There were lots of advantages and benefits to being the wife of a powerful, extremely rich, much older man who spent most of his time in meetings with his business managers, legal advisors and financial experts, concocting multi-million dollar deals and planning takeover bids of his competitors. It meant that he spent very little time at his mansion with his young wife and as far as Raven was concerned, that was absolutely fine with her. She had only married him for his money and the less she saw of him, the less she had to pretend that she was madly in love with him and didn’t find his thinning hair and pudgy body deeply unattractive.

At least at his age, sex was over with quickly, so although she was usually left unsatisfied, it did allow her lots of free time to enjoy the fast cars, expensive restaurants and designer shopping he paid for, plus giving her opportunities to make up for his inadequacies with a string of virile young studs. All in all, apart from having sex with her husband, Raven felt it was a pretty good life she had carved out for herself and there was always the happy prospect that when he finally died, she would be a very, very wealthy widow and free to indulge herself in whatever way she cared to choose.

Frustratingly, he didn’t seem to want to cooperate and she eventually got careless and made the foolish mistake of discussing her previous night’s sexual assignation with her latest lover on one of the house phones ... forgetting that all calls were monitored by her husband’s loyal Security Staff.

When he was informed of her unfaithfulness and listened to her mocking his sexual shortcomings, then telling her boyfriend how much she had enjoyed being tied up and gagged while he took her, his eyes glittered with a cold anger that didn’t bode well for Raven’s future. Instead of confronting her with the evidence of her betrayal, he began to plot a revenge that would make quite certain that she would never cheat on him again, while still giving him the pleasure of using her body whenever he chose, regardless of her wishes.

Using his almost limitless financial resources, he soon found and recruited an expert in the particular, highly-specialised area he wanted and who was willing, for a large fee, to not only design and organise the manufacture of the necessary equipment, but also to arrange for Raven to be fitted with the devices and mounted as he specified, all in the course of one single night. He would even provide the sleeping-pill that would keep her blissfully unaware of the dramatic change in her circumstances until she woke up. With the deal struck, Raven’s husband could afford to bide his time, knowing that it would not be long before she bitterly regretted her infidelity.

Raven’s eyelids fluttered while she swam up from a deep ... and unknown to her ... drug-assisted sleep and when her eyes slowly opened, she frowned at the unfamiliar surroundings that met her barely-focussed gaze. Never at her best upon awakening, it took several seconds for her to work out that she was not in her soft, single bed in the luxuriously-appointed suite which she had insisted on, against the protests of her disappointed husband, but seemingly suspended partway up the stone wall of his trophy-lined private study!

Her jaws hurt, her limbs ached with cramps and as she realised that her entire body was horrendously uncomfortable, she groaned in anguish and tried to roll over to a less-painful position. Expecting her body to obey her as it always had, she was shocked when nothing happened and her eyes snapped fully open, growing wide in disbelief and terror when she tried a second time. She found herself incapable of any movement whatever, despite her most-determined efforts to pull her arms from behind her back where they inexplicably seemed to be stuck.

A scream rose to her lips when panic flooded her brain, but instead of emerging as the loud, shrill call for help that she intended, it came out as a low, nasal whine. The vast majority of its power was swallowed up by what her reeling mind only then identified as some sort of huge, dense ball packed tightly into her mouth and held in place by a wide band over her lips! She couldn’t eject it or displace the band by jerking her head, for as she instantly discovered, the band formed part of a harness that encircled her head and was rigidly attached to whatever it was she was lying on. Fighting to contain her terror, she squinted downwards past her nose in a bid for more information and gasped in humiliation when she saw that her breasts were encased in skin-tight black rubber and held captive by a cage of gold-coloured straps so tight that the globes of flesh ballooned lewdly outwards and upwards, each tipped by a bullet-hard nipple caused by the unrelenting pressure.

Trying again to free her arms, she felt what seemed to be several straps securing her wrists, elbows and biceps and moaned in frustration at their stubborn refusal to budge no matter how she tugged and twisted, then turned her attention to her legs, hoping for better luck. In vain, for as far as she could tell, her ankles were crossed and also immovably bound in such a way that her knees were forced wide with her lower legs folded to form a triangle whose apex was her sex! To make matters worse, she could feel yet more straps pinning her hips and an extremely embarrassing one buried deep between her labia.

The implications of her sex and breasts being so shamelessly and conveniently positioned was not lost on Raven and for a wild, crazy moment she wondered if her boyfriend had somehow managed to get into the mansion and do this to her ... but even if he had, why had he hung her on the wall?? It surely couldn’t be him, but if not, then the only other possibility had to be ... her husband!! That seemed even more unlikely, because he had never shown the slightest interest in tying her up and she certainly hadn’t ever mentioned her liking for sexual bondage to him. In fact, the only person she had ever confided that particular fantasy to, was ... Her breath burst from her nostrils and her eyes bulged in appalled dismay when she remembered the phone conversation with her boyfriend and telling him how incredibly aroused and excited she had become when he had tied her to the bed and ravaged her. She had forgotten about Security monitoring the phones and they must have taped the call and given it to her husband. It was the only explanation for her plight, but if he knew she had been unfaithful and had the evidence to prove it, then all he had to do was get on to his lawyers and have her thrown out without a penny.

