From the moment they were born, the von Rauschen triplets had lived a life of luxuriously pampered ease, their every need and desire immediately supplied and satisfied, courtesy of their divorced, multi-millionaire father who doted on his three pretty daughters and spent his fortune lavishly to give them every possible advantage.

For 18 and a half years, Iris, Ingrid and Ursula did exactly as they pleased with no-one daring to deny them anything they wanted, or attempting to exert even minimal discipline over them, for to do so was to bring down the wrathful vengeance of their father on anyone foolish enough to even hint that his girls had become spoilt and irresponsible brats.

Growing up in such an unreal atmosphere with none of the usual rules and restraints of a normal lifestyle, the triplets became arrogant and supercilious, looking down on anyone who could not match their wealth and total freedom of action.

Their attitude drove away all of those who might have become their friends and as they found themselves isolated, they fell back on their own company and formed an unspoken pact, uniting against the rest of the world that had rejected them and was therefore not worthy of them.

With their father’s power and fortune to protect and cosset them, they had no need of friends and could live as they chose, regardless of whether the outside world disapproved of them ...until Fate intervened, in the form of their father falling in love with and marrying his second wife, a woman only a few years older than them. Of course, they all hated her, making no effort to hide it, and the animosity was mutual, irreconcilable and enormously magnified when, some six months later, their father died ... in their opinion, probably from the excessive sexual demands made on him by their despised stepmother.

Whether their suspicions were justified or not, the consequences came as a disastrous shock to the three sisters, for their father had not left a Will and his entire vast fortune went to his widow. They tried to appeal against the judgement, but the law was perfectly clear and they were unsuccessful finding themselves suddenly and frighteningly destitute with not a penny between them. Although they loathed the idea of approaching their stepmother for help, there was no choice, for they had never worked in their lives and had no skills or experience of anything other than spending money. They could never survive in the outside world and they knew it. Unfortunately, so did their stepmother ...

It was obvious from the outset of the discussion that their stepmother had no intention of making it easy for her stepdaughters, pointedly reminding them that they had never accepted her marriage to their father, or even tried to make her feel welcome in the family. She was well aware that they all loathed her, so why should she lift a finger to help them? The girls tried to reason with her, telling her that their father would have wanted her to share his fortune with them, but she was unmoved, countering that if that had been his wish, he would have made stated so in a Will.

Switching tactics, they resorted to emotional pressure, claiming, quite correctly, that they had never had to earn their living and were totally dependent on the large allowances their father had always given them. Infuriatingly, their stepmother didn’t even attempt to hide her contempt when she agreed that that they had indeed sponged off their father their whole lives, then added mockingly that it was high time they learned that in the real world, even girls as pretty as they were, had to find a way of paying their way.

Their final effort to change her mind was straightforward blackmail, threatening to go to the newspapers, who would definitely make a big play of a woman who dispossessed her own stepdaughters and threw them out on the streets. They really thought it would work, but unfortunately, it didn’t. Their stepmother laughingly told them to go ahead, for with her fortune what did she care for bad publicity? Growing increasingly frustrated and angry, the girls threw caution to the winds, calling her a greedy bitch and a gold-digger and demanding that she share the money with them, or they’d make her sorry.

“Oh yes,” their stepmother replied sweetly, “and just how are going to do that?”

Of course, all four of them knew that the threat was only an empty bluff and when the girls fell silent and gazed in fearful dismay at a very bleak and comfortless future, their stepmother smiled coldly and held out a lifeline to them ... one that offered them complete security and a permanent solution to their financial worries ... but at a cost the girls would all have to pay ...

They could stay in what had been their home and have everything they would ever need provided for them, on condition that they agreed to their stepmother’s ‘House Rules’ ... all of them ... all the time. Naturally enough the sisters wanted to know what these would be, but their stepmother didn’t tell them, only saying that if they wanted to stay, then they would just have to accept her requirements.

It certainly wasn’t what the sisters wanted, but they could see it was the best ... and only offer ... they were going to get from her. After a brief discussion among themselves, they reluctantly told their stepmother that they agreed to her terms and from that moment on, life in the von Rauschen household changed out of all recognition ...

