she might even like to test it out? She would love to, she replied and the following weekend, bright and early, she turned up, eagerly anticipating another chance to sample his wares.

Fascinated by his explanations and demonstrations of his skills, she accepted immediately when he offered to let her try on some samples of leather clothing he was planning to add to his range, even though he cautioned her that they were quite revealing and designed to be worn with matching restraints. He would help her, but she would have to be naked for a short period while getting dressed. Was that OK?

She hesitated briefly, then the allure of leather overcame her embarrassment and she agreed. Thirty minutes later, she gazed at herself in a mirror and was enthralled by the stunning image of eroticism and blatant sexual invitation she presented. Encased in polished black leather, her taut breasts thrust arrogantly forward, her stiff nipples projecting through reinforced holes that framed and offered them like twin, pink strawberries, while her belly and sex were sheathed in soft, thin leather so tight and close-fitting that every detail of her labia and clitoris was as clearly visible as if she was totally naked. She loved how she looked, but even if she hadn’t, was utterly incapable of concealing her body, for her arms and hands were welded together behind her back in the long tube of a single-glove restraint covering her limbs from finger-tips to biceps and held in place by leather straps over her shoulders and under her armpits.

A wide leather belt around her waist and through a slot in the single-glove, pinned her arms at the small of her back and with thigh-high, high-heeled boots laced on her legs, she couldn’t believe how incredibly sexy she looked. She couldn’t take her eyes off herself and neither could he, telling her again and again how fantastic she looked and how delighted he was that she had agreed to model for him. Basking in his praise and well aware of the hot gleam of lust in his eyes as he drank in the displayed curves of her helplessly displayed body, she felt her nipples harden still more and her sex grow damp to the realisation that she was in no position to stop him if he decided to take advantage of her. He obviously realised it, too and she wasn’t quite sure whether she was relieved or disappointed when he finally managed to tear his eyes away from her and with an obvious effort, asked her if she was ready to try the training device he’d mentioned to her?

When she had first seen the height-adjustable tubular frame in the corner of his workshop, she had hardly noticed it, assuming it was just some sort of device to hold one of the many tools he used when he was engaged in designing and making his products. As he escorted her over to it with his hand on her arm to help steady her as she tottered on her high-heels, she couldn’t envision what it was for, or how it worked. Even when he removed the front section and aided her to kneel between the two support-plates bolted to the floor, then moved behind her and clipped the finger end of her single-glove to the low section behind her, she still didn’t see its real purpose.

It was true, she supposed, that when he replaced the front section and tightened it down over her thighs, she was trapped kneeling submissively at his feet, but even so, she was rather disappointed that that seemed to be all it did. She had expected and hoped for something much more dramatic and exciting….after all, how much training could it take to learn how to kneel? It didn’t take long for her to realise that she had seriously underestimated his ingenuity, for when he raised the vertical pole extending from the front section and then inserted an intimidatingly-large dildo through the circular mounting, the bulbous tip of the device ended up less than inch from her mouth.

Her instinctive reaction was arch her head away from the menacing shaft, but with her arms and thighs immobilised, her range of movement was so limited that when he slid the dildo forward, she couldn’t avoid it pressing hard against her soft lips and had no choice but to open her mouth wide and let it slide inside. With it clamped in place, her lips were stretched into a perfect “O” by its considerable girth and she could only watch in alarm as he picked up the rubber bulb dangling from the back of the device and squeezed it firmly.
Her eyes opened wide and she gave a muffled squeal as the part of the dildo behind her teeth inflated, until after three pumps, her cheeks bulged like a chipmunk and her nostrils flared to suck in air.
Unable to move forward or back, she couldn’t even look down when he squatted before her and busied himself fitting a second dildo vertically between her thighs, adjusting it until it was wedged snugly against her labia and clitoris.

Standing up, he smiled down at her and explained that the device she was fastened to was designed to train its occupant to perform oral sex on a man. Obviously, the dildo in her mouth represented a man’s erect maleness and her job was to suck on it and practise the rhythm and technique that would enable her to provide the perfect blow-job. Some women enjoyed pleasing their partners with their mouths, but others either didn’t or simply lacked the necessary skill, so he had designed his trainer to help overcome their reluctance and supply the missing expertise. When he switched it on, a little green light would illuminate and then start to flash on and off. All she had to do was suck when it was on and blow when it was off. As long as she obeyed the light, the dildo between her thighs would vibrate and give her some pleasurable stimulation to encourage her.