It was what she would have done if the circumstances had been reversed. Unless ... Raven’s mind raced calculatingly ... unless he wasn’t as boring and unimaginative as he’d always seemed and the idea of putting her in bondage turned the old goat on, in which case, she might be able to turn the situation to her advantage. Unfortunately for Raven, she was only half right ... and not the half that she would have chosen. Her husband did like the idea of putting Raven in bondage, but not for the reason she had imagined, although that was a bonus he intended to enjoy to the full. With the invaluable advice and assistance of the expert he had recruited, he had purchased a breathable rubber body suit, matching ballet-boots, and a complete set of top-of-the-range, stainless steel restraints and it was these she had been fitted with while she slept.

Watching with a cruel smile on his lips, he had personally closed all seven of the special, one-time-only locks he had insisted on for each of her bonds, except her gag, and as it became impossible to free her without specialised cutting equipment, he had nodded in satisfaction and walked away, leaving her to be mounted on the exhibit board and bolted in position.

Raven’s joints and muscles had not had time to grow accustomed to their stressful immobility when the door to the study finally opened and her husband walked in to stand in front of her for a brief moment while she gazed down at him pleadingly, begging in the only way she could for him to let her down and release her. She couldn’t believe it when he merely glanced at her, then went to the drinks cabinet and poured himself a Scotch before swivelling his leather armchair to face her and making himself comfortable.

Ten minutes passed ... ten minutes in which the level of his glass sank and the level of her alarm rose while he sat watching her implacably, ignoring her muffled appeals and making no effort to hide his satisfaction at her helplessness and evident distress. When he finally swallowed the last of his Scotch and stood up, Raven assumed he was finally going to release her, but to her anguished despair, he only reached out and casually slid open a pair of zips at her breasts, freeing the tautly-swollen globes, then sat down again. Her face flushed a vivid crimson, but she could do nothing to cover herself and when he chuckled that he had always considered her breasts her best feature, her eyes filled with tears of angry humiliation.

An icy ripple of dread raced up her spine when he nodded slowly and told her that now she was starting to understand how he felt when he had listened to the tape of her talking to her boyfriend, then added that he was going to teach her that it was a really bad idea to cheat on him. Raven tried to apologise and explain that it had all been a terrible mistake, that she had been a fool and would never let him down again, that she would do whatever it took to make it up to him, even that if he wanted to tie her up sometimes and make love to her, then that would be fine as well. Unfortunately for her the gag was too large and horribly efficient, transforming her desperate eloquence into unrecognisable gibberish. He waited until she gave up, then continued as if she had never even tried to speak, his smile belying the horror of his words while he detailed the features of her rubber suit and restraints and laid out exactly what he planned for her future. It was a nightmare litany that Raven could not possibly have envisaged. When she learned that her bonds were steel and irremovable, then that he intended to keep her as a permanent, wall-mounted exhibit and sex-toy, she screamed and fought her restraints with every ounce of strength she possessed.

Certain that she could never escape, her husband poured himself another Scotch and sat back to enjoy the show, his complete unconcern adding to Raven’s terror and spurring her on to even greater efforts that he knew ... and she feared ... would be utterly futile. Both were correct, for when Raven’s strength was spent and she hung, panting for breath and tugging feebly at her bonds, none had loosened by so much as a fraction of an inch and she remained as perfectly secured as before ... perfectly secured and utterly, frighteningly, defenceless and vulnerable.

Fixated on her fruitless battle, Raven was unaware that the sights and sounds of her struggles had aroused her husband and it was only when his hands clamped on her breasts and his fingers rolled her engorged nipples, that she realised he was not going to limit his enjoyment of her body to only watching her. Under normal circumstances, she would have made some excuse or pushed his hands away claiming she was tired, but neither option was open to her and despite attempting to ignore his touch, fierce jolts of arousal shot through her breasts when her body reacted instinctually.

She certainly didn’t want to respond to him and was horrified by the possibility that he might think that the quivering of her belly and nipples was a sign that she welcomed his attentions, but the very fact that she was inescapably bound and unable to resist, massively increased the effects of the unwanted arousal he imposed on her.

When her boyfriend had tied her, it had been at her instigation because she had always wondered what it would feel like to be played with and made love to when she couldn’t control what happened and she had loved it: allowing herself to surrender totally to the sheer pleasure of being helpless and at the mercy of someone else. Her orgasms had been fantastic! Logic, common sense and the evidence of her own senses all agreed with Raven’s brain that she was now in a very different situation and should most definitely not give up control over her responses. Unfortunately for her, it was not her mind that was under attack, but her body and her body was already well past the stage where it would listen to her brain’s arguments, no matter how well-reasoned.