Iris, Ursula and Ingrid had always been close, but after three months of living under their stepmother’s strictly applied ‘House Rules’ they were even closer than ever before. Inseparable, actually, for each was securely linked to her sisters by strong steel chains connecting her pierced and ringed nipples and clitoris to theirs, with another joining their cuffed and hobbled ankles closely together. With their bodies now encased in skin-tight rubber suits, their waists were constricted to miniscule proportions by steel-boned corsets, their necks were stretched by tall, rigid leather collars, and they teetered on the six-inch heels of thigh-high boots. Each had her mouth crammed with a hard rubber ball-gag and their arms were strapped immovably behind their backs in leather single-glove restraints. They were uniformed as their stepmother required.

The ‘House Rules’ had come as a stunning shock to the sisters and they had protested loud and long against what they were expected to wear, only to meet with a blunt refusal to compromise on the part of their stepmother. She immediately issued an ultimatum that if they refused to meet her demands, she would have them ejected from the house to make their own way as best they might. Naturally, they didn’t want to give in to her appalling demands, but faced with the horrifying prospect of being penniless on the streets, there was little alternative. After hours of miserably failing to come up with a plan that offered any hope of persuading their stepmother to change her mind, they were finally forced to accept the inevitable.

Once bound, gagged and hobbled, they were incapable of resisting or even objecting when, one at a time, their nipples, depilated clitoris and nose were pierced and fitted with internally-locked steel rings.

Their humiliation at being made to display such shameful ‘decorations’ was almost unbearable, but to their despairing anguish, they soon discovered that the rings had other, far more sinister uses. With a casual tug of any of them, their stepmother could compel their instantaneous obedience and as sharp jolts of pain shot through their newly pierced flesh, each could only follow wherever she was led in a desperate bid to evade the cruel torment.

Linked together by their rings, as they soon were, all three could easily be controlled by their stepmother with one finger and as they began to realise just how utterly helpless and at her mercy they had become, they could only wonder and worry what else she might have in mind for them.

Some weeks later, the triplets stared in frozen disbelief at their stepmother when she appeared before them dressed in a rubber suit equally as tight as their own, her throat encircled by a wide, heavy steel collar and her slender form sculpted by a steel corset and quarter-cup bra that supported, but didn’t cover, her naked breasts and ringed nipples. Confused by her costume and alarmed at the sight of the long, thin whip she carried, they didn’t understand what was going on ... at first. She explained that their father had been a secret bondage enthusiast and had always wanted to be the Master of his own permanent, full-time slave. She would willingly have been that slave for him, but he had insisted that it was his primary duty to see his daughters settled before that could happen. His untimely death had ended that plan, but she was determined to honour his memory in a way that she believed he would have approved.

If she could not be his slave, then she would take on the role that he would have filled and become a dominant Mistress in his place ... the Mistress of not one, but three obedient, well-trained and rigidly-disciplined female slaves. A chorus of muffled screams and wordless protests greeted her announcement when the sisters learned what their fate was to be, but then their stepmother ... now their Mistress ... raised her whip and applied several stinging lashes to their buttocks and thighs. The helpless girls squealed and whimpered in horrified anguish when their nipple and clitoris connected chains tugged agonizingly while, in vain, they desperately attempted to evade the undeserved punishment. There was no escaping the whip, or their bonds, and by the time their Mistress lowered the whip, each frightened girl understood all too clearly that she had no choice but to give in to whatever demands were made of her.

Resistance or disobedience would be painful and utterly futile, because their Mistress was dead set on her outrageous plan and was obviously prepared to use any means necessary to ensure its success Impossible, totally unacceptable and ridiculously Mediaeval though the crazy idea seemed, they were going to be made into slaves ... and there was nothing they could do to prevent it!

An hour later, there was even less they could do. Their leather collars had been replaced with even taller, more-restrictive versions and their corsets exchanged for broad, far tighter waist-cinches: all made of thick, heavy steel and locked in place. As well, their hairless sexes were now framed by and extruded through steel straps, these drawn between their thighs and buttocks and rising to lock to rigid manacles, doubly confining their still-fettered wrists! With a steel bar connecting their clitoral rings and others linking their ringed nipples; their legs strapped together to form a strange four-legged combination, they were then subjected to a final indignity. Long, silky tails attached to massive rubber dildos were slowly forced into the tight channels of their anuses and as each one received her new adornment, it wrought frantic squeals of protest at the ruthless violation of their virgin bottoms.