However, should she not respond correctly, it was programmed to administer a small electric shock to remind her to pay closer attention. Followed, if she was unwise enough not to improve her performance immediately, by a series of increasingly-strong shocks that, while not harmful in any way, would certainly let her know that she had better try a whole lot harder. His calm, matter-of-fact explanation sent a chill of apprehension racing up her spine and she whimpered in protest, straining against her bonds. It was a brief, hopelessly one-sided contest, for her muscles were no match for the leather and steel that held her and she was quickly forced to accept that there was no chance of escape and she would simply have to endure whatever happened.

Ceasing her futile struggles, she let her tensed muscles relax and resigned herself to the inevitable, intrigued despite herself at the thought of being trained in such a novel and ingenious way. Of course, it would be embarrassing to have to suck on the dildo while he watched her, but there was no denying the fact that she found the idea deliciously erotic and arousing, too. Especially as she was quite certain that he had told her the truth about the electric shocks and believed his assurance that although they might be uncomfortable, would not actually harm her. Anyway, she reasoned, provided she was sensible and concentrated, it shouldn’t even come to that ....

She watched intently as he pressed the button and the moment the green light came on, hollowed her cheeks and sucked, then reversed her action and blew when it went out. For the first two minutes or so, she had no trouble at all coordinating her responses to the flashing light, her confidence growing as she found it really quite easy to cope with the steady rhythm. Until, without warning, the dildo pressed against her sex came to life, vibrating at high speed. Transmitted directly into her clitoris and labia, the powerful oscillations sent shockwaves of instantaneous, irresistible arousal through her belly and she squealed shrilly, hopelessly distracted by the sudden stimulation.

Unnoticed by her, the light blinked on, then off…..but when it blinked on again, she was gently reminded of the actions she was required to perform by the jolt of a small electric shock that replaced the vibrations. She felt the warning and her eyes filled with alarm, but instead of heeding the message, she gazed pleadingly up at him as if hoping he would turn the device off. Even if he had agreed, it would have been too late, the light blinking off and a second, considerably stronger shock wringing a muffled wail from her as it shot through her sex. Horrified and confused, she sucked desperately at the dildo in her mouth and was immediately penalised by a third stinging shock for forgetting that when the light was off, she was supposed to blow, not suck.

Belatedly realising that the shocks would continue until she got it right, she moaned and stared fixedly at the light, devoting her whole attention to following its relentless demands, her cheeks alternately hollowing and then puffing out as it flashed on and off. Her enforced obedience ended the shocks, only to make way for the return of the vibrations, arousing her mercilessly and filling her belly with ever-increasing turmoil and ferocious liquid heat. Not daring to attempt to resist and knowing that even a momentary loss of concentration would result in more shocks, her awakened sexual passion rose higher and higher until she gasped and whimpered in helpless submission to the forces unleashed in her body, her exposed, rigidly-erect nipples achingly hard and her sex wet with the juices of a need greater than she had ever known.

There was no way she could hold back the orgasm that exploded into her belly when the combination of inescapable arousal, her fear of the shocks, the stringency of her bondage and the knowledge that he would witness her abject surrender, finally overwhelmed her. She squealed in ecstasy when waves of hot juices rampaged through her convulsing belly, her breasts jiggling as she came with stunning power…….then squealed again to the electric shocks that stabbed through her sex, adding to her anguish and her sense of total, utter subjugation as the sharp twinges only intensified the fury of her devastating climax and she was forced to resume her oral pleasuring of the dildo while her orgasm still raged unabated.

Panting and gasping to the racking spasms of her submission, she struggled to regain control of her breathing and resume the steady rhythm required of her by the uncaring light, but with only partial success. Resulting in a mixture of horrendous arousal and sharp electric shocks that tormented her and fanned the fires of lust consuming her in the flames of her own passion until she shuddered in helpless despair, feeling a second, gigantic orgasm building inexorably in her seething belly. Following on so quickly from the first, her mind and body had no time to recover or prepare itself and all she could do was suck and blow, suck and blow, over and over again in the absolute, unquestioning obedience that the training device was designed to impose upon her. Driven beyond rational thought or any vestige of self-control, she was sent hurtling into her second climax, her belly pulsing madly to release fresh rivers of hot juices into her belly and sex ... but even as she came, her cheeks continued to bulge and hollow around the dildo filling her mouth, testifying mutely to the effectiveness of the training she was undergoing.