Continuing to fondle her breasts with one hand, her husband sent his other to the tight band around her waist and when he released an internal lock with a push of a button, the strap bisecting Raven’s labia swung down, instantly baring her gaping sex, for unlike her breasts, there was no zip. Before she could react to the sudden coolness of air on her naked flesh, two fingers slid into Raven’s unprotected sex and when his thumb pressed firmly on her clitoris, she shrieked a frantic denial into her gag, even as her belly exploded into a shuddering climax that sent a stream of her juices gushing from her pulsing sex when he pulled his fingers from her body. A moment later the fingers were replaced with his erect maleness, her slippery outpourings lubricating his thick shaft and aiding its penetration into her convulsing belly. With ease, he moved forward until she was pinned between his body and the exhibit board to which she was immovably bolted, then grinning down into her wide, shocked eyes, he chuckled cruelly. His fingers once more captured her nipples and squeezed hard enough to bring gasps of pain from her while he began to pump his hips rhythmically. His shaft thrust deep into her belly and built her towards a second climax that she was powerless to resist.

Never altering the tempo of his thrusts, he waited until the violent trembling of her belly and the urgent throbbing of her nipples told him her release was only seconds away and as he felt the first contraction grip his shaft, lunged with his full strength. A breathy scream leaked past her gag when his rigid flesh bludgeoned its way to the seething, churning core of her belly and jetted his seed into the swirling maelstrom of her orgasm. Squealing, shuddering, and whimpering when the huge spasms tore through her belly and heated sprays of her juices deluged her husband’s twitching masculinity, Raven couldn’t move a muscle to alleviate the ferocious power of her climax. All she could do was to submit to the overwhelming ecstasy and anguished horror of her total and absolute sexual surrender to the incredible sensations he had forced her to experience.
She knew she had never come as deeply or as intensely before ... not even with the boyfriend who had tied her up ... and as he slid from her flooded belly, her mind quailed at the prospect of being held captive and subjected to months, or even years, of the same ruthless subjugation! Even though he was 20 years older, he might well live for another 30 or more and if he carried out his plan to keep her as his permanent sex-toy until he died, her hopes of being a wealthy young widow, free to enjoy a life of ease and sexual variety, would never be realised.

Surely, he couldn’t really mean to condemn her to a lifetime of such merciless torment? Surely he wouldn’t inflict such a horrendous fate on her? Not even in revenge for her unfaithfulness? She didn’t really believe that he would be capable of such a thing ... but then, she had never imagined that he would be capable of chaining her and using her as his sex-toy, either ... or that he would be capable of inflicting such devastating sexual havoc on her that she would be forced to submit unconditionally.

Her belly kicked against his hand when he replaced the strap between her legs to seal her oozing sex away and she gasped in helpless arousal when he cupped her breasts in turn, then slid the zips closed, but he only smiled and told her that he was pleased she was so clearly ready and eager to play again. However, he continued, he needed a longer rest before he would be able to oblige. He quite understood that a woman like Raven might well need more sex than he was either able, or quite frankly, willing to provide, and so had made arrangements to ensure that she was not short of companionship during the long days and nights when he was engaged in his business or sleeping or simply not in the mood to use her.

Did she know, he wondered cheerfully, that he employed nine security guards to protect his mansion and that three were on duty at all times? He had given instructions to check on her regularly and was quite sure that they would keep a very close eye on her and make it their business to take care of whatever needs she might have ... 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She stared wildly at him, desperately hoping that that it wasn’t true, but as he grinned, then turned away, she knew that it was.

He was not going to free her, or forgive her, and she was doomed to an eternity of bondage and sexual servitude as the plaything of him and nine fit, muscular security guards. Locked in steel restraints that couldn’t be removed and bolted to an exhibit board hung in pride of place in his private study, she had become a living, breathing addition to the awards, certificates and framed photographs that lined the walls and charted his life and successful career. She had always known and accepted that when she married him, she would be classified as a “trophy-wife” by other women who had not been able to catch themselves a rich husband, but she had been quite prepared to put up with the jibes in order to reap the benefits. In her opinion, it had been a fair trade and if her husband couldn’t satisfy her, then as long as she was discreet, she hadn’t seen why she shouldn’t look elsewhere to get what she needed.

If only she had been just a little more careful. If only she hadn’t made that call, he would never have found out about her unfaithfulness and she would still be enjoying her pampered lifestyle. But she had made that one, fatal mistake and now she was no longer a “trophy-wife” but merely a trophy, displayed like all his others!

Raven’s eyes filled with tears of sorrow and regret for the life of ease and luxury she had lost, but it was gone forever and when she was forced to confront the horrifying reality of the catastrophe she had brought upon herself, she could only hope against hope that her recently-discovered liking for having sex while in strict bondage would be enough to sustain her through the trials and torments that lay ahead ...

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