Appalled at the indignity that had been inflicted on them, the girls froze in shock when their Mistress smilingly informed them that part of their training would be as Pony Girls and used as beasts of burden between the shafts of a carriage to pull her around the grounds of what had been their house! That would have been one of her duties, if their father had survived, and she intended to make quite sure that they, as her slaves, did it at least as well as she would have done. Of course, there would be much more to their training than that, she added firmly, for it had also been his dream to see all three of them settled down with a suitable partner to take care of them. So, when their performance and attitude was entirely up to her satisfaction and she was certain they were fully conditioned to give absolute submission and unquestioning obedience and would therefore make ideal slaves, she would make it her business to find each of them a strong, dominant Master. One of her requirements was that the Masters would have no qualms about keeping them in life-long bondage and ensuring that they were subjected to the strict discipline they had always lacked.

Frantic head shaking and shrill wails of despairing horror showed what the three captives thought of her plans for their future, but if she was moved by their gag-muffled entreaties, she showed no outward sign of it, merely continuing with her cool explanation.

In order to achieve that end, she went on, it would be her task to find three men with the same qualities as their father ... men who shared his views on the proper station of a woman. Too, they would need to have the same burning desire to possess a genuine slave, the strength of character to enforce their demands and the financial resources to provide the privacy and total security that would enable them to enjoy the bodies and services of their captives without interference or concern that they might escape.

It would take time and effort to find suitable candidates of course, for there were not many men who met these requirements, but she was confident of eventual success. Only then, when all three had been handed over to their new Masters to begin their lives of servitude, would she be free to obey the last command given her by their father on his deathbed ... the command not to waste her life in mourning him, but to find a demanding Master capable of subjugating and controlling her as fully as he would have ... then offering herself to him as his full and permanent slave.

Smiling into the wide, uncomprehending eyes of each of her stepdaughters in turn, she nodded confirmation of her words. Like them, she would become the possession of a Master, subject to his will, his discipline and his rules, her obedience and submission as absolute as theirs would have to be, her body his to command and use as he saw fit, her freedom and independence only a memory.

Her sincerity could not be doubted and when the sisters were forced to accept that everything she had told them was the truth, their eyes filled with tears of despair at the knowledge that there was no hope for them! How could there be, when the woman who had chained, collared, pierced, ringed, whipped and forced them to submit to her as their Mistress, was to become a submissive, obedient slave herself? Their fate ... the fate of all four of them ... was sealed, and when the weeping triplets confronted the inevitability of the lifetime of bondage, discipline, obedience and sexual slavery that lay before them, their only faint consolation was that the author of their misfortune ... their stepmother ... faced the same, awful prospect.

They could only hope that her Master was as harsh, demanding and cruel ... and that theirs were not ...

Ingrid had hated being trained as a ponygirl, but had been permitted no choice in the matter. With her ankle-hobbles removed and then her feet fitted with hoof-boots, she had been forced to straddle the shaft of her Mistress’s carriage and under the ever-present threat of the whip, connected to it with chains to her collar, cuffs and clitoris-ring, removing any possibility of freeing herself. Bent over, with her naked buttocks offering an easy and tempting target for the whip, she was in no position to disobey and despite her humiliation at her plight, knew that she would be punished if she failed to do exactly as her Mistress required. It no longer mattered what she wanted, or how she felt about her situation, for she was a slave and her preferences carried no weight whatever.

After six months of stringent bondage and relentless discipline, she had accepted her slavery ... had been forced to accept it ... and although she and her sisters were fully aware of what was to happen when they were fully trained, their will-power and ability to resist had finally but easily been overcome. It had been a slow, painful process, but inevitable and ultimately successful. Strangely and against their better judgment, all three had reluctantly begun to find an unwanted degree of pleasure and even embarrassing sexual excitement in their helpless subjugation!

Chained and at the mercy of their all-powerful Mistress, they could not prevent or hide the betraying hardness of their ringed nipples or the shameful dampness between their thighs when they were harnessed to the carriage and made to pull her around the grounds of the house. Often, the rubbing of the shaft against their sexes triggered powerful climaxes and they had to endure the ignominy of their Mistress witnessing their enforced submissions to the strength of their own needs, her unsympathetic comments that they were at last beginning to respond as their Masters would expect and require, only adding to both their shame and the heat churning in their bellies.