It was a full half-hour later and after two more, equally-powerful orgasms, that she saw his finger press the button and the light go out. Dazed by her ordeal, it took several moments before she understood what it meant and several more for her to relax her puffed-out cheeks and begin to accept that there would be no electric shock as a consequence. Still gagged by the inflated dildo, she let her eyes rise to his face and as she saw his knowing smile, blushed furiously to the knowledge that he had witnessed and enjoyed every moment of her humiliating multiple climaxes.

He could have saved her at any moment, but had deliberately chosen not to and as she remembered the torment he had made her endure, tried to summon-up the anger she felt really ought to be her justifiable reaction to his treatment of her. It didn’t happen, though, because as soon as her mind began to replay the day’s events, her anger was swept away by memories of the exquisite, undreamed-of sexual pleasure she had experienced by being forced to obey and submit unconditionally to his training device. She had never expected it to be so incredibly intense that she would abandon herself to the sheer ecstasy of helpless subjugation and simply allow herself to be controlled so totally ... but she had ....

Not only totally, but willingly, for after her first orgasm had burst over her, she had realised that she wanted more of the same shattering, deliciously-addictive rapture. Much more, regardless of whatever anguish, or unimportant discomfort, or embarrassment, it might cause her. It was what she had wanted more than anything else and it had been exactly what she got, pushing her far beyond what she had thought were her limits and into a new world of submissive delights she hadn’t known even existed. She owed him for that and couldn’t stay angry with him for giving her such an amazing experience, so as he gazed down at her, she let her eyes crinkle in a smile to let him know that she bore him no ill-will.

He nodded, reached for the rubber bulb and opened the pressure-release valve, then loosened the clamp and eased the deflated dildo from her mouth while she winced and worked her stiffened and aching jaws. Once again able to speak, she replied that she was fine when he asked her how she was feeling, then added shyly that she had really enjoyed being trained. Chuckling, he told her that he had noticed she seemed to have had a good time and when she blushed and dropped her eyes, he grinned that although his device was good for training purposes, the true measure of its effectiveness would come when a trainee put her newly-learned skills to the test on a live subject ...

Her head jerked up and as she stared at him in frozen shock, he hurriedly apologised and assured her that he was only joking and had never meant to suggest that he wanted her to do anything like that with him ... He would release her from the device straight away and hoped that she wouldn’t be too upset and angry at his stupid comment to decide not to help him at the next Fetish Fair. That had never occurred to her and without thinking, she blurted out that she really wanted to go to the Fair with him and was looking forward to demonstrating the trainer to his customers. He seemed surprised, then agreed that he’d love to have her model it, but only if she was quite sure that she was willing to be as securely restrained and prepared to submit as helplessly…and as fully…as she had just done.

She hesitated, her belly swirling with renewed heat as she digested the implications of having to exhibit her sexual passion and subjugation in front of an audience of total strangers. Then she took a deep breath and replied softly that as he had gone to so much trouble to train her, the least she could do was help him advertise and sell his device by demonstrating just how amazingly effective it was. His lips curved into a broad smile as he accepted her offer and reached down as if to remove the dildo wedged between her thighs, but then stopped as she cleared her throat nervously and asked him to wait for just a moment. Straightening up, he waited patiently until she seemed to be ready to continue, then nodded encouragingly.

In a low, husky voice, she told him that there was no need for him to free her straight away. She liked being tied up, kneeling at his feet and if he didn’t mind, she would prefer to stay as she was for a while. At least until after she had shown him what she had learned and pleasured him with her mouth ... It would be a good test for her, she said shyly and he would be able to check that his device had achieved the desired result. If not, then she would have to repeat the training as often as it took, wouldn’t she? After all, if she was going to be his demonstrator, then she would need to practise in order to perfect her skills before she appeared in public.

She didn’t want to let him down, so it might be best if she stayed for the weekend ...and every weekend after that, if that was OK ... until the next Fetish Fair ....

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