Art by J.Leahy (?)

Just before he left for work, her boyfriend had carefully placed her glasses on her nose. She knew why. It was so she could see the key to the steel restraint he had locked on her throat and limbs, it dangling from the hook beside the closed door some five feet above the floor and six inches higher than her eye-level as she knelt.

It was just high enough that she could almost ... but not quite and reach the key with her lips and she knew she couldn’t from past, unsuccessful attempts. He’d deliberately made it that way, because he too knew she couldn’t reach it. She would still try, though. She always tried and one day, perhaps she’d succeed, get the key and release herself.

Maybe ...

If she did, for the first time since he’d bought the device, she’d be free when he came home. He wouldn’t be able to simply walk in, slide back the zips of her suit and do whatever he pleased to her.

“Huhh ... ???????” she thought to herself.

She loved being restrained and at his mercy for that was the whole point of her being locked up every morning. She knew she needed the hours of bondage, helplessness, arousal, and ... anticipation. She was never sure quite how long his business would take, or when he would return and spent the hours listening for the front door to open, imagining what would happen if it was not him who walked in. Naturally, she wished she could touch herself, but was turned-on by having her pleasure so strictly controlled.

It was quite wonderful to know he was thinking of her while he worked, wondering what he would do to her on his return. She longed to feel his hands and lips on her body, feeling the slow, delicious swirl of heat in her belly. Then she shook her head, smiling. There was no real likelihood of her escaping and that was the way they both wanted it.

He went to work to earn their living: she stayed at home as the reward for his efforts. His uniform was smart business suit and tie - hers, skin-tight Spandex and steel manacles. He was free to come and go as he pleased, but she was immobilised, unable to leave the room where he placed her. Her fettered body was his to use and enjoy and her role was to submit and satisfy his every desire.

He reckoned he had the better of their arrangement, but she was quite sure he was wrong ...

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