The sexual heat from their newfound awareness gradually spread throughout their bodies and always grew ever stronger until they welcomed and longed for the explosive orgasms that became their reward for their efforts as Pony Girls. Ingrid, now as addicted as her sisters to the sexual ecstasy provided by her training, eagerly awaited the slap of the reins across her shoulders, that would order her into motion and begin her irresistible climb towards the sweet release of the climax she could already feel swirling in her belly.

Sitting behind her on the carriage, her Mistress flicked the reins and smiled coldly when Ingrid surged forward, the bells dangling from her ringed nipples jingling merrily; her legs pumping and her buttocks rolling from side-to-side rather more than necessary while she aroused herself on the shaft between her thighs. That was fine. It was the natural reaction of a hot little Pony Girl slave and a sure sign that Ingrid was nearly ready to begin her service to a Master.

Ursula, too, was equally as ready, but Iris was not quite so far advanced and needed a few more weeks of sexual conditioning. Even so, she knew it would not be long before her time as a Mistress would be at its end and she had already begun a search to find the four strong-minded, thoroughly-dominant and determined men who would complete the final stage of her plan ... three to become the absolute, unquestioned Masters of her stepdaughters ... and the fourth to become her own.

Eleven men had made the shortlist and the triplets’ stepmother had spent a great deal of money employing a top-quality, extremely discreet agency to investigate all of their backgrounds, financial status and ... by far the most difficult aspect of the task ... their attitudes, experience and expertise in the bondage, domination, subjugation and training of female slaves. The task had taken several months, but the resulting report had been worth the wait, clearly and unequivocally identifying a quartet of wealthy men who were by far the most suitable candidates for her purpose.

She had contacted three of these with biographical details and pictures of her stepdaughters in bondage, along with her proposal to offer their services as life-long permanent slaves, on the sole, non-negotiable condition that each prospective Master undertake to never release his captive, or permit her any laxity in the performance of whatever duties he cared to demand.

To the fourth, her own preferred choice as Master, she had sent her details and picture, with a letter explaining the circumstances of her husband’s death and his command for her to live out the slavery he had not had the opportunity to impose upon her. In the final paragraph, her humble request that he consider accepting her as his full slave, without limits or pre-conditions on the nature or extent of her servitude. Within days, she had received replies expressing considerable interest from the three likely Masters of her stepdaughters; each declaring their willingness to comply with her one condition, but to her disappointment there was no response from the fourth ... not until her phone rang some days later. A confident male voice told her that he had considered her letter fully and decided to grant her request.

The bondage and dreadfully humiliating exposure imposed on Iris, Ingrid and Ursula was the most extreme and uncomfortable they had ever been required to endure. Balanced on their knees with their ankles bent up to their buttocks and spread apart by steel bars connected to the rear of their collars, they were locked in position by further bars joining their impossibly slim, cinched waists and the head harnesses securing massive rubber ball-gags deep inside their mouths.

Heavy chains between their nose-rings, combined with yet another steel bar from the fronts of their collars to the fronts of their waist-cinches ensured that they could neither turn nor lower their heads, but even these horrifyingly efficient restraints had not been considered sufficient by their demanding Mistress. Kneeling at the left of the row, Iris’s right nipple-ring had been attached to the end of the long waist-bar, while her left nipple was linked to Ursula’s right and, in turn, the centre sister’s left nipple-ring was connected to Ingrid’s right, whose left nipple-ring was fastened to the other end of the bar.

It was an ingenious and ruthlessly-effective method of enforcing immobility on the trio, for the slightest movement of one was instantly transmitted to her sisters, tugging painfully at the pierced flesh of all three. Yet movement there had to be, for in a refinement of the utmost cruelty, low steel stands projected upwards from the floor between the widely-parted thighs of the helpless captives, each one fitted with clips that held their sexes stretched open ... the one in the centre holding a powerful vibrator directly against the fleshy and exquisitely-sensitive nubbin of Ursula’s clitoris.

Despite the gag-muffled pleas of her sisters, she was totally incapable of remaining still and resist the horrendously strong random oscillations that sent devastating pulses of overwhelming sexual arousal raging through her belly whenever the device activated!

Squealing in anguish when Ursula’s enforced wriggles jerked at all of their nipples, the triplets stared beseechingly at their Mistress, begging mutely for mercy and for the vibrator to be switched off, but she seemed preoccupied and took no notice, leaving them to endure the torment while she checked the time, then hurried from the room.

Ursula had climaxed once and was in the throes of a second with her eyes squeezed shut when painful tugging at her nipples and the high-pitched screams of her sisters alerted her to the fact that something awful had happened. Opening her eyes, she stared numbly at the scene before her, her brain reeling while she tried to come to terms with the horrifying reality she saw. Four well-dressed men, all total strangers, had entered the room and stood in a line flanking her Mistress, their eyes glittering with undisguised pleasure and obvious lust while they gazed silently at her body and those of her twins.

A frantic scream rose in her throat and leaked past her gag in terrified realisation that the men must be ... could only be the Masters that their stepmother had told them about ... the Masters that she and Ingrid and Iris were to be forced to serve as slaves. Desperate to escape the fate she had never truly believed could happen, she wrenched madly at her bonds, heedless of the pain she was inflicting on herself and her sisters when she fought to break free of her bonds and flee the nightmare prospect of slavery to a man she did not even know.

Her struggles of course, were to no avail and while she re-learned that her puny strength was no match for the steel that bound her, she wept and sobbed with the dreadful knowledge that the last hope of freedom for herself and her siblings was gone forever. Abandoning her useless struggles, she groaned in appalled misery when one of the pair standing to the left of her Mistress stared directly into her wide, shocked eyes and smiled wolfishly, then pointed a finger, first at her, then at himself. The gesture was unmistakable and Ursula shuddered, understanding that he was the man who was to become her Master and control her every thought and action ... for the rest of her life. A chill of horror and fear raced up her spine at the prospect of being so totally in his power, but as she gazed at him and saw that he was no more than 30 and quite good-looking, she felt her belly swirl with betraying heat. She unwillingly pictured him caressing and arousing her defenceless body, then taking her whether she willed it or not and her cheeks flushed a vivid red at her thoughts. His smile grew broader and she whimpered in dismay, knowing that he had correctly interpreted her reaction.

To her relief, she was saved further humiliation when her Mistress began to address the four men ... but her words brought no comfort to the sisters, for they only reinforced the stark reality of their hopeless situation. Since the death of her husband, Anneka von Rauschen had worked tirelessly towards this moment and while she introduced each of her kneeling, heavily-chained stepdaughters to their new Master, she felt the glow of satisfaction of a job well done. She was sure he would have approved of her choices, for he had always wanted the very best for his girls and these men were just that. All were experienced Masters; powerful, wealthy, dominant and well-versed in the training and enforced subjugation of females, they would take Iris, Ursula and Ingrid far beyond the levels of obedience, submission and discipline they had reached under her guidance. Soon all would be transformed into magnificent slaves whose performance, sexual fire and life-long service would be as close to perfection as could ever be achieved.

Coldly surveying her stepdaughters, she chuckled and wished them well in their new lives, then turned to their Masters and informed them that they now owned their slaves, adding that as a token of her gratitude for the efforts they would make to continue and extend their slaves’ subjugation, she had arranged for one quarter of her wealth to be transferred to the account of each man.

All three immediately assured her that her actions were not necessary, but she was insistent, stating that she would have no need of money and that she would take it as a great favour if they accepted her wishes. Seeing that they were still reluctant, she smiled and walked slowly over to the fourth man, who had taken no part in the proceeding to that point, then two feet in front of him, she placed her arms behind her back with her wrists tightly crossed, then sank to her knees before him and parted her thighs, gazing humbly up into his unsmiling face and softly requesting him to accept her full and permanent submission as his slave.

He looked down at her calmly, then nodded, reached into his pocket and extracted two pairs of gleaming handcuffs. They clattered to the floor, but she did not move or even look at them. Her Master chuckled and congratulated her, then gave her the permission to move that she had waited for and swiftly, without hesitation, she locked one pair about her slender ankles, then fastened a cuff on her right wrist and manoeuvred the other onto her left wrist, behind her back and snapped it shut, binding herself at the feet of her new Master.

It was the culmination of her plan, the fulfilment of her husband’s final order ... and her first act as a slave, for at the moment her Master nodded his acceptance of her submission, her freedom had ended. Along with the remaining quarter of her fortune, she now belonged to him and could not hold back a gasp when he immediately increased the severity of her bondage with a third pair of cuffs that clamped her elbows together and strained her shoulders back, then silenced her with a large ball-gag. For the first time since the death of her husband, she was chained as a slave and when her Master hooked a finger through her right nipple-ring and tugged firmly, she rose obediently to her feet and was led slowly to the door, her cuffed ankles restricting her steps to no more than meagre inches.

At the doorway, her Master turned her to face her enslaved stepdaughters and ordered her to take a last look, for it was highly unlikely that she would ever see them again. She looked long and hard, her gaze recording every detail of the three girls’ helpless subjugation and imprinting the scene into her memory while they whimpered and their eyes implored her to save them from their fate. Now, of course, she could not, for she was no less a slave than they were and she would not have done so anyway even if she had the power. With a mocking bow of her head, she turned away, her eyes gleaming with amusement and pleasure at the complete success of her plan.

Not only had she had carried out her husband’s final command to the letter and would serve her new Master as fully and willingly as she would have served him had he lived, but as their father had always wanted, Ingrid, Iris and Ursula were settled with rich, powerful men who would provide them with life-long security, a permanent home and everything they would ever need ... except, of course, their freedom, or any control over their servitude. It was not, perhaps, quite what her late husband might have intended for his daughters and most definitely not what they would chosen for themselves. She could live with that and as for Iris, Ursula and Ingrid, they would simply have to live with it, too.

A commanding tug at her nipple-ring set her tottering through the doorway and while she followed her chosen Master into her new life of bondage slavery, Anneka savoured the sweetness of her revenge on her stepdaughter; gurgling contentedly into her gag while visualising their horror and despair when they were forced to serve their Masters as the sex-slaves she had condemned them to become. With a lifetime to think about it, maybe they would come to regret not being nicer to her when they’d had the chance.

While the sound of their stepmother’s high heels faded to silence, the three captive sisters trembled in their chains, their eyes wide with fear and apprehension when their Masters and owners calmly inspected their helplessly-presented bodies. Even after the long months of bondage and subjugation they had been forced to endure, none was really prepared for the stunning shock of actually being handed over as a slave, to a total stranger. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, they had clung to the belief that their stepmother was only teaching them a lesson and would never carry out her threat to have them permanently enslaved ... until she had ... giving away what should have been their inheritance to make absolutely certain that they would never be freed, then enslaving herself to end their last, faint hopes that she might relent and take pity on them.

With no-one to save them, no friends or relatives to miss them, no money to buy their release and no trace of doubt or sympathy for their plight on the faces of the men who stood watching them, the trio knew they were doomed. They would simply disappear, to spend their lives as chained, collared, pierced and ringed slaves, serving their Masters with their bodies in any way they were ordered and subject to whatever discipline and punishment he might deem necessary.

There was no escape and when the three Masters moved forward to take possession of their slaves, Iris, Ingrid and Ursula screamed in bitter anguish and despair, even while their breasts and bellies responded helplessly to the skilled, authoritative and frighteningly irresistible touch of men who knew just how deeply and fully female slaves could be forced to submit. They had no compunctions about using their knowledge and experience to impose the most extreme and abject sexual subjugation on their captives and in minutes, giant climaxes exploded over the gasping, squealing triplets. They all shuddered to the devastating intensity of their first, true slave-orgasms; their eyes filled with awed horror to the realisation that they could not resist and would never be permitted to control the incredible heat and fury of the blazing passions contained within their bodies and unleashed by the hands of their new owners.

Each of the young women knew instinctively that these passions were to be feared for they would inevitably grow far stronger when they were used and taken fully at the mercy of their ruthlessly dominant captors. They knew they’d be trained to provide every conceivable sexual pleasure to their Masters and transformed into fiercely hot, fully obedient and totally submissive slaves, incapable of being anything else ... exactly as Anneka had planned from the moment she had inherited her husband’s fortune and realised the opportunity she had to wreak the ultimate payback of a woman spurned on her spoilt and ungrateful stepdaughters.